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The gun control tidal wave met a committee of the Florida state senate yesterday. While the Florida House rejected a black rifle ban last week, activists pinned their hopes on the Sunshine State’s Senate. It didn’t go well for those opposed to Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms . . .

The Sunshine State’s senators rejected a ban on police patrol-type (a.k.a., “assault”) rifles. A committee approved an amendment to allow licensed and trained civilians to carry in schools. Additionally, they voted to seize firearms possessed by those with mental health issues.

Sadly though, a proposal to raise the purchase age of all firearms to 21 also squeaked through. Seems Florida’s Senators think that we cannot trust 18-20-year-olds – who can fight for freedom overseas – to keep and bear arms.

From The New York Post:

Florida lawmakers shot down an amendment on Monday that would have banned semi-automatic “assault” weapons like the AR-15 used in the Parkland school massacre.

They did, however, agree to raise the legal age for purchasing a firearm to 21 — and approved legislation that would give teachers the right to carry guns in school, NBC-2 reports.

The amendments were introduced as part of a packaged set of bills being offered up following Nikolas Cruz’ alleged shooting spree at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Florida’s Senate Rules Committee spent more than two hours debating the gun-control issues before eventually casting their votes, according to NBC.

Senators also agreed to confiscate guns from people with mental health issues, in addition to raising the legal buying age and giving teachers the right to carry.

No doubt David Hogg did not like the vote. The high school senior has become quite a celebrity thanks to the mainstream media using him as a mouthpiece for gun control.

Young Hogg likes to wrap himself in his “survivor” status to make his opinions unassailable. Nevermind that this Parkland, FL school massacre “survivor” wasn’t even in the same building as the killer, much less the same classroom.

Nevertheless, David Hogg pledged that he would not return to class until gun control passed. The UK Daily Mail has this kid’s ravings

‘I’m not going back to school until a gun law is passed’: School shooting survivor turned anti-gun activist refuses to return to class as he brands Florida lawmakers ‘child murderers’

A Parkland school shooting survivor has vowed not to return to class until new gun control laws are passed, branding Florida lawmakers ‘child murderers’ due to the state’s lax legislation on weapons.

David Hogg, 17, survived the Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School by hiding in a closet, and has since launched the #NeverAgain anti-gun violence movement.

Yesterday, he and three other survivors attended a rally at a synagogue in Livingston, New Jersey, promoting ‘sensible gun laws’, such as tougher background checks and a ban on assault rifles.

Gun rights advocates in Florida have their work cut out for them to kill this proposal to raise the gun purchasing age to 21. Activists in your state may need your help as well, as gun grabbers dance in the blood of innocent victims to pass their gun control schemes.

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  1. Every time new laws are passed we’re just getting closer to an all out ban. All I see here are more restrictions on rights…

    • And what I see here is that the legislature at the tip of the spear, in the center of the inferno, largely held the line. It could have been a Rick Scott-style all-out capitulation, but it wasn’t.

    • Knowledge and the press are far more dangerous than guns. Why haven’t we restricted those rights? Background checks and finger prints for books and a license to use a press or other means of publication +ATF and Library of Congress approval processes.

    • Teachers got the right to carry in school. This is pro gun. I think we will see some pro gun and some anti gun. That’s more promising than the past. I hope we can kee congress focused that way also.

  2. I’m sure the young man is being generously compensated by the Bloomburg anti-gun groups he finances. I wonder how his home schooling will go.

  3. “Never Again”…. Unfortunately there will be another “again” and there will be another person picking up the anti-everything, except enforcing current laws, torch…

  4. So what are 18-20 year olds suppose to do for self defense from murder and rape? I guess politicians believe they have it coming.

    • 18 – 20 Years-old = No rifle? Why, because of maturity? Judgement? Experience?

      All good reasons to remove their right to vote.

      Just pick an age when a person is an adult, stick with it.

      • +1
        Simply raise the age of “adulthood” to 21… or maybe even 25, since that is around the age that the brain matures to the point of making rational, cognitive decisions (in most humans at least). No voting, firearms purchases, alcohol purchases, rental car agreements, bank accounts, etc. And of course they could be held in “Juvenile detention” for minor crimes, until that age as well. These “children” can remain at home under mommy and daddy’s wing until then, complete with their paid healthcare (thanks Obamacare).

        • How about 42 for the minimum age to be allowed out of your house unsupervised? Doesn’t seems any stupider.

  5. No doubt young Mr. Hogg has a close knit group of anti-gun synchophants blowing smoke up his a$$. His ego must be reaching epic proportions.

    • They probably aren’t sparing any armed security for him. Waiting for headlines in ~18 months about him getting the shit kicked out of him by 3 muggers

  6. How will he attend Spring practice as middle linebacker for the football team? Seriously, this twerp grates me. I tired of the whole “survivor” bs label days after it happened. Everyone needs to ditch that descriptor. 3200 kids attend the school which sits on a big campus of 40+ acres. This punk could care less about people he didn’t even know. It’s getting old, this entitled pip squeak will soon fade out as most adults are not picking up what the trophies for everyone kids like this are laying down.

  7. Well so far I’m still pleased with Florida’s legislature. I honestly was expecting a state AWB. But they’ve at least held firm in that category. I’ve sent Florida Carry and the NRA extra cash for this fight. Sadly enough just holding the status quo here will be an enormous victory. Unfortunately though I’m pretty sure the “gun violence restraining orders”, and the under 21 ban are probably a done deal. But if we can hold them to that and also expand for carry in schools I’ll consider it a win.

    • ” I’ve sent […] the NRA extra cash for this fight.”

      Why? That money is just going to line the anti-gun Marrion Hammer’s pockets. Should have given to Florida Carry.

      • I did. And mentioned that. How could you miss that when you choose that sentence alone to focus on? I sent more to FC than the NRA in fact.

  8. Quite the Orwellian twist there, using never again as a hashtag i favor of disarmament and mass murder.

    The rejected elements here are things Floridians already have. Rejecting those proposals aren’t victories. They’re just not defeats. The age increase and vague confiscation from people with “mental health issues”, are just naked aggression

  9. Does this mean Florida CCW holders no longer have to avoid being anywhere near a school? Or do this legislation mean you have to have training in addition to having a Florida CCW in hand?

  10. This does not happen in Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia on a daily basis.

    And these countries have yet to become “tyrannical” hellholes. Apparently the right to life is considered “despotic” to the nuts who value dangerous military weapons than their own friends and family.

    As long as they can have their weapons of war you people really don’t care how many children are killed by them.

    I hope Americans vote these tyrannical traitors out. Russia gave money to the NRA which makes this organization a traitor to america and it’s constitution.

    We all know the next mass shooting will not be far off at all. The gun situation in this nation, with the NRA and gun manufacturers actually PROFITING off the tragedy and the general population completely duped saying they are “safer”. Lets face it, its a nation of dumb folks that rule over the smart people that are sick of this madness. But anyone over 50 has known that for some time.

  11. The real pity is that Generation Z, i.e the under 21 crowd, while being more liberal on social issues, are actually not on gun control. As a group they track pretty close to previous generations. Where they do diverge interestingly is that they DO NOT support an assault weapons ban. If you look at the polling numbers, the pro gun republicans that do support an assault ban are in the 55 and up crowd, i.e. the boomers. The reasons seem to be because they are not hunters. They come from the video game world and then transition to learning to shoot real guns and compete in steel plate matches and three gun competitions. I coach a high school team and it is interesting that while shotgun sports are doing great, rifle and pistol teams are moving from bulls eye competitions to SSSF SASP steel plate challenges. I think this is what has gun controllers afraid. Gun people tend to be single issue voters more so than others, so despite their overall liberalism, these new kids could tip things against them enough, especially as three gun and steel plate are urban suburban pursuits, not just a rural thing. Screwing these kids over may not play out well.

  12. I am pissed about raising the age from 18 to 21.

    I will find if my representatives voted for this and vote accordingly in the next election.

    • If I was living in Florida and turned 18 and was not trusted to purchase an A R , then I would not register with selective service since I was not deemed competent,

  13. Gun ban for young adults, bumpstock ban, and 3 day waiting period. Thanks GOP. Vote Republican. Very few teachers will be armed.

  14. Trump talking: “comprehensive background checks including medical records”
    HIPAA be damned!

    “The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) required the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop regulations protecting the privacy and security of certain health information”

  15. No doubt David Hogg did not like the vote. The high school senior has become quite a celebrity thanks to the mainstream media using him as a useful idiot.
    Young Hogg likes to wrap himself in his “survivor” status to make his opinions unassailable. Nevermind that this Parkland, FL school massacre “survivor” wasn’t even in the same building as the killer, much less the same classroom.
    I rest my case.

  16. Geez guys I ASSume HOGGboy can dropout at 17. He looks like the kind of boy who had the shite kicked out of “him” by the football players. I hope things in Illinois go as well tomorrow…we are SO SCREWED.

    • , the Illinois state House Judiciary Committee is voting on a gun control package that would restrict the Second Amendment rights of young adults, ban certain firearm accessories, ban standard capacity ammunition magazines, and impose a 72 hour waiting period for commonly owned semi-automatic firearms.
      More badly needed reasonable and sensible legislation for Gun Sense and Gun Safety.
      Pass more laws and call it liberty.

  17. They did, however, agree to raise the legal age for purchasing a firearm to 21
    Actually, if you want to get to the special snowflakes, raise the driving age to 21 as well.

    • The special snowflakes don’t drive themselves.

      Uber, Lyft, or mom. They’re waiting for the Google car to do the driving for (and spying on) them.

  18. I am wondering if this whole “No guns for under 21” thing is a ruse by Republicans. A bone to toss the antis even though they know it won’t be long until it’s overturned. I don’t think it is as I don’t think they are that smart….but I don’t see any way this is will be held up as Constitutional. I read the txt of the Florida bill…it’s not just ARs…it’s ALL firearms(shotgun, single shot, bolt, etc). We already have Supreme Court precedent that having a gun in your home is a right. I can see the court getting around the whole no pistols under 21(or even no Semi’s under 21) by saying one could still by a shotgun etc. This Florida bill amounts a complete ban.. For 18-21 year olds it’s exactly like what was overturned in DC…and Chicago.

    To argue for it Florida will have to point to some overwhelming compelling govt interest. Something ONLY this law can stop. This will be tough as the fact is many if not most mass shooters are over 21……most if not all pass background checks….etc. Banning an entire class of people would be akin to a law saying no young black males can own guns. The reasons would be the same or even more compelling as most gun deaths(murders) are committed by young black males.

  19. Unfortunately my representative is a proven 100% useless commodity.
    Frankel was useless as mayor of Palm Beach is has written zero legislation as a congress person. A fine example of a power hungry biach. Write or email her office and all you get is a form letter response. Same one every time. Next doors equally as bad Ted Douche. He glad hands the seniors at Century Village every 2 years and gets reelected.
    As for the 18-20 year olds. I see a large sale on rifles and shotguns coming up real soon.

    A small tid bit. I wont mention his name but one of the fathers of a male victim of the shooting was in my store yesterday. We had a nice very calm conversation for about 15-20 minutes. I have to say he was a very nice man. Angry as hell at the local gendarmes and CNN. And also very tired of the BS perpetrated by the mass media. Hes not angry at gun owners and isn’t demanding that they do this or that. He wants justice for his child and answers from the politicians. He would like them to all literally go to hell for being lying turds covering their collective asses.
    Just thought Id mention it.

    • Thanks for mentioning. I hope you told him – pleaded with him – to organize, speak up and speak out. To get in front of any media he can – yes, even the gun grabbing leftist propogandites. We need him and should want him to gather all the other affected parents who feel similarly that he can, and start to try and grab some attention. The only way to fight this narrative and marxist fire is with fire. I would plead with him to go and participate in anything, even these charade town halls – I wish those couple of teens who spoke out about not going had actually gone. Turn CNN’s own planned plants against them, Nothing they can do to stop you once you get in front of live camera. Steal their show. Interrupt their narrative. Right now the biggest issue 2A supporters have – and all middle to right folks / conservatives in general – is that there aren’t enough of them out in front, trying to beat the pro-Constitution drum as loud as the anti’s are. When the other side pulls out the “victims” to exploit and strike their narrative, we need the same or those similarly positioned who can engender those same sympathetic emotions in the public at large. The left marches – so should we. Match them step as best we can. And individuals like your customer are the key because they hold the same power as those in this for the left – I hope they use it.

  20. So, what happens when a 19/20 year old with his/her legally owned AR style rifle enters the “sunshine state” (Of mental retardation)?
    Is he/she now a criminal?
    In other states, he/she is not, but being in possession of an AR type rifle in this dipshit state seems to be a risk….

    • That would depend on the wording of the ban; if it’s a ban on the purchase of whichever guns until the age of 21, those who already have them will have no problems.
      If, though, the ban is on the possession of such guns until the age of 21, obviously there’s a problem for those who already have them, unless there’s a grandfathering clause.

  21. If an 18 year is not old enough to drink a beer and not old enough to purchase a firearm, then they are not old enough to vote.


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