Smith & Wesson’s New M&P9 M2.0 Optics-Ready Spec Series Pistol Kit

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From Smith & Wesson . . .

Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc., a leader in firearm manufacturing and design, introduces the new M&P M2.0 Compact Optics-Ready Spec Series Pistol Kit.

Born from evolutions in the professional and shooting enthusiast markets, the M&P Spec Series line advances with its 3rd iteration. The newest edition places emphasis on delivering a package that is ideal for those looking to hone their skills and push their limits.

The new Spec Series pistol comes complete with co-witness sights and a 4.6˝ threaded barrel, making it an optimal choice for suppressed shooting. Also included is our C.O.R.E. system, designed to give the user the ability to mount their preferred handgun optic to maintain accuracy and proficiency when firing.

The inclusion of two 23-round 9mm magazines means less time reloading and more time practicing. The additional 15-round magazine trims down the overall size of the new Spec Series and allows for a more concealable package.

The M&P Spec Series kit includes an M&P knife that features a 4˝ blade with an overall length of 9˝ and a collectable M&P Spec Series Challenge Coin. The MSRP on this limited-edition Spec Series Pistol Kit is $799.00.


  • M&P9 M2.0 4.6˝ Bull Shark Gray Cerakote Pistol
  • 3-Dot Tall Sights
  • Two 23-Round 9mm magazines and one flush-fit 15-round magazine
  • M2.0 flat face trigger for consistent finger placement that allows for more accurate shot placement
  • Laser engraved “M&P Spec Series” logo on barrel
  • Picatinny-style rail
  • Forward slide serrations
  • Optics mounting plates included
  • Sku:13625


  • M&P Folding Knife
  • M&P Spec Series Challenge Coin
  • Custom Fit Plastic Case

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  1. I like the color. Not it’s name. I despise a bull shark. The only shark I’m afraid of. A young woman just lost a leg to a shark scalloping in Taylor County. Smart money says it was a bull. If you’re in the water with one and he humps his back and folds those pectoral fins down…get out of the water. Now.

    • …or a Sand Tiger. Those bastards are on par for the most guilty party. And scary af too. At least sand tigers can’t survive in fresh water for months like bull’s can.

      Remember a bull shark being found like ~400 or so miles up in the Amazon basin about 10 years ago.

    • holy moly, up the mississipp to alton, il? the ohio river and potomac… over two thousand miles up the amazon to peru/ bolivia. never imagined. found in lake ponchartrain after katrina. some seven hundred plus specimens found.

  2. How much will they knock off the price if I don’t want a Chinese knife or a fake coin with no chocolate in it? I might be interested in trading that coin for another couple magazines. Or maybe a crimson trace since S&W owns them.

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  4. Ill keep my M&P 9 gen 1 pistol. Its a good reliable shooter that rides my hip daily, concealed, hot and ready. Im not a flavor of the month guy, in ice cream or guns. As for the coin, how low can S&W go ?

    • JB,

      Yup. I gotz an M&P 9. My EDC.
      I gotz knives to carry (but no throwing knives).
      And I gotz coinz I can actually spend or bank.

      Might be interested if I waz shopping for something I do not have. I do like S&W fire guns.

  5. Apex flat faced trigger in the M&P M9 2.0 makes it very nice. Don’t wanna rely on optics, learn to use your sights instinctively.

    • I hated the articulating trigger on my 2.0 somuch that I drilled and installed the cutest roll pin to hold it in the ” engaged ” position….1000 percent improvement. Others who’ve shot it agree. It also has a reworked plunger/ trigger, and a manual safety. I’ve tried the flat trigger on the new 10mm and aren’t impressed with it.

  6. Not available to us plebes here in CA, so moot.

    Hopefully the Bruen wave will upset the Safe Gun Roster boat soon.

  7. Dont know about smith but I’ve hit the TTAG email X ring about 347 times straight in a row now. Seems I should get a prize or something

    • Your prize would probably be getting sent to moderation jail for the NEXT 347…. careful what you wish for

  8. Decent price for the package; except plates are pretty hard to find for that mounting system.

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