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Which is why I carry a Kimber Pepper Blaster when I walk the Schnauzers.

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  1. Three pit bulls will destroy any dog or any person who gets in their way. I love dogs and I have several friends with pit bulls who are friendly, but they can mess you up pretty bad if they get riled up. I’ve owned a couple of shepards and three dobermans, and if any dog was trying to kill any of my pets I would have no problem shooting them. Pits have a bad reputation, but the one’s I’ve known were really nice dogs. I know that dobermans also have a bad rep. and if you piss them off they’ll mess you up a lot worse than any pit.

    • +1.

      I am normally the lone voice defending pitbulls, but in this case 1 guy with 3 pits at a dog park…it’s just a recipe for disaster. I would say the same about any other powerful breed of dog as well. Rotts, dobies, even shepards don’t have more than you can control if things go bad (especially off leash at a dog park…that’s just nuts)

  2. Nice CCW Badge!

    As for the shooting, it appears to be a good shoot – and the owner of the pits simply looks like trouble. His word might carry more weight if he looked “respectable”. Just say’n…

  3. There is a big and noticeable difference between “dogs being dogs” and a trio of pits trying to kill another dog and maybe its owner. I’m glad that the guy who shot the pit has a witness who seems to be fully on his side. I hope that he is able to avoid any legal issues, but knowing our society, I’m sure that the pit owner will be suing him for the vet’s bills and his own mental suffering.

  4. The dog they showed on the stretcher sure didn’t look like he was in critical condition… canned footage?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if that was actual footage of the dog. Pitts are awesome high energy dogs, but they just don’t seem to recognize pain as something to be concerned about.

      A friend of mine has one that we are always afraid is going to break his tail he wags it so hard and hits the cabinets, table/chair legs etc. with it…the dog just doesn’t even seem to notice

  5. I realize this is slightly tangential, but hopefully you can point me in the right direction. Who carries a Concealed Pistol License / CWP badge, and why would they do so? I can see a pro in that it looks official (read: non-criminal), and a con in the it looks an awful lot like a police badge at a glance.

    Just started reading your blog and am really enjoying it

      • I always thought it was a bad idea as well, but as there are more and more issues of average joe’s seeing a gun and freaking out, or even the cops seeing it and freaking out (ala the mark fiorino incident)

        I’m starting to think it may be insurance to avoid being proned out by a swat team. I almost wish Concealed Carry permits/licenses came with a recognizable badge (that concealed carry holders could choose to wear or not) okayed by the agency that authorized the permit so officers would know who was who.

        It shouldn’t be necessary…but there have been way too many questionable incidents lately.


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