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UPDATE: This morning, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said three bail bondsmen were trying to have a warrant served at an apartment in Mayfair Village. The men were wearing masks at the time. The masks are “not a common procedure, commonly you don’t wear masks. But there are situations where they might…” said Teague. At least one bail bondsman was armed with a shotgun, said police. According to the state Division of Agent and Agency Services, the Florida Insurance Code does not prevent, nor does it allow, a bail bond agent to use a weapon.” Yet another reason not to assume anything when you see someone with a gun. That’s especially true if you’re thinking of defending someone who appears “innocent.”

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  1. As it is reported I can side with the cops in this shooting. I mean really you dress up like a stereotypical robber, carry a shotgun, and try sneaking around someones home at night, of course someone is getting shot in this situation.

    • I think that police shoud yell, “Police! Drop your weapon!” before they shoot, not after.

      • I agree … When it is safe to do so. Hypothetically–since I am not a police officer–If an unknown person swings a firearm my way and I don’t have time to yell “drop your weapon,” I’m still shooting. I might yell “drop your weapon” as I’m firing, but I’m still firing. I’m not going to die for the sake of giving an armed man “fair warning.”

  2. I think it’s the bondsman’s own fault since he was carrying a dangerous assault shotgun and was wearing an assault mask and all. And I’m sure that the police identified themselves before a single round was fired. And I’m convinced that the evil bail bondsmen opened fire on the police and not the other way around. And I’m absolutely, positively sure that the cops who blew the two poor bastards out of their shoes will be vindicated by the union, uh, police investigation that will follow.

    Congrats, Jacksonville’s Finest. You, too, are now fully qualified for high-paying jobs with the ATF or with Sheriff Dupnik’s merry band of a$$holes in Tucson.

  3. Yet another reason to tell the police in advance if you plan on serving a warrant in a way that will cause the common person to assume that masked gunmen are simply breaking into a house….

  4. my question is why did they feel the need to wear masks in the first place? did they perhaps know the perp, or a family member?

    • It was likely a combination of wanting to appear like police, wanting to be super tactical ninjas, and not wanting to be recognized by those involved (which though foolhardy in this case I can appreciate the notion. Honestly I’d like as few people with felony warrants as possible recognizing my face)

  5. This is what happens when the police train and use primarily militaristic tactics. It’s a necessary evil to shoot first and ask questions later when fighting in a foreign land surrounded by hostiles…things need to be a bit more nuanced here.

    Then again I’m one of the few people who still believe that collateral damage is absolutely unacceptable in police actions. Though I’m sure police spokesmen and cheerleaders will trot out the tired old officer safety excuses.

      • Why do cops get a pass when they go ninja to serve a warrant, but bailbondsmen who essentially do the same things to take in a bail jumper are nonsensical (honestly your average bail jumper probably has more on the line than your average search warrant).

        This case just doesn’t make sense. The bailbondsmen called ahead to try to get police help. The bailbondsmen were wearing the standard raid type jacket which clearly identified why they were there with guns.

        I know we don’t have all the details yet….but it sounds a lot like an officer’s whose trigger finger worked more quickly than his mouth (police drop your weapon) or his brain (raid jackets, previous call from bailbondsmen).

  6. Let’s see, three armed men wearing masks break into my home. I’m pretty sure someones going to get shot.

      • Because bailbondsmen and SWAT teams never make mistakes, and home invaders never pose as same?

  7. With all of this speculation, shoulda, woulda, coulda folly out here…..I guess we’ll find out when this goes to trial. And surely it will go to trial. Especially since they notified JSO in advance [each zone member should have been aware] as to what is going on. My gut instinct tells me it was a “trigger happy Joe” in blue again and there will be a multi-million dollar payout to the family. When will cops realize that they’re not the only ones with guns? There are other working professionals that are armed and on duty. As far as the masks are concerned, that’s an individual choice. They wore vests & shirts identifying themselves. Prior notification plus identifying apparel = no excuse for a “trigger happy deputy”.

  8. Furthermore I guess when our metropolitan cities begin to go “bankrupt” with their budgets being spent on police foul-ups, they will learn to make changes to SOP “standard operating procedures” and policy. Or it may take a fed up community of citizens to say “enough”, respect us or you may drop too! I realize that a verbal, lawful order should be followed first, but a shot should not be first most of the time.

  9. well am a bail bondsmen in miami ,florida and we dress in black and carry our guns…………..but we have our I.D’s plus our shrits say “surety Agent” on them which is the proper name we go by we have all the right to break your door down and also carry whatever is needed but the whole mask thing is was just dumb. that is what maybe caused the shooting to happen. seconed bail bondsmen should Always call-in and tell police they’re going to do a Arrest to aviod this problem.
    Get-u-out Bail Bonds
    (305) 244-7388

    • Jonathan Crespo by the way guys is one of those bailbonds guys who would try to set u up an kidnap u to take you to the police station with a fake badge and a shot gun

      • Worst bailbonds guy in FLORIDA, if you ever need a bailbonds guy DO NOT GO TO JONATHAN CRESPO cold hearted ass mutherfucker

        • Sorry my badge is approved both by a Federal Judge and Florida Department Law Enforcement. Also being in the business for more then 4 years I have not arrested anyone that has not missed court more then twice. And to add on, I don’t set clients up.

  10. TO>jonathan crespo
    im going to school In Miami for surety first of year,before I do how get or grant licence to carry a Firearm while on Pickups?i have a concelled license now and like to get all this Red tape done now before school

  11. We had a similar incident here in Arizona although no one was killed however things like this make us all look bad. They need tighter restrictions on who can not only become a bondsman but the qualifications and training need to be there too.

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