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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)
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Quick: name a large Republican-dominated state — one that’s attracting people from chaotic, expensive, poorly managed blue states around the country — that hasn’t yet enacted constitutional carry. One that hasn’t even really come close. You won’t have to search Al Gore’s greatest invention for very long to determine that the only state that fits that description is the one-time Gunshine State of Florida.

That may be about to change.

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis called a special legislative session after vetoing a redistricting plan the Florida legislature sent him. The GOP-dominated legislature will have to head back to Tallahassee for a special session to redraw the map in a session that will likely run from April 19 to 22.

But if DeSantis has his way, redistricting won’t be the only thing on the legislative agenda for the special session.

As the Tampa Bay Times reports . . .

Legislators could bring other issues up during the special session, DeSantis said Tuesday, including a bill allowing “constitutional carry” — allowing legal gun owners to carry handguns openly or concealed on their person without a permit.

“I would love to have property insurance, I would love to have data privacy, I would love to have constitutional carry,” DeSantis said. “I will ask the legislative leaders, ‘Is there something that you can get across the finish line?’ And I will encourage them to do that.”

Even a powerful, popular chief executive like DeSantis may have a tough time motivating Florida’s GOP supermajority-controlled legislature to send him a permitless carry bill he can sign. That’s because Florida’s legislative leaders — people like Senate President Wilton Simpson — have demonstrated time and again that they have little interest in joining the 24 other members (so far) of the Constitutional Carry Club.

Then again, Simpson is running to be Florida’s Ag Commissioner. That’s the office that issues concealed carry permits in the state that houses the mouse. Failing once again to give DeSantis a constitutional carry bill he can sign — especially under the bright spotlight of a legislative special session — might be just the motivation a reluctant legislator who aspires to higher office needs.

Watch this space.

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      • Quote———–BREAKING: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Calls Special Legislative Session That Will Include Constitutional Carry———–Quote


        • dacian, the Dunderhead,

    • We NEED Universal background checks, I’m talking about government registries. Yes. I know. You can’t have a universal background check, period, unless we have a list of all you people, selling and trading guns to each other, otherwise it’s unenforceable. We need lists of you people. It’s very important we identify all the cisgendered heteronormative white male patriarch owning guns. The reason? Because these people are the problem in the america, and are a real issue. It is the “The MAGA question” of our time. These people are insurrectionists, and I am clutching my pearls so hard, my sack is going to explode if we don’t get some gun control passed immediately.

      And once the gun control is passed. I will feel better about everything. When the government controls me, tells me what to do, and regulates my activities and manages my life, I feel fulfilled as a democrat. We need to get rid of state’s rights, and rule the total of the US as an imperialistic leftist utopia. Safety will be supreme, we can get rid of individual rights, and freeeeeeeeedumb, and usher in a new world of happiness, progress, and good feelings, and a government taking care of us.

        • “You ain’t got no pearls, nutless wonder.”

          Well, he might have a ‘Pearl Necklace’ (*snicker*) personally administered by my obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey)… 🙂

      • League, if by satire you meant what dacian said, you are either new here, or you don’t know what satire is. That idiot really believes that shit he said.

      • dacian, the Dunderhead. We need more “Universal Background Checks” like we need another hole in the head.

        The “Universal Background Checks” (sic) system has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese. Many courts don’t file their dispositions of criminal matters as required by law. Then of course we have the problem of HIPPA where mentally deficient people cannot be listed due to HIPPA. And these two discrepancies only scratch the surface.

    • No it comes down to we have enough nut jobs in Florida’s already, gov daSnowflake being one, just get a permit if ya can

  1. Nah, they won’t be able to get constitutional carry over the finish line, because remember it doesn’t have a Senate bill, and, um… no one is able to determine where to find one of those pesky Senate bills. I think the printer is out of official Senate bill watermarked paper, and, um, COVID or Biden or someone said they won’t be getting any more until next year at the earliest, gonna have to postpone that one, yep, that’s the story and sticking to it!

    Meanwhile, they introduce and pass two other random bills, which they can strangely find the ellusive Senate/house companions.

  2. He needs to come out and say if he doesn’t get those bills he asked for he wants everyone’s name attached as to why he didn’t get them. They need to STFU and do their jobs.
    Nuff said….

  3. Unless the anti-gun RINOs can be forced to vote a bill out of committee–a bill they have successfully torpedoed by refusing to consider it for three years running, I don’t see a special session as getting them to do something they clearly do not want to do. I suspect, that as in the past, there will be no adequate explanation as to their refusal to allow a bill to have a floor vote (where it will likely pass). With a very short session, I predict a duck and run all over again, and again, we will have no valid explanation as their refusal to consider such a bill.

  4. Permitless Carry won’t happen in Florida until Disney switches 100% of their state level political donations to the Democrats from the Republicans. DeSantis is certainly working hard at pissing Disney off. Until the money moves though, nothing will change.

  5. Well monkey see monkey do holds true for stick in the mud RINOs. Three States passed CC and all three had those saying it won’t happen. Obviously DeSantis is fed up with demoCrap and RINOS just like most of America is. The momentum is in favor of CC and DeDantis saying he’ll sign is more a positive than a negative.

  6. If there is ANYTHING I can agree with dacian the stupid and MinorIQ about, it is that Republicans are no better friends to the 2A than are Dimocrats. No worse, either, but no better. We need a few politicians that have actually READ the freakin’ Constitution.

    Of course, MinorIQ will be happy to explain to them why Article i, Section 8 authorizes population-wide gun control, whether or not someone is a member of the militia, and whether or not they have been called for national service. Of course, MinorIQ is also dumb as a box of rocks, but then so are most politicians. After all, look at the stuttering, senile nincompoop supposedly occupying the White House. Oh, and his equally senile alcoholic idiot of a Speaker of the House. We are governed by morons in BOTH parties. Put not your trust in politicians . . . they suck. Some, like Senile Joe and Malig-Nancy, just suck a little worse.

    • Sad as it sounds we are better off with the gop in charge than the fascist left. Sucks, but there it is.

      All the gop wants is our money. The dems want our human and civil rights and our children as their Borg.

    • “If there is ANYTHING I can agree with dacian the stupid and MinorIQ about, it is that “Republicans are no better friends to the 2A than are Dimocrats.”

      *Seriously*, Lamp? Whatever you’re smoking, can I have some from your bag?

      Do you think the ‘NY Pistol’ carry case now before the SCotUS would have been granted cert. had Hillary replaced Scalia’s, Kennedy’s, and Bader-Ginsberg’s seats?

      Convince me how that would have been “Republicans are no better friends to the 2A than are Dimocrats.”… 🙁

      • We would have Australian Style Gun Control, or worse, right now if Hillary had won.
        Weapon confiscation would be in high gear with Banks, Utilities, Healthcare, Insurance and Others helping to root out gunowners.

    • “Lucy’s spitting on her hands, ready to get a good grip on that football…”

      Life lesson to be learned there –

      Never trust anyone who says “You can trust me”… 🙁

    • And the nuts-and-bolts of how they do it matter *a lot*.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong, but as I understand it, it’s a criminal act to carry in Florida without you having a valid picture ID ON YOUR PERSON AT THE TIME.

      Can that not cost you your permit?

    • They could roll back the parkland provisions instead, if they aren’t going to introduce pro gun stuff, they could at least remove some gun control that they themselves put in place. Lots of other things they could do along with constitutional carry.

  7. It took us in Al several years and several tries to get permitless carry pushed through to the Governor. So, while I am not going to hold my breath or anything else, I do remain hopeful Florida can get it done. Would like to see at least 10 more states follow suit. If for no other reason than to hear the sound of leftist liberal anti rights people like Watts and Hogg, and Bloomberg’s little minds melt down and explode. As for anti gun Biden, his mind already melted down and dripped out of his ears years ago.

  8. The problem is the major issue for the special session is the Congressional map the legislature sent him. He refuses to sign it as it is and will veto any map he doesn’t like. I find it interesting he omitted that as a reason for a special session considering that’s his #1 priority at this time.

    • “I find it interesting he omitted that as a reason for a special session considering that’s his #1 priority at this time.”

      A bit of reading incomprehension there. Re-read the top of the article…

  9. I don’t live in Florida so I don’t follow Florida politics. However, it does occur to me to ask how well the RINOs do in elections. If they are reelected by large margins, it tells me that their constituents are happy with them and their policies including their opposition to the right to keep and bear arms. If Simpson becomes Ag Commissioner, he will no longer be a member of the Senate. What do you want to bet that his successor will be (1) a Republican and (2) equally anti-gun?

    • “What do you want to bet that his successor will be (1) a Republican and (2) equally anti-gun?”

      I think I asked legal-eagle LKB that question awhile back, and while I can’t recall verbatim his reply, he didn’t seem encouraged that whoever moves up to replace him will be much better than him.

      Sounds like it would be a good idea *now* to ‘feel out’ likely candidates for that position and begin applying some pressure…

  10. I guess that Florida state-level “Republicans” are needed to balance Kentucky state-level “Democrats” in the cosmic scheme of things.

    They have some “Republicans” who would the DNC could endorse, and we have some “Democrats” who the RNC could endorse.

  11. Would very cool if after georgia and nebraska florida and south carolina restore the constitution.

    Make 6 States 2022 but how realistic is it ?

    If louisana then join 2023 then jim crown is dark history of the south !!

  12. As much as it would be nice to OC here in FL at times – it’s a thing at work for me – most people here who want a concealed license already have one. Since that’s the case, I can’t really see that much pressure being leveled at the legislature.


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