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In spite of the city’s notorious opposition to civilian handgun ownership, some of the most picture-perfect firearm self-defense stories these days come to us from Chicago. Take for example the time a 63-year-old Chicago man kneecapped an attacker who threatened him with a fake gun. This past New Year’s Eve, a 29-year-old Chicago concealed carrier shot two assailants who jumped out of a car and announced their intent to rob him.

This morning, just before 6:00 a.m., another young licensed concealed carrier defended herself from a would-be robber. The unidentified woman, age 25, was standing at a bus stop with her legally carried handgun accessibly concealed.

There, a 19-year-old man, displaying his illegally carried handgun, attempted to rob her, but the woman, defending herself, shot him in the neck, which sent him running. Shortly afterward, he was located a few blocks down the street and transported to a hospital where he later died.

What more could anyone hope for when it comes to the safety of a wife, daughter, or sister? We applaud this young lady for being prepared and fighting back instead of ending up on the wrong side of another Chicago crime statistic.

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  1. Yeah but the #RulingClass occupants of high office in Chicago would tell you that dead victims generate more anger and votes than empowered survivors … so … for their purposes you can be sure this won’t get a ton of play

    • Ah but it IS getting a ton of play. Just saw it on the local snooze. NOT mentioned is a few scant years ago there was no “legal” carry. And NO handguns allowed…unless you were an alderman with clout😄

  2. She shouldn’t have had a pistol on her if she was boarding a Chicago bus. That’s a no-no per idiotic Chicago law. For law abiding citizens that is. Hopefully she was just waiting for someone at the stop.

    • “She shouldn’t have had a pistol on her if she was boarding a Chicago bus. That’s a no-no per idiotic Chicago law.”

      That’s what I thought. On a bus or train is *felony* territory, isn’t it?

      • In Colorado with a Concealed Handgun Permit you can carry on mass transit. Without the permit it’s a felony.

        As for the woman who never got on the bus no would ever know unless she needed it. I would take my chances and carry.

        She gave him the Taxpayer Relief shot.

        • If she had been indicted and gone on trial perhaps the charge would have been nullified by the jury.

        • Just like those “No Guns” stickers you see on hospital, certain government buildings, etc., I just ignore them and keep my weapon concealed. Whose to say some crazy won’t come in and start shooting up the place? Better to have it and not need it than need it and wish you had it. As for the legal aftermath I’d rather be alive to deal with that than be dead. You have to weigh your options.

    • Not a Chicago law. State law. Public transportation, in its various forms, is one of the many “prohibited areas” in Illinois’ Concealed Carry Statute.

      And no, standing at a bus stop armed is not illegal. And getting on a bus while armed is not a felony, at least in terms of state law. Carrying into a prohibited area is a Class B Misdemeanor.

      Clearly, this woman was willing to risk arrest on a misdemeanor so that she could protect herself. Possibly, because of that stupid law, the thug chose his target with the assumption that no one waiting for a bus would be armed. He chose poorly.

    • That’s all you can say to this?

      Concealed means just that. If you do it right no one will ever know you have it unless you have to use it, in which case better arrested than dead.

    • “Feel good story of the day.”

      I agree, but I doubt who ever she was on the way to go work for is gonna be happy hear an employee was coming to work armed. She looked like she was in medical scrubs of some sort.

      She may well be out of a job…

      • Yes, quite possibly.

        Most hospitals and medical facilities I’ve observed are like schools – they think they’re oh-so-terribly-special places that are a flowering, perfumed oasis in the middle of a world of depredation and despair, and that they’re immune to any threat of violence. As such, they ban the carry of “any weapon” in most cases I’ve seen, by either outsiders coming into their facilities, or their staff.

        • Even Michigan prohibits Hospital Carry.
          So I’m sure Illinois prohibits it too.

          And like Geoff said, virtually all employers either prohibit it or hadn’t thought to prohibit it yet.

          Let us hope she remains ‘an unidentified woman’.
          Let us also hope she didn’t tell her employer why she was late to work that day.

    • I would feel better if they didn’t cut out the whole fight. They spent more time talking about what happened than showing what happened.

  3. Yah yah she was just waiting for anyone to get off the bus. Yup that’s the story. Take a gun on a Chiraq bus?? Never.

  4. I was most heartened by the reactions of the other women from the neighborhood shown the news clip.

  5. i am shure the mayor and the city council dis-arm their gunfighters before riding on a lowly bus…….

  6. Black women shouldn’t have guns. Why? Because the government and modern feminists said so.

    She should go to prison for shooting that poor teenager. Now the homicide rate went up and so did the stat for teenage gun violence deaths. Why couldn’t see just shoot him in the leg or mace him? No justice, no peace!

  7. My doctor’s office is in the local hospital. I think there is a “No Weapons” sign somewhere. Regardless, my official weight is 12-13 ounces more than it actually should be, if you get my drift.

    • If you’re shooting 7.62x54R out of something that weighs 12-13 oz. loaded, you’ve got a lot more balls than I do!

      (Or a lot fewer brains, but we just won’t say that out loud…)

  8. Boy, I bet it hurt a lot running all the way to the hospital with a bullet in his neck. I hope so, anyway.

  9. Think the lady will get the proverbial key to the city? Might she get sued by the family of her assailant? One wonders as to which way the cookie will crumble.

    • Fortunately Illinoisistan has decent self-defense laws. If she isn’t charged, she has civil immunity from the thug and his family.

  10. Unlicensed non steril airport carry looks an felony too in commirado ………..

    Only other state white felony is missouri for bus white no ccw option 🙁 (train “only” misdaemor) since oklahoma legalized it for 1 ore 2 years ……..

    So keep calm and carry conclead !!

  11. Notice how the TV carefully edited out the actual shooting. Whattsamatter, precious? Too much for your liberal audience?

  12. .maybe a few d-suckers will consider alternate methods of income-enhancement?
    .do not touch other people or their property?

  13. This harms only the criminals that choose to test the “RIGHT” to defend ourselves, and hope for those that choose to enact that “RIGHT”. Carry always!

  14. No law, Chicago, IL or other has stopped a criminal from using a gun in a crime.
    Given the outfit she was wearing I think she is in the medical field.

  15. I make an map call it the perfection of classwar

    Light Green = same as car legal white ccw

    Colorado = felony unlicensed / legal white ccw

    Missouri = bus always felony / train “only” misdaemor” the worst case state !!

    Orange = Illinois and South Carolina anythink misdeamor / Montana “only” train and new mexico “only” bus

    correct me if somthing wrong

    • I’m not really sure what you’re trying to portray with your map here—and your poor English doesn’t help (no offense intended)—but Colorado has Constitutional open carry (except Denver) (e.g., no “licensing” required at all) and easy-to-acquire CHP.

  16. If I was going to shoot someone dead I would pick somewhere else besides a buss stop.. I’m all for humans killing humans. If 3.5 billion humans killed 3.5 billion humans, that’s still wouldn’t be enuff.. Pan Prior and all her relatives should have jumped off a cliff. Oh btw , I’m still working on my Neutrino Fission Bomb, however I am having difficulty spinning the bucket fast enuff to get the desired centrifuge needed. I gitt er built,,,. Booyah, now whose looking at headlights

    • To be safe, you always need to keep a close eye on your attacker until such time as he stops bleeding. Then you can call 911.

  17. No wonder they don’t want to issue CC licenses to law-abiding citizens:

    Success stories like this one. On fertile ground for more such success stories than almost anywhere.

  18. good job lady, now the taxpayer can quit paying for him! wont have house, feed, provide medical and dental etc plus made one less din du nuffing off the street!

  19. Anyone know why this video was censored? Anyone know where I can see a copy which shows the entire event?

  20. I will add this to my growing list of black people who have a DGU. And make this part of a lesson plan on teaching the Second Amendment.

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