Audrey Hale shooting her way into the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee
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From the CCRKBA . . .

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today blasted Capitol Hill Democrats for once again pushing legislation to finance “gun violence prevention research” in response to the Nashville tragedy, and instead called on Congress to provide funding to make schools “hard targets.”

“Anti-gun Democrats want to spend $50 million a year for the next five years to finance boondoggle research by the CDC under something called the ‘Gun Violence Prevention Research Act,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb.

“That $250 million would be far better spent supporting local districts to hire armed school resource officers, improve school building security, and/or provide funding to local police agencies for personnel whose job is to protect schools.

“Democrats want to make it appear they’re doing something by spending a fortune in taxpayers’ money for research by the CDC which,” he continued, “experience tells us will result in recommendations for additional gun control, while not preventing a single crime. Democrats want to sit around for the next five years pontificating about nasty-looking guns while parents, teachers, and local law enforcement want action now. 

“Why spend five more years on unproductive research which,” Gottlieb contended, “we all know, will ultimately recommend more research? It translates to job perpetuation for bureaucrats who do nothing while our schools remain vulnerable soft targets.

School resource officer

“Capitol Hill Democrats didn’t learn a thing from Nashville,” Gottlieb stated, “while the rest of the country learned a lot. We were reminded that a swift response by well-trained, courageous officers produces a quick resolution to a murderous incident. We learned immediate action by boots-on-the-ground cops works far better than standing around outside wondering what to do next, while the sound of gunfire echoes through school hallways. And, we saw that a deranged killer taken down decisively is not going to harm anyone else.”

Gottlieb said school security camera footage revealed a weak spot in any public building. Glass doors, he observed, “may look pretty but they don’t keep criminals out.” He said $50 million can help provide one of the simplest improvements: stronger doors that cannot be shattered by gunfire.

“We know there’s a mental health crisis, not a gun crisis, and we don’t need more research to prove it,” Gottlieb said. “Let’s spend the taxpayers’ money where it will do the most good. While we improve the mental health services we already have, use this proposed $250 million to harden our schools and protect the soft, innocent lives inside.”

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  1. Quick easy fix, get rid of gun free killing zones and allow carry of guns to stop the threat.

    • Point here, point there, point here and and there. Same old clown show…

      The democRat Party does the same thing everytime to advance Gun Control following the slaughter of defenseless men, women and children. This time all done by a lone perp who encountered zero resistence and broke law after law to criminally misuse firearms including the vehicle used for transport, etc.

      The Gun Control democRat Party and their crowds of useful idiots wallow around like pigs in an agenda History confirms is rooted in racism and genocide. Obviously the democRat Party has no shame calling for their Gun Control Rot in front of scared stiff children and history illiterate adults which there is no shortage.

      The drums behind let’s do something now makes most Republicans freeze and wonder to themselves what happens to them politically if they do not jump in the Gun Control pig slop.

      It would be a cold day in hell before mitch mcconnell stood to say, History confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide.

      mitch mcconnell or no mitch mcconnell America does not bow to the agenda of racists and nazis or to individuals who sneek up on the defenseless to commit murder…at least some don’t.

      • for the editors…subtract one and, add the missing ns, subtract one e and add the a…does that make it all better now?

    • and posting a sign that says “some staff members MAY be armed for your child’s protection”…wouldn’t hurt either…

  2. Well time to check NY jobs and see if we already have a bureau in the department of health hiring for gun violence.

    • Actually have a few openings I could transfer into. Not sure I would be up to dealing with some of their nonsense though.

  3. As I said before you’re not allowed to use a deadly force if necessary to protect your private property. But the government can and does kill people to protect government property from being stolen or vandalized. And the presidents of the United States, their children are protected by armed guards. The schools they attend have been turned into fortresses.

    But that’s not allowed at the school where you send your children. And you’re not allowed on school grounds even with a concealed carry firearm.

    “Educating Amy: The incredible history of a D.C. public school that taught a president’s daughter”
    5 min long

    • As I said before you’re not allowed to use a deadly force if necessary to protect your private property.

      Funny story, the state of FL DOES permit the use of deadly force to protect your private property (even recognizes your vehicle as an extension of your home) under the Castle Doctrine… Florida castle doctrine is a law that allows a person to use or threaten to use force, including deadly force, against an intruder in their home, dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle, without having to retreat.

      • to maddmaxx
        That’s great in Florida. Too bad. That’s not the case in every state. Kentucky has very strong self-defense laws. Your car is an extension of your home. So you can carry in your vehicle without permission. And you can use deadly force if necessary to protect private property.

        Many states won’t allow you to have a gun in your car.

        The antifa and BLM found out real fast about the self-defense laws in Kentucky. And they have not come back.

        • Many states won’t allow you to have a gun in your car.

          Sucks for them, with FL reciprocity agreements I can carry a concealed (in some states open carry) a firearm on my person AND in my vehicle in ALL states that I need to visit and all states that I need to travel through to get there (even KY where I was born and raised and much of my family still resides)…

    • “…you’re not allowed on school grounds even with a concealed carry firearm.”

      I legally carry. I have written permission from the director of the school I frequent.

      • That is very good for you. Getting a written permission slip from the state. And no, I’m not being sarcastic.
        Those are the rules we all have to follow. It’s good that there is a good guy with a gun on campus.

    • Chris T in KY, I don’t know about where you live, but here in NYS we can use deadly physical force when a person enters your home. If you can show that you were in reasonable fear for your life or serious physical injury you can use deadly physical force to protect yourself and your property.

      • I’m glad you’re still allowed to shoot someone who enters your property without your permission in New York State.

        However in Kentucky if someone tries to light your home on fire, you can kill them dead. Unlike in Portland Oregon, where they tried to set the federal courthouse on fire. And the police just stood there and let them try to do it.

        And were still inside the building.

  4. In the 90’s with Columbine and pedo hysteria there was a brief push to do this then it sort of plateaued and hit the insurmountable intersection of cost with parent/staff laziness.

    Too much work to buzz in, lock doors, call ahead, use fobs, etc… and all those things, if you can convince people to use them, cost money that’s better spent on union demands.

    • Speaking of which, didn’t the schools and teacher unions get wads of covid cash, some of which hasn’t been spent yet? Seems like this would be a better use of that money.

  5. Common Sense: “Instead of Pouring Millions More Into CDC ‘Gun Violence’ Research, Let’s Make Schools Hard Targets for Killers.”

    Government: “The ‘No Guns’ sign is a hard plastic and that should do it.”

    • Stop pouring millions into corrupt CDC. (full stop).

      If anything to learn from the recent years of the Chicoms flu – The CDC is a incompetent and corrupt as the ATF, FBI, misc and fed agency.

    • And all that extra money going to the CDC for their “study” will be used to line the pockets of their buddy consultants and also for executive bonuses.

      Not like the consultants will actually have to do much work because the conclusion has already been decided.

  6. LEOs are not First Responders. Those at the scene of violence, are the First Responder. YOU are your own First Responder. If one cannot identify and deal decisively with violence, then one is merely a victim-in-waiting in Evil’s Violence Lottery waiting for your number to come up. And, note, if you are a RESPONDER, you are already behind on the violence curve. Identifying and addressing anomalies in the environment puts one ahead on the violence curve. Read “Left of Bang” on the identification of anomalies in the environment as taught in the Marines Combat Hunter Program. This approach saves lives in urban warfare, can save your life in urban violence.

    • Great advice StLPro2A.
      The false idea that we should contract our safety & security has killed too many.

  7. The democrats in the House Judiciary Committee of the Oregon Legislature yesterday voted down 7 bills designed to improve school security providing funding for resource officers and money to improve physical security. At the same time they advance a bill to the House floor that will prohibit the personal manufacture of any firearm and make illegal the possession of previously made firearms, prohibit sale of firearms to anyone under the age of 21 and places vast areas of Oregon to be off limits for concealed carry.
    As you can plainly see, the democrats are not interested in solutions that provide safer schools..

  8. Sounds like common sense to me.

    And, why are so many Americans depressed, anxiety ridden, mental health issues?
    Read an article the other day that exercise is one of the best methods for addressing mental health issues.

    • I have better ideas. Home school. And automatic death penalty to school shooters. And make the gubmint indoctrination centers fortresses if you can’t manage home schooling!

      • But, as someone replied to me earlier in the week, hardened schools will look like prisons!

        What’s the difference between a prison or a fortress? Careful design can reduce the aesthetic but still provide security.

        • What’s the difference between a prison or a fortress?

          One is designed to keep bad guys IN, the other is designed to keep bad guys OUT… ALL of the occupants of a “fortress” are free to come and go as they please…

        • bullet proof glass prevents the fortress look.
          magnetic locks work wonders.
          I think we all are surprised that the school had normal junk glass.

        • People break out of prisons with spoons. They could break into Fort Knox the same way if it weren’t for the armed guards. Physical security exists only to slow the bad guys down long enough to be caught by the good guys.

          We’re actually fortunate this idiot decided to shoot the glass out of the door. It resulted in an immediate lockdown. The gap between those two doors is wide enough to be visible in the tiny picture on my phone. She could have easily pulled the door open silently with a simple piece of bent wire, and then entered an open classroom before anyone knew she was there. Once inside, it would have been easy to slaughter every kid in the room long before the cops showed up to take her out. This could have been a repeat of Uvalde regardless of how brave the cops were. Armed security monitoring all entrances is the only real solution.

  9. A couple of hundred bucks on window film would have stopped this one…
    I think the church had that much money.
    I am not blaming the victims, I AM encouraging others not to be victims.

    • Window film??? I’m not familiar with any window film that can stop a bullet… I would love to get some, I’d save thousands on the cost of up armoring my H2… Bullet “proof” stuff is expensive…

      • It’s a product known as ‘Hurricane Film’ here in Florida.

        Bullets can penetrate it, but stops someone from just stepping through a broken shot-out window or door

        It can slow someone way down, and that can save lives:

        • On your car, it will most likely stop a ‘smash and grab’ car robber wanting your briefcase…

        • Know about that stuff, won’t stop a bullet and once penetrated won’t stop a determined intruder, she shot a bunch of rounds at that door, no film would stop that…

        • this stuff holds the razor sharp shards in place…it will definitely slow someone down…may even cut someone badly…

      • By slowing down entry it gives the well armed attendance clerk an opportunity to utilize the kill zone.

  10. As a teacher who carries and keeps up on training, I wouldn’t mind a small stipend to help pay for training ammo. $250M still buys a fair number of bullets these days 🙂

  11. Hardening schools could be done with hardly any extra spending than what the government has already spent.

    There are millions of surplus weapons like M-16’s and M-4’s sitting in military warehouses that are not being used as well as tons of equipment, radios, gear and whatnot. It just needs to be handed-out to a new civilian defense organization formed to protect and patrol schools. It could probably be staffed with veterans and retired police who would volunteer for free and help with training each other and organizing themselves with minimal oversight beyond what administrative chains of command that already exists between school boards and local sheriffs.

    This isn’t brain surgery and it wouldn’t cost much at all. let each state be in charge of these volunteers and keep them out of Fed’s three-letter agencies or the corrupt white house.

    Of course this is just a suggestion and maybe others could improve on it if we all put our heads together.

    • The Afghans and Ukraine’s got all those surplus rifles along with anything else that fit in a shipping container. Funny how the Dementiacrats can arm every crap hole dictatorship in the world but wants to disarm their own citizens.

    • There are millions of surplus weapons like M-16’s and M-4’s sitting in military warehouses that are not being used

      Not any more…

      • The ones Biden gave the Taliban were brand new -nothing but the best for terrorists.

        There are still millions of mil-spec US small arms sitting in American warehouses. They gave the police a bunch of them but there are more and more of them still. Warehouses of M-16A1’s that were replaced by A2’s and A2’s and even all of those too plus the A3’s that were replaced by the M-4’s.

        There are still 1911’s, M-14’s, and even M1 Garands that they are holding onto even after they tried selling off many of them and Obama tried cutting a bunch up rather than let the Civilian Marksmanship program sell them to Americans.

        never underestimate the US miliary’s ability to hoard everything they have ever been given by the American taxpayers.

        • MADDMAXX March 31, 2023 At 14:05
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          A report issued by the Small Arms Survey revealed that of the world’s more than one billion total firearms, 393,300,000 are civilian-owned in the U.S.

          By comparison, the U.S. military holds about 4.5 million guns, and state and local police have just over 1 million.

          And a big ol FU2 to the ever-vigilant algorithm… WTF is wrong with this one? Inquiring minds want to know… What a fukking joke…

        • MADDMAXX March 31, 2023 At 18:08
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          How the FUKK is SURVEY an offensive word?

          Yeah, you are right.. But, REALLY?? In what CONTEXT in WHOSE fukking language is a common use word like SURVEY an offensive word… You fukking people need help… REALLY…

  12. seriously…were gonna let the CDC conduct ‘Gun Violence’ Research after they let Everytown and the GVA order them to remove the research already done from the web site and to not use it and then ordered the CDC to use their already proven false numbers and let them dictate what the research will say?

    our government is compromised. Everytown is making law by ordering the ATF to make unconstitutional changes and usurp congress authority to make law. Everytown and the GVA is setting policy to enact rule by fiat through Biden to bypass congress. these are not elected officials, not even government employees, why are they making law and policy? we are in the middle of a coup to impose a tyranny run by private interests,

    • Submitting to the shrieking demands of a biased, irrational mob is how science gets settled in the 21st century.

      Cancer cures, moon bases and flying cars here we come!

  13. theres plenty enough parents
    at plenty enough schools
    that would each volunteer to stand watch
    at their kids school
    with their ar pattern rifle (because this america)
    for 2 or 3 six hour shifts a month
    the program would draw so much support
    that there would be a waiting list to join
    every school in the program could put a sign at every entrance stating
    “warning: this school is protected by parents who love and value their children more than anything else in this world-and they are armed with rifles”

    • Give them military spec M-4’s even if they have to build more of them to issue brand new.

      Or give them the M-4’s that are being replaced by the new rifles the military is wanting to buy to replace them.

      Or give them older surplus rifles and pistols that the military always has in reserve.

  14. The school I went to 60 odd years ago had heavy steel doors with the long narrow windows with the wire mesh inside. The entry area was closed off and any visitors had to either have a key or be let in through the office. That school was built by the WPA in the 1930’s.
    The school where my grandkids go today has nice big glass doors and windows that allow all kinds of light into the office but would do little to stop a determined attacker. Yes there is a chubby school cop who does at least check side doors and monitors the front, but would be a slow moving target for someone who had evil intent. While I’m not overly concerned about a school shooter out here, I do wish they had at least used impact/bullet resistant glass.
    Basic security could be easily done on most schools without making them into prisons. Of course we all know the Dementiacrats want unarmed victims and dead children to use for their disarmament agenda.

    • The school I went to 60 odd years ago had heavy steel doors with the long narrow windows with the wire mesh inside

      Mine was the same including the brand new High School that my class was the first to graduate from in 67… Big steel doors with push bars on the inside…

      • It doesn’t cost much to make shatterproof glass that is very difficult to kick out even after riddled with bullet holes using a thin invisible plastic film. it’s the same concept as shatterproof windshields in cars and even cheaper/better because it doesnt have to be nearly as perfectly optically correct as an automobile windshield. it can even be added to existing glass without requiring it be replaced with glass treated that way from new.

        • Auto glass is laminated with a sheet of plastic sandwiched between two pieces of glass, not bullet proof and once weakened can be easily “kicked” out…

  15. Nothing wrong with pretty glass doors as long they open on a foyer that is separated from the rest of the building by SOLID FIRE DOORS…

  16. Anti-gun Democrats want school shootings to continue. The more kids killed, the better they like it, just so they pass their gun control goal of civilian disarmament, disarming all law-abiding citizens so that only the government and criminals have guns.
    They don’t give a shit about the lives of children, or rather, they like it when children die.
    Then they can exploit the dead children in order to achieve their dystopian goal of total civilian disarmament (except for the criminals, of course, who will never turn in their guns).

  17. Make schools a hard target,,but , but, but, once the contractors are gone the grifters cant keep on grifting.
    If everyone shot had medical insurance the center for disease control could give a sht less how many people were shot.
    The seat belt law doesn’t has nothing to do with brakes.

  18. sniffer joe & co. need school massacres to justify nation-wide confiscation, don’t you know?

  19. Cruz tried to get a bill passed to allow schools to be able to use unspent Covid appropriations for either security personnel or hardening the facilities. The Dems turned him down. They’d rather have dead bodies and blame the lack of gun control on the Republicans than prevent more deaths.

  20. there is a quick easy fix for this and it wouldn’t cost anything in dollars, it is the best thing you can do until you figure out how to control the criminals not the law abiding citizens. let the people carry their guns in these gun-free zones and get rid of all gun free zones then there will not be any shootings anymore because these wackos will know they will get taken out if they try to do anything. what is wrong with everybody? it is common sense and a very simple answer to a quick fix problem.

    • There would still be attacks on schools, churches, and malls as a lot of these individuals are looking for “suicide by cop” because they lack the balls to do it themselves… Need to HARDEN schools and churches, if you shop at malls and big box stores, I guess you’re on your own… ALWAYS carry everywhere, screw the signs, they are meaningless and if you know how to “concealed carry” properly no one is going to know unless and when you ever need to use it, and no one is going to yell at you for saving a bunch of people’s lives…

  21. yes and that’s how you harden schools and churches by having an armed presence. this is what we do at our church we have a security team and a roving Patrol every service. we all take turns at doing it and I think if we had someone come and try to do that they would have a rude awakening. and if they want to have a suicide by cop will give them a suicide by citizen instead. as I was saying this would be the first best quick fix you can do and it should be done immediately. it should have been done years ago and countless lives would have been saved.

    • And that is all well and good but no matter how many “armed” and ready people you have on site someone WILL get shot and probably killed… The only way to truly harden a school or a church is with a security presence at the door during ingress and doors that cannot be breached from the outside by the general public, add cameras and monitors and the armed presence inside and you are still not guaranteed that someone will not figure out a way to do their evil thing… Shooter in Nashville passed on another target because of security measures AND armed presence…

      • We have all the security that you speak of, but their are no guarantee’s in life, things will still happen no matter what you do but with GOD’S grace we will strive on. OORAH!

  22. Once again the fight against guns in a huge misdirection, a misuse of time and money to no gain.
    On average, in cases other than suicide, guns kill less than 50, 000 Americans every year.
    Drugs and alcohol kill over 240,000 every year.
    So why is there such a huge misplaced effort at supposedly saving American lives?

  23. Humans have been killing each other since the first caveman picked up a rock and bashed the skull of his rival. Homicides will continue as long as there is a human race. The key is a good defense against those who want to do harm to others. No amount of studies, laws or preventive measures will stop the killing. Anyone bent on doing harm to others will always find a way. America should adopt the Israeli policy of hardening targets (public places) to slow down an attack and provide armed security to neutralize the attack immediately. The old cliché is proven almost daily — ‘The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun’. This is a cold, hard fact of life.

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