Tammy Duckworth
Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill. (AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib).
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While all gun control laws are essentially worthless, it’s hard to think of anything that’s more pointless than the Illinois Firearm Owner ID (FOID) card. Why is the Illinois “gun safety” measure so utterly useless? Because it’s redundant.

Anywhere in the United States, purchasing a gun at a firearm dealer already requires the buyer to go through a background check at the point of sale. While that’s hardly a perfect system (false denials are far too common), it sometimes blocks sales to those who have a disqualifier in the system, such as a felony conviction or serious psychiatric problems.

While private sales aren’t subject to a background check in most states, criminals couldn’t care less either way. “Universal background check” laws that mandate checks for sales between private parties do literally nothing to stop them. They still sell guns to other criminals and think nothing about it.

Illinois requires people to apply for a FOID card before they’re even allowed to purchase a gun. But, unlike the NICS system, the FOID process is anything but instant. It’s often the source of lengthy delays. When things are particularly busy, people have seen wait times stretch to as long as a year. And, the card doesn’t include concealed carry rights, so people wanting to carry a gun for self-defense outside the home have to go through a second background check process to get a carry permit.

Nobody gains anything from the FOID card requirement. The state doesn’t stop anyone from getting a gun who wouldn’t have been stopped by the federal background check system. Gun owners have to wait while the state bureaucracy grinds on and don’t even get concealed carry for their trouble.

The only thing the FOID mandate does is delay and bother people trying to exercise a constitutional right. That, of course, is the unstated purpose of gun owner registration.

So, when we see that Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth wants to implement her state’s useless system nationally, it’s pretty clear what’s going on here. It wouldn’t change or improve anything for her state’s citizens. Instead, Duckworth knows that nationalizing Illinois’ FOID follies would be a great way to inconvenience, delay, and obstruct gun ownership across the country.

Even her own statement to media seems to confirm this . . .

“I’d like to see a national FOID card. You know, in Illinois, we have a FOID card. It doesn’t stop people from being able to purchase weapons. But I think it’s important that everyone should have a background check,” she said. “You shouldn’t just be able to walk into a gun show and buy a gun without a background check. I think we need to significantly close that loophole.”

She knows damn well that that the FOID card system “doesn’t stop people from being able to purchase weapons.” And she clearly knows that criminals can and do still buy guns…even in Illinois.

The only point would of a national FOID card would be to harass people for exercising an enumerated civil right, both before they’re able to buy a gun and then after. Senator Duckworth wants police to be able to demand to see ‘ze papers.‘ Harassing gun owners at enough at every step will have a chilling effect on gun ownership. That’s what she’d counting on. And every person who decides not to buy a gun as a result will be considered a win for Senator Duckworth and those like her.

The good news? Not only would the requirement for national gun owner registration never survive a court challenge, but in the long run you’re likely to see Illinois’ FOID mandate tossed on the ash heap of hoplophobic history.

There’s no historical precedent for the licensing gun owners. And in the post-Bruen landscape, that means the FOID card that Senator Duckworth thinks so highly of is an endangered species.

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      • Duckworth was on a Blackhawk flying what she referred to as a “grocery run” in Iraq when it was hit by an RPG. In regards to that incident, I sincerely tilt my hat and say to her, “thank you for your service and your sacrifice”.

        What bothers me, however, is how she subsequently has taken her frustration over weapons (used against her by foreign actors on foreign soil) and turned on her own American citizens at home in her attempt to disarm us. Apples and oranges. And a disgrace to the oath she swore to uphold her nation’s Constitution.

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      • Catering Corp? Cleaning detail? Or Albert’s previous job as the CO’s nob polisher?

      • As someone who served, I can tell you with 100% certainty that the ratio of shitbags to decent folk in the military is identical to that in the civilian world.

    • Nah, Roseanne was better looking. Tammy Duckface is straight-. up FUGLY, inside and out. Oh, and stupid, too.

  1. Duckworth, Maloney and their fellow communist travelers will pay the price someday.

      • I don’t care what happened to her in combat in the military. When she comes back to work to take away the civil rights of American citizens. She is no different and these white racists. Who also served honorably during World War II.

        Only to return and then step on the necks of black people. Fighting for their civil rights in the United States. And after many of those blacks have served honorably in the military. Fighting to make Europe free from a dictator.

      • Cato,

        While I am always grateful for the service a vet provided, it does NOT earn you a lifetime pass from criticism. If you espouse stupid beliefs (as Duckface REGULARLY does), I get to call you out for it. If you are claiming otherwise? Feel free to osculate my anal sphincter.

    • There is *zero* need for a firearm license, each citizen already has one, their name.

      If a cop stops someone who has a gun, only 2 things need to happen. The citizen’s name can be cross-checked with the legally prohibited-person database.

      If the name in possession with a gun shows up on that database, cuff ‘m and stuff ’em. The serial number on the gun can be checked against a stolen gun database. If the gun is stolen, return it to the lawful owner.

      If the person is clean and the gun isn’t stolen, the cop can apologize to the citizen and send them on their way.

      Your name is the only license you should need…

      • Simply being in possession of a fire arm is no reason for the police to approach you. They need to express some other ‘just cause’ for the stop other than just having a gun.

        Otherwise it is stop and frisk nation wide. Unacceptable in a free country.

    • So true JWM.

      My neighbor had a schnauzer that looked like TamD.
      He shaved its butt and trained it to walk backwards.
      Smart move.

    • To Jethro W. M.

      Fascism Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Websterhttps://www.merriam-webster.com › dictionary › fascism
      The meaning of FASCISM is a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual ..

      This describes you Jethro, not Liberals, not Socialists, not Democrats.

      • Still in denial, dacian the dumb? You may actually believe you’re a social list. Maybe. But your rhetoric is pure fascism. The left was bought for cash and is now owned by corporate billionaires.

        You and miner are in lock step with those corporations that you used to rage against. Kinda cool, ain’t it? If you were educated you’d be able to figure it out.

      • dacian The Dunderhead. You just love our Merriam-Webster’s definitions. Meaningless as they are. Webster’s fails to take into account that Fascism is based on SOCIALISM. Just as you do?

        • Walter,

          There ARE, rarely, right-wing fascists. Unfortunately, dacian the demented dips*** can’t parse reality. Fascists are those who believe that the state has the RIGHT to regulate our behavior, and are willing to exercise that right. Sounds like, these days, all the fascism we are seeing comes ENTIRELY from the Left – which is why I refer to them as “Leftist/fascists”. Because they are.

      • Wow, you even lie about your own sources. Let’s finish definition 1:nation … above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

        How about definition 2: a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

        Seems to fit a so called liberal (def 2c an advocate or adherent of liberalism especially in individual rights). For someone wanting to strip INDIVIDUAL rights via a national system (which is pretty much any socialist), “fascist” can fit pretty well. Add in the Dems’ show trial against Trump, calls for harassing Justices, ignoring court rulings, canceling and social network censorship for ideological (anti-woke) and inconvenient facts (Hunter laptop) and you get “forcible suppression of opposition” too.

        • James,

          Has dacian the demented dips*** ever been right about ANYTHING???? If so, I managed to miss it. dacian the demented dips*** is kinda like Gropey Joe Biden the Senile – a reliable guide to doing the correct thing is to find out what he does/thinks . . . and do the opposite. It would certainly have been a good guide to foreign policy over the last 40 years.

  2. The 2A requires no license. This is why it’s worded “shall not be infringed”. Duckworth needs to either GET OVER HERSELF our go live in another country that will accept her.

    • The FOID is effectively a registry. That needs to be made clear. A year or three ago, I read an article (maybe here) about Cook County cops going door-to-door to confiscate weapons owned by people whose FOID had expired and/or been revoked. If the cops know where the guns are, you have a gun registry.

  3. While I know this is a silly idea, hear me out.
    If I have a federal card, does that mean I can go in any gun store in the US, and show my card, get and instant background check and walk out with a firearm of my choice?
    I mean full faith credit would be given wouldn’t it?
    I would only be barre from purchasing firearms that are banned at the federal level.
    Of course we know it never works this way, but they are throwing everything they can think of against the wall, to see what sticks.

    • DS,

      Likely, the Federal ID card will provide access to only those capabilities defined in the ID Card law. That also means they can change the law anytime and have the ATF detail the finer points through regulation. So, it seems a national ID card would be used to restrict freedom, not expand freedom as intended by the 2A.

      Besides, we all know requiring an ID card to exercise a right actually demotes that right to a privilege.

      Maybe we should require a competency test in knowledge of the Constitution to seat elected lawmakers. I know, I know, that would be unconstitutional.

    • does that mean I can go in any gun store in the US, and show my card, get and instant background check and walk out with a firearm of my choice?

      change that to read like this:

      does that mean I can go in any gun store in the US, and show my card, and walk out with a firearm of my choice?

      In some states, the Mother May I Card (to carry concealed) works that way. SHow that card, no BGC. instantly plop down the plonk, pick up the piece, and walk out. Legal.

      IF a card issued nationally would work that way I ‘d be fine with it. Note well, with no 4473 completed, no one would know where that gun ended up. The A&D book would show I got that gun, but that is not supposed to be fed into a database, though we ALL know it is.

      OF change to a system where Charlie Brown can walk into a gunstore, select his items, provide his ful name, city and state, and date, of birth, current stateof residence, and (user selectable) first name of father or mother. There is NO WAY anyone else will match ALL those fields.
      When the NICS system finds a maatch in their database, if that match is not flagged, a “proceed” code is given. buyer pays, walks out with his goods. NO recored of WHAT he bought is necessary. THis same system can be made availble by phone or online to anyone selling a gun. I enter the system, type in the above info, it generates the code, I might write down the reference number, complete the sale and I know he’s not a prohibited person. The database would NOT be searchable except when ALL fields are filled. In other words, I can’t go search for John Smith and find out what he’s up to or what guns he owns. ONLY a completed form with all the above fields filled in would allow a search. They want UNIVERSAL background checks, make a system that provides that to anyone wanting to sell. And does not provide any other informatnion, nor does it store any other information. Fields match, proceed or deny. End of story.

  4. Of course it’s stupid…..it’s not meant to stop anything, just discourage some people from jumping through more hoops!

  5. How about just issuing Federal LEOSO permits to those of us that want one. Carry anywhere, including NY and California. Supercedes state laws.

    We shouldn’t receive any lesser treatment than the cops.

  6. There are only two places on earth that have a firearm owners identification card Illinois and Cuba that should tell anybody all they need to know.

  7. To get the FOID card you have to go through a background check then when you finally get your card you can go to the gun shop where you have to show the card to even touch a gun and if you want to buy one you have to fill out a 4473 form then get a background get check and wait 3 days before they can let you have the gun. The only logical reason for any of this is to interfere with my Constitutional rights.

  8. Not the Duckworth idiot again. The woman with all the Army experience that claimed a civilian grade semi-auto MSR is a US Army issued ‘assault rifle’ called the M-4 … who didn’t know the civilian grade semi-auto rifle MSR is not recognized as an “assault rifle” by the US Army nor is such issued by the US Army nor is such designated the M-4 by the US Army.

  9. How about this. Universal freedom to buy, carry, and own any firearms, or other arms/weapons I choose without bureaucratic/governmental hinderance. And, just like my DL is good nationwide, so should be any state CCW permit.
    The idiot Duckworth likely is happy to allow a 16Y/O to drive a high horsepower street missile but wants to restrict ownership of firearms. Any bets the Senator takes advantage of armed police, or private armed security to protect her important personage, but us lesser mortals are undeserving of the tools to protect ourselves.

  10. Yup. One more fee and one more background check ought to do it. And it it doesn’t well, we’ll just add ANOTHER fee and ANOTHER background check.

  11. Bruen has resulted in an existential crisis for gun banners nationwide. They realize their time is short so they are throwing everything they can up against the wall to slow the process down. As we have seen, their current proposals are far more invasive of the right than ever before, clearly intending to limit the right as much as possible before the hammer falls. Perhaps they believe that the more extreme their new laws are, there will be something left after the courts are done with them. If you ask for the moon, maybe you will get something that is halfway there. I am guessing of course, but these new laws will be tied up in court for the next decade, and by then the balance on the Supreme Court may have changed. They hope.

    • “…these new laws will be tied up in court for the next decade, and by then the balance on the Supreme Court may have changed. They hope.”

      Exactly… 🙁

  12. I’d support a national Firearms License if it allowed me to carry everywhere in the country and overrode a given state’s carry laws.

    Something tells me her suggestion wouldn’t work like that.

  13. This is one of the reasons I fear forcing states to accept Concealed Carry permits from other states. I believe it could lead to something like this. Once we allow the Feds to force a state to accept it, expect the Feds to set the rules for it.
    I trust my state more than I trust DC or the Supreme Court to protect my rights. Therefore if the people of NJ want to live with rights let them. Just stay out of my state with your stupid rules. Keep the Feds out of your life as much as possible

    • America’s worst senator. No thank you for your “service”. You ain’t special…you’re a traitor.

    • No one is forcing any state to accept other states’ permits (unfortunately). That would be national reciprocity. All the Bruen decision does is force states to issue concealed carry permits to their own citizens on a shall-issue basis.

      • I understand, I fear that national reciprocity of firearms would lead to the Feds taking control of Concealed Carry permits requirements. If that happens God forbid what they could institute.

        • I don’t understand why so many people who claim they support freedom are afraid of national reciprocity??? People like to use the driver’s license as an example. But the states all have different requirements in order for you to get a driver’s license in the first place. The differences are slight. But there are differences.

          Duckworth is just stupid. You’re not going to be able to attach any federal requirements to a carry permit. Something that is issued at the county level.

  14. NOPE, sorry Senator Fuckworth (ya ugly even l Democrat bitch).
    This crap is unconstitutional in Illinois and definitely not right for rest of the nation.

  15. I don’t give a rat’s ass what that Duckworth idiot would like to see frankly, I would like to see people that are that stupid, racist, and hateful barred from office. Depending on the dumbest voters not to elect Democrats is one of the most frustrating things about living in this Republic.

    Fortunately, the tide appears to be turning, though depending on the courts to curb the worst excesses of the tyrants who always seek to increase their power by restricting the rights of others is frustrating.

  16. Idiots like her are the ones who will tell us that we can’t require an ID to vote, as it is racist because not everyone has the capability to get one. Let’s not even mention VaChina Joe wanting to give IDs to illegals. Yet she apparently thinks it’s not racist to require someone to get a FOID card, as everyone can afford those.
    Stupid twat.

  17. quote————While private sales aren’t subject to a background check in most states, criminals couldn’t care less either way. “Universal background check” laws that mandate checks for sales between private parties do literally nothing to stop them. They still sell guns to other criminals and think nothing about it.———-quote

    History has proven that statement a complete falsehood. The average citizen would not dare risk imprisonment ad fines if such a law was in force. This in turn would dry up millions of second hand gun sales with no paperwork. To say that would not keep guns out of the hands of thousands of nut cases and criminals is ludicrous as it has done exactly that in the civilized countries of the world. No law works 100% of the time but we do not do away with laws against murder and rape because of that fact.

    Of course when dealing with the Far Right their advanced paranoia prevents them from thinking clearly and sanely. You can no more reason with these far right lunatics as reason with a lunatic locked in a padded cell.

    quote————–Nobody gains anything from the FOID card requirement. The state doesn’t stop anyone from getting a gun who wouldn’t have been stopped by the federal background check system.——–quote

    A laughable statement because the current Federal system only vets new guns not second hand gun sales between individuals. If we had a Federal Universal Background check that would work but not a state system as other states with lax laws ship in thousands of second hand guns to states and cities with tough laws making those laws ineffective.

    • You haven’t told the truth yet. But then we expect nothing less from an uneducated fascist.

    • Ranting about “the far right” doesn’t change that the average citizen isn’t committing crimes with firearms – acquired from an FFL, private sale or privately made. Far more guns actually used in crimes are acquired by straw purchases by otherwise not prohibited people at FFLs after a background check for those who are prohibited, than from private sales – it’s not even close, and any suggestion otherwise is the real complete falsehood. Making private sales illegal closes off one means of criminals acquiring guns but does absolutely nothing about the sources for the vast majority of such guns trading hands – and it assumes with childlike ignorance that those blocked in that way will not use one of the other more popular means to get a gun and use it illegally anyway, such as the several recent and notorious double digit mass killers have done by getting guns at FFLs.

      True, no law is perfect, but when your proposed law can be easily demonstrated to overwhelmingly impact people who aren’t causing problems all to hypothetically make it a little harder (but a long, long way from difficult) for those who would cause problems to do so on the “of it saves only one life…” model, that is the very definition of bad public policy.

      Of course that assumes that the goal is really to reduce gun use by criminals and not to reduce gun ownership by citizens piece by piece by those who think NO such ownership is a good long term goal.

      • to Stan

        Except you refuse to acknowledge that history has proven you wrong, very wrong decades ago as every civilized nation on earth has safe storage laws and Universal Background Checks. All of them have way lower crime with guns and way less mass murders and homicides.

        I would suggest you walk the streets of a civilized country some time and try and buy a second hand gun with no paperwork or even a stolen one. Then try the same stunt in the lawless savage land of Capitalvania. In Capitalvania you can buy a second hand gun in minutes at any local flea market, bar, internet chat room, or even at a bingo parlor. Now tell me again that such laws do not work when history has proven you very , very wrong.

        • The only things I refuse to acknowledge are those that are not true, such as your assertion. What history (and publicly available crime data produced under even the most anti-gun administrations) has actually shown that the overwhelming majority of this country’s streets and population are at least as safe as the average in any of your “civilized” nations. It is only in a tiny fraction of the land area and populace of this country where the vast majority of homicides take place, with obvious common themes present in those crimes relating to socioeconomic status, frequency of crime in general, population density, presence of intact traditional families, and dominant local politics – the combination of which just so happens to generally be absent where such crimes are also far less common. Incidentally those areas also tend to be politically structured to be the most like your “civilized” nations, while the areas with the guns but without the crime least like those nations.

          What history – especially very recent history – has also shown is that crime flourishes where crime goes unpunished, and that it cares little for alleged good reasons for not punishing crime no matter how much “reformers” push fighting “racism” or for jailhouse demographic “equity.” Soft on crime policies have repeatedly proven to only create more and worse crime, without exception.

          History of this country also shows that the capability of civilian owned guns to inflict “mass shootings” hasn’t changed significantly in a century but that doing away with traditional morality and social norms increases the prevalence of all kinds of homicides. Using the example of “civilized” populations which have always been under a high degree of state-sanctioned control to prove that gun control works is meaningless – all it says is that compliant serfs with few rights who couldn’t hurt themselves with guns before the state tried to make them insane couldn’t hurt themselves with guns after the state made them insane. If state control is what you crave, I hear North Korea is wonderful this time of the year, and very gun free.

        • Rant and refuse to believe the facts Stan but two Chicago Studies as well as police tracings. in numerous other states as well as law enforcement testimony proves that there is indeed an “Iron Pipe Line” that funnels in thousands of second hand guns from Hillbilly States into high crime states and cities fueling an everyday blood bath with bodies piled high and rivers of blood and carnage.

          The Chicago studies proved the average age of a crime gun was 13 years old, was second hand, and had been through many hands before being used in a crime. Of course the paranoid Far Right reject every professional study done , even those done by Harvard which also has conduced numerous gun studies. The Far Right dismiss them all with the wave of the hand and they scream ” Do not confuse me with the facts I have already made up my mind” And the only safe society is an armed camp with everyone carrying an assault rifle, two handguns and half a dozen commando daggers. If this is not pure sick paranoia than nothing would be. No one should have to live in the current mad house of Capitalvania.

          And do not tell me to go to Korea as I would suggest the U.S. deport guys like you there.

        • If only you’d read and understand better. See, the firearms sent north in the “iron pipeline” are firearms transferred via straw purchases, which if you’d have paid more attention you would have noticed I already covered – an illegal act which starts with one of the very same background checks you think we need more of, includes a middle man not at all fazed by the illegality his subsequent transfer to a prohibited third party. Nothing about your universal background checks will do anything to stop these illegal transfers, and you have nothing including all your studies to contradict that statement.

          If high crime states and cities have such an unquenchable blood lust, that’s their problem – one clearly not shared by “Hillbilly states” which correctly refuse to be forced to pay the price for the high crime areas’ carnage addiction. Those high crime areas are of course the ones where your Far Left socialist ideology has taken hold the most, which says nothing good about that ideology creating mature, responsible adults who can function without murdering each other. All the more reason for you and your Far Left comrades to go to communist Korea where your fraternal allies in crimes against humanity reside.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, You continually make reference to these “Chicago studies” but fail as usual to produce them.
          It is time for you Leftists to take on the REAL PROBLEM. And it’s not “gun violence” as a gun is incapable of violence.
          How about doing something about the violent criminals and the mentally ill?

        • Fair enough, I aim to do the same to them when they try it. Except for the fact, I am far better armed, armored, and more competent with them.

          Let’s just see how that plays out. I’ll happily pass in a pile of brass with 5:1 or better ratios.

    • “History has proven that statement to be a complete falsehood.”

      Citations, please???? Or are you just, as usual, blowing it our your ass???

  18. Yup this B can go FOAD, the only thing noteworthy she ever did was get screwed up during her military service.
    Anyone who has voted for her is plain ass stupid & beyond help.

  19. Not with a borrowed Peter, that’s a poster child for abortion. Damnit I can’t unsee that! I would put it in the barn to scare the rats away but would probably spontaneously combust the barn! Probably offend the manure!

  20. FOID Card = FOAD
    I lived under Illinois yoke of oppression for the first twenty two years of my life, but never again.

  21. She knows damn well that that the FOID card system “doesn’t stop people from being able to purchase weapons.” And she clearly knows that criminals can and do still buy guns

    She’s probably aware that “criminals” don’t need an FOID card to “steal” a gun either. Or maybe not.

  22. Don’t need card for other amendments.
    You wanna know if I’ve got one. Ask
    IDGAF if you outlaw them the answer will still be yes

  23. A citizen does not need a license to exercise a civil right. It’s her role to protect that idea, not limit it.

  24. If the federal FOID card allows me to buy a brand new fully automatic weapon and carry it around in public, concealed or open whichever I preferred with no limit on magazine capacity or silencers, then I’d consider her proposal.

  25. “it’s hard to think of anything that’s more pointless than the Illinois Firearm Owner ID (FOID) card.”

    EXCEPT for the New Jersey Firearms Purchaser ID (FPID) card.
    New Jersey’s laws are far worse than Illinois. In New Jersey, you not only need an FPID card to buy a gun, but you need an additional Permit to Purchase a Handgun (PPHG?) for each and every handgun you want to purchase (and of course they expire if not used, and they require letters of reference every time you want to purchase a new handgun), plus a Carry Permit (which used to be unobtainable, but after Bruen, we’ll see).

    In New Jersey, the FPID is needed to purchase long guns, and the FPID card is also needed to buy ammo, and to transport long guns (even if they’re locked in the trunk and unloaded) other than to and from an FFL or gun club…. And that’s just the beginning of New Jersey’s gun laws, which also have an “assault weapons” ban and a ban on “hollow point” ammo.

    • It’s not much, but at least you can get closer to a proper AR-type rifle than say California- still can have that pistol grip but without the adjustable stock and flash suppressor. Since as we all know, it’s physically impossible to commit a mass shooting unless you have those critical features which make the rifle a trillion times more lethal.

  26. Doing “something” that has no practical value is morally superior to doing “nothing” at all. Doing “nothing” shows you don’t care. Not caring is a mortal sin, obliterating your credibility in/on all things, and justifying whatever punishment is, or can be made, available. The prime directive in life is to be able to feel good about yourself.

  27. In Illinois, one must obtain their FOID card before one can even look/handle a firearm in a gun shop. Must show to the gun shop clerk before they will show you any firearm. Thought FOID cards had been held unconstitutional by SCOTUS or IL Supreme Court???
    Tammy “Quack Quack” is an embarrassment to real veterans. She “allegedly” signed a contract/took an oath to protect We The Little Peeps’ Freedoms, Rights, and Liberties, but then supports the erosion of those Freedoms, Rights, and Liberties through her stupid anti-American legislation. She should loose her veteran benefits….and citizenship… for violating her oath/contract.

  28. Off subject, so our gumment is letting another gunm runner free huh? First Eric Holder now this Russian dude. What hypocrites.

  29. The Illinois Supreme Court or Appeals court has sent the FOID card case back 2 times already to the lower court that found the FOID unconstitutional. It a stalling tactic for justice similar to what the 9th Circuit has down for years. I guess someone needs to take the FOID to federal court now since the Bruen case has been resolved. You can not have a CCW without the FOID in Illinois and would make for an interesting case.

    FOID Act
    (430 ILCS 65/2) (from Ch. 38, par. 83-2)
    Sec. 2. Firearm Owner’s Identification Card required; exceptions.
    (a) (1) No person may acquire or possess any firearm, stun gun, or taser within this State without having in his or her possession a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card previously issued in his or her name by the Department of State Police under the provisions of this Act.
    (2) No person may acquire or possess firearm ammunition within this State without having in his or her possession a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card previously issued in his or her name by theDepartment of State Police under the provisions of this Act.

    State Supreme Court punts on Illinois FOID Act ruling for 2nd time

  30. What is that thing in the picture.
    WHAT IS IT ? ? ?
    I think it’s one of them alien slugs that take the form of a human. Been telling people about them for years. My secret plan is to suck up a bunch of salt water and invade the planet Slug. The Invaders gettem before they get earth. If we cant stop them on Slug we should at least stop The Invaders at a boarder.

  31. Nothing gained? Oh but whole brigades of bureaucrats process these requests and their unions contribute to the election of pliable politicians.

  32. I’d like to see a national FOID card.
    I’ve already got one of those. My pocket Constitution.

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