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“On Monday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham revealed in an exclusive that Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies were supposedly told not to enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School unless they had body cameras on, which they did not have,” reports. If that’s true, Sheriff Israel’s career is toast. Or should be. And speaking of incompetence during the fog of war . . .

Ingraham also revealed that police “lost radio transmissions” during the shooting, which also happened at the mass shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport shooting last year, which is also in Broward County.

Fox News later reported that Broward County Sheriff’s deputies would not let medical personnel into the school while students bled out until the school was cleared.

And there’s this buried in CNN’s morning briefing:

Police in south Florida may have missed more signs about school shooter Nikolas Cruz than previously thought. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said his deputies answered calls for dispatch to Cruz’s home no more than 23 times.

But a CNN review of records obtained from the sheriff’s office found deputies answered calls for service relating to Cruz or his brother at least 45 times between 2008 to 2017. CNN has asked Israel’s office to explain this discrepancy but hasn’t heard back yet.

Israel is under increasing pressure to resign as criticism mounts over how his department handled the massacre at a Parkland, Florida, high school that killed 17 people.

We are our own first responders.

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    • Not just the sheriff, bring all of those four deputies up on criminal conspiracy and criminally negligent homicide charges.

      I guarantee you that this sheriff wanted this shooting to play out so he could push his own gun control agenda.

      • Unfortunately I don’t think we can hold the deputies on criminal charges since they have no duty to protect us. They should all be fired, though.

      • First off … fvck cowards that wouldn’t try to help children. Period.

        Now, to play extra-information guy, — it’s come out that the reason Deputy Peterson was outside of the building at the relevant timeframe was that he was involved in being a tour guide for a VIP from ‘Cubic Simulation Systems’, – that’s the sketchy military-industrial attack-training company that, .. ‘coincidentally’ .. , give-up-all-your-guns posterboi David Hogg’s ex-Navy Intel, ex-FBI dad Kevin Hogg works for.

        Which rates quite a Hmmm.

        — In effect, if not in purpose, at the critical time the deputy was Pulled away from his post.

        As this info reaches more people, don’t be surprised if Dep Peterson suddenly catches a case of ‘Arkansad’ so he can’t confirm it all publicly.

        And it wasn’t four deputies, it was more. Multiple eyewitnesses reported as many as 10 sheriff’s office vehicles on-site, waiting, doing nothing, before the building was ever entered. They were under a stand-down edict to sit there and do nothing. The deputies (and their honor) seem to be an additional manner of victim from the massacre as well. Whomever issued said edict is to blame, and said-person would have to have the upstream Authority to Make such an order. Hillary’s good buddy, and anti-gun stooge Sheriff Israel seems a likely lap for that to land.

        Multiple eyewitnesses, including teachers, have also reported as many as five victims dead Outside of the school, from Both sides of the school, — and masked “full metal armor” gunmen firing shots Inside the school (that also was by a teacher), — and the “crazed shooter” wandering the school during the evacuation (and during simultaneous gunfire from elsewhere) weaponless and fuguey. None of which fits the single-nut official narrative. Not even close.

        Until more independent journalists have had time to interview survivors and witnesses, all we can really know is that there’s far More to know .. and I wouldn’t put enormous energy into reacting via the story told so far. Just help keep up the anger and the pressure for the suppressed info to come on out. — This wasn’t ‘guns’, it was Fvckery.

        • Anyone who would obey that order is still a coward. “I was just following orders” doesn’t cut it.

      • Gov WJ L’P : Speaking of “amazing leadership;” B. H. O. and Rahm Emmanuel are both proud, I’m sure, of how THIS crisis isn’t being wasted.

        • BO is largely responsible for this whole mess. It was his program that paid schools to look the other way when (minority) students committed criminal acts that kept this asshole on the streets instead of in a mental institution.

  1. I wouldn’t trust this political hack to clean my toilet. Why hasn’t he resigned yet? He’s nothing more than a tick, feasting on the public host. He won’t leave until the voters in Broward pluck him out with tweezers.

  2. Holy Fucking Shit. What a horrifying example of bureaucratic incompetence and outright cowardice. You are your own first responder indeed.

  3. I’m waiting for someone to ask the dear Sheriff if all of his deputies has rifles, armor and trauma kits in their patrol vehicles. Isn’t this supposed to be standard practice now?

    • No, actually. Many departments don’t have that kind of money. The notion that each squad car and officer is loaded with all kinds of crazy equipment mainly comes from TV and the few departments that do have that kind of cash. I have experience in working around 3 different departments. None of them issued the things you’ve described. Two “permitted” officers to buy their own equipment like rifles, plates, IFAK’s etc… One actually forbids it’s officers from purchasing and using this kind of equipment. Oh, and in two of them that included shotguns as well. Yes, officers had to buy their own shotguns if they wanted one in their car.. AND department policy said officers shotguns and rifles must be kept un loaded, in a case, in the trunk of the squad car. Kind of Fuckin pointless at that point. In a twist of irony, those departments are quite “anti gun” towards their own officers.

      • Broward County is well populated and well funded, but the Sheriff has been embroiled in scandals about misusing funds for nice furniture and renovations for officers in the department.

        • This is a pretty common problem. One city’s department could’ve had a lot more money for gear and training, the city made a TON in tourism revenue, but, most of that money went to a bloated corrupt public transportation department who’s multiple department heads each made over 200,000$ per year, and then there was various other slush funds. Low and behold, it was run by democrats.

    • Look at the photos on the Broward County Sheriff’s Facebook page. They have a helicopter, a bunch of DOD surplus vehicles, MRAP, I don’t know, a bearcat, too. They have a couple of Camaro interceptors, and a bunch of tacticool gadgets including plate vests. A jeep wrangler unlimited. Look for yourself. I don’t think they are starving for funds to outfit their deputies properly.There’s even a pic of a Lambo dressed up in full Broward County Sherif colors and lights.

  4. This one is a little too “conspiracy theory” for me to believe. Unless something else comes up to substantiate, I’m not sure we can trust this particular tidbit. Fully agree with the closer, though.

  5. SM F H…Life and death of children is depending on procedures and technicality. Active shooter is not an exception, then what is? How can you live with yourself knowing you’re a few feet from saving AT LEAST one life?

    • “…if those jackwagons did their jobs.”

      The sad thing is…they likely DID their jobs. As ordered.

      Another sick item is how CNN licked them all up and down during the town hall…and now?

      Bad optics. Expendable.

  6. Everyone needs to push for a published timeline. Ask the media.
    Even money says it took at least 10s of minutes to clear the school and during this time no EMTs were allowed in.

    The shooters actions were reprehensible. The sheriff assured that wounds turned into deaths. This has been the process since Columbine (1999).

    • I heard on the radio in the car the other day that one of the victims was shot in both arms but bled out due to lack of medical attention, wounds that were allegedly survivable.

      • Same as Orlando. One young woman had 1 gunshot wound in 1 arm. She bled out over the next few hours. Apparently, no one knew how to apply a tourniquet or effective pressure. And, Jack Bauer was nowhere to be found.

        One of the lessons learned from Columbine was not waiting outside. Since then, we’ve waited outside.

        The new message: Really, to some extent you are on your own.

  7. Lessons learned:
    1) No depths are too low for the progressive agenda.
    2) They will stand on the bodies of their own dyeing children, then use the survivors as a political mouth piece to push their evil agenda. (They do support late abortion and selling aborted baby body parts for profit after all)
    4) Evil progressive lies come undone when the light of truth are shed on them.
    6) If They’re evil enough to let Minors get slaughtered; What do you think they will do to conservatives (US) after they take our guns away?

    • Check outback, They’re smashing the radios with hammers ( like the Hilda-beast’s balckberry phone and computer hard drives)

        • I hear that Nassau, Bahama is nice this time of year, Search for the lost transmissions there. (or the Bermuda triangle)

  8. I believe it! The deputies are ‘worth’ more then the kids in Florida??? Pulse Night Club the police stayed outside while the killer had hours to kill people. Columbine the police waited.

    • To be fair, Columbine changed the doctrine from “secure the premises and send a team of assaulters to storm the building” to “enter and confront the shooter as soon as possible, even if you go in alone.” Since the other events were post-Columbine, there was no excuse for those delays.

  9. The kind of LEOs who would go right in and confront an attacker(s) are usually kicked off the force for being too aggressive in their duties or too insensitive to criminal lowlifes.

  10. The Sheriff of the county is very close with a CAIR leader, a group affiliated with HAMAS. I BELIEVE THIS SHERFIFF IS A MUSLIM CONVERT AND A SECRET JIHADIST AND AIDED/ABETTED A TERROR ATTACK ON MSD HIGH SCHOOL!


      • God dammit…

        Well, I guess it’s time to disband the FBI then, they’re incapable of impartially investigating anything.


      • 1 Deputy and 1 Sheriff is an incident, 4 Deputies and a Sheriff and missing body cams and radio transmissions indicates a pattern. When it comes to cover ups, you can’t be fast and loose. The baby must go with the bathwater or else someone might slip through who coordinated and enabled the attack.

        For all we know, the entire department could be radicalized Jihadists.

        • Ah, you must be a cop defending your “brothers”

          you’re all a fucking gang of thieves. Burn in Hell.

        • Real truth tellers stick to the facts and don’t going around making wild-ass accusations about stuff they have NO evidence of. Those accused of criminal acts have a right to be shown all evidence and a right to confront their accusers. And as far as burning in hell…I got your burn right here. Come get some.

  11. I said that this was likely the truth the first day people started casting blame around here. Following his training. He didn’t take a page from the Benghazi incident, even when the government response was about the same.

  12. You can go as far as you want on the conspiracy theories, but this department did have a political agenda of one sort or another to grind based on other news reports..

  13. How many “Sheriff Israls” are there out there…enough to fill a lot of morgues. This clown needs to be made and example of “pour encourager les autres”.

  14. “Fox News later reported that Broward County Sheriff’s deputies would not let medical personnel into the school while students bled out until the school was cleared.”

    Oh hey look, they don’t follow established NATIONAL guidelines in that regard.

  15. I said, several days ago, that I didn’t believe that four deputies or police officers would ALL sit outside and not attempt any entry. I could believe one guy waiting outside for a second man to arrive. I could believe possibly three.

    But four? No. There was some order in effect here – either given on the radio during the incident response, or a standing order that was in place.

    The missing radio traffic? A huge scandal for them. There are supposed to be tapes of dispatch’s radio traffic for cops, EMS, fire, etc. All of that stuff is supposed to be recorded. Convenient “holes” where the recordings go missing look so much like Nixon’s 18 minute gap, it isn’t funny.

  16. “… Deputies were supposedly told not to enter …unless they had body cameras on, which they did not have”

    What does a body-cam have to do with anything in a situation like this? Do they emit some kind of force-field that shields the officer from bullets?

    Even two weeks later there are still a lot of things about this event that don’t make sense and some of them are more than a little fishy.

    • The body cameras were to be used as evidence in case the perpetrator sued them for wrongful arrest.

      But after excusing “students” for crimes such as assault, armed robbery, rape, burglary, and others, not stopping a mass murderer was a logical extension of that (reported) crime reduction strategy.

      If a crime is not reported, it never happened.

  17. It’s not Broward County Sheriff’s Dept. It’s Coward County Sheriff’s Dept. Thanks for showing us how heroic a police officer truly is, funny how they can shove an unarmed kid around, give the kid a gun, one on one ,and the boys in blue turn all pussycat. That sounds a little derogatory to police and it’s not true, each day they put their lives on the line writing speeding tickets and jaywalking fines. It’s a pricks job and somebody’s gotta do it.,, Delete delete,,,. It’s a tuff job and somebodys gotta do it.,,,, Support Your Local Law Enforcement


  19. If true it doesn’t exculpate the deputies on-scene, but it does inculpate whoever gave the order.

    Other police officers had no trouble running in while deputies apparently sat outside jerking each other off.

  20. This needs more publicity.
    It will convert fence sitters and anti’s!
    When seconds count- the cops are minutes away- doing nothing!

  21. Man if this is true, I don’t even know what… sadly even if true it probably won’t be enough to have any meaningful impact because I’m sure it will all be pushed to the bottom to be forgotten. Do not forget, it was the guns fault no matter what. /sarc

  22. This department makes the Keystone Kops look competent. I think a top-to-bottom review needs to be conducted after the Sheriff is removed.

  23. You can look at that sheriff and tell he’s not a “real” cop and he’s been eating up his chance to be on TV and politisize this horrible situation while covering his own ass at the same time. If its true that the officers on scene were told to hold positions and this clown throws that cop under the bus like he did he should be prosecuted, plain and simple. I personally could not have followed that order and would have entered the school. The whole thing has seemed screwed up since the beginning. Can’t imagine what the parents and loved ones are going through

  24. Why should the mental health people who made pronouncements on the shooters “good health” by exempt from court charges of law suits?

  25. I am glad that this group gets most of its exercise jumping to conclusions. Having run a 35-man police department, which covered two large urban buildings, I can tell you a number of things.

    1. Just as in life, the Sheriff’s Department, had no legal duty to enter that school. The media and most gun people are so confused. If there is a duty to protect individual members of a community then there would also be a corresponding duty for use to give up our arms because “the government” had taken over that Function. Anyone who trust governments, which buy $300 hammers, can’t deliver the mail on time, protect our borders, manage the “Obama-care” web site, seen a major natural disaster response, or observed how the corrupt FBI and the FISA Court operate, can tell a different story.
    2. That being said, one again, the government disarmed citizens (both school employees and student, thus leading them to a false belief that the government would respond—in general terms, most would call this fraud.
    3. Has anyone seen the written Broward County Sheriff’s Dept. use of force police in regards to mass shooters? I have seen what purports to be the current written policy and it genuine, the deputy followed procedures and further “is not a coward. If anyone called me that, they would be at the ER seeking treatment. This use of force policy requires that he responding officer must have personal knowledge (not “tweets” or panicked news reports) that an active shooter is in the building. The deputy (all three in fact) say that the report firt was “firecrackers” outside, then a possible shooter outside.
    4. The fault lies, as Cassius said (according to Shakespeare): “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
    Julius Caesar (I, ii, 140-141). That said, the Sheriff is a utter fool:

    Why do we even have high schools with 4,000 + students—bigger than many colleges? Schools this size have been proven to cause problems.
    Why do we even have public schools anymore? Public schools were created so “the masses” would be given enough of an education to work n factories. There no Constitutional (U.S. that is, I don’t know about the Florida Constitution) obligation to provide them, they are crime magnets, and I for one, who sacrificed a heck of a lot paying $12,000+ sending my kids to a safe, church operated school.

    John Randolph of Roanoke, one of the most brilliant political philosophers this country ever produced (if you don’t know that name, then, that is part of the problem, government education, said in 1829:

    “The Government is not only to attend to the great concerns which are its province, but it must step in and ease individuals of their natural and moral obligations. A more pernicious notion cannot prevail.

    Look at that ragged fellow staggering from the whiskey shop, and see that slattern who has gone there to reclaim him; where are their children? Running about, ragged, idle, ignorant, fit candidates for the penitentiary. Why is all this so?

    Ask the man and he will tell you, ‘Oh, the Government has undertaken to educate our children for us. It has given us a premium for idleness, and I now spend in liquor, what I should otherwise be obliged to save to pay for their schooling. My neighbor there, that is so hard at work in his field yonder with his son, can’t spare that boy to attend, except in the winter months, the school which he is taxed to support for mine. He has to scuffle hard to make both ends meet at the end of the year, and keep the wolf from the door. His children can’t go to this school, yet he has to pay a part of the tax to maintain it.’

    Sir, is it like friends of the poor to absolve them from what Nature, what God himself has made their first and must sacred duty? For the education of their children is the first and most obvious duty of every parent, and one which the worthless alone are ever known wholly to neglect.”

    John Randolph of Roanoke (1773 –1833).
    Proceedings and Debates of the Virginia State Convention (1829-1830), page 320.
    Member of Congress from Virginia, Chairman House Ways and Means Committee.
    U.S. Senator from Virginia.
    Minister to Russia.

    5. This shooting is not a federal issue, but belongs in the states. If some states want armed school employees—fine, if others want to pay for SWAT teams at every school—fine, if others just want the general law to apply (with no interference by government as it does on the street in most states—even better as a shooter should know a certain percentage of his “victims” will be armed.

    • the deputy followed procedures

      Then why did Sheriff Scott Israel say Deputy Scot Peterson should have “went in. Addressed the killer. Killed the killer.” Why was Peterson fired^H^H^H^H^Htold to resign?

  26. It’s apparent that none of the deputies had kids in the school. Those that really fight back have a moral obligation or a stake in the fight…..These deputies had None, with that said who do you want to be responsible for your kids safety? Allowing teachers to be armed is the right thing to do, it will allow them at least a chance to fight back & protect the class.


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