Female Intruder Dead, Three Accomplices Injured in Home Defense Shooting
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Fewer than 10% of United States prison inmates are female, and women seldom make the news as perpetrators of violent crimes. This past week, an incident in Yuma, Arizona, stood out as an exception to the latter trend.

At about 1:25 a.m., the occupants of a home were awoken by sounds coming from outside the house. According to a neighbor, the homeowner attempted to warn potential intruders that someone was home by flickering the lights.

Within moments, however, two men and two women broke in by smashing the back door and window. The homeowner then fired several rounds, hitting all four of the home invaders. That resulted in a flurry of 9-1-1 calls, both from the victims themselves and others in the area who had been startled awake in their generally calm and peaceful neighborhood.

None of the home’s residents were harmed during the incident. All four intruders made it to the hospital, before one assumed room temperature. They have all been identified as follows:

Jessica Aynes, 28, of Yuma, was pronounced dead at Yuma Regional Medical Center. Next of kin has been notified.

Thirty-six-year-old Edith Guerrero, of Somerton, was transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center with a gunshot wound and later flown to a Phoenix-area hospital.

Jaden James, 18, of Mesa, Ariz., was transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center with a gunshot wound.

Twenty-seven-year-old Leonardo Gonzalez, of Yuma, was self-transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center and was later flown to a Phoenix-area hospital.

Jessica Aynes

Although charges against the home owner aren’t expected, the case is still under investigation at the time of this writing. At least one neighbor has spoken out in support of the homeowner’s actions, saying he was defending his home.

All together now: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Let this be a lesson to any man or woman who may be considering a career in smash-and-grab home invasion in a nation with over 100 million gun owners and 400 million civilian-owned firearms.

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  1. “The homeowner then fired several rounds, hitting all four of the home invaders.”

    House rules: Everyone gets Firsts before anyone gets Seconds!

  2. I will be a very open minded individual and will not show any preferential treatment of my targets.
    I’m very new age like that.

  3. These people coulda been drunk, lost the house key, and were at the wrong address. Why didn’t the homeowner try to talk to them, and maybe avoid a break-in? Just because, like, you know, 0130hrs, dark outside, being startled awake. The homeowner had time to flash lights and shout AT the lost group; cudda just asked if they were lost. Cudda just tried to help them find their way without shooting someone. What about know your target? Young lives ruined over what might have been just a mistake. C’mon, give people a chance; they can’t all be bad.



    Well, rats!

  4. Who needs more than 10 rounds? Someone that is being attacked by 4 people at once.

    These guys wouldn’t stop until they were dead:

    • Excellent point. Article doesn’t spell out exactly how many rounds were fired so we don’t know if 10+ were required to stop the threat. If you were a well trained shooter that could deal with stressful situations maybe 10 would be enough to do the job. Myself, I’d like way more than 10 to deal with this gang, I’m not that good of a shot and after being roused out of bed in the middle of the night my ability to handle the stress would be questionable at best. Agree with other commenter that this story will not see the light of day anywhere but here.

    • Who needs more than 10 rounds? Someone who just woke up. Someone who’s not a great shot. Someone who’s peeing in their pants. Someone the politicians have never met. (They can stop 4 bad guys with 4 bullets and some ninja moves.

  5. That mug shot photo kind of shows this wasn’t her first rodeo. Too bad she didn’t turn things around.

  6. Good job,,, great aim,,, one piece of advice though, always, always, double tap the perp, if you can,,, saved on court time & lawyers, other wise, 👍👍👍

  7. Double Taps; Double Taps; Double Taps; Terminal Performance; Terminal Performance; Terminal Performance….three lived to invade another day. Proficiency sinking to the lowest level of training under stress. Practice, Practice, Practice. This situation is #6 on my list of “Why I Carry”……evil and violence often come calling in units greater than one.

      • “Michael, where did you learn your dash30dash? don’t see that much anymore.”

        Not that you asked Moi….

        Learned -30- as a fledgling PR agent for a large organization. First attempt at a press release was returned en masse from several news outlets because the lack of -30-, and other embarrassing missteps.

  8. All you need is a double barrel. Fire both barrels off the back deck.

    Flaming bag of dog poo $5….Flaming bag of dog poo $5

    Come on no takers?

    • Doesn’t say in the article but I’m thinking homeowner used a shotgun with the success he had. Guess he didn’t listen to Plagarizing Joe, though…

  9. Two with Spanish names … Illegal, perhaps? Ah, but who needs a wall? They’re all just refugees from violence, etc. Unlock doors everywhere, no walls anywhere, just open things up and let ’em pour in — because protecting your home from illegals and thugs and anyone, really, is ‘immoral,’ per the communist Democrats.

    So much for not needing a high capacity magazine. Don’t know what the seller had, but we know he (assuming he) fired at least four shots — well-placed, too, though not well-placed enough, as 3 of them are still alive to try again — and they will. While perhaps most defensive gun uses involve one thug, obviously it can be many, and having many bullets in the magazine can save your life, and the lives of those with you. I’ll take my 15 to 17 (depending on which gun I’m carrying). Night gun is a Glock 17; carry is Glock 21. When I’m home, there’s always something else nearby if needed.

    I’ve read stories of just such break-ins. One that comes to mind is a group of four — two couples; in the 70s — at home one evening playing cards. In break four thugs. Killed all four older folks after beating and torturing them. Had a gun been on one of them, or within easy reach ….

    Something tells me this story will only get a tiny bit of very local press.

    • I don’t know if you’ve ever been too/lived in the American Southwest but last names like that aren’t uncommon. It seems a while back that entire area used to belong to Mexico before it suddenly wasn’t part of Mexico any longer. Given that plus immigration there are people with the name Gonzalez that have had family here longer than some Smiths.

      One of my Army buddies has the last name Mares, pronounced like the female horse. However the correct pronunciation is Marez. He didn’t speak a lick of Spanish and was one of the ‘whitest’ guys you ever met.

      Not everyone with a Hispanic last name is fresh off the boat; heck they might not even be second generation

        • The sad reality is that those types are the best targets for identity theft and outright sale.

          Having a name like Lisa Trujillo or Kevin Gonzalez must be a nightmare. Both parents native born so there is no reason to suspect that identity. For an identity thief they would be way more valuable than Franciszek Wiśniewsk.

          However, it is easier to just buy someone’s identity. In a few depressed southern Colorado towns people would sell off their Social Security Card and birth certificate, get a few thousand for it. Of course, as a broker, I could resell that identity a few dozen times and easily get my money back. No need to go through the hassle of stealing an identity when you can just buy it.

          Best I saw was a guy who was on disability, screaming about identity theft only after it started to impact his disability payments. He was fine with it for about five years; the illegal immigrant working under his name was being garnished for HIS child support! The illegal can’t really complain about it, now can he? Once the work caught up with him, though, and was about to cut of his disability did he say something

      • The Spanish took over that area before the other Euros. They took the local tribes as slaves and forced them to assimilate. Those people had to take on Spanish names, religion, language, etc. Eventually they revolted and killed those Spaniards and sent them away. Eventually they came back, but when the Brits wanted the land they took it and made it into the U.S. Those areas are supposed to belong to the tribes as agreed upon, however, when the U.S. realized some areas are worth something they took it through military invasion. Now the U.S. offers some tribes reparations, but those tribes refuse to be paid off.

        The tribes from more south [Mexico] are not the same tribes that live on the U.S. side. They had a very different culture. The tribes in Mexico have a very bad history (similar to the eastern tribes), which is used to bad mouth all the other tribes in the North American continent. People don’t separate from their own kind for no reason…

        • You know, the BRITs never ruined the American Southwest. America invaded and took that territory in the Mexican American war, at the end of the war of the treaty of Hildalgo granted America most of the south west.

          This land was all taken at the point of a gun, as part of America’s Monroe doctrine to expand westward.

          That’s why many states like Nevada are mostly federal owned, regardless of what the Bundys claim. ..

      • Im Apache and know the area where this happened, the Apaches fought the Native Mexican, then the Spanish and finally the French governments. The native tribes in mexico were death cults, they worshiped death and practiced it in their human sacrifices, Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs, etc. The Spanish ended that and in all that time they tired to eradicate the Native Apaches in North America to steal their land. After 400 years of this it takes a toll on any people and by the time the White Americans came along the Apaches were a shadow of their former selves. We DONT want mexicans in this country, not then and not now, there is a reason their country is a Shythole.

        • Thank you for a mostly correct post, many good points. Yes, even the French, I think it was emperor Maximilian, have tried to conque this area.

          But I would say the real corrupting factor is the mega wealthy international drug cartels, who are subverting the legitimate government of Mexico, both locally and nationally. They are working with other wealthy people throughout the world, including the military industrial complex arms manufacturers, to keep chaos and conflict making money.

          I can assure you it wasn’t Juan or Manuel swimming the Rio grande that caused the economic collapse of 2007 and 2008, it was the wealthy bankers and financiers driving people into bankruptcy so they could take their savings and home.

      • Many are 6-10th generation, some have grandparents that don’t speak English. Rural Latins in Ca and Az might never really learn English.

    • “Two with Spanish names … Illegal, perhaps? Ah, but who needs a wall?”



      How does that differ from what Trump wants in a border wall. And, if those who oppose Trump’s wall on the border would they feel safe in a tent or sleeping in the open vs. their commodious homes…WITH WALLS? So, how is it that it’s moral for the Left to sleep behind the security of walls but to suggest that a border wall is somehow immoral.

      End of debate as the opposing side’s position has been utterly debased by their own behavior. SWEET.

      So, what’s so revolu

      • “How does that differ from what Trump wants in a border wall.”

        Because it is OK for a flood of illegals to live inside your walls, but not inside the walls of the mentally deranged Left.

      • Yes, walls are so effective. From biblical times in Jericho when the walls came tumbling down to the great wall of China, Hadrian’s Wall, and more recently the Berlin wall history has shown that walls are pretty much in effective.

        And considering the claim of 4000 terrorist caught at the southern border is total BS, it seems there’s not much evidence to justify spending 5 billion on the wall. Border surveillance through technology and better training and equipment for border patrol agents as well as TSA at the airport will be much more effective.

  10. It would be helpful to know more details, such as the weapon/caliber, number of shots actually fired, etc. if we want to run this event up the flag pole as a case against magazine restrictions.

    • Three out of four survived. Clearly there needed to be more shooting to kill the other three. In this particular case they didn’t need to all be killed, but the next incident might require it.

      In a not so related topic regarding new “offensive weapons” restrictions, there is a bill to ban more arms for civilians in the U.K. They already banned self loading guns a long time ago (the same thing a lot of people in the U.S. want to do there) but that wasn’t enough because in their opinion there’s workarounds [MARS action] that cannot stand (public safety and all that).


  11. crack gets a bad rap.
    meth however… and a few cans of four loko.
    desperation causes some to invade houses in a heavily armed state. all those garden gnomes created the wrong impression. don’t confuse whimsy with weakness.

    • Any sober/sane person would have seen the connexs and realized that guns live at that house, lets move on to the next one. Never mess with a homeowner who has shipping containers in his yard haha.

  12. This is one of those stories where I bet there’s stuff going on that hasn’t and may never be reported on.

    • Ya think? Let’s see, he had neighbors close enough that they observed essentially everything, why weren’t *they* targeted instead? Still, though I suspect I don’t want this guy as a neighbor, mofo breaks down your door at dark-thirty AM, you shoot the mofo.

  13. Want to bet the citizens of Yuma and the hospital are on the hook for
    the helicopter life transports plus all the other medical bills?

  14. “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

    Is it wrong I’m imagining the woman in the pic flashing TILT on her forehead?

  15. Best example of and proof that in today’s world women are now equal to men in every way. Except the woman got an extra measure of equality this time, she got a second helping of the lead.

  16. Capacity? Reload time? As the great Mr. Clint Smith said in one of his videos that defended revolvers for self defense, when in a gunfight,” I have never seen anyone using a timer during a reload”. Solid thought from a revolver guru. Statically, most citizen involved shootings , only 3-4 shots are fired. Then along comes the “what if” crowd. The answer, no one really knows.

  17. The only way this story could be better is if ALL FOUR intruders were dead. Save the taxpayers some money for once.

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