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The firearm industry isn’t surprised and the trend is ongoing. Progressive soft-on-crime policies and gun control pushes are leaving Americans feeling unsafe. Millions are making a change and they’re embracing the Second Amendment.

It’s another harbinger of a possible political wipeout for gun control-supporting Democrats who have pushed policies that fail to hold criminals accountable for their crimes yet punish law-abiding Americans. The Associated Press reported on new analysis showing more than 1 million Americans have already joined the Republican Party. The shift is touching all areas of the country.

“It’s more so a rejection of the Left,” Ben Smith of suburban Denver said. Smith added he registered as a Republican earlier in the year in part because he “became increasingly concerned about Democrats’ inability to quell violent crime.”

Suburban Swing

The AP’s report looked at more than 1.7 million Americans who changed party affiliation in the last year. Two-thirds went to the GOP. Comparatively about 630,000 registered as Democrat. A major problem for the party that pushes gun control and a “defund the police” agenda is that suburban voters, like Smith and others, are concerned about crime and their ability to protect themselves and their families. That includes legally buying a firearm.

The AP report states: “Nowhere is the shift more pronounced — and dangerous for Democrats — than in the suburbs… Over the last year, far more people are switching to the GOP across suburban counties from Denver to Atlanta and Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Republicans also gained ground in counties around medium-size cities such as Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Raleigh, North Carolina; Augusta, Georgia; and Des Moines, Iowa.”

NSSF retailer surveys and FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) data aligns with that analysis. Background checks for the sale of a firearm have been significantly higher in each state compared to the yearly averages in the years prior to 2020.

In the last 18 months, Colorado has seen nearly 700,000 background checks for a firearm purchase since 2020. In Georgia, the number is nearly 650,000. Pennsylvania is over 1.3 million and Ohio is over 860,000.

In Phoenix, Arizona, Onnie Brow bought her first firearm due to safety concerns for her and her children. She now has a few and the increase in crime had her worried about strangers threatening her home. “It makes me feel more secure,” Brown said about keeping firearms at hand in her home. “I never want to draw a gun on anybody, but I’m glad that it’s available if I ever needed to again.”

SCOTUS Scramble

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision striking down New York’s restrictive and subjective “may issue” pistol permit law is the most significant gun rights victory in more than a dozen years. While the decision reinforces the God-given right for law-abiding Americans to possess a firearm for self-defense in and out of the home, Blue-state governors are already scrambling in defeat to see what options are available to re-impose restrictive gun laws.

New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul said the Supreme Court’s decision was “absolutely shocking,” and called her state’s legislature back for an emergency session. New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams even called on Gov. Hochul to “lead the charge” against the SCOTUS decision.

Mayor Adams’s city has even more restrictive gun control laws than the state at large. The mayor told media, “Listen, let me tell you something: The Supreme Court really made America a very dangerous place, particularly in New York City.” The voters in his city, left hampered by gun control laws and at the whims of dangerous criminals, already give the mayor failing grades on keeping New York City safe and would disagree.

New Jersey’s Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy is following suit. “Let me be clear that, here in New Jersey, we will do everything in our power to protect our residents,” the governor said.

Across the country in California, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom joined the gun control chorus and “raged” at the Supreme Court’s decision. He tweeted, “This is a dangerous decision from a court hell bent on pushing a radical ideological agenda and infringing on the rights of states to protect our citizens. . .”

Electoral Consequences

Partisan pro-gun control elected officials continue to deny reality. Their voters are tired of being left in danger by misguided policies, including ever-increasing gun control and “defund the police” schemes that endanger them and their families.

Overwhelmingly, law-abiding Americans are telling them, “I’ll do it myself.” They’ve made it known by legally purchasing a firearm and as more data reveals, they’re also doing it politically at the ballot box. If elected officials refuse to listen to the will of the voters, they’ll be replaced.

NSSF launched the #GUNVOTE campaign to get gun owners registered to vote and to educate them about Second Amendment issues and the policies and record of those running for office. The firearm industry reminds voters when they cast their vote at the polls, “Don’t risk your rights. #GUNVOTE.”


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Hilarious… So try and parody us Democrats, ya’ll can’t.

    We have embraced the absurd, the illogical, the irrational, the laughable, the ludicrous and of course… the crazy… to such a level, you can no longer distinguish a parody skit from our new “reality”.

    We have assimilated the parody… thereby making us parody-proof… We Democrats are figging genius!

    But none of that matters… Didn’t I mention?

    We count the votes…

    • “So try and parody us Democrats, ya’ll can’t…”

      Gotta tell ya, Minor: modern democrats ARE a parody of the American system, in and of themselves. No need for anyone to “parody” them.

      Even 20 years ago, most democrats would not have imagined the slide this far into the absurd. It’s the primary reason that of people changing affiliation over the last 16 months or so, the vast majority are democrats fleeing the party that left them behind. Try as one May- it’s damn near impossible to make this crap up that the democrats are trying to run on. Relish it while you can, things are about to come to s screeching halt in the Left lane.

      And by the way, democrats do count votes, over and over again. Dead people’s votes, harvested votes, boxes of phony ballots in the trunks of cars, any way to cheat.

      • minor49IQ…History confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide. The question for you and your ilk is…What part of racism and genocide don’t you understand?

      • I am not optimistic about the million democrats switching to republican party. How many of them are switching on party instructions so they can vote for a RINO instead of a conservative. I have seen that locally, they post up an unknown who is spouting conservative hot buttons but if you research their background they have been democrats for year, donating money to the most liberal of the bunch but all of a sudden they are now a conservative. Don’t hold your breath about the midterm outcome. The left knows how to “find” all the votes necessary to get their candidate in office. Think back to the 2018 midterm. Everyone was saying republicans were going to gain enough seats in the Senate to take control. Didn’t happen, they lost seats. My suggestion is: “Be Prepared !!!”

        • Or to vote for a left wing plant running as a conservative like the plan that just got busted in South Carolina by Project Veritas..

    • You’re going to need a lot more paper and toner for the Xerox. My bold prediction, 400 million votes cast in the midterms. 500 million in 2024. Biden wins reelection 250,000,001 to 249,999,999.

  2. I consider “#gunvote” to be silliness. Let’s be a little more serious about things. This is why I don’t do Facebook/Twitter. So much of it seems so childish to me.

    But it is important to understand just who it is that is trying to rip us all apart.

  3. I want to believe this but, in fairness, the stats also show 600k R’s switching to D’s – so the net swing is really +400k. Still, good news.

    Since our elections are subject to fraud and vote manipulation, the bottom line is that you can’t take anything for granted. Get out and vote, and get your friends and family to vote too.


    • Now that the economy is doing poorly, gas prices are up, president’s approval rating is down, Democrats have been openly pushing restrictive gun control, AWB, etc, the Republicans have a great chance to turn things around for the midterms. Lots of people, fearing for their safety have bought guns and turned away from soft on crime policies. It seems the Republicans have this one locked up!

      Republican Senate leadership: let’s pass a historic gun control bill!

    • The computerized voting fraud that flipped millions of votes and got OBamma a third term is still with us. Until it is taken care of it will not matter how many vote for whom. O K moderators, i’m finished.

    • “I want to believe this but, in fairness, the stats also show 600k R’s switching to D’s – so the net swing is really 400k. Still, good news.”

      You’re ignoring the news that *totally guts* their voter base –

      They have lost the Spanish-speaking vote, and it’s gone for good. November is going to be a very rude surprise for the Leftist Scum ™ in America, and I’m gonna laugh as hard as I laugh at my demonstrably-stupid, angry little-boy troll… 🤣

  4. Depends on where those million votes are and why they changed. It was suggested that Dems register as Republicans to vote in closed primaries to affect their opponent in the general, also one million is not earth shattering when Braindead ALLEGEDLY won by 7,000,000 votes more than Trump in 2020

  5. What about the gas vote? Ask people if they’d rather have cheap fuel or half a degree of less warming in 80 years, which would do nothing anyway (if even possible) for the people that manage to survive until then. People have been brainwashed into believing that driving their car and cow flatulence is causing heat waves and blizzards and droughts and floods.

    • “What about the gas vote?”

      Cow flatulence is the gas vote, dumbass…

      • Your butt-hurt is just so *precious*!

        Show us on the doll where the bad man touched you, little boy.

        (Very little where it counts, I bet!)… 🤣

        • I think it was a joke.

          No need to talk about your preoccupation with touching little boys and hurting their butts.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, demonstrably-stupid, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

          “I think it was a joke.”

          You’re the joke, son. 🙂

          By the way, you can’t claim to own intellectual property, without identifying yourself with your full legal name, PeeeGeee2.

          What a clown you are! 🤡 Stupid, and stupid-looking, both at the same time!

    • When I drive my car I run the air conditioner with the windows rolled down.
      It’s my way of fighting global warming

      • “It’s my way of fighting global warming“

        That is so precious!

        That whole snake eating its tail thing is just so interesting.

        My favorite expression is when Huckleberry Finn‘s dad would beat him for going to school, “Who ever heard of a boy knowing more than his Paw, it ain’t right!“.

        • I’m sorry I posted that. I’m having problems with my medication. I did not mean to say my favorite expression is from a racists story even if it did seem familiar and comfortable.

  6. A million votes is nothing. The Dems can steal more than that in any election. You go to sleep a million votes up, you wake up a million votes down.

    • “You go to sleep a million votes up, you wake up a million votes down“

      Yes, it can be a puzzle to some folks when precincts report mail in votes a day later.

      • And if a day later we are still not ahead, we will just continue to “find” some more votes to count. Rinse Repeat..

        It’s one of the many ways we stay in power.

        Silly rabbits..

        • how sad is it to have to spend your time impersonating someone who you would think needs no impersonation? That is, if this guy had such dumb views, why would you need to impersonate him to try and disrupt them?

  7. The suburbs sure are a finicky bunch.
    In one election cycle they trade away their nations economy because mean words hurt feelings. The next they’re flip 180 to tool up with AR’s.

    I wonder if there is a study showing how suburban parents who just want to be friends with their sheep college kids voted vs the suburbans whose kids haven’t yet made it to college indoctrination or are old enough to have move beyond it.

    I see a lot of that “Im afraid I’ll lose my child” crap around here. What they do t seem to understand is by playing along with their delusions and programming they are losing their child. No different than if the kid ran off with a cult. You can either be a stable rock they can return home to or you can join it with them.

    • So we clearly need to change the culture of those suburbs to be more pro-BoR.

      I’m also left wondering: Which suburbs? Certainly suburbs of Portland OR and suburbs of Fort Worth TX would have different views on 2A and other rights?

    • Great grandpa trade GAVE broads the vote thinking he could get laid. The country has been screwed up since.

      Who do you think put that POS FDR in the White House?

    • “In one election cycle they trade away their nations economy because mean words hurt feelings. The next they’re flip 180 to tool up with AR’s.”

      It’s the perfect time to push for actual gun safety education in the public schools. After all, what are they gonna say? They want kids killed by guns they find while playing at their little friend’s houses?

      I’m willing to reasonable and age appropriate, the ‘4-Rules’ for elementary-school kids, working up to safe gun handling at the same age as driver’s education classes.

      And each school should have a 10-meter .22lr gun range in the basement, and the kids should compete against other local schools, NCAA-style.

      Wouldn’t it be hilarious if in 15 years the Olympic Gold in 10m small-bore was won by an inner-city black kid from Jamaica Queens, or the south side of Chicago? 🙂

  8. I want to apologize to everyone here for the way I have behaved. Sometimes I don’t take my medication and I start thinking crazy stuff and lose my grasp on reality. I sometimes switch to my dacian name when I do that, I apologize for that as well.

  9. Coming back from an All-Expenses-Paid Vacation in SE Asia,
    the first thing I did was walk into a bar and buy a beer.
    The second thing I did was to buy the fastest 350 twin (size determined my price point… my budget). I didn’t realize that I was “different” now. I cafe raced a minimum of 2 hours a day.
    As I was somewhat nonchalant now about unprofessional people shooting at me, I was honestly shocked to find that many US drivers would take the opportunity to head-on a motorcyclist.
    It didn’t take long to figure out why.
    The then current genre of thrill movies headlined mean motorcycle gangs who reliably would beat up the nice guys and rape the lead actress. Black leather jackets and black painted motorcycles. My lime green Kawasaki A7SS, white helmet and cream colored racing leathers did not deter this much. Switching to my black junker old BMW sure brought out the threats, though.
    These people “voted” with their cars, to “Clean Up America”. Taking the life of a human being was just collateral damage while doing their duty as “real Americans”. Yes, movies are that powerful.
    THAT is what we are facing today. Used-to-be-good-citizens convinced of the “Evil” intentions and deeds of innocent people who are just afraid of threats that they KNOW to be real.You and me CONVICTED in the court of film and TV as murderers and mass shooters.
    I see little hope convincing these mis-educated high-minded Movie and TV worshipers that they are the
    “Uneducated Backwoods Hicks” of modern times.
    Good Luck in the contest, Brothers,
    wear a cup…

    • Coming back from an All-Expenses-Paid Vacation in SE Asia,
      the first thing I did was walk into a bar and buy a beer.
      The second thing I did was to buy the fastest 350 twin (size determined my price point…

      Mine was a well used chopped and stretched 1950 Pan Head in California, not so many head on opportunities out there but the sudden lane changes into my space was mind boggling.

    • “I see little hope convincing these mis-educated high-minded Movie and TV worshipers that they are the
      “Uneducated Backwoods Hicks” of modern times.”

      It’s OK, we won. *BIGTIME*.

      It think it’s just now starting to sink into them what an earthquake the ‘Bruen’ decision was for them. They won’t instantly accept it, some will fight hard against it, but look at what we have today, compared with the 1960s – Today, dating and marrying interracial-y is no big deal, compared with 40 years ago.

      Those gun-bullies are just gonna have to learn to like it, those bigots.

      Gun owners are the new blacks. Let’s teach them the anti-gun-bigot ways, as it’s now a civil right… 🙂

  10. Newsom claims that the Supreme Court is “infringing on the rights of states to protect our citizens. . .” Really, since when do states have a RIGHT to”protect” their citizens? I doubt that there is a single legal authority establishing that “right”. Instead, what we have here is Nannystatism at its finest. “We are writing these ridiculously intrusive laws so that we can make up your minds for you. It’s for your own protection.” Thanks but no thanks. (More colorful language applies as well but is rated R for adult audiences only.)

      • Nothing in the SCOTUS decision for Bruen prevents s state from carrying out that inherent protection.

        Newsom is lying. He has his perception of how he wants it to be and constitutionally he is wrong. It was never intended that “protection” be at the expense of people being denied their rights or infringement of the enumerated rights created to stop government from infringing rights the people were intended to have.

    • If Newsom really wanted to protect “States’ rights”, he’d be pushing for a repeal of the 17th Amendment.

      • If Newsom really wanted to protect “States’ rights” he would resign today and leave the country.

    • I guess LA, Chicago, NYC, and Baltimore are shining examples of how they are protecting their citizens from crime, murder, and violence? I mean, they used to be safe places, but now that the supreme court has required passing out free Glocks to everyone, they quickly changed into Murder City USA.

      As usual they haven’t figured out (or want to purposely hide the truth) that those currently committing the crimes are different people than the ones hoping to now legally get a CCW permit or buy an AR.

      • The way Delaware is heading lately I imagine Wilmington will be making the murder capital hall of fame again.

    • “Newsom claims that the Supreme Court is “infringing on the rights of states to protect our citizens. . .””

      Sounds a lot like a time when “Whites Only” signs were starting to be torn down.

      Gun owners no longer have to ride in the “back of the bus”.

      Gun racists need to be condemned for the scum they really are, those gun bullies… 🙂

      (Thanks, Shannon!)

  11. I suspect that the abortion ruling will severely upset any move of the middle towards the right (and gun rights).

    As for NY, they are now passing bills that will make every existing and future carry license entirely useless (california plans to do it in a later session rather than an ’emergency’ one). Two weeks ago a conceal carrier who went through all the hoops could basically carry a gun as normal as long as they stayed away NYC. Now the entire state will be a ‘prohibited place’.

    Will the Supreme Court strike it down? Maybe. In the meantime, thousands of new felons will be created- knowingly or unknowingly- every day.

    • the entire state will be a ‘prohibited place’.

      That question has already been decided.

      “expanding the category of “sensitive places” simply to all places of public congregation that are not isolated from law enforcement defines the category of “sensitive places” far too broadly. Respondents’ argument would in effect exempt cities from the Second Amendment and would eviscerate the general right to publicly carry arms for self-defense that we discuss in detail below.”

      — Thomas, J. writing for the majority.

      • I don’t disagree with you, but they’re doing it anyway. Thomas has made his decision- how will he enforce it?

        They are creating a weeded field of new regulations and restrictions that work to eviscerate the general right to publicly carry arms as a whole, rather than a single law like “NYC is hereby a sensitive location.” Untangling the mess to figure out which, if any, of the restrictions are legal (medical facilities? playgrounds?) may take a lot of time and leave others intact. They are also creating a law that presumptively makes carry in private businesses illegal but allow businesses to opt-in to carry by posting signage (almost none will, of course).

        Will a lower court or SCOTUS grant an emergency injunction to ward off the entire mess, seeing it in bad faith? I would like to think so, but even if they do, I suspect that most people who already have a license to carry will find themselves in a much worse place, legally, than before (now it will include recertifications with live fire $$$, social media background checks for getting a license and other stuff that is not addressed in the decision).

        Really makes me wish that governors and legislators did not have the immunity they do.

        • “I don’t disagree with you, but they’re doing it anyway. Thomas has made his decision- how will he enforce it?”

          We use the same civil rights playbook they used in the 1960s-onward, and call it out for what it is, bigotry.

          My gun rights will not be confined to the “Back of the bus”… 🙂

    • “I suspect that the abortion ruling will severely upset any move of the middle towards the right (and gun rights).”

      The democrats are counting on that.

      • No doubt. I’m worried that they’re right. I’m not a big scholar on Roe but it seems it was a poor decision legally and politically. but I wonder if the ‘cure’ here might have some severe side effects

        • What are you worried about Hannibal? I seem to recall you being a Joe Biden supporter, if only by default. You must love how things are going with Orange Man Bad gone.

        • Sorry, Dude, I support neither egomaniacal doofuses who want to be dictators nor ignorant politicians who have suspect mental capacity who would probably rather be feeding pigeons in a park. They’re all shit.

          Although there IS something especially laughable when people photoshop ‘bone spur’ Trump onto the bodies of action stars to paint on RVs. One nice thing about biden, there’s no way a cult of personality could ever develop around him.

        • Your ignorance of the Constitution is illustrated in your posts above. Stop digging.

          The entire Roe BS was fiction/invention of some nonexistant “right”. There NEVER WAS a “right” to an abortion under the US Constitution.

          See also WV v IRS on Friday. SCOTUS has take a turn back to the Constitution that is a century + overdue. ORIGINAL INTENT. The progs haven’t even STARTED their tantrums over the rejection of their communism.

        • neiowa: That EPA ruling is going to rip through the progressive agenda in every regulatory agency in the Federal Government and they are pissed, you are correct about the tantrums, already have a stockpile of popcorn and iced tea let’s get that party started. I will be carrying an extra backup this summer when I take the Harley out.

      • “The democrats are counting on that.”

        If that’s what they’re counting on, then they can count on losing. Hannibal must be a MSM consumer if he thinks this is what the country is concerned about. Granted the Left is trying to make the country concerned about it, and they’re at least somewhat succeeding at it for the time being. I’m hearing tales of young prepubescent girls crying over the issue. In a normal world, a future abortion wouldn’t even be entering their minds. But thanks to sick Democrats and their 24/7 propaganda being pushed on every electronic device in the hands of children, this is what we end up with.

        The truth is anyone who understands how babies are made, understands how to prevent making them. Abortion has been promoted as a form of tax payer funded birth control. I haven’t studied every red state with new abortion laws, but at least some of them only ban abortion after 14 weeks or so. I think Florida is proposing 15 weeks. If you’re a girl having sex, and especially unprotected sex, and you miss one period, then go get a test. You have three months to figure it out. Go look at a 14 week ultrasound. Are they showing that in school or are they just teaching children how to have anal sex?

        What the dems are counting on is the federal government interfering with state elections. Remember Zuck Bucks? Some states wised up after 2020 and banned that practice. Now the federal government is stepping in to carry on the tradition with your money instead of some tech billionaire.

        • “The truth is anyone who understands how babies are made, understands how to prevent making them…”

          The same is true of STDs yet those keep getting spread.

          The combination of taking lead out of gasoline and using abortion as birth control (at least of last resort) if that’s what you want to call it has probably been the best ways to decrease crime in the past 25 years.

        • Trump Derangement Syndrome: The inability to live your life without worrying about memes and tweets.

          Grown Man: Someone who can live their life without worrying about memes and tweets.

          “[abortion] has probably been the best way to decrease crime in the past 25 years.”

          How do you square that with the recent increase in violent crime? Actually Hannibal, violent crime began decreasing significantly in the early 1990s at the same time abortion began to decrease. Once again I have to assume you consume MSM (propaganda) on a regular basis in order to be that far out of touch.

        • “The combination of taking lead out of gasoline and using abortion as birth control (at least of last resort) if that’s what you want to call it has probably been the best ways to decrease crime in the past 25 years.”

          Arguably, cameras *everywhere* means getting away with crime is a lot harder these days, especially murder…

  12. If the Republicans manage to take control of the House and Senate, can they keep it if they win the White House in 2 years?

    IF they get the majority and control of government, will they do anything with the power? Will they cut taxes, pay down the debt? Repeal erroneous laws?

    We know what the Democrats will do if the retain power. They win other majority like they have now, they will remain in power for another 50 years or until the Country is destroyed.

  13. The left is afraid. Very afraid. Do not relent. Attack, attack, attack! Contact your representatives and senators. Join the 2A Foundation and GOA. Contribute to pro 2A candidates. Even if they don’t directly represent you. There are lots of ways we can push the left back. On all fronts. I know we are POG. At least most of us. Except the trolls. We all know who they are. Yeah, they’re stupid, but they are allowed to vote and exercise they’re 1st Amendment Rights. The trolls may even influence other stupid people’s opinions. Resist.

    • Meh…I have never been in any po-litical party. No primary declaration. I usually vote R but may do a libertarian turn on a couple in ILLannoy. Just wait till Murica defaults on it’s debt. Interesting times indeed. Bought more freedom seeds today.

    • “The left is afraid. Very afraid. Do not relent. Attack, attack, attack!”

      Call them what they are to their faces, bullies and bigots. A gun carrier is the new Black.

      (And remind them they might want to be a lot more polite to ‘those people’ they love so much to insult and belittle…:) )

  14. As long as trump is endorsing and or running, they will NEVER vote for anything on the right. Hell, it’s a popular opinion amongst leftists sites like reddit and twitter that they just don’t care anymore – nothing republicans do or say will ever get their vote. To be honest, this country doesn’t need a republican or democratic President. When half the population doesn’t vote, and the remaining 25-30% gets each side at most – it’s a pretty clear indicator that the party system has failed and the actual majority have no faith in it. Plus, cowardly wing nuts don’t actually care about our rights. None of them. Some might value certain ones more than most, but collectively? They know it’s just a dated scrap of paper and vaguely worded with a bunch of legal grey areas and they can say whatever they want to swing your vote in their favor. It’s all about marketing.

    • It would be nice to institute a “none of the above option.”

      Sorry, 51% of the country said both of your candidates suck, try again next month.

    • Montana Actual,
      I’ll believe it when I see it. Look at the 2020 election numbers compared to all previous elections. Look at the recent Georgia primary turnout. The numbers are way up. Maybe red_dit users aren’t a good gauge of the country.

      *Spelled red_dit to avoid moderation

      • Oh no I agree I was simply just citing those leftist sites and even Facebook has a majority of them because those people are saying “Never!”. There is zero tolerance for anything right winged because they view them as subhuman.

        Honestly though, I don’t see these primaries translating to much. I saw it as inevitable and possibly even a control by the government. They said “hey, we stole this so you can have this to make you think things are even or going to be different next time”. I’ve never had faith in the system and I never will. “Election meddling” has been around long before the US and it will around long after the US is gone. Lastly, most people don’t vote for the local stuff, sadly. Hell, even Montana has some twats in office and it makes you wonder “how tf did that happen?”. Like Tester and Bullock.

      • “*Spelled red_dit to avoid moderation”

        Holy cow, that word *does* trigger moderation!

        Dan Z, can your have a word with the moderation team, please?

  15. Read this in tandem with the articles about Dems registering as GOP so they can eliminate non-Rinos in the primary.

    Also note that the State Dept has just offered $10M for info about “foreign influence in US elections”… Any GOP victory will be prima facie evidence of “Russian interference”.

    • “Dems registering as GOP so they can eliminate non-Rinos in the primary.”

      I’m surprised it took them that long to figure it out. If you aren’t a Democrat, but you live in a solid blue area, then you should be voting in the primary for the least terrible Democrat. The general election only really matters in swing districts. The action is in the primary vote.

      That dem strategy also says something about establishment Republicans. Maybe the dems are just now getting into this strategy because they didn’t have America First candidates to worry about before.

      • Anyone that has bother to get off ass and involved with the process would know the demtards have been trying to do this for at least since late 90s. Much harder to make work that it sounds at their “groups” are inherently lazy POS. See also the “new voter registration” projects they have been manufacturing since the 60s.

  16. How many voters there are and who they vote for means nothing. Who counts the votes means everything.

    And Biden himself said before the last election that he doesn’t work for you and he said that he doesn’t need your vote. He also said before the last election that they had put together the most extensive election fraud team in history.

    They did it for their imbecilic figurehead. And nobody behind the election fraud has gotten in trouble for it except a few expendable people at the very bottom. They’ll do it again.

    • Yea even the blatant ones caught doing things on camera – zero repercussions. Leftists propaganda machines quickly released their bots disguised as normal commenters and people ate it up. Mob rule is ran by those counting the votes. They know how to push the mob in the right directions and how to avoid the mob turning on them.

  17. only switched parties for the midterms, as they were instructed, by design…beware of the red mirage….it’s a trap….the republicans best stop measuring the drapes and blinds…the biggest STEAL is coming..

  18. After November, we’ll see who has control. I’m not counting on anything quite yet as it’s not November.
    If you think the Democrats will give up control without a fight, then you need to rethink. I mean no politician has ever lied or cheated right?

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  20. Don’t get too excited at the numbers. For Colorado, the Dem primary was filled with unopposed candidates, so there could be Dems switching to vote in the Republican primaries to try to get weaker candidates nominated. Even if they aren’t being tactical, there’s little motivation to take the time to fill out a ballot without any choices, which will skew Dem turnout lower.

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