FN’s New Midsize 509 Striker-Fired 9mm Pistol

FN 509 Midsize 9mm striker-fired

courtesy mfr

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We’ve been impressed with the first two new FN 509 pistols, their full-size and tactical models. Now the next logical step in the line has been announced with the new 509 Midsize, a more concealable version of the duty-size gun.

Here’s FN’s press release . . .

FN 509® series of striker-fired pistols expands with new, midsize carry model and color offerings 

(McLean, VA – January 7, 2019) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of the FN 509® Midsize, a new carry option in the FN 509® series of striker-fired pistols. Additionally, the FN 509® Tactical is now available in a matte black finish. These line extensions further FN’s commitment to offer a full line of options in the FN 509® series that meets all customer expectations.

“What truly sets FN products apart is the quality. When customers pick up the FN 509 in comparison to other striker-fired 9mm’s, they instantly notice the ergonomics, premium finishes and price point that is competitive,” noted Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, LLC. “With the FN 509 Midsize and FN 509 Tactical in black, customers will now have four additional FN options in the 9mm striker-fired category to choose from. We believe that options are always a good thing and we’re proud to provide them to our loyal customer base.”

FN 509 Midsize 9mm striker-fired

courtesy mfr

FN 509 Midsize

The new FN 509 Midsize pistol is chambered in 9mm and features a four-inch slide and barrel, frame with shortened grip and 15- or 10-round magazine capacity, backward compatibility to higher capacity FN 509 magazines with use of a grip sleeve and fixed three-dot luminescent sights. From individuals seeking a do-it-all range, home defense and carry pistol to law enforcement use as a back-up duty pistol or carry model for plain clothes officers, the FN 509 Midsize is the ideal solution.

The pistol also features various upgrades including new sculpting around the magazine release for easier activation,

a flatter-faced trigger for a more controlled trigger press and improved slide stop lever and texturing.

FN 509 Midsize MSRP $649.


  • CALIBER: 9mm
  • OPERATION: Double-action
  • MAG CAPACITY: 10 or 15 Rd.
  • WEIGHT: 26.5 oz.
  • TWIST RATE: 1:10″ RH
  • HEIGHT: 5.2″
  • WIDTH: 1.35″
  • TRIGGER PULL: 5.5 – 7.5 lb.
  • SIGHT RADIUS: 5.79″

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  1. avatar TheUnspoken says:

    Nice, essentially a Glock 19 size, this is a great size for a general purpose firearm, I know everyone is pushing the micro 9s and single stacks, but this is a good size for a gun you can carry, train with, and enjoy shooting. Would make for a good first or only pistol.

    1. avatar Madcapp says:

      No there’s an answer to a question that nobody asked.

  2. avatar Huntmaster says:

    With all the different surfaces that thing looks like the inside of a cheap mexican restaurant.

    1. avatar f says:

      The places where you usually find the best and most authentic Mexican food. Looks can be deceiving my friend. It’s what it functions like or tastes like the end that counts.

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        here’s hoping i never find out what it tastes like in the end.

    2. avatar HEGEMON says:

      Dive Mexican restaurants have the most authentic and delicious food at affordable prices.

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        ghetto taco barbacoa, cecina, al pastor.
        topolobampo and frontera can stick it with their french drizzle portions.

      2. avatar Accur81 says:

        Amen to that. I may be European-American, but I can enjoy authentic Mexican. The LA area has a lot of problems, but great food is plentiful.

    3. avatar Huntmaster says:

      MSRP $649. I’m sure it will live up to FN’s well deserved reputation, but at that price it should come with a side of guaq.

      1. avatar Lonnie says:

        They are already for sale at $549. It seems that even though we know MSRP isn’t street price, it gives us something to complain about.

  3. avatar Red Eagle1 says:

    FN IMO makes the best firearms in the world. Than Sig and of coarse Glock perfection! FN IS BADASS I will be purchasing one this year sometime maybe before I get the MCX Rifle.

    It’s hard when all guns are made to modern standards. But you can not go wrong with FN.

    1. avatar tdiinva says:

      False. Beretta has been making the World’s finest firearms for over 500 years.

      1. avatar Mark says:

        You meant to say HK.

        1. avatar tdiinva says:

          Beretta was there long before any of these Johnnie come latelies and will still be there after they are gone.

        2. avatar Specialist38 says:


      2. avatar Cloud says:

        The APX is hot garbage.

    2. avatar James says:

      I have had great experiences with Sig, Glock, and FNH.
      I have heard and read enough positive feedback from trustworthy people regarding CZ, Beretta, Walther.
      I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these companies, and probably quite a few more.
      There is a ton of choice out there for handguns and AR.

  4. avatar Gregory Peter DuPont says:

    I like it.A lot of value added,good features and useful range of models/frame & barrel sizes. FN has been stepping up it’s game.

  5. avatar MyName says:

    Wait, wot? Its not a Glock. yippee.

  6. avatar tdiinva says:

    Good to see that FN isn’t calling a pistol that is larger than a BHP in 2 out 3 dimensions a compact. I like the mid size designation better. These pistols are just lighter service pistols.

  7. avatar HEGEMON says:

    Nice, looks like a winner. FN makes superb firearms. They always go bang.

    1. avatar James says:

      I had some malfunctions with my FNS9 when it was new, I think it was due to the very tough recoil spring and the fact I was mostly shooting “weak” ammo. After a few trips at the range it was 100% reliable, it just has a “break in” period depending on the ammo fed I guess.

  8. avatar Chris. says:

    My precious… We wants it…

  9. avatar former water walker says:

    Well Mrgunsngear likes it. Lotta Glock 19 size guns around…

  10. avatar Quiet boy says:

    Needs a threaded barrel.

    1. avatar Cloud says:

      509 tactical

  11. avatar Jonndoe says:

    Looks more Like a G19 after It binge eats a couple of quarts of lard, looks like the before picture In a Jenny Craig ad.
    Think I’ll just keep my slim & trim G19.

  12. avatar Ryan says:

    I bought the FNS9 about 7 years ago and it is not a picky eater. A little while after that I decided to buy a G26 because FN didn’t have anything in the compact or subcompact area. This seems to hit the spot as soon as I was considering another Glock. Generally speaking FN aftermarket parts are few and far between. If you miss playing with your barbies and playing dressup you should buy a Glock over the FN due to the neverending surplus of Glock aftermarket parts

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