Supreme Court Police remove an abortion rights demonstrator who had chained himself by the neck to anti-scaling fence while protesting, Monday, June 6, 2022, outside the Supreme Court in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
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By Mark Sherman and Michael Balsamo, AP

The Supreme Court said Wednesday that an armed man (not pictured above) who made threats against Justice Brett Kavanaugh was arrested near the justice’s house in Maryland.

The man was arrested about 1:50 a.m., court spokeswoman Patricia McCabe said in an email.

The California man, in his 20s, was armed with a gun and a knife, according to a law enforcement official. The man, whose identity has not been released, arrived in a taxi early in the morning and told law enforcement officers he wanted to kill Kavanaugh, the official said.

The official was not authorized to publicly discuss details of the ongoing investigation and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

The Washington Post initially reported the arrest, quoting sources who said the man also was carrying burglary tools. He told police he was upset by a leaked draft opinion suggesting the court is about to overrule Roe v. Wade, the court’s landmark abortion case, the Post reported. He was also said to be upset over recent mass shootings, according to the newspaper.

The justices have been provided round-the-clock security at their homes amid concerns about violence following the court’s ultimate decision.

There have been protests at Kavanaugh’s house in a Maryland suburb just outside the District of Columbia, and at the homes of other justices, as well as demonstrations at the court, where a security fence rings the building and nearby streets have been closed.

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    • The guy arrested was upset over recent murders by use of guns. So he goes to someone he feels needs to pay a price for it…to murder him with a gun.

      Clown world.

      • @Haz

        Do you think the irony is lost on the (almost) attacker and the Progressives in general??

        …probably, violence committed in furtherance of their goals and agenda is perfectly acceptable…even encouraged (Note: see 2020 BLM / AntiFa “mostly peaceful” riots).

  1. This is what the leftists including Garland were hoping for, he is still pissed off at McConnell for not bringing his nomination up for a vote. They want to intimidate the conservatives on the court.

      • Never is a hard standard to meet, few groups can achieve it.

        A more relevant point would be, who engages in it more. DOJ would like us to think it’s “right-wingers”… after they tweak the numbers to make “neo-nazi man punches neo-nazi wife” count as political violence/terrorism, while contorting themselves into pretzels trying to make the billions of dollars in property damage, hundreds (thousands?) of assaults, and dozens of murders committed by left-wingers just since George Floyd’s excitement-induced OD not count similarly – no matter what our lying eyes tell us.

        • Neo-nazis are not right wing. The National Socialist German Workers’ Party was a far left party, as are the modern copies in places like the USA, UK, etc.
          American right wingers believe strongly in limited government and the Bill of Rights. A right wing extremist would be a conservative or libertarian who believes in little or no government. It is the antithesis of nazism.

        • Hey ZachSam,

          It’s like the Summer of Love never happened, Right?

          Dozens killed, Billions in damage, but “It was mostly Peaceful”, right Zach?

        • Just because NAZI is an acronym for the3 German Workers National Socialist Party does NOT mean they were either Socialist or a Workers Party any more than the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF NORTH KOREA IS DEMOCRATIC. It shows how little you and most Americans actually know about either POLITICS or HISTORY THe very first target of the NAZI party the real SOCIALISTS of GERMAN – the German COMMUNIST PARTY and the TRADES UNION MOVEMENT which at the time were BOTH some of THE most powerful LABOUR movements in the world.
          To mention CONSERVSTISM amn dn LIBERATARIAN ISM inn the same breath is ridicuolous aq becuase they are diametrically opposite in intent – The one commonalitym nof ALL t extreme political movements if s thatv they are ALL invariably opposed to any kind of LIBITERARIANISM.
          Of one thing you can be entirely sure is that is ANY extremist government managed to become established in the USA the FIRST thing they would do, and by FORCE of arms if neccessary is to introduce Draconian gun control measures.
          Why ? Because those who put the extremists into power would very, very soon become disillusioned, as revolutionaries always do with what they have helped to establish. All ‘revolutions’ consume their own children. Brutus destroyed CEASAR, Parliament destroyed CROMWELL, the French TERROR consumed ROBSPIERRE, LENIN destroyed TOLSTOY and STALIN destroyed those who put him into power- the Red Army Generals-when the Germans invaded the SOVIET UNION.
          Any extremist US government could not afford to have the potential of armed rebellion at it’s back

      • sir albert hall of shame…stfu red coat. You wallow around in Gun Control rot which is the history confirmed agenda of racists and nazis. You possess the reasoning of a tyrant who has armies while their subjects have squat. You have no podium.

  2. ThE RiGhT aRe DoMeStIc TeRrOrIsTs!!!!!

    Except it’s mostly the left committing violence.

    Clown World.

    • Well that’s the thing, if the right weren’t so annoyingly peaceful and law-abiding the leftists wouldn’t have to get violent and commit all the crimes, they are really left with no choice, don’t you see?

  3. “…..where a security fence rings the building and nearby streets have been closed.” Protection for thee, but not the kiddies.

    • White supremacy extremism. I can tell by looking at the picture. He was just throwing them off by mentioning Kavanaugh. We all know white men can’t be victims. As Bernie says, “white men don’t know what it’s like to struggle.” The oppressor was after that new Justice. I bet that guy hates women.

        • Words change nothing! The DOJ already told us what our greatest threat is. Would they lie? If I wanted to read something, I’d read the NY Times telling us about what our greatest threat is.

        • Words change everything, Dude. Words are violence.

          Did the DOJ use words to communicate with you? You’re a victim! Call 1-800-LAWTWATS today!

  4. Well the freedom of speech freaks did say it was ok to burn a cross on the private property of a black person. And they did say it was ok for people to call for President Bush and other Republicans/ conservatives to be assassinated.

    So calling for the assassination of a Supreme Court Justice is just a bridge too far???

    • btw
      Carrying a gun in the United States should never be a crime. If this guy is a felon? Then how did he get a gun in California?

        • Yeah it’s just so easy to cross state lines and buy a handgun legally. The Democrats say that all the time.

        • “Yeah it’s just so easy to cross state lines and buy a handgun legally. The Democrats say that all the time.“

          You can even cross state lines and buy an AR 15 if you’re 17 years old, just ask Kyle Rittenhouse.

        • ‘You can even cross state lines and buy an AR 15 if you’re 17 years old, just ask Kyle Rittenhouse’

          Total bullsh!t whiner.
          KR didn’t purchase the weapon.
          The details of the purchase were covered during the trial you total moron. It was found to be legally purchased.

          Try again Marxist scum.

  5. He was probably just suffering depression from being on his period. Give him some Midol and lock him up.

  6. This armed attacker posted on Twitter under the name ‘Ruth Sent Us’.
    CBS and Katie Couric edited the last major RBG interview to remove the fact that RBG thought the SC got the abortion issue decision WRONG.
    They also edited her position against a POS like Colin K taking a knee. I guess if you’re a crappy QB, ya gotta get the attention/feed the ego by any means. 🤔

    CBS and Couric should be formally charged with intentionally putting out lies, for the express purpose of spinning up their useful idiots/flying monkeys/progtards.

    If this ‘Ruth Sent Us’ idiot had any brains, he would be working towards putting the abortion issues back to the individual states. That’s EXACTLY what RBG thought on this topic.

      • 🤣
        She called the Covington kid a little racist. Then said he was a horrible person because he wouldn’t apologize.

        IIRC, that little racist sued for over 150 million, and WON!

  7. So, um, let me make sure I got this straight. This guy was upset because the court might stop people killing children, and at the same time because someone else killed a bunch of children? Michael Savage was right. Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

  8. I see the POS has his antifag bludgeoning device around his neck. Wonder if it’s the Eric Clanton signature model.🤔

    This POS got three years probation for the videoed assault.

    If the Trump supporter had bike locked the antifag, he would’ve gotten 20 years minimum.

  9. Out of state critter in possession of a handgun in Mryland? Bet he did NOT have their speshul Mother May I Card to even POSSESS one inside their speshul territory. Next, it would seem tat handgu was concealed. MD are one of the states that make that near imposslble to do legally. So I’ll bet that could be another felony bust. He has admitted his intention to kill the Justice. He had the means, intent, and, it would appear, opportunity was close at hand Burglary tools to B&E, lethal handgun, at the correct address, middle of the night…..
    hope they put him in a well worn orange onesie and lock u\him up for a long time.
    I’ll also lay some stakes at fairly oong odds he did NOT acquire that handgun legally. If he got it in California, bet it wasn’t compliant or on their list of “acceotable” ones, If he got it in any other state bet he did it illegally. CAn NOT purchase handguns interstate. MUST be shipped in bond to an FFL in your home state, which would be California, and I’ll bet hardly any handguns from outside that state will be on California’s list of “approved” handguns. He had to have blown it on some level. If he’s stupid enough to just show up where and when he did, he’s likely nowhere near smart enough to have complied with all the rules about getting his little heater. Which in this case will surly burn him. Badly I hope.
    I’ll bet HE gets a sort of fair trial long before any of the prisoners in solitery who’se cell phone location data (illegally accessed without a specific warrant and probable cause) indicates he was within a quarter mile of the Capitol building on 6 January of last year. Some people are just more equal than others……..

    If I were Kavanaugh I’d secretly locate a different residence and quiely occupy that one, leaving his known address alone, keeping enough movement in and out to maintain the appearance he still lives there Different car, leave his old one behind and have staff drive it once in a while to make it appear he’s still coming and going.

  10. So he exited the cab and told law enforcement he wanted to kill Kavanaugh?
    Is that how it actually happened, or is it just how it is written that makes it sound that way?

    If that is how it actually happened, he’s got multiple mental issues.

  11. According to, of all places, he was upset about the upcoming Roe v Wade and 2A decisions and wanted to kill a justice. Partially to make a point about gun control. Much like the NY killer a few weeks ago. Talk about twisted logic.


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