Florida permitless carry
A member of Moms Demand Action wears a "No Permitless" button showing her opposition to Senate Bill 150 (AP Photo/Phil Sears)
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This [permitless carry] bill is a half-measure and is not what gun owners were promised. It isn’t true Constitutional Carry because it doesn’t include an open carry provision. This bill is weak and failed leadership on part of Governor DeSantis and the Republican legislative leadership. Gun owners deserve better

— Former firearms lobbyist turned citizen activist Matt Collins

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  1. Take what you can get now. Come back for more later.
    Just like they’ve been doing with their incremental banning bullshit for the last 200 years.

    • Yes. Take every win you can. You’re moving forward.

      I like legal open carry because I don’t have to worry about accidentally exposing my gun. I also like not having to worry about keeping my carry permit on me at all times.

    • Exactly. Incrementalism works, and often it’s the best and only way to achieve long-lasting change.

      By the way, the author’s petty little shot at DeSantis is so ham-fisted and sad. Obviously, Matt Collins is a Trump supporter. We get it. Jeesh.

    • “Take what you can get now.”

      This is how it has worked in Ohio. It took decades as the legislation came in bits and pieces. The legislature recently began to fix our knife law, which was poorly written and made nearly any kind of blade potentially illegal. We’ll see how that goes over time.

  2. The average Republican voter appears to believe this is a solidly conservative country where the Republican presidential candidate is entitled to 500 electoral votes every four years.

    Reminds of that Japanese soldier they found on that island in the Philippines in the 1970s who thought the war was still going on.

    • school is now in session:
      in 2020
      85 percent of the counties in the us
      voted for donald trump
      look at the electoral map by county results
      look at the electoral map by precinct
      look at the state governorships
      look at the state legislatures
      all the deomcrats did to win in 2020
      is just in time chinavirus inspired vote by mail
      to run up the score
      in about a dozen us cities
      to steal the presidency
      and some us house and senate seats
      and some governorships

      • Amazon is running a sale on punctuation marks. They’re made in China but they work just as well. You should try some.

        • Relax guys. He writes in poetry format.

          Oh, and it’s diction, not grammar.

        • To those of you that waste yours and my time
          discussing readers grammer and punctuation.
          You are all vocabphobic. DeSantis 24

    • evin if wee publicins thunk we was the majority an we wasnt, wee still own more guns and we stil git to vote sam as you.

    • Getting 50% of something you wanted is better than 100% of not getting anything of what you wanted.

      • Well it depends on how “expensive” the win was with all the anti-2A compromise provisions they slid into this bill to get it passed. This isn’t open carry and FL is one of the easiest states to get and keep a CCW so we got very little here other than a symbolic victory.

        let’s hope we didn’t “pay” too much for it with other anti-2A crap they backdoored in with this bill. I trust the RINOs in FL about as far as I can throw them.

  3. The 2A activist lawyer Matt LaRoussie AKA:Fuddbusters, the guy who was testifying in front of the Congressional panel on ATF overreach last week, was saying this bill was full of a lot of hidden gotchas and backdoor gun-control stuff slipped in as “compromises” and will actually do damage to the rights of folks who have a carry permit as well as keep their guns at home.

    The bill has gone through a bunch of changes and is full of a lot of lawyerly gobbledygook so I look forward to a follow-up by Matt on what exactly the specifics are in his problems with this legislation.

    “Constitutional Carry” this bill is not -a long, long way from Constipation Carry. Hopefully the steps backwards are not too expensive for what little we got.

  4. Wouldnt antis and such be more afraid of open carry than concealed carry? Maybe its like a what i dont see isn’t there kind of thing. I dont get it

    • It gets hot in Florida. keeping a pistol concealed means carrying a fairly compact one when wearing thin shorts and a light T-shirt.

      The Right to keep and bear arms means military arms -the same arms the police and military carry. That means a rifle and perhaps a full-sized duty sidearm. It is pretty hard to conceal an AR or other full-sized rifle so if open carry is not allowed then you arent allowed to carry that. You can’t carry an AR outside your shop or business when things are getting a little riot-y outside or stand out in the open on the rooftop when it isn’t legal.

      That’s the whole point of Open Carry. Sure, you can be all grey man and fit into the crowd with your subcompact pistol tucked inside your waistband. But if you can’t stand outside your home in full kit with a rifle and or a service pistol without getting arrested then you DON’T really have the right to bear arms because it is being infringed.

      • “The Right to keep and bear arms means military arms…”

        The Right to keep and bear arms includes military arms…


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  6. I’m sure the gun owners in the state of California or the state of New Jersey are probably wishing they had the 50% of what people are complaining about when DeSantis signs this bill into law. This is called forward momentum. Advancing the ball toward the goal line. It amazes me how many of these so-called “Liberty people” have no clue about understanding this.

    As a person who was born and raised in the state of California I would be overjoyed with this kind of news in that state.

  7. I’m sorry I’m not going to bitch about a win. I think whoever this guy is, I’ve never heard of him, is just a Fucken tittle baby. I think some people just like to feel like they’re always losing so they can be depressed and scream woe is me.

    Desantis is the man. Florida is on the right track finally.

    • We aren’t sure how many anti-gun “compromises” have been inserted into the back door of this bill to get it to pass. We don’t want any beefing up of the redflag laws, more restrictions on prohibited places for all -even CCW holders, and we certainly don’t want “Assault Weapon” or standard capacity magazine restrictions shoveled-in as a compromise bargain.

      Some “wins” are not worth the cost in the long run. You never trade away your star quarterback for a first-round draft pick next year. These politicians are playing politics and bargaining WITH our 2A rights. Do you really trust these POS RINOs not to stab us in the back when they are horse-trading with the enemy!

  8. i would have taken the win on this
    and then come back for more next session
    floridas status
    of being a deep red state
    aint going anywhere soon

  9. My dictionary is giving a different meaning to the word Infringed then the Powers That Be’s dictionary does.
    What a fcking joke, from our clown president all the way down to the mayor of any town.

  10. I’m sorry, but as a 36 year law enforcement officer, open carry makes you the first target of a bad guy!

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