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Scrolling Instagram, an ad for Liberty Safe‘s big June sale appeared. 10 percent off site-wide plus 18-month interest-free financing. I figured, heck, I’m nearing completion of an entire room more or less built around my own Liberty Safe, so I may as well inform y’all that there’s 10 days left to jump on this sale and simultaneously show off the state of the room and of my safe thus far.

Let me just head off some questions and state that this isn’t an affiliate post or anything. There’s no fee or commission or whatever here for me or any payment to TTAG, nor is Liberty an advertiser, etc. I’ve just always purchased inexpensive (if not “cheap”), ugly safes that I’ve hidden in my garage or mud room in the past, and I’m exceedingly pleased and excited to see and use this gorgeous Liberty Lincoln 40 every day when I walk into my house.

Also, this isn’t a review. I’ll do that after I’ve used the safe for more time and have played with the interior organization more so it isn’t a jumbled mess inside like it is now.

So, well, I found myself with the house but minus one wife, and a formal dining room that First Wife had made into what I’d describe as a fairy princess art room with bright, multi-colored paint.

I decided to turn it into a “lounge” (just don’t call it a man cave, please), which would serve double duty as a photo studio and, when complete, an occasional video studio. TTAG content stuff.

I knew one thing right off the bat: a really good looking, big ol’ safe was going to dominate the space if it weren’t fighting for attention from shelves full of booze bottles.

My search for the safe started at Liberty Safe, meandered around for a while, and ended up right back at Liberty. Custom-built, I was able to order the colors and options that I felt would best suit the room.

Let me be clear here:

•  I’ve only had this safe for a few months and I have yet to organize the interior.
•  I volunteered to store my girlfriend’s brother’s guns while he moves so he doesn’t have to leave them in a self-storage unit, and he had more than I anticipated! I had to mostly empty out one of my garage safes to fit his stuff in there and I just sort of crammed my guns into the Liberty in the meantime.

So with that said, I love the door storage panel! Obviously I’m able to put eight handguns in the holsters plus there are elastic pouches for mags, knives, choke tubes, and other small things plus zip pockets and more.

The safe itself is rated to protect the interior contents from a house fire for two hours, and the door storage panel also has this “cool pocket” for further thermal protection for documents (I keep birth certificates, passports, etc. in there).

The Lincoln comes with lots of different shelves, organizers, and even a jewelry drawer (it, along with other shelves, are stored in my laundry room right now so aren’t pictured above), and four suggested interior configurations for different types of collections and use. It has an interior power hub with a couple of outlets, USB ports, and an ethernet port. One of those outlets can be used for the included dehumidifying rod.

A motion-activated interior lighting system is also pre-installed.

At this point I’ve dumped all sorts of random stuff into the safe with no real organization attempted or achieved. I’m about to order up some pistol racks from Savior Equipment, and once I’m able to move various guns back into my garage safe I’ll be focused on making my Lincoln 40 organized and as pretty inside as it is outside.

As for the room, I’m getting a lot more use and enjoyment out of it as a lounge and studio than I was when it was the princess art room. Also, it isn’t done! There’s another firearm-related thing in the works, plus obviously I need to put trim and baseboard and outlet covers and that kind of stuff back up, and the current plan for the ceiling is covering it with black sound insulation panels.

This is all a long way of saying, don’t miss Liberty Safe‘s June sale. 10 percent off everything on their site plus no-interest financing is a good opportunity to get an American-made, super premium safe that anchors a room rather than hides in shame in the garage.


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  2. Any man with a room like that is a man who’s hand I’d be glad to shake. Bravo sir!

  3. Since I used to be in construction in another life, I’m looking to see if I can fireproof/locksafe and entire room. The challenge is what to use as a door that looks “normal” and not like the entrance to a vault. Very, very nice room you constructed there. Its obviously you’ve put alot of thought, time, and effort to make it look so cool. Thumb’s up!

    • Why not hide the safe door so you hopefully avoid someone even knowing the room is there.

    • Put the safe door behind a closet double door? Will cost you a couple inches of depth and won’t hide it from a cursory search; but a casual glance into the room won’t show something looking like a bank vault. You could also use a fake drywall panel, but that’s getting a lot more complicated to look realistic to start, and not show suspicious wear and tear if you actually ever use it.

  4. the booze bottles…now I know why you think some of your meme’s make sense and are funny for the occasional ones that aren’t funny or don’t make sense.


  5. …the next gotta-have accessory for gun safes should be a wine-rack inspired insert for suppressors.

  6. I good looking safe is usually only appreciated by the man of the house. The best Christmas present my now ex-wife bought me was a Liberty safe. Except for the color and my analog dial they could be the same box. When I walked in from hunting that day it was in the den sitting next to my desk. It was a few days before Christmas. She had to sneak it in when she could. She said, “I wanted it to be a pretty one because I knew you would put it in the middle of the room.” It is also a very good safe. I have others, but this is still my favorite. The best firearms go in it.

    • The swing out shelf is a great idea, but it should span the whole width of safe.
      Nice safe but my next safe is gonna be a safe door leading to a cement boxed gun room with everything out in the open.

  7. I myself, only have 1 of these,
    Very good safe, wish I had a couple more,
    Outgrew mine years ago.
    No bad reviews from me. Very happy with this product.

  8. 99 bottles of beer on the wall
    99 bottles of beer
    Shoot one down
    Oh what a sound
    98 bottles of beer on the wall
    All I own is a HiPoint. But it’s in .45acp so I’m still way cool.

  9. Needs more suppressors.

    It’s weird how the DWX compact was finally released, and there still aren’t any reviews. I’ve seen one.

  10. a safe is where you keep the sucker bait…I prefer dispersal…why make it easy for them…..

    • Easy for whom? This is a 1,008-lb safe when it’s empty and it’s bolted to the foundation. Liberty makes true safes, too, not “residential security containers” like most of the other guys. It would take a skilled crew to break into this thing. This is more secure than having your guns randomly distributed among cheaper “safes” and lockboxes, especially if you aren’t bolting them down.

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