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“Authorities in the United States are stepping up security at some of this country’s most popular museums,” reports. “In New York overnight, extra police were assigned to the city’s most popular museums in a direct response to the attack at the museum in Tunisia. ‘I’d call this a rather loud wake-up call for major museums around the world,’ said Peter Herdrich, vice chairman of The Antiquities Coalition, an archaeological advocacy group.” No word on . . .

whether the Big Apple will “allow” security guards to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms in defense of innocent life. You know;  when taxpayers get tired of footing the bill. As for armed New Yorkers, ha! If/when worst comes to worst, they’re left with this.

A French tourist said police ordered museum visitors to run, run, run, adding that when they left the museum they saw dead bodies.

Not bad advice mind you, but I reckon it’s nice to have a ballistic plan B when terrorists make the scene.

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  1. I am quite sure the museums in New York and Connecticut don’t need protection from people with stupid guns.
    They can always call 911 if they are attacked and wait patiently for Johnny Law to arrive.

  2. I was surprised to see armed guards in DC museums on my last trip a few months ago. Usually, the guard appeared to be a senior citizen but not with the demeanor I would associate with a career in law enforcement. I wondered whether their marksmanship skills were on a par with my own; or, when they last qualified.
    All in all, I’m most puzzled by the difficulty in rationalizing the decisions taken by different hopolaphobic precincts. DC, as a Federal district, is free to empower anyone whomsoever regardless of age or skill to carry guns – to protect the children – at museums. NYC, as a municipality with peculiar home rule authority, is free to bar museums – to protect the children – with qualified armed guards.
    In either case, the unwashed masses, who escort their children in these museums are bared the right to arms no matter how qualified.
    With Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, Paris, NYC and many others, how long will it take the American voter to wake up? How many incidents must occur with what frequency before Americans will begin to question their gun control policies in the Won’t-Issue States?

  3. Yup just hurry up and wait for Johnny Law. Or better yet sit on the ground. Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass g’bye…………

  4. Because the incident was about “museum” Not about moslemland. Idiots

    “Deiter/Pierre where should we go on vacation this month”? “Lets go to tourist in some/any Islamic country (just as if it was 1990)”. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Consider: ISIS/IS/ISIL/meaningof-“is”-“is” goes on and on about attacking “Rome”, begging “Rome” to send her armies to attack, and at one point recently claimed they could use some plundered SCUD missiles to bombard “Rome”. If one were to look up the operational range of the two newest (“new” being relative here) SCUD variants, then go to Google Earth and use the ruler tool to measure the distance from Tunis to Rome …

  5. I hope that terrorists don’t mess up the Guggenheim Museum in New York (pictured above). If they do, it will be almost impossible to decide which artworks were vandalized and which ones always looked that way.

  6. I’m kinda’ surprised Tunisia is holding on after 4 years. Yeah museums are very soft targets-as are most large gatherings in ‘Murica. Other than supermarkets the only large gathering I go to is my church. We have armed security and I KNOW many are armed otherwise(love those Baptists)…

  7. The target in Tunisia wasn’t the museum. It was the foreign tourists inside. Any well-attended public place is similarly a target. US museums should worry more about deliberate destruction of historical artifacts as has occurred at museums in Iraq.

    Running is a good idea, especially if you aren’t armed. However, a side or back door is a better choice than the front. You don’t want to run into a kill zone where another bunch of terrorists is waiting.

  8. “No word on whether the Big Apple will “allow” security guards to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms in defense of innocent life.”

    The short answer to this question is yes, although as always seems to be the case here in NYC there a plenty of bureaucratic hoops they have to jump through first. Anyone who has the NY State Armed Guard License and is employed as a security guard in NYC can get what the NYPD calls a ‘Carry Guard Permit’ which allows them to carry a concealed handgun while at work and in transit between their home and place of employment.

  9. There is a concept in economics called the elasticity of expectations. When it is equal to 1 that means the last piece of data is the only one remembered. What ever happened yesterday will happen tomorrow. Our counter terrorist gurus operate under this assumption. Yesterday’s target is tomorrow’s target. Folks the terrorists aren’t that stupid. They won’t be attacking museums unless they attack them at about the same time. It is safe to go to the Guggenheim. As far as the terrorists are concerned been there, done that.

  10. I was just at the RISD museum in Providence tonight, free admission. Lots of security checking everyone out, unlike before.

  11. first they reject modernity, then they reject any history not their own…they also LOVE to attack and destroy schools, whether chechens vs Russian OMON, or Taliban, etc. etc. they will hole up in schools, vandalize and steal from them, leave graffiti on the walls, use them to manufacture IED’s, use as base of ops/command control, etc.

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