BREAKING: Introducing the GLOCK 43, GLOCK’s Very First Single Stack 9mm


By Brandon via

Well folks, it’s finally here. Glock has answered the calls for a single stack 9mm, and she’s a beauty. Just a hair bigger than it’s little brother, the Glock 42, the new Glock 43 is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Check out the G43 Specs below . . .

Length (overall): 159 mm / 6.26 inch
Length (slide cpl.): 154 mm / 6.06 inch
Width: 26 mm / 1.02 inch
Height (with magazine): 108 mm / 4.25 inch
Barrel length: 86 mm / 3.39 inch
Length of twist: 250 mm / 9.84 inch
Trigger distance: 65 mm / 2.56 inch
Trigger travel: 12.5 mm / .49 inch
Barrel distance: 19 mm / 0.75 inch
Line of sight (polymer): 132 mm / 5.20 inch
Line of sight (steel): 131 mm / 5.16 inch
Line of sight (GNS): 130 mm / 5.12 inch
Pistol without magazine:  459 g / 16.19 oz
Magazine std. empty:  50 g / 1.76 oz
Magazine std. full:  125 g / 4.41 oz
Other Specifications
Magazine Capacity (rounds): 6
Barrel Profile: right hand twist; hexagonal
Standard Trigger Pull: ~5.5 lbs
Muzzle Velocity*:  1116 fps
Muzzle Energy*:  339 fps
**depending on ammunition used


More information is on the horizon, such as pricing and availability, but we’ll be sure to keep up to date on this information. And of course, we hope to get our hands on one to give it a solid review for you all. So, let’s hear it. Are you thrilled as much as we are?

G43-45-1024x681 G43-Right-1024x682 G43-Rear


  1. avatar PeterW says:

    Cart before the horse. Abolish the California “safe handgun registry” and this will move to the top of the list.

    1. avatar PerplexedPistolero says:

      Pro-gun-choice in California.

    2. avatar JohnnyL says:

      Yeah Sucks Not California Compliant and No More SSE

      1. avatar Gordon Wagner says:

        Not CA approved?! Seriously??

        1. avatar David PA/NJ says:

          No new guns will EVER be added to the list due to the microstamping laws.

    3. avatar Suburban says:

      Why would a concealed carry handgun sell well in California?

      1. avatar cirE says:

        because California residents can get a CCW now.

  2. avatar M says:

    It’s so perfect. Yawn.

    1. avatar preston says:


    2. avatar JasonM says:

      All they need to do is fix the grip angle…and the trigger.

      It’s just a tad smaller than my Dan Wesson ECO, but has two fewer rounds, a shorter barrel, and shoots like a Glock.
      It’s much larger than my P938, but has the same capacity, and still shoots like Glock.

      1. avatar Hammer1 says:

        How do you like your P938? Just picked one up on Monday and haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet… Which version…?

      2. avatar JohnD says:

        “Grip angle” and “trigger pull” are internetz/newb “concerns”. Any decent pistol shooter will be able to pick up any properly functioning pistol and so long as the sights are good (as well as the ammo), they should be able to keep all their rounds in a B27’s head at seven yards. The focus should be on the sights and trigger manipulation. If they can’t do that, they don’t train enough.

        1. avatar Jeff in CO says:

          . . . or haven’t been trained. It’s kind of like when brand new shooters in the academy were initially shooting down and to the left at 5-7 yards, “I think my sights are off.”

  3. avatar Red in Texas says:

    All I need to complete the 9mm series.

  4. avatar David B says:

    I wish they made it with a see-through side plate and a curve to the grip.

    1. avatar Joel says:

      That’s funny

  5. avatar Vitsaus says:

    I don’t understand why this is a big deal. At all. They are extremely late to the party. It won’t be priced better than the Ruger equivalent. It won’t have the capacity of the 26. It won’t have the style of a SIG P930.. I guess just because its Glock?

    1. avatar Chrispy says:

      But it will have a better trigger than the LC9s I’d bet. And I’m betting mags will be cheaper, and there will be more holster options…

      I’m more of a Ruger fanboy, but I want one of these.

      1. avatar Jarrod says:

        And it will be 2/10ths wider than the Ruger and 2/10ths slimmer than the G26.

      2. avatar Rokurota says:

        Have you shot the LC9s? If the G43 has a vanilla Glock trigger, it won’t be crisper than the Riger’s.

        1. avatar Chrispy says:

          I’ve dry fired the LC9s and LC9s-pro models in store, I haven’t had an opportunity to fire live ammo through them. That being said, I am not at all impressed with what I was handling trigger wise. It had a very long pull, and I couldn’t feel or hear much for a reset, which came at basically a full release. I felt like you’d almost have to slap the trigger to fire multiple rounds. It pales in comparison to the stock trigger in my SR9c which has a short smooth pull, and an audible and tactile reset that comes rather quickly.

      3. avatar paulWTAMU says:

        The LC9s trigger is pretty good IME. THe original LC9 had an awful trigger but the LC9s was a lot better

        1. avatar Chrispy says:

          I have heard the striker fired models have a significantly better trigger than the hammer fired models did.

      4. avatar Phil says:

        The LC9S trigger is awesome. This is coming from a Glock shooter and Shield EDC user

        1. avatar Chrispy says:

          Seems I’m getting outvoted here, perhaps I wasn’t impressed because I was handling new guns with new triggers that hadn’t had a break-in yet… Or maybe the ones I handled in the store just had crap triggers for some reason. All I can say is I didn’t get the same impression everyone else seems to have.

        2. avatar Parnell says:

          I agree. I own three Glocks and the trigger on my LC9s Pro is better. Besides the MSRP for the 43 has been listed at Recoil magazine as $580. Seems quite steep when viewed against the Ruger, Shield and XDs9. I think I’ll pass.

      5. avatar m in nc says:

        I have the LC9s pro and 4 Glocks. The stock LC9s trigger is far better than any stock Glock trigger. My 26 and 22 have full custom trigger jobs and are about the same as the Ruger. Also the Ruger comes 7+1 and shoots soft. I’m in no hurry for the 43.

      6. avatar BuckFlicks says:

        No such thing as a better trigger than the LC9S on a single stack striker fired 9mm.

    2. avatar Larry says:

      But it will out sell both of those to date in a year.

    3. avatar caligula says:

      I concur; I already bought my micro 9mm two years ago, a Beretta Nano, and am satisfied with it. Glock is at least five years late to the single-stack, micro 9mm party. I have two Glocks and like them, but what’s the big deal? The 43 can stand in the back of the line with the litany of other polymer single-stack 9mm pistols that have established track records. I also heard it’s going to be somewhat pricey compared to it’s competition like the Luger LCR9s, S&W Shield, Beretta Nano, Kahr CM/ CW 9, et al.

      1. avatar thebronze says:

        Yet gun dealers will be unable to keep these in stock…

    4. avatar Dave says:

      Too late. I’m quite happy with my Shield.

  6. avatar Another Robert says:

    Actually, I think it’s kind of cute. For a Glock.

    1. avatar Jeff in CO says:

      It also looks like it is being produced in Austria, not the Smyrna facility?!?!?!

      1. avatar sonnyroofy says:

        Well, that would explain the size.

      2. avatar Skeptical_Realist says:

        If any of it is made in Austria, it will likely be slide+parts only.

        I expect the frames will have to be manufactured stateside; the G26 barely makes ATF import points currently, so this will surely fall short.

        The main reason it has taken Glock so long to introduce .380 and single stack 9s is due to ATF import laws (there is little market for small, concealable handguns outside the U.S.)

        1. avatar Jeff in CO says:

          I was aware of that which is why the Austria stamping on the side was surprising. When the G42 came out last year, all of their media showed the “USA” markings. That’s also the reason that the subcompact Glock models have the target trigger (with the little stepped ridges) since it scores 2 extra points on the 4590. Another little fun fact is that the subcompacts are imported with the Glock Adjustable Target Sight (10 points). It is then removed and the original fixed sight is re-installed to make sure they attain the needed 75 import points.

          It’s good to know that for the last ½ century, the BATFE has been protecting us from these evil fixed-sight subcompacts from being imported . . .

      3. avatar thebronze says:

        Pretty sure production models will be manufactured here.

  7. avatar Shire-man says:

    Baby-er Glock? Micro Glock? Half the Glock I used to be?

    1. avatar Don in PA says:

      Fetal Glock.

      Thank you! I’ll be here all night!

      1. avatar JasonM says:

        There’s a well deserved abortion joke in there somewhere. But I’ll leave it to someone else.

        1. avatar Chrispy says:

          I had one, but I couldn’t see it through to the end.

        2. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

          Because those that wish you weren’t allowed to buy this glock wish your momma had an abortion, and support her right to have done so.

      2. avatar Dr. Vinnie Boombotz says:

        Pediatric Glock!

  8. avatar Enzo Baldwin says:

    Looking over the specs posted here, this doesn’t seem to be much smaller than the G26. I’m looking for a thin single stack 9 since my G26 is too bulky for my overalls.
    From Glocks website
    Length: 165mm
    Height: 106mm
    Width: 30mm
    Weight Unloaded: 615g

    So the 43 is going to be 6mm shorter, 4mm narrower, and the same height. It’s a few ounces lighter though.

    At first glance this doesn’t seem to be anything particularly more concealable than the 26. At the price of four less rounds a magazine. I’m a little disappointed.

    1. avatar RandallOfLegend says:

      Glock 26 is a fat brick. You can’t make the grip any shorter without going to a 1 finger grip. The length doesn’t matter as much. But the width helps a ton.

    2. avatar LKB says:

      It’s maybe 1/8″ slimmer than a G26, taller than a G26, and only holds six rounds. G26 holds 10 rounds with the stock mag (12 with a +2 extension), and can also use G17, G19, and 33 round Glock mags.
      Meh. I’ll stick with my G26.

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        To everyone talking about 6+1 capacity: I find that disappointing as well, but a +1 or +2 mag extension is a virtual certainty. Probably just as certain as death and taxes. With that being said, it’s between the Shield and G43 for me. I’m just not sold on .380s at all, so the G42 never did it for me.

        I would’ve really liked a Glock 10mm carbine, though. And I manage to schlep a G27, G23, or Smith 340 PD every day. Of course a summer carry option would be sweet, with 9mm power and availability. Time to save some more dollars, visit more gun stores, and hoard 9mm ammo along with .22 LR, 5.56, 6.8, 300 BLK, .308, .40 Smith and .45 ACP.

        1. avatar Scott says:

          Here is an option for your carbine glock. Saw Hickok45 shoot one on youtube about a week ago. Might not be as good as a Glock brand Glock carbine, but should still work. 😉

        2. avatar Accur81 says:

          Jeremy S did an awesome review on the MechTech as well. I wish they had a better, more informative website so you could see exactly what you are ordering. I used to be a huge Glock fan. Since they are slow to market and aren’t innovating much, I’m taking a closer look at the competitors. Plus I’m pretty into Ruger, Smith and Wesson, and Sig.

    3. avatar Sian says:

      G26 is a tubby bitch.

      if you can carry a G26 you can carry a G19 instead.

      that 1/8″ is actually a big deal.

      1. avatar LKB says:

        G19 is an excellent weapon, but there are times when the G26 is better:

        I can pocket carry a G26 (in a Desantis Nemesis holster). Can’t do that with a G19.
        I can ankle carry a G26 (Galco Ankle Glove). Ditto.

        1. avatar Joe in CT says:

          Agreed. I pocket carry a 27 in a Raven Concealment pocket holster.

          “ah yes sir, let me reach into my pocket. i think i have some dollars in there for you.”

        2. avatar RandallOfLegend says:

          I pocket carry a CM40 in the same holster. I question your pocket size.

      2. avatar caligula says:

        G19 prints a lot more under a T-shirt in hot weather. The G26’s shorter grip makes a big difference – bigger than I thought it would.

    4. avatar JasonM says:

      Don’t forget that the 26 also allows you to use 15, 17, and 33 round backup magazines. I’m guessing this one isn’t magazine compatible with any existing models.

      1. avatar Chrispy says:

        “BREAKING: Introducing the GLOCK 43, GLOCK’s Very First Single Stack 9mm”

        I think it’s safe to say no other magazines will work in it!

        1. avatar Lib lurker says:

          Anyone they made it wide enough to fit the double stacks just in case

  9. avatar JoshtheViking says:

    No carbine? 🙁

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      That will arrive shortly before the Sun runs out of hydrogen…

    2. avatar doesky2 says:

      Shows you how much money Glock has that they can leave all that potential carbine money on the floor for others to shovel up.

      It’s either that or they’re really stupid.

      The reception of CZ scorpion shows that the PCC segment is nearly insatiable.

    3. avatar J. Zoss says:

      If they release a carbine it will be called out for being too late to the party and the poor choice of dimensions as well as safety and trigger design will cause conniption fits while others will buy it without hearing more than the name of course. It would also be hard to find when released just like the G43 will be even with so many people that hate it already.

      1. avatar Parnell says:

        It’s not so much hated as it’s more “been there, done that”. It certainly doesn’t break any new ground and others have superior features. It’s just funny how the Glockboys on other sites spend all their time trashing every other 9MM single-stack. I laugh at their contention that the LC9S Pro is crap because the LC9 was. They don’t even know that the Pro is an entirely different gun than the LC9. Can’t they tell the difference between Hammer & Striker-fired?

  10. avatar commonwealth109 says:

    I’ll keep my Sig P938, 7+1 rounds with a ‘smithed up SAO trigger. Basically it’s a baby 1911, keeps the same logistics going for me as my full size 45acp’s.
    However for those who run DAO Glocks instead, then this new single stack 9 should be great. You may be amazed how comfortable a single stack is vs. a double stack.

    1. avatar Jeremy in AL says:

      Not suRe I’ve seen a dao glock yet. Did they announce one? Jk

      1. avatar RandallOfLegend says:

        Glocks are considered DAO, but they are more like 1.5 action.

  11. avatar FortWorthColtGuy says:

    I thought these things were to be made in the U.S. The gun in the pic has an Austrian frame, slide markings and Austrian serial number. I still prefer the G42, but if I had this one, I want a U.S. made one.

    1. avatar Josh says:

      The main reason the G42 is U.S. made is because of import restrictions. There is a test the ATF applies to foreign made pistols to ensure they are suitable for ‘sporting purposes’. Any caliber smaller than 9mm causes the Glock to fail the test. The only other U.S. made Glock I know of is the G19, which I think is manufactured here to keep up with the high worldwide demand for it, as it is their most popular model.

      1. avatar Anon in CT says:

        Also because it’s the service pistol for many police forces, and some of them require it to be US made.

        1. avatar flako says:


        2. avatar Stinkeye says:

          That comment was about the G19 being made in the USA.


      2. avatar Curtis in IL says:

        My G17 was made in Smyrna. Not that I care.

      3. avatar Accur81 says:

        I’ve got a US-made G23 and G35. Just FYI. My “G19” is when I put a Lone Wolf conversion barrel into the 23.

        1. avatar foo dog says:

          Thanks for reminder on that 9m conversion, going to give that a try soon.
          How much difference in recoil, and snappy bite, vs .40?

          Would you guess that is enough reduction to start a beginner in 9,
          to help avoid flinch and other recoil bad habits?

          The advantage for them is can carry as primary CCW, until and if want to move up to .40.

          I have .22lr conversion kit from Advantage Arms, fun for kids but not 100% reliable, some ammo, and too lite for self defense.

  12. avatar PeterK says:

    I totally WOULD carry this. Not sure if I’d put down cash for it, though. I’d rather have something smaller or bigger, haha. Like G19 or taurus .380.

  13. avatar Anonymous says:

    Single stack GlockNade


  14. avatar The Mountain That Rides says:

    Oh good, this can replace the last tiny handgun I lost in my couch cushions.

  15. avatar The Wanderer says:

    yippee. now my life’s complete.

  16. avatar Ladd Boid says:

    I’m disappointed. 6 + 1 isn’t that impressive. The XDS and Shield as well as others hold 7 + 1. I’m guessing they’ll sell a lot of extended mags for it.

    1. avatar Chrispy says:

      I might actually be able to buy an extended magazine for something here in New York! LOL!

  17. avatar FoRealz? says:

    GLOCK 43 Length: 6.26 in
    SHIELD 9mm Length: 6.1 in

    GLOCK 43 Height: 4.25 in
    SHIELD 9mm Height: 4.6 in

    GLOCK 43 Width: 1.02 in
    SHIELD 9mm Width: .95 in

    GLOCK 43 Barrel Length: 3.39 in
    SHIELD 9mm Barrel Length: 3.1 in

    GLOCK 43 Weight: 16.1 oz empty
    SHIELD 9mm Weight: 19 oz empty

    GLOCK 43 Capacity: 6
    SHIELD 9mm Capacity: 7/8

    Seems the G43 might be a smidge more concealable in the grip, at the cost of a round. I’ll get one, but I still like my Shield.

    G43, smaller than the Shield, lil bigger than a Kahr PM9. Will be right sized to a lot of people I would think.

    Be cool if they made a Shield-L with a 4″ barrel. 🙂

    1. avatar J. Zoss says:

      I agree. I use a Shield and the absolute smallest does not always equal the absolute “best”. There are so many people that will be in the position to choose a G43 as their first carry gun unless we are to believe this small carry 9mm thing is a fad. People are short-sighted with this late to the party and absolute smallest dimensions/weight nonsense. Only the future will tell if the G43 will replace the Shield for me and how popular it will become with people that are choosing their first carry gun after its release.

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        Well, I like the stainless barrel of the Shield, and the slightly longer barrel length and sight radius of the Glock. Both have, or will have, a ton of aftermarket options.

    2. avatar WV Cycling says:

      I’d love to have a shield or this in a 4.2″ barrel!

  18. avatar LarryinTX says:

    All specs sound exactly like the LC9s, with one less round capacity. What we need is a head-to-head, attempting to find a difference, before we all get down to; which is cheaper?

    1. avatar Chrispy says:

      I’d bet the Ruger will be at least $100 cheaper. This will have an acceptable Glock trigger in it, and the LC9s trigger kinda sucks. That is my prediction for when we get to read the head to head comparisons in a few months.

  19. avatar dg54321 says:

    Don’t see the point, myself. Lots of pocket 9s on the market with the same or better trigger, or SA if you prefer with manual safety, better weight, better capacity, better warranty and cheaper.

    This is for true Glock cultists only, IMO. Which, if you only buy Glocks, then great. I’m just saying as someone with no particular brand loyalty, I don’t see any benefits over a KelTec PF-9, S&W Shield, Ruger LC9, Sig P938, or any of the other various choices you have nowadays in this particular market.

    It doesn’t even fit the parameters of “pocket carry” while being a round short of the other “pocket carry” pistols.

    1. avatar Wiregrass says:

      I have never been partial to Glocks, but I kind of looks of this one. Doesn’t look like you’re about to grip a waffle iron. Not a big fan of the stock Glock sights though. I have shot and do like the Shield also.

      1. avatar NDS says:

        Larry Vickers awhile ago described Glock factory sights as sight dovetail protectors, to prevent damage to the slide dovetail cuts during shipping lol … Which I fully agree with, I have many Glocks and none have had factory sights on them by the time I fired them the first time.

    2. avatar Glock 84 says:

      The PF9 is terrible to shoot and the trigger sucks. If the G43’s trigger feels like the G26, reason enough to upgrade.

    3. avatar Joe in CT says:

      Pocket carry? I pocket carry a G27. I’m sure you’d be able to successfully carry this 43 or any similarly sized pistol.

  20. avatar Don in PA says:

    I really do like the Kahr cm9 trigger being a DA revolver guy.

  21. avatar Sc says:

    Does someone have a opinion on why this might be a better choice than say a S&W shield? The shield is +1 round, a little shorter, a little thinner, but a tiny bit heavier. I’m also guessing the shield is a couple hundred bucks less. If the answer is, because GLOCK, I’m willing to accept that. Otherwise I’m simply surprised Glock is so late to the party. I’m assuming they plan on picking up a significant amount of sales from LE that want a backup or an off duty gun, and their department or agency only authorizes them for Glock. Or else they may think they’ll cater to those LE that simply want to stick to one platform themselves for familiarity’s sake.

    1. avatar jake from detroit says:

      Two years ago I’d say the safety on the shield was the glaring reason, but SW listened and now sells plenty of manual saftey-less shields. My shield has finally launched enough metal to replace my full size G19 as my primary carry pistol throughout my work week, as it’s so much easier to hide under a suit jacket or tuck under a white button up.

      I’ll also throw this out there: those magicians at SW managed to pack some sort of wizardry into my shield: it’s the softest shooting ‘pocket’ pistol I’ve ever fired. I find it easier to rapid fire than a G26 or a XD sub compact. It’s the best shooting smallish gun I own. I doubt that the slightly smaller new GLOCK will be nearly as fun or forgiving to shoot, and losing a round on top of that (2 rounds with the shields extended mag) makes the shield the obvious choice for me. I’m betting it will be cheaper also.

      Still, probably will buy the G43 simply to round out my choices in 9mm. Glock makes a fantastic gun no matter what way you slice it.

      1. avatar Mike says:

        It will sell because Glock but I for one will be picking up a 9mm Shield (NTS) to go with my .40 Shield (NTS) just as spite to Glock’s stupidly late to the party 43. That said, I might pick up a G19 at the same time because S&W refuses to release a G19 sized M&P.

        1. avatar Ray says:

          Don’t forget to pick up milk and a loaf of bread along with the pistols…

        2. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

          You do realize the m&p c is the same size as the 19 when using the pinky extension mags right? I am a smith fan all the way, but I have been seriously thinking about a 19 or 23, just not sure due to the crappy feel in my hand.

  22. avatar 2AMexican says:

    I would rather have a Gen 4 30S. I’ll stick w/ my PT111 G2 for now.

  23. avatar jake from detroit says:

    this seems to make sense for only one category: people who love the GLOCK name and only have one handgun.

    It’s virtually the same exact size as the g26, but single stack, and holding far less rounds. I don’t have an issue with the round count, but running this as a BUG makes zero sense if your primary is a 9mm glock of the 19/17 variety. The 26 will always win out because it’s concealable enough and shares magazines with it’s larger cadre.

    Nothing wrong with not being a huge gun guy and wanting a small minimalist pistol: I think it’s perfect in this roll, or as the GF’s gun (much easier for a woman to conceal a single stack).

    1. avatar Mike says:

      While you are right, I for one cannot stand two finger below the trigger housing double stacks, they just feel 10 times wider than they are, the single stacks in this configuration are just much easier to shoot, IMO. I mostly carry just my Shield around with a spare mag, but occassionally carry it as a backup to my full size M&P, the likelihood that I would need a gun, that gun would fail, and I’d empty my backup and need to steal rounds from the main gun is just so mathematically unlikely that I’ve decided it’s worth the risk as I just can’t imagine concealling two double stacks at the same time.

      1. avatar jake from detroit says:

        When I (rarely) do carry my 19 and my 26, the 26 gets ankle duty. The primary reason I carry a second weapon isn’t that I feel that mine would fail, it’s that I have the option to arm whomever I am with in a terrible situation. For ~20 ounces I get a ton more options than if I only had one, and carrying the 26 gives me even more options:

        *Same operation and trigger pull between 19 and 26.
        *Arm a second defender.
        *Share magazines with second defender.
        *Have backup if primary weapon goes down.
        *Backup uses primary magazines for full grip and more ammunition.
        *If I were to find myself disarmed, and they removed primary weapon, ankle carried second pistol isn’t as obvious to check for.
        *Ankle pistol can be easier to draw in very specific circumstances.
        *Owning 26 gives my SO an easy carry option if she decides to start carrying.

        I understand that statistically, the chances of any of the above happening are exponentially less likely than even getting into a gun fight in the first place. But if it was all about statistics, most of us really don’t need to carry in the first place. For me, it’s a risk mitigation technique: lots of bonuses for a very, very little amount of additional inconvenience.

  24. avatar Michael says:

    Got a Bersa BP9CC, Superior product, I’ll stick with that.
    About the size of the Kahr cw9 short light trigger with a 2mm reset. 8+1 does it for me.

  25. avatar JT says:

    While most likely accurate, none of this is official from Glock yet.

  26. avatar xglocker says:

    Any word if it throws hot brass in your face like the Gen4 Glock 19 I had?

    Besides, the S&W Shield already owns this category.

    1. avatar CA.Ben says:

      Stiffen that wrist. Problem solved.

    2. avatar Larry says:

      Brass in face was fixed a long time ago, for free.

  27. avatar Jon in NC says:

    Funny how when Glock came out with the G42 every bitched about how it was not a 9mm…now they come out with a single stack 9mm like everyone wanted and all I see is bitching again lol

    1. avatar paulWTAMU says:

      because it’s still larger than a lot of other options, at least 2 years late to the party, and holds fewer rounds than a lot of similar or slightly smaller 9s

      1. avatar Skeptical_Realist says:

        XDs 9mm – 2013
        M&P Shield – 2012
        Ruger LC9 – 2011
        Walther PPS – Brought to market way back in 2007.

        Walther PPS is the ‘original’ Glock single-stack 9. G-43 might be late to the party, but Walther was so far ahead no one even knew they wanted a Slim 9 when it shipped.

        1. avatar John Smith says:

          The Kel-Tec P11 is a double stack that’s basically the same thickness as these other single-stacks.

          1995? I know I’ve had one since 1997.

        2. avatar Skeptical_Realist says:

          John Smith,

          You’re right, Keltec P11 was released in ’95. Kahr arms also made a market for themselves before any of those I listed (K/P series ~1996/1999). However, the trigger on the Kahr is DAO with a long pull (no direct experience, but the P11 looks similar), so they don’t really offer a “slim glock” subsitute like those I listed. The Walther PPS is the slim glock (right down to the takedown levers) that Glock didn’t offer until now.

    2. avatar Chrispy says:

      So much truth.

      If people don’t like it they don’t have to buy it, but with how many people wanted one there is most certainly a market for it. These will sell. I don’t know if they’ll be hotter sellers than the G19 or 26, but they’ll sell all the same.

  28. avatar Earl says:

    I wouldn’t take a glock if you gave it to me.

    1. avatar S.CROCK says:

      I would take a jennings .22 if it was given to me. (malfunction training)

      That being said, no one will be offering you a Glock any time soon.

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        Glocks still cost $200-$300 bucks in South Central with the serial numbers scratched off. The only free ones are inherited or stolen.

  29. avatar arsh says:

    Still needs the XD hand grip safety too

    1. avatar Larry says:

      Lol the reason I sold both of my XD’s and went back to Glock’s. That grip safety is moronic at best.

      After a few times of not being able to fire the weapon because of my grip not being fully in place during class while shooting from odd positions (laying down on my side or back) I was done with that BS. That and using the thumbs forward grip I would ride the slide lock and it would not lock back after the last round. Never happens on my Glock’s.

  30. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

    Aww heck, it looks like a two-finger-jobby, where I can’t get a full grip. I guess that’s better for concealability, but always ends up meaning i won’t like to shoot it much at the range, and therefore won’t get awesome with it, and never feel totally comfortable/confident with it. Oh well, I guess i’ll get my hands on one anyway and see if I can get over that… And honestly, 1.2″ isn’t really THAT slim. Damn, am I a downer or what? lol. Sorry, it’s just not doing much for me. How anticlimactic. For me personally, i would have preferred it be 8 rounds and long enough to get a full grip on. Oh and no thicker than 1″

    1. avatar Larry says:

      There will be mag extenders for this gun no doubt in my mind. Hell there will be lots of holster options in the first 30 days. It is a Glock the whole industry supports it.

  31. avatar Abunai says:

    Kind of a yawn. It’s bigger than my Kahr PM9, heavier, and only holds 6 rounds. The biggest thing for me is the width – which translates directly to ease of concealment. it seems to be about as wide as the G26…

    What’s the point?

    That said, I’ll probably buy one though… I always seem to get suckered in.

  32. avatar Stu says:

    Yawn…too little too late.

    I really enjoy the ergonomics of my glocks, but they lost me when the g42 was a .380. I now have a Walther PPS which is slimmer, holds more rounds and has a paddle mag release (much better for edc in my opinion). Glock hasn’t been innovating like their peers and this release reflects that reality.

  33. avatar Max says:

    Meh. Still a Glock. Still no interest.

  34. avatar Ted Unlis says:

    After comparing the size and weight of the new Glock 43 to the Kahr CM9, Glock 42, and Glock 26, I’m underwhelmed and disappointed that Glock engineers couldn’t pull off a small single stack 6 round 9mm to compete with the Kahr CM9/PM9 in size and weight. I’ve got a Kahr CM9 and Glock 26, so I have little use for a in between sizes 6 round pistol like the Glock 43. Might be just the thing for some folks but for me the gun falls in the useless as tits on a boar hog category. Darn, what a let down. Here are the numbers:

    Kahr CM9- Glock 42- Glock 43- Glock 26
    Length- 5.3″- 5.94″- 6.26″- 6.49″
    Width- 0.91″- 0.94″- 1.02″- 1.18″
    Height- 4.0″- 4.13″- 4.25- 4.17″
    Unloaded Wt- 14.0oz- 13.76oz- 16.19oz- 21.71oz
    Loaded Wt- 18.3oz- 17.29oz- 20.6oz- 26.12oz

    1. avatar Larry says:

      Now show us a list of 2015 sales and after market options. (sights, holsters, mag extenders, triggers etc)

  35. avatar Gruney says:

    Looks like they made an ugly Kahr with a Glock trigger.

    I am sure the Glock fan boys will be very happy – they have been wanting this for years.

    I couldn’t give a shite less. Kahr or Shield is my preference. To each their own. Hail Gaston!

  36. avatar Ralph says:

    I’m sorry, but did someone write “she’s a beauty?”

    Say anything you want about Glocks, but “beauty” isn’t one of them.

  37. This typifies the internet to me. People clamor for a product, it’s produced, people lash out against the very product they’d been demanding. Every. Single. Time.

    1. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

      Hear ya… but wasn’t what I was hoping for (thinner, with 8 round capacity and enough grip length to get all 3 fingers on. Essentially a slim/single stack G19)

  38. avatar sam says:

    So the new wonder Glock is longer, higher and wider than my kahr PM9? Ok when can I buy one.

  39. avatar Tex300BLK says:

    I was about 1 day away from buying a G42 last year but couldn’t convince myself that I wanted a 380, I held off and waited specifically hoping the Austrians would send us a 9mm version. Can’t wait to find one of these in my area.

    Now all the need to do is put out a gen4 G36 and I will have his and hers ccw’s for me and the wife.

  40. avatar Don Davis says:

    I’ll stick with my 36 or Kimber Compact Carry in .45acp.

  41. avatar Joel from PA says:

    What is this “Glock” you all speak of?

  42. avatar Capybara says:

    I am in California so this isn’t possible to buy here but even if it was, Shield 9 is $349.00 if you shop, list on this is $580.00. It looks cool but giving up one round for a lot more money means I wouldn’t be buying it, even if I could. Pretty happy with my California nanny state Shield 9. Many people will go nuts over this though, they will sell a ton of them.

    1. avatar Jesse Johnson says:

      List doesn’t mean much those Shields you see around for $350 sure hold a higher MSRP then $350. The Glock will more then likely be a bit more but it is all what you want if you prefer Glock or M&P. These I was figuring before the MSRP was posted would probably run in between the price of the G42 and the common G19/26/27 probably in the $450 range maybe a little more or less but I can get new Gen3 19 for $479 here since prices have seem to have fallen past couple years seen them even a bit cheaper and the gen3 17c for $450 the other day probably should have got one for that price. Should be seeing the used prices fall some still see some used for damn near what you can buy them new for unless you catch a deal on an LE trade but most of those you see around are G22 seen some G21 lately some 27, 26, 30, and 23.

    2. avatar Larry says:

      “I am in California”

      Left that foooooooooked up state 10 years ago this month. Moved to MO and what a world of difference. I feel sorry for you. Cali is beautiful in places but their politics are so completely and utterly fooooooked up. They are broke as hell and tax the crap out of everyone.

  43. avatar Jay In Florida says:

    Big W00P for me……. Good news for fans of Glocks I guess. For me not so much. I’ll keep my P938 thanks Glocks a few years late and a lot of day. Short for most

  44. avatar Siks says:

    I like my wifes 42 and since it is now in a caliber I am comfortable carrying I’ll buy it. I was debating trading my thumb safety shield in on one without it, I will buy this instead. My other edc is a 23 so I may be a weird one.

  45. avatar oldglory says:

    I for one am excited about this. Yes, it’s larger than other options, late to the party and holds fewer rounds but I still like it. I EDC a Glock 29sf and my wife carries a G42. I would much rather her carry a 9mm loaded with Underwoods than a little 380. I’ll be buying one of these when they come out for her and a G40 for me once I can find one.

  46. avatar tom w a glock says:

    My sweetheart may want to give this a try – myself, not so much. I found the g26 baby glock too small to grip well, so I doubt this works well for me. But my honey loves her g26, and may want one of these – a test fire will tell more. Meanwhile, I’ll remain “tom w/ a glock” (and a beretta, bersa, cz, luger, s&w, walther, etc.).

  47. avatar Cknarf says:

    Yay. Another Glock.

  48. avatar PW in KY says:

    Not sure if want. Since this wasn’t on the market in 2013 I’ve made a Kahr pm9 my edc and love it. I have no issues with it and plan to continue carrying it.

    I was considering getting an ever so slightly larger pistol for the times when I’m wearing a jacket and can conceal a little more easily. Was considering Kahr cw9 and Walther pps. Will now add Glock 43 to that consideration but I’ve been leaning towards the Walther for quite a while, I’m a big fan of the paddle release.

  49. avatar Martin B says:

    Why don’t the makers standardize take down systems? The SIG/Springfield XD system is far and away the best, can be done without looking, and is darn near perfect. All other systems require either manipulating an awkward lever/plate and holding the slide back against spring pressure a slight amount, and others require pulling the trigger before it can be done (yes, Glock, I’m looking at you!). It can’t be that hard to do.

    And slides/frames need to be a suitable width and weight to function properly and provide optimum recoil dissipation. The race to be thinnest is about as attractive as the same race in supermodels. Concealing a gun shouldn’t be the only criterion. Actually using it suddenly becomes much more important once the occasion for its use arises.

    Sorry. Feeling grumpy today, with a southerly storm coming in from the Antarctic.

  50. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    I’ll trade my G26 for a G43 as soon as I can get one.
    Then I’ll put a Pierce mag extension on it for my pinky finger and one more round.

    Width is the key to IWB holster comfort.

    1. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

      I’m not sure a Peirce Mag extension will get you that pinky finger. Will be curious to see.

      1. avatar Larry says:

        ??? All of their extensions give you another finger. Why would they not do it for the 43? I bet they are out in the first 30 days for this gun, if not the first day.

  51. avatar Mr Pierogie says:

    I wish it was closer in size to G19, only slimmer, obviously. I’d also like to see a G38 with a slimmer slide. Is that too much to ask for? Man, I’ve got such a love/hate relationship with this brand.

    1. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

      + 1. That’s what I was hoping for. Just never been a big fan of the 2-finger-jobbies. I want a full grip. A slim single stack G19 was what I wanted. Oh well, que sera.

  52. avatar Hannibal says:

    Okay… good for the glock fans.

    Shrug from the rest of us.

    1. avatar JohnF says:

      Agree. So now a good, but not great, design is made in a configuration a lot of great guns have been made in for years. Glock jumps on the bandwagon a day late and a dollar short, but they will still sell them because the dark side of the force is strong.

  53. avatar mike says:

    Compatible with 19 and 26 barrel lugs? Would love to shoot the 43 suppressed.

  54. avatar Publius says:

    Meh, a single stack Glock is still as wide as a double stack non-Glock. That’s what happens when your entire design philosophy is centered around being as big and brick-like as possible.

    1. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

      “…as big and brick like as possible” LOL. I have and like Glocks, but that was good. Had to lol there

  55. avatar Ditters says:

    I was holding out to see what it was like. I’m going to go buy a Shield. 6+1 is disappointing.

  56. avatar nynemillameetuh says:

    Oh baby where have you been my whole life? I can love you in ways Gaston can only dream of.

  57. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    So this is the same size as a Taurus 709 but fatter with one or 2 less rounds…and for probably 2.5 the price.Wow…and I had a Keltec pf9 that is smaller but made my hand bleed(but ran ok). I’m sure Glock will sell a gazillion.

  58. avatar L,John says:

    Carry a G36 or a PPS. The 43 is smaller than the 36 and bigger than the PPS in only one dimension. Think I’ll give the 43 a tryout

  59. avatar Chris says:

    I carry a Sig238 the most followed by a Glock 19. Smaller, lighter, thinner makes a huge difference in terms of concealabillity and convience. I tend to carry the Sig the most for this reason because, caliber opinions aside, the best defensive gun is the one you have on you not the dozens at home in the safe. I do like having the manual of arms for all my carry guns be the same and Glock’s safety system guarantees you will never forget to disengage your safety or snag on clothing while drawing. I am late to the Glock game and not a “Fan Boy” having owned a lot of handguns over the years but think they got their product line right and this is a great addition to it for people not quite comfortable with a .380.

  60. avatar Marc says:

    6+1 capacity? Zzzzzzzz

    Hell, the 36 is 6+1…..and it’s a .45.

    1. avatar S.CROCK says:

      And the 36 weighs 20.11oz and is 1.26 in wide.

      1. avatar Marc says:

        If carrying a glock 36 sized handgun is problematic, don’t leave the house.

        1. avatar Dustin says:

          Floriduh. Home of the legislated-from-the-bench printing law. Unless you’re morbidly obese, you’re not concealing any Glocks here and staying out of prison at the same time.

          Carry a PT740 instead. Glock has had their nose in the air way too long. Their name doesn’t carry weight with anyone but the most hardcore, clueless fanboys.

  61. avatar duroSig556R says:

    Hrm…Offer 8+1 rounds and we may be talking. There is no reason to ditch my shield for this pistol, except maybe the hexagonal rifling and slightly longer barrel. Although in the end, it’s still not worth it. Sorry glock.

  62. avatar Charlie says:

    Put it up against the Sig P239 (my EDC), and what have we got?

    Spec Sig P239 / Glock G43
    Overall Length 6.6 / 6.26 (- 0.34″)
    Overall Height 5.1 / 4.25 (- 0.85″)
    Overall Width 1.2 / 1.02 (- 0.18″)
    Barrel Length 3.6 / 3.39 (- 0.21″)
    Sight Radius 5.2 / 5.2 (- 0.0″)
    Weight w/Mag 29.5 / 20.6 (- 8.9 oz)
    Mag Capacity 8 / 6 ( – 2 rds)

    So the Sig is larger. How much larger? Well, 0.21 inch here and 0.85 inch there. Does this translate into a significant difference? I dunno.

    One way to measure the difference is by estimating displacement: Shrink wrap both pistols in watertight plastic, put them one at a time into a calibrated vessel containing a volume of liquid sufficient to immerse the pistol, take a before and after reading of the volume in ml (divide ml by 16.387 to get cubic inches). Voila! Bonus: Measure the weight of the pistol in grams, divide the volume displaced in ml by the weight in grams to get its density!

    OK. That was silly. But it entertained me for a whole 5 minutes! 🙂

  63. avatar Timmy! says:


  64. avatar Ray says:

    Lots of tomatoes being thrown, so here are some counterpoints:

    1. It’s “a day late…” – taking the long view, this Glock presumably will be selling for the next several decades. This is not a smart phone where 1 or 2 years can mean complete obsolescence.

    2. It’s only slightly indistinguishable from the G26, with worse capacity vs Shield/Ruger: Like the G42, maybe this is the pistol that ends up fitting like Cinderella’s slipper for several million new concealed-carrying lady-folk. Only time will tell.

    3. The P938 is better – it’s also $200 more, for starters…

  65. avatar Joe S says:

    They’re too late! I’m a Glock fan, bit waited 10 years for Glock to do it, so I bought a M&P Shield 9mm a couple months ago. Great gun! Glock is still my fav combat handgun. They waited entirely too Damn long!

  66. avatar Richard says:

    Variety is the spice of life and each to their own. That being said, I’m still sticking with my Walther PPS for concealed carry. G43……I keep thinking it’s referring to the Gewehr 43.

  67. avatar W.P. Zeller says:

    You lost me at the word “beauty”.

  68. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    If I’m going to carry a small, single-stack Glock with only six rounds in the mag, I’ll keep carrying my 36.

    I honestly don’t understand the point of this single-stack 9.

  69. avatar Larry says:

    Too late. Shield stepped in while waiting for Glock to get with it. Shield: what Glock should have done.

  70. avatar Pete Zaitcev says:

    I’m surprised that PF-9 has a 7 round magazine while at the same specified height (109 mm). PF-9 is also narrower: 22mm versus 26mm of the Glock 43. I think they could’ve done better if they wanted.

    BTW, Glock 42 is actually a double stack, believe it or not. And it’s 6 rounds capacity.

  71. avatar RenegadeDave says:

    Outstanding! It comes with terrible Glock sights!

    1. avatar Tom RKBA says:

      I wish they’d include night sights out of the box.

  72. avatar Joel says:

    Yeah? So? My similar-size and weight (slightly thinner, 2 ozs. heavier) S&W M&P Shield 9 holds 8 rounds to this Glock’s 6 and functions perfectly. Meh.

  73. avatar Tom RKBA says:

    I love it when people whine about grip angle. It’s even funnier when the gun has yet to be released.

    The purpose of the sights is to override the grip angle. If you cannot shoot a pistol “because of the grip angle”, you are merely making an excuse for your poor shooting.

  74. avatar Tom RKBA says:

    I think this article will assist those who are complaining about the 6+1 capacity in understanding the purpose of the Glock 43:

    As you can see, it’s nearly identical in size to the Ruger LC9s and is slightly larger than the Kahr CM9/PM9. It is slightly shorter than the Smith and Wesson Shield. It is nearly identical to a J-Frame revolver (with the exception of the rear portion of the slide). This makes it a small belt gun with the possibility of pocket carry in larger pockets. The vertical difference between the CM9 and G43 may make it just a bit too large for most pockets.

    I’m sure they’ll come out with +1 or +2 extensions for the magazine. This will be a nice feature for those who want a small belt gun.

    1. avatar Ted Unlis says:

      The graphic from Triangle Tactical provides visual confirmation that Glock engineers came up short and missed an opportunity to possibly dominate the pocket pistol 9mm category.

      Two other pistols that if included on the graphic would show significantly smaller pistols are the Sig P290 and the Kimber Solo which, along with the Kahr CW9/PW9, are small enough to be seriously considered as 9mm micro or pocket pistols, the rest of the field are only slightly narrower sub compact pistols with reduced magazine capacities.

      I involuntarily roll my eyes when I see someone pick up a subcompact or pocket pistol and the first words out of their mouth is, “The grip is too small” or “I can only get two fingers on it” or “I wish it had a larger grip” or “it just doesn’t fit my hand”, which is hilarious because having a smaller grip necessarily comes with the territory of the gun being smaller. WTF, smaller is the whole point! If you’re incapable of adapting to a small pistol with reduced grip size, stick with a compact pistol like the Glock 19 or Sig P239 and STFU!

      The new Glock 43 is simply a pistol with a 6 round capacity that unfortunately is only marginally narrower and lighter than the Glock 26, what’s the point? Too bad Glock couldn’t pull this one off by coming up with a 9mm the size of the Kahr CM9/PM9. What a disappointment.

  75. avatar Dustin says:

    Only “those glock people” that cast the stigma of “glock people” care about these. I have nothing against glock except for the idiots that fanboy the brand no matter what… This isn’t 1980. Glock is not a breakthrough big deal anymore.

    7+1, better shape, same features: Taurus PT709 – Glock is over a decade late to their own show. Only hardcore fanboys still care about the G42 and G43. There’s absolutely nothing about the G43 that is not inferior to the PT709.

    Oh, and the Taurus Slim also comes in .40S&W. 6+1, better shape, same features.

    1. avatar Ted Unlis says:

      Dustin, for God’s sake stop embarrassing yourself by touting an inferior firearm like the Taurus!

      In spite of what the 19 year old kid working the Gander Mountain gun counter for a dollar above minimum wage told you, anyone who relies on a Taurus for personal defense is someone willing to settle for less and take a risk just to save a buck.

      Taurus has been proven time and time again as substandard in both design and quality control. No other manufacturer even comes close when it comes to recall, unsafe, or malfunctioning guns that must be returned to the manufacturer for warranty repair, and Taurus is notorious for sending supposedly warranty repaired guns back that continue to malfunction.

      You like Taurus, good for you, we get it, but please stop p!$$ing down our leg and telling us it’s raining.

  76. avatar Todd P says:

    The Taurus PT-111 Millenium G2 is the same length, width, and holds twice as much ammo. It’s also considerably less expensive (Taurus makes most of their own parts, machined with Beretta’s old factory/engineers/workers)….

    1. avatar Ted Unlis says:

      Yep, and after you’ve spent that $300 to $350, you’ve still got a Taurus, a manufacturer with the dubious distinction of leading the competition in design flaws, poor quality control, malfunctions, guns returned for warranty repair (customer is stuck paying shipping for warranty repair), and guns that continue to fail after the alleged warranty repair is done. Folks willing to depend on a Taurus for personal defense are folks who don’t mind the risk just to save a buck.

      1. avatar David B. says:

        Hear, hear! I wanted to have at least one gun from every major manufacturer. For my .380, I chose the Taurus 738 TCP. Afterall, ShootingTheBull410 uses it in his ammo quest and it has received positive press from TTAG. Taurus sucked me in with a lifetime warranty and the fact the gun had been improved from when it was first introduced. It feeds ball rounds, but chokes on every type self defense ammo I have fed it. Furthermore, after shooting it 2-3 rounds, the takedown pin walks out causing the gun to jam. Add in a faux trigger reset that renders the gun inoperable without racking the slide and you have got a disgruntled customer. Taurus offered to “fix” the gun after if paid $50 to ship it to them and they would get it back to me in 4-6 weeks.
        In conclusion, you are so right in your comment. Lol. Live and learn.

  77. avatar Nate says:

    It’s interesting the way the top of the barrel viewed in profile through the slide has a similar downward slant that a shield does rather than flat to line up with slide like other glocks.

  78. avatar Ron says:

    Bought mine today from kiesler police supply. $359. Ships in April.

  79. avatar Rob Geiger says:

    Saw this news last night. Called my LGS and asked him to order one up. I’ve owned and carried Glocks since the late 80’s. Been on a 1911 fling lately, carrying a Para Elite Carry, very nice little .45, very svelte and easy to conceal even at 24oz unloaded. I bought a Kahr CM-9 last year when the G-42 came out in .380. I have found it to be utterly reliable. My other carry is a Glock 30s that replaced my Glock 36. I will definitely like having the commonality of operation that the 43 and 30s will share. Glocks are the ONLY brand of firearm that I will carry without having shot it first. Heresy, I know. sometimes it happens. I’m a fan of many different firearms, but anyone who compares these with a taurus is someone who’s never had to trust their life to one. They have made millions selling craptacular guns to people who buy them with 1 box of shells and stick them in a nightstand. If you got a good one, great! But let me ask you me one USA police agency that carries them?

  80. avatar gnarmageddon says:

    it would take a lot more convincing than “it’s a glock” to switch me off my pps for edc.

  81. avatar Chris says:

    “Too late…” in this case means Glock will only sell one gazillion of these in the first year.

  82. avatar Tom says:

    People’s Republic of California can’t have one? You could not pay me enough to live in that state.

  83. avatar Bobby V says:

    I was tempted to Glock’s single stack 9mm until I compared it to what I have and what I want in a CCW.

    I carry either the Ruger SR9c(9mm) or the XDs 3.3 (.45)- I am looking hard at the XDs 4.0.
    I ALWAYS have the S&W 43c somewhere on me. ; )

    I have tried to convince Colt to make a 9mm Defender with a 4.25″ barrel and rounded heel and NS.


    A 9mm SW1911 with rounded heel and NS.


    Ruger 9mm SR1911 Talo black nitride with rounded heel and NS.


    My Kimber Super Carry HD or my S&W 357 SIG are the perfect heavy hitters with a tanker holster (across the upper chest).

    Yet I know for everyday carry, I will have to bug the crap out of the three manufacturers to produce my Mutant 9 to get it on the market!

    Bobby V
    Delaware, Ohio

  84. avatar Dan says:

    Having a tough time with this one. It’s about the same size as my Shield, but holds one less round, but costs about $100 more.

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