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Yesterday we highlighted a defensive gun use that took place in our nation’s capital. Today, we move up America’s gold coast on the Acela line to the City of Brotherly Love where violent crime continues to set records and the city can see as many as 10 carjackings in a weekend.

The good news for Philadelphians is that Pennsylvania has much better gun laws than does the District. That means it’s far easier for the average Philly denizen to legally carry a firearm.

One pizza delivery driver, who was working his first night on the job yesterday, took advantage of that and was carrying when two armed thugs approached and demanded his keys.

From . . .

According to the business where the driver works, the suspects placed an order to the apartment complex on the 7700 block of Stenton Avenue and then attempted to rob the driver.

“At one point, the 21-year-old delivery man was able to get out of the vehicle and confronted one of the perpetrators who had a gun and the 21-year-old delivery man, we know, fired at least two shots,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

One of the attackers, who shot at and missed the driver, was himself shot in the ass and managed to hobble about 100 yards before police found him. His partner in crime disappeared into the Philly night.

The delivery driver told police there was a shootout between him and the suspect who was shot. The driver was not hit.

Police are interviewing the delivery driver’s brother as a witness, who was on the phone with the victim during the entire incident.

Authorities believe the delivery driver has a valid license to carry.

This news won’t please people like Larry Krasner, but after due consideration, what we have here is another successful defensive gun use. It’s just one of millions that take place in this country year after year. For those of you who still wear a mask when you walk your dog, that means a crime was prevented when an armed citizen defended himself with a gun.

We don’t know if the driver will keep his job after becoming newsworthy for carrying on the job, but our guess is he’d be happy to be back in the job market if that’s the price he has to pay for keeping the number of his bodily orifices to the number he was born with.

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  1. I wish those masked dog walkers would keep their masks on in the shower and straight up waterboard themselves. I swear these people have a breath-play fetish. What else is there to say about this story? The only thing faster than a pizza delivery person is the round in their chamber. FAFO for some gratuitous extra toppings!

  2. People still wear masks?

    Damn, dat operant conditioning must have really hit hard in some places. I haven’t witnessed this in many, many months.

    There can’t be many of them out there. Oh, well. Here’s hoping something terrible happens to them before they reproduce.

    • Some days you have to wear a mask here in the northeast due to the smoke from the Canadian wildfires this year. In June, the smoke got so thick some days that it blocked out the daytime sun, looked like a solar eclipse except the sun was blocked out all day, not just a few minutes. The hospitals started filling up with people suffering from smoke inhalation just from being outdoors. That’s when smart people started wearing masks again on days with an Air Quality Alert.

      • Well yeah that is the people that can understand risk assessments I think he was referring to the covid cultists that wear it on good air quality days. Those are ……………special

    • You must not live in Kalifornikadia where mask wearing is still au courant. One can still observe the kool-aide drinkers wearing their masks while driving solo in automobiles. It is required that all medical workers wear masks while performing their tasks interfacing with customers. As a hearing aid wearer who reads lips without realizing it, it is a real pain, especially when the doc is discussing some serious health problem he thinks one might have. As a result of exposure to unprotected gunfire in military service, I have nerve damage to my hearing. I can hear the noise you are making but that is about it. Hearing aids only make the noise louder, not clearer. And if the doc is wearing the mandated mask, his muffled sounds are the same as if he were speaking Urdhu which with some docs it may well be.

  3. Not a doctor, just using my noggin’ here but I kind of figured masks were not the answer when everybody masked up but covid #s kept rising. I tend to think masking wouldve stamped it out pretty good if masks worked. Maybe they work for something else but covid notsomuch.

    Just like you gota figure probably started from a lab leak in Wuhan and not a Wuhan market when there happens to be a crazed laboratory in Wuhan

    • What kills me is we already had a shitload of research on respiratory infection data vs mask use effectiveness/risks (see bacterial lung infection) from over a century ago with the influenza pandemic. Didn’t work for shit then and same results now so unless you are using a full face mask actually rated for virus protection and go through some level of decontamination before you take it off with no breaks to the seal in between you are relying on a potentially dangerous placebo.

      • IRL, the best that any mask does for a virus is extend the time until you get it.

        When you actually look into the data you find that even the “ones that work” are 10% effective at best. There’s a reason that people working with such viruses in a BSL4 wear the “moon suit”.

        Further, using an exhalation port equipped respirator is done specifically to avoid getting a nasty bacteria infection that is common with long-term mask wearing because the valve doesn’t allow as much moisture to build up and reduces reinhalation of bacteria you’ve already breathed out. This is part of why OSHA recommends them for people who require daily respiratory PPE.

        You know, the ones they told everyone not to use?

        Pretty much everything they ever said about the whole situation, from an objective scientific viewpoint, was the inverse of reality. Which, in effect, means they knew the truth and intentionally told the ignorant masses to do the opposite of the right thing. Which kinda raises the question of why they would do that.

        There are several theories that would, at a glace, seem to have some merit. They range from gross incompetence to improper incentives to the whole thing was done entirely by design. I personally haven’t really come down in any particular camp. I’d suspect that aspects of the whole range exist if you look hard enough.

        • Up here for NY mostly profound incompetence mixed with apathy and greed depending on where you looked. In my case had a bunch of older n95 with vents intended for painting and used them extensively just to have the ventilation back when I was required to. When it was made clear that my status would be used against me in various ways I may have sported something from the moon suit sans filter out of spite. My counterpart in the Health department apparently played similar games but to hear his stories of how things on his end went I pray he is exaggerating (and if not I feel even more justified in never seeing a physician in NY)

        • I basically ignored that bullshit.

          When forced by an establishment, I wore the thinnest Buff over my face that I could find just to avoid the people crazy enough to attempt to physically assault me and generate police paperwork when I beat the fuck out of them.

          The only thing I ever felt remotely bad about was screwing up one of my wife’s more lucrative (at the time) contracts. She had a Zoom meeting with a water district for an ongoing contract and some city manager guy was talking about how Coronaviridae and Influenza were the same virus as if he’d ever passed a science class. I mean, he doesn’t even realize he’s talking about virus families.

          I didn’t realize my wife wasn’t muted and I was kinda loud about saying “Has this fucking [mentally disabled person] ever even been in the same building as a virology book?”.

          Her contract wasn’t renewed. But then she was a hair’s breadth from shooting that guy anyway. He was a super creep in person and his comment on flus and corona viruses being the same singular virus was actually one of the smarter things he ever said.

        • some of us have a hard enough time breathing as it is …let alone having to wear that damn thing!

      • Back in the 90’s sometime there were several studies where they found significant bacteria and viruses in air samples from up to 100 yards away from where someone coughed and for up to 24 hours after someone coughed. You cannot contain or prevent respiratory viruses. And we have known this forever.

        Pre covid, we had to do the isolation routine for confirmed flu cases. We used to laugh because everyone got the flu despite the isolation gear and procedures.

    • the thing that baffles ME is the number of people who BOUGHT that wet market bat soup meme. How ignorant ARE these folks? Cant ANYONE reveal enough intelligence to pause for a nanosecond or three and realise that SOUP is COOKED and NO human pathogen (not virus nor bacterium) can survive the heat it takes to render any kind of meat tender.

      Next thing ha know they’ll be trying to tell us that some hens can lay eggs already hardboiled. Aintagonna happin

      • Full spectrum propaganda applied at every level tends to do that for a large enough percentage to influence the behavior of the rest even if they don’t believe it.

      • If you’re talking about Leftists who believed it, well, it played on racist tropes and if we’re honest, there aren’t too many people more racist than a Leftist.

        I mean, these are the same people who will honestly tell you that black kids can’t learn that 2+2=4….

        Of course they think a bunch of people living in an area that the Lefty has never been to eat a bunch of very strange and weird shit and are dirty. You should see what happens when you meet a Lefty in a place like Cape Town and talk about a place like Mongu or Dongo.

        The look on their face is fucking priceless. They practically start sweating racism.

    • Early on I went to 3M’s website to see what they had to say about the efficacy of their vaunted N95 mask. I then wen on line to get a feel for the size of the virus in question. Answer was very clear. The ne plus ultra of masks was useless for screening viruses. Oh, I know the goblet theory. You sneeze out a glob of virus laden mucus and the nasty viruses get stuck in the mucus in the mask. That’s about as weak an argument as saying those blue things that folks wear do anything but cover your face when you are holding up the Stop N Rob.

    • Yeah, but I like it best when they have luck that matches the kind of people they are.. BAD.

  4. Armed thugs seem to be most of the problem.
    Perhaps we should de arm them. My only question is how much of the arm should be disarmed. Do you think amputated at the elbow would work or for total safety de arm the arm at the shoulder?
    It’s hard to be an armed criminal when you have no arms.

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