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By Brandon via

From the YouTube channel of, they show us the GLOCK 43 in action at the range; the newly-announced single stack 9mm.

Bob Radecki, GLOCK National Sales Manager, shoots the brand new GLOCK 43, which holds 6+1 rounds of 9mm ammo along with GLOCK’s proven Safe Action trigger system.

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  1. Meh, don’t see how this really does anything that hasn’t already been done by other reliable firearms manufactures. Im sure it will sell like hot cakes, but just don’t see innovation here.

    Same design, same trigger, low capacity, just as concealable as other options from SIG, Springfield, S&W, FN ect.

      • I really don’t have anything against Glocks and they are fine firearms. In fact, they WERE the innovators back in the 80’s when they took the firearms community by storm. Here, they are the ones that are doing the copying and I call em how I see em. Why buy this as it does nothing better than a S&W shield or a Springfield XDS?

        • Perhaps glock hasn’t been on the cutting edge for a while but before saying that it offers nothing new is not yet determined since the gun hasn’t been released yet.

          I actually prefer glock triggers to other striker guns except the walther and hk. I currently have two shields but depending on the price and inspection, I may have to buy a g43 for “testing purposes”.

        • Well the Shield isn’t that old. Did you say the same thing when it came out? I’ve had experience with a faulty Nano and the excuses are “You have to break it in” and “small guns have tolerance issues that full size guns don’t”. I am eager to see if the PockGlock…the Plock, can have the reliability of the big brothers out of the box.

        • I am in no way attacking Glocks as they are great firearms I’m just expressing disappointment as I don’t see the innovation that I would have liked. There are striker fired guns that are more concealable, with better triggers, and at a lower price point. With all the extra time that Glock has taken to come out with this product i was hoping to find something new to justify a purchase of a really superb carry gun but i don’t see how this trumps other firearms on the market that are tried and tested.

      • I think younggun has a point. Glock didn’t capitalize on this specific portion of the market quickly enough and now there are cheaper alternatives with advantages and possibly disadvantages.

        • Thats all I’m trying to say. Im sure the gun will work, but so does a XDS,a shield, a SIG, a ruger ect. Im sure it will be reliable, but so is a XDS, a shield, a SIG, a Ruger ect. I just am disappointed in the fact that it took Glock this long to produce a pistol with no tangible difference to other options on the market.

          It doesn’t have a higher capacity like a shield, it doesn’t have any really nice features from the factory like the XD, it hasn’t tried any innovative design changes like the chassis a la SIG 320. I just wanted a little more other than the “gaston knows best” mantra to get me to buy this pistol and currently I have no initiative because I just want something that will do the job right at a good price point (being only 21 and a college student) and this just is been there done that in my eyes.

        • My point also. I have no problems with Glocks at all. I’ve never owned one personally, but I’m looking pretty hard at getting a Model 21 for a nightstand gun. It’s just a bit perplexing that Glock didn’t jump on the single-stack nine trend sooner. And it doesn’t look like they spent all of that extra time innovating, either. Like others have said, it’ll probably be just as reliable and rugged as Glocks that have come before it, they’re just a bit late to the party for some reason.

    • Yeah. It’s a Glock.

      It’s boring, ugly, and it works.

      You weren’t expecting something exciting, were you?

    • I foresee a lot of people saying this same thing “It doesn’t do anything new, too little, too late”

      But they don’t recognize the fact that it is a GLOCK. It will sell millions because of that simple fact. Glock folks have been wanting it for years, so it will sell.

      Why does everything new have to be a game changing supergun? In this case, there is a very specific market demand for it. And you will see a lot of LC9s and Shields hitting the pawnshops, used gun counters, and gunbroker the moment it is released.

      And if it is priced near the 42… it’ll be sold out for a year.

      But yeah.. Glock shouldn’t have wasted their time.. /sarc

    • The shape of Glocks makes them unconcealable. Even compared to larger guns, the shape alone makes it hard to draw from concealment, and hard to avoid printing. Which could result in on-the-spot execution in Floriduh.

      • There is case law in Florida dating back to 1981 stating that “printing” isn’t illegal. The law was further strengthened to provide for actually showing your gun briefly. Printing–get over it.

        FLORIDA 790.053 Open carrying of weapons.— (1) Except as otherwise provided by law and in subsection (2), it is unlawful for any person to openly carry on or about his or her person any firearm or electric weapon or device. It is not a violation of this section for a person licensed to carry a concealed firearm as provided in s. 790.06(1), and who is lawfully carrying a firearm in a concealed manner, to briefly and openly display the firearm to the ordinary sight of another person, unless the firearm is intentionally displayed in an angry or threatening manner, not in necessary self-defense.

    • I have both the Kahr PM9 and the Kimber solo.
      Both have undesirable triggers. I even had Cylinder & Slide try to fix the PM9, and though it is now glass smooth the reset is just too damn long to do respectable double taps or quick strings.
      But I live with it because the size of these guns allow them to vanish under just a t-shirt.
      I admit to having absolutely no knowledge of the G42 as I completely discount the .380 for serious use. So whether it uses internals exclusive to the 42 I don’t know
      But if this G43 has a standard glock trigger and will accept a 3.5 connector it will replace my Kahr and Kimber. This size is a winner, and if they don’t screw up the trigger there just won’t be a better deep conceal option out there.

    • ” but just don’t see innovation here.

      Same design, same trigger, low capacity, just as concealable as other options from SIG, Springfield, S&W, FN ect.”…….blah

      sweet!! I’m In!!!

  2. I’m waiting on the mag extensions. If I like ’em: Glock 43 gets added. If not, then the M&P Shield 9mm. The M&P seems to be a better value given the stainless slide and barrel and somewhat improved trigger from the original design. I do however like the Glock trigger reset and the slightly longer barrel. Blue label prices and other discounts will come down the pike for those with patience. Thankfully I have a ton of bills from my patio cover / solar project and won’t be able to buy a new gun right away.

    • Dunno. After watching Hickok45’s tests, I think the LC9s pro might a better choice for me. I’ve found his evaluations to be pretty good. Although he tries to be circumspect, when he likes something he really likes it. And he really likes the LC9s, especially the pro version.

      • The LC9s doesn’t do that much for me. Not sure why. Maybe the trigger pull is too long. This from a Glock owner, even. Personally I think the Shield is currently the best striker mini 9mm

        • I like the form factor of the shield but I just can’t bring myself to like the grips and feel of any of the M&P guns. Overmoulded rubber and texture that doesnt positively dig into my palm just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know I shot a friend’s shield and felt the tighter I gripped the gun the more it felt like it wasn’t going to squirt out the top of my grip like a fish, which made me want to grip it tighter and a vicious cycle ensued.

          My FNX45 is far and away my favorite gun that own right now, the grip is so aggressive it wants to leave callouses on the pads of my fingers if that tells you anything about how I like my handgun grips.

      • With the striker fired no safety LC9s Pro available I was pretty sure it was going to work for me but I couldn’t get used to the way the front half of the grip is thinner than the back.

        • I agree with Garrison Hall that a TTAG contest between the glock g43 and the ruger lc9s pro or even the S&W m&p shield in 9mm without the safety would be really interesting. Maybe even throw in the cm9 or xds for kicks.

      • You read my mind lol. A 10 round back up magazine would suffice. I just traded my Beretta nano for a g 26 gen 4. For appendix carry the difference in size was negligible.

        I can’t wait to rent one to see how much more comfortable for summer carry this may be.

  3. It looked like it had a decent amount of muzzle-flip, even for a 9mm, and it looks like he had a death grip on the pistol. Maybe looks are deceiving. He said it was soft-shooting.

    • Physics are physics. It’s going to be as soft-shooting as any other pocket 9mm, which is to say, not very soft shooting. Looked like it had a good bit of muzzle flip to me, too. Again, a property of the lack of mass. I doubt its muzzle flip is dramatically different from other pistols in its class.

  4. …did anyone else notice around 00:20 sparks coming out of the ejector port? Is that normal? I’ve not seen that on other hand gun demos or with my LC380.

  5. agree with just about everyone else…too late to the party.

    If this had come out before the LC9S i’d probably own the glock instead, but here we are. I reckon i’ll rent one some day if the gun club has one available to evaluate it but nothing screams MUST HAVE at this point.

    • Time to go scour the pawn shops for deals on barely-used LC9s Pros abandoned by people who had to have the newest Glock. ^_^

      • [opens tab to armslist for people dumping their Shields and Slims…]

        [finds no one that dumb…]

        [wonders if the human race is finally becoming not dumb as sh!t…]

  6. I want. I’m not paying $550 for it though. It’s essentially the same as the 42, which is $400 new.

    • …And a really annoying trait of going *bang* when the trigger is pulled with boring regularity.

      Yeah, no one will buy ’em.


  7. Though my first choice of a ‘combat handgun’ falls to a G21, this Glock will not see me trading either my BG380 or XDs .45 for it.

    I’d have preferred a double stack version of the G42 myself…..

    BTW, a lot of sites claim the G43 is the first single stack 9MM for Glock. As a private contractor in association with Glock back in ’87 it was my distinct pleasure to shoot a 9MM single stack that was almost brought to market, but all efforts went to expanding the high capacity pistols…

  8. Nah. I like my FNS9C.
    But being a lefty, I a fan of FNH full ambidextrous line.
    My wife’s single stack EDC is a CCP.
    Remains to be seen if this G43 will have the same problem that nearly all subcompact 9’s have. Very stiff recoil springs.

  9. We need a poll. Were there more comments when the 42 came out saying “Glock should have made it a 9”. Or are there more people now saying “so what”.

  10. I guess I’m just not a two-finger-gun dude. I want all 3 fingers on the grip. And it’s kinda on the chubby side for a single stack anyway…. Does that make me a whiner? Who cares. It doesn’t take the G19 off my hip.

  11. ALL of the single stacks came too late to the party, for me at least. I was looking in 2008 and my range didn’t have a single one to rent. Ended up just buying a full-size CZ-75 even though it wasn’t what I was looking for to start with. (All the double stacks they had there, including the RAMI, were jam-o-matics…really, I wish ranges would clean their rentals, especially if they offer them for sale.)

  12. So… it shoots. Mmmkay.

    I kinda like glocks but I don’t get the hoopla over this. The only thing I see as particularly useful is that glocks tend to have a lot of aftermarket options available.

    • Perhaps Glock was just tired of listening to the “Where’s the single-stack 9 already?”.

  13. Gallery of Guns lists the MSRP at $580. That’s about the same as an XDS. It would be really difficult to be $250 better than my Shield 9mm.

  14. I have a G19. I like Glocks well enough. I also have a PM9 which is similar but smaller and has 8 round magazines available for it. I’m really having a hard time getting excited about this .

  15. 6-round mag..really!! I have enough single-stack 9’s in my ‘quiver’ while I was waiting for this. PPS and P938 have been loyal, reliable, sturdy companions by my side so I doubt I’d seriously consider this beyond being generally curious as I normally am to new pistolas.

    I dunno..I payed less for my Sig P320 w/ nite sites than I see this advertised for.

  16. Single stack pocket able 9mm are going to be snappy it’s physics. Has glock defeated physics? my repeat shots between the Beretta nano and a g 26 were dramatic which is why I traded it. I shot a first gen lc9, kahr cm9, and a shield all very snappy.

    The model 43 will probably break sales records for the next couple of years, if it shoots like a g 26 I will get one.

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