Nicholas Roske
Nicholas Roske
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From the AP . . .

The California man accused of plotting to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had an expansive goal to change the makeup of the Supreme Court “for decades to come,” according to a recent court filing that cites discussions the man had online.

Nicholas John Roske, 26, told unidentified internet users that his goal was to reverse the then-leaked draft decision of the since-overturned Roe v. Wade decision, according to an affidavit for a search warrant in the case, filed in Maryland federal court this week.

Killing one jurist could change the decisions of the court “for decades to come,” authorities said that Roske wrote, adding, “I am shooting for three.”

Roske explained that “all of the major decisions for the past 10 years have been along party lines so if there are more liberal than conservative judges, they will have the power.”

The details represent the newest indication that Simi Valley, Calif., man wasn’t focused solely on Kavanaugh, although it does not identify the other justices.

According to the filing, first reported by The Daily Beast, Roske’s cellphone history in May and June of this year included searches for “quietest semi auto rifle,” “Reagan assassination attempt,” “most effective place to stab someone,” “assassin skills,” “assassin equipment,” “assassinations,” “supreme court” and “how to be stealthy.”

Roske is charged with attempting to murder a justice of the United States. He has pleaded not guilty, and a tentative trial date has been set for next month.

Prosecutors say Roske traveled from California to Kavanaugh’s home in Chevy Chase, Maryland, with the intent of killing him. Roske pulled up near the home in a taxi shortly after 1 a.m. on June 8 carrying a suitcase with a gun and ammunition, a tactical chest rig with pepper spray and a knife, a flashlight, a laser, a thermal monocular and other burglary tools, according to court papers.

Spotted by two U.S. Marshals who were part of 24-hour security provided to the justices following the leak of the draft opinion, Roske was apprehended after he called 911 and told a police dispatcher that he was near Kavanaugh’s home and wanted to take his own life.

The leaked opinion draft led to protests, including at several of the justices’ homes. Roske’s arrest spurred the House to approve a bill expanding that around-the-clock security protection to the justices’ families.

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  1. Not the brightest bulb in the ops-planning firmament, apparently. And thankfully.

    But … this whole thing still just seems odd.

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    • His sister reported that he has mental health issues. He called her when he was outside Kavanaugh’s home, and she convinced him to call 911 and turn himself in. So yeah, another wack job.

        • They gravitate to the party that claims it won’t judge them, doesn’t have any expectations they’ll ll take care of themselves if they can and promises to support them financially.

          So many mental patient libs have been throwing fits the past few weeks over the SSRI news screaming about how they “just know” they have a “chemical imbalance” and they “just know” that changing anything at all about their behavior, diet, sleep, activity, etc… won’t help in the slightest even though those pills they’ve been popping for 20 years haven’t made them feel any better about anything but how dare you bring that up because they have an “imbalance.”

        • Happily, they’re all ‘self-extincting’, aren’t they? When they’re not cutting their own balls off, they abort their children & celebrate with meth.

          More power to them.

  2. I guess someone had to say it.

    I have been fearing exactly such a scenario. In the space of a day, a week, or a month, we read about three or more assassinations of Supreme Court justices. Joe Biden gets to appoint however many silly b1tches who don’t even know what a woman is, and every decision by the SC is based on feelz and critical race theory. And, all the silly b1tches will have to be un-white, of course.

  3. “According to the filing, first reported by The Daily Beast, Roske’s cellphone history in May and June of this year included searches for “quietest semi auto rifle,” “Reagan assassination attempt,” “most effective place to stab someone,” “assassin skills,” “assassin equipment,” “assassinations,” “supreme court” and “how to be stealthy.””

    Did that info come from the guy’s smartphone/home computer/laptop, or did the list come from the ISP that served him?

    • Yeah, I often think of those things.

      Most of the time, I access TTAG via ToR (anonymous IP address) and a device that isn’t mine nor associated with me (MAC address). Even so, I don’t search for weird stuff or dive down Dark Web alleyways.

      I noted the author’s choice of the term “failed attempt” in the title, when it’s clear Roske gave himself up and wasn’t actually stopped by LE or any glowie agency.

      • “failed attempt”

        I think that means he didn’t travel across the country with the intent of turning himself in. He probably got there, saw the security, and had second thoughts.

  4. And the entire Democrat party and media establishment and most of the judges in the third and ninth circuits were upset that he failed.

    Just how they love the blood of dead children the blood of dead Supreme Court justices would have been like sweet sweet nectar to them. Filling the deep dark pit that is their soul.

      • SO what does that prove except that you are BOTH as certifiably mad as a box of Yellow Tree Frogs. What a very weird mind-set you both have to associate DEMOCRATS with the blood of dead children.
        In any other setting apart from the USA I’d put it down to irony but as Americans seem to be immune to irony I have to take it seriously and therfore the workings of disturbed minds!

        • The Democrat National Party’s official platform includes support of abortion, so it’s spot-on to associate the Democrats with the blood of dead children.

        • Albert I can’t believe you are as old as you say you are and you haven’t realised l3ftists and Pr0gressives truly believe utopia will be achieved after the next massacre, and the next and the next…

        • Albert the Poncey Fake-Limey Subject,

          WE. DON’T. GIVE. A. F***. WHAT. YOU. THINK.

          Have a nice day, you wanking poofter.

  5. What kind of an idiot takes a taxi to an assination? Give them enough time. They’ll implode.

  6. “most effective place to stab someone,” “assassin skills,” “assassin equipment,” “assassinations,” “supreme court” and “how to be stealthy.”

    That would be my go-to for last minute info before heading out to kill a heavily guarded Supreme Court Justice.

  7. There are so many Left-wing freaks out there assaulting people on the political right now that we may have to declare open season on them in order to thin the herd to a manageable level.

    • Good thing he’s a brain-dead Incel. I would volunteer to protect SCOTUS. Just not the left…

  8. The Democratic Party Believes that political assassination is acceptable. Does every Democrat believe that? No they don’t. But certainly the leadership in the Democrat Party, believes that it’s okay to assassinate the opposition on a case-by-case basis. And they are giving the ordinary Democrat voter the impression that it’s okay to use political violence.

    A New York politician is attacked by a guy with a knife. And a standup comic, in front of thousands of people, is attacked by a knifeman who thinks his comedy is political, and he doesn’t like it.

    The Democrats have created a political climate in the United States, were committing violence is becoming acceptable for their like-minded voters.

    • And l3ftists take politics very seriously. It is a justification for atrocities.

  9. That would certainly have been an Archduke Ferdinand moment.

    To prevent such motivations in the future, rather then increased security alone, there should be a mechanism to deal with such an explosive event. Such as having a select member of vice justices that would only replace a justice in case of assassination. And only that. Death of natural causes would not merit the vice stepping in to fulfill that role. There could also be a mechanism of having the political party of the murdered justice get to choose their replacement. This would make any assassination futile as their shoes would simply be replaced by a similar individual.

  10. Took a taxi to his victim’s home. I wonder whether the boy wonder payed with a credit card.

    Dems will say the guy is mentally unstable, but that doesn’t excuse the constant verbal attacks which drive the unstable to commit violence against Republicans.



      Go fuck yourself, NTexas. You are a giant pain in the anal orifice.

  12. I find it hilarious these clowns announce their plans on line. It’s even funnier that law enforcement doesn’t notice or take action, even when such discussions are reported. And they want to do Red Flag Laws?? And then there are the paranoids who say the government is tracking everything online and will use it against you when the time comes. Really?? You really think so?? I see no evidence for that. The only thing I see is endemic incompetence.

    • @Jimmy Bean

      “I find it hilarious these clowns announce their plans on line.”

      They do it on line because all these types have a ‘trouble of the mind’ un-diagnosed mental illness that includes a need to be ‘noticed’, this also includes all ‘mass/school shooters’.

      The mental health community recognizes this ‘trouble of the mind’ exists but its not in the DSM-5 and they have no diagnosis or treatment for it (yet). So for the most part they don’t mention it and claim that such do no have a ‘mental illness’ and the reason they claim that is because this ‘trouble of the mind’ is not yet diagnosed and doesn’t appear in the DSM-5.

      Forensic psychiatrists James L. Knoll IV, MD, and George D. Annas, MD, MPH, of SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse New York, both leading authorities on the mental health aspects of mass/school shooters, summed it up for the mental health community various studies on various aspects in terms of mass/school shooters…. Although mass shooters may not meet DSM-5 criteria for a recognized disorder, “they do have an ill-defined trouble of the mind for which the mental health field has no immediate, quick-acting ‘treatment,’” – in other words, these have a mental illness but not something clearly defined and for which the mental health community has no immediate quick-acting treatment.

      • Note: all ‘mass/school shooters’ (who have actually committed their crimes) in the last 30 years have indicated or announced in some way, sometimes on line and sometimes not, their intentions (either directly or indirectly) and did so in such a way so it would be ‘noticed’ before they committed their acts. They all have a need to be ‘noticed’.

    • Mr. Beam, this is to serve as Official Notice that agents are enroute to your place of residence to install a flagpole and large RedFlag on your property.
      You are NOT to interfere with said agents in the performance of their duties nor attempt to alter or remove the installation.
      In addition, all forms of electronic and conventional communication will now be handled by a SpecialSection of the Thought Police pending review of past actions.
      Resistance is futile. You have been warned.
      Sincerely, The Directorate.

  13. This guy’s a real deep thinker.

    Christ, interviewing him must be painful for the person doing the interview. Have the Agents doing the interviews been placed on suicide watch and been afforded proper counseling?

    • strych9,

      Somehow, I find myself strangely unconcerned about the travails of FBI agents. Perhaps it has something to do with their blatant, incipient fascism, or proclivity to target parents and wypipo as “domestic terrorists”. I dunno, but I do know my “give-a-shit” is non-functional when it comes to FBI agents.

  14. Lobotomize him and send him back to his parents.
    Most of the coconut attackers have pathetically negligent parents…..time to start holding them accountable, retroactively. Neuter the family lines, too.

  15. We need more SECURITY.
    “the funds your honors”
    : Man threatens to off three supreme court justices, was very tooled up, decided to turn himself in before he commits suicide. Police Save the Day
    ” he had AR things your Honors, you got your security.”

  16. Seems background checks don’t stop the mentally ill from acquiring firearms. Imagine that.

  17. Sorry, but he may have “plotted” a murder, but he backed out of it and asked for help.
    Is he dangerous? Yes. Is what he did illegal, deserving of capital punishment? No, he did not follow through.
    It is obvious that he needs mental care, but other than that?

    • He had a gun. He had ammunition. That’s two capital offenses. Death by injection. Leftist rules. Enuff said.

  18. Obviously a right-wing, White-supremacist, domestic terrorist. Just ask the FBI.

    Come on, MajorStupidity, ‘splain to us how he is REALLY a closet Trump supporter, you lying sack of weasel excrement.

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