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U.S. Marshals patrol outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in Chevy Chase, Md., Wednesday, June 8, 2022. Officials say an armed man who threatened to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh was arrested near the justice’s house in Maryland. A law enforcement official says the California man in his 20s was armed with a gun and a knife (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
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Nicholas John Roske, the armed man who was arrested outside Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house early this morning, said he’d been thinking about how to give his life purpose. After cogitating on that for an unknown amount of time, he decided that killing Justice Kavanaugh and then himself would accomplish that lofty goal.

Most of the publicity about Roske’s aborted attempt on Kavanaugh’s life has centered on the aspiring assassin’s anger over Justice Alito’s leaked draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson that could overturn Roe v. Wade. But that wasn’t the only burr under Roske’s saddle.

The FBI’s probable cause statement has been released detailing the results of their questioning of the California man. You can read it here.

In addition to his attempt to ensure that Roe v. Wade remains the law of the land, Roske is apparently also a big supporter of gun control. It seems he has New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen on his list of grievances, too.  As FBI Special Agent Ian Montijo wrote in his affidavit . . .

ROSKE indicated that he believed the Justice that he intended to kill would side with Second Amendment decisions that would loosen gun control laws. 

Two federal marshals arrested Roske earlier today as he got out of a cab in front of Kavanaugh’s Chevy Chase, Maryland home. They found that he was carrying a GLOCK 17 handgun, two magazines, ammunition, a “tactical knife,” pepper spray, zip ties, a chest rig, a hammer, a crow bar, duct tape and other assorted gear .

Roske was apparently only too happy to tell the Special Agent what he had planned.

ROSKE further indicated that he had bought the Glock pistol and other items for the purpose of breaking into the Justice’s residence and killing him as well has himself. 

So what we have here is a gun control supporter who planned to use a handgun to murder a Supreme Court Justice in order to make sure that gun control laws remain in place.

Special Agent Montijo thus concluded that there is probable cause to charge Roske with attempted murder of a Supreme Court Justice. Which is against the law.

We’d guess the magazines Roske was packing for his G17 probably exceeded Maryland’s 10-round magazine capacity limit, too, though he hasn’t been charged yet. Then he’ll really be in trouble.



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    • You’ve seen Florida Man (hold my beer and watch this!).

      Now we have California Man (look at me! Look at me!)

  1. Today In the United States there are those that want a “Multicultural Democracy” and those that want a “Constitutional Republic” and if this kind of behavior continues, we are going to end up in a Civil War.

    • This behavior Will continue, this corrupt government we have Will continue and even increase its overreach and abuse of the people, until the people decide they’ve had enough, and that’s when it will get started.
      The next American revolution is long overdue, and I hope I’ll be able to help, even a little, to return my country to freedom.

      • I believe a smart dude in a wig (not so very) long ago had a word or two to say on that topic: “Let the people take arms, what signify a few lives lost… “

    • I got news. We’ve been in a civil war since the Democrats refused to acknowledge that George Bush won the election against Al Gore and how they said Donald Trump didn’t win because of voter fraud perpetrated by Russia. The right hasn’t noticed that a civil war is occurring. I saw firsthand the breakdown of society in Yugoslavia and we’re heading down the exact same path. The rhetoric being used is almost Verbatim to what I heard nearly 30 years ago.

      • It started when the left started taking control of the universities. They weren’t teaching people how to think they were teaching them what to think. Instead of learning a skill they were teaching them activism. Then they began to control the media and soon they controlled sports and entertainment, and this is what you end up with.

        • Tenure for any teacher at any level of Education should be outlawed. Teachers at any level of Education should be subject for termination. Just like any employee. They should receive no special protections that are not afforded to any other employee in the United States.

          And it should be against the law for all public employees whoever they are, from being able to form a government labor union. If they want to be in a labor union? They can quit their government job and join the private sector.

        • lol, 1920s when Lenin sent agents to the US and recruited sympathizers here. Stalin really stepped it up. By the time of WWII government, the media, and academia were so shot through with communists that they convinced the US to ally with the USSR instead of letting Hitler and Russia to beat each other to death and finishing off the winner. After the war they engineered the US to turn on our ally Chang Kai Shek and support Mao in China. They engineered the US supporting Castro in Cuba until he openly declared he was communist and allied with the USSR.

        • Crimson, and now up here in the queens colonies we have Castro’s foul seed at the helm. Apple, tree…

        • We have had Communists in our university system for 100+years. It was already “old hat” in the early 40s when my parents met at Cal Berkley.
          It is nothing new. Yes, the middle class and the children of the middle class are feeling a pinch. Corporations are heartless souls and have the same protections under the law that people do. We middle class people are being squeezed out.
          Don’t ask for a civil war or a revolution – you will never be sure of an outcome. I predict it would be much worse for the survivors.

  2. Figures, a gun control nut, intending to commit murder, with a gun.
    Makes as much sense as most things they do.

  3. I’m sure the DOJ will prosecute him as strongly as they prosecuted all the BLM/antifa rioters and arsonists.

    • About as strong as Newsom/CHP prosecuted Nancy Pelosi’s husband for DUI…

      (answer: charges dropped)

  4. Chuckie Schumer needs to be in the cell next to this POS. He called for this EXACT behavior from the Progtards.

  5. The left wants murder and chaos to push their political agenda. They intend to murder their perceived political opponents if given the opportunity. #SOCIALISMKILLS

    • “Gun control supporters are deranged.”

      I’m looking at it this way –

      Setting a precedent like that justifies a response in kind… 🙁

  6. Miner49er…oh where art thou?
    Can you please re-direct us deluded 2A folks away from any and all misinformation here?
    I am sure this guy is a white supremacist with alt-right tendencies right?

    • Just a publicity stunt by suicidal mentally ill person who called the police on himself.

      He had an unloaded gun in a locked case and surrendered without incident to the police he had called.

      “The man reportedly took a taxi to the area and called 911 himself, telling the dispatcher he’d traveled from California, was having suicidal and homicidal thoughts, and had an unloaded gun with him in a locked case.

      Officers took the man, identified in a criminal complaint Wednesday afternoon as Nicholas John Roske, into custody without incident.“


      Yep, obviously a Hugo Chavez leftist Marxist deep cover ninja agent, trained by Ray Epps and sent by the Clinton illuminati conspiracy to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh.

      • minor49iq…Glad you checked in. Hopefully darcydodo will check in and the forum’s resident nut cases will be all accounted for.

      • Shoulda taken a note from that Bernie bro Hodigkinson and just launched an ambush. Just been, ya know, actually proficient with his weapon.

        • They don’t like to talk about the killer BernieBros. Remember the stabby BernieBot? Totally forgotten.

      • Socialistminer, gee, sounds like a progressive liberal through and through; thoughts of violence when he doesn’t get his way, a virtue signalling liar and a coward to boot, not to mention being mentally deranged. But that last part kinda covers it all… don’t it, socialistminer.

        • Hey, look at that! Moderated again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And that’s just this week. Do I get a prize, or at least frequent flyer miles or a bulk rate or something?

        • “sounds like a progressive liberal through and through; thoughts of violence when he doesn’t get his way“

          Yes, “thoughts of violence”, everybody has thoughts of violence it’s whether not you act on the impulse that makes the difference.

          While this guy certainly is mentally ill, he did not act violently on his delusions like the Proud Bois or the Oaf Creepers who violently assaulted the United States Capitol in an unlawful attempt to disrupt the peaceful transition of power under our United States Constitution.

        • “violently assaulted the United States Capitol”

          “So, what are you in for?”

          “Violently assaulting a building. How about you?”

  7. Clown world gets more preposterous by the minute.

    I knew I should have invested in red bubble noses and little lapel flowers that spray water.

    • On second thought, maybe it makes some sense.

      He figures that he’ll “show them” what a gun can do to prove a point about how no one should have guns.

      Does that fit with basic Leftist derangement?


      Yes, yes it does.

      • Maybe it’s time we changed that saying to: “its from the left, it’s not supposed to make sense”.

  8. Another loser that thinks it’s a good idea to kill govt officials that he/she disagrees with…..

    • Countering gun rights by murdering with a gun. Makes sense for a leftward Dim. He needed to retroactivity off himself cause he’s pro-baby murder…what
      a maroon.

    • “Another loser that thinks it’s a good idea to kill govt officials that he/she disagrees with….. “

      I heard he was chanting “Hang Mike Pence!” when he was arrested.

      • “Hang Mike Pence!”

        Serious question here because I haven’t seen it. Who said that? What is their background? Were they in touch with the FBI prior to the protest? Were they arrested? Are they all in custody?

        The Puppet’s office had a chance to denounce the illegal protests at the houses of conservative justices. When asked, they refused to denounce it. Multiple Democrat members of Congress also refused to denounce it. This came after Chuck Schumer made multiple threats against the justices. Now someone shows up with a gun and says he wants to kill a justice. Yet, you aren’t upset about that like you clearly are about the Jan 6 protests. It’s almost like your entire life revolves around silly partisanship.

        • Prob not much to do in his blow up bouncy house castle locked in his mommy’s dank, padded cellar.

  9. I would like to know how that guy got from California to Maryland. Bet he didnt walk or ride a horse. Once again we see a motorized vehicle involved in the commission of a crime. How many vehicle deaths were there last year versus gunm shootz.
    Common sense tells me if gov would ban vehicles a lot of crime and deaths would be prevented.
    No, even the gov is pushing for better killing machines with their forced use of electric vehicles. (silent but deadly)
    It’s all fcked up and there ain’t no turning back. I think the best thing to do is end the world now and get it over with.
    Saint Etwnagiow where are you?

    • He clicked his heels together three times while reading a Salinger book.

      Clearly we should ban books. If we’d had the courage to do it earlier Lennon might still be alive.

  10. Odd that he was targeting Kavanaugh. Out of all the ostensibly conservative SC Justices, he’s by far the squishiest, but no doubt the blatantly false accusations made in recent memory during his confirmation hearing played a part in the decision to target him specifically.

    Thankfully, we live in a “nation of laws” so I’m sure the Maryland criminal courts will go just as hard on him for (presumably) illegally carrying a concealed firearm while also violating other gun laws as they would a known Conservative (/sarc)

    • It doesn’t look good to target a black conservative Supreme Court Justice.
      It’s only acceptable if you target the white ones. But perhaps in the future the Left will make an exception for justice Thomas. Since he is a conservative.

      • After what they did to Larry Elder I’m not sure it matters who they target as long as the person is guilty of “wrongthink”.

        “The black face of white supremacy” was pretty ballsy. I’ll give them that. Dumb as shit but ballsy.

        Heck, someone in a gorilla mask threw stuff at the guy… I mean, can you imagine if someone did that to Obama? They’d have called for actual airstrikes on Republicans over something like that.

    • The sad thing is, this punk’s stunt might actually work. Kavanaugh is about as blackmail worthy as they come, and is about as strong a conservative as Roberts is. I would not trust Kavanaugh to stand up for our Second Amendment. Not without diluting it down so much, as to make it meaningless, that is.

      • “Kavanaugh is about as blackmail worthy as they come“

        Another fine nomination from Donald Trump, who only picks the best people.

        • Unfortunately, when it comes to Supreme Court judges, that’s the best Trump could have picked. Democrats weren’t going to vote for ANY Trump nominee because they stick together like crabs in a bucket, and Senate Republicans are squishy who would have balked at a more conservative pick.

  11. let me guess….He had a detailed hit list with Gretchen Whitmer and Mitch McConnell on it in his pocket… A bipartisan hit list at that… And he had a well-crafted detailed 150 page manifesto about white supremacy and gun control…And he drove all the way from California…..blah blah blah yada yada yada…BS!!… Wake up folks…

  12. “killing Justice Kavanaugh and then himself would accomplish that lofty goal.” He was basically on the right track; he just got the order mixed up…

  13. The most violent of all political types are the ones that are S0ci@lists Pr0gressive in their political orientation. Of all the presidential assassins three of them were socialists. And Booth the killer of Lincoln was just your average racist.
    Or perhaps Booth was a reader of Karl Marx. Since Marx was also very comfortable with black slavery.

  14. Expect more such leftist terrorist actions in the coming weeks.

    An event like this will be analogous to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

    Complete with trench warfare and all, as it seems warfare is trending back toward WW1 type warfare with the advancement and availability of stand off weaponry, drones, and good optics. War of rapid movement will become to causality high until new tech comes along that favors rapid movement once again.

  15. Now that someone put it out there (assassinate a “conservative” Supreme Court Justice), ever since the Court became allegedly “5/4 Conservative” I have wondered why the Left hasn’t tried this earlier. Must acknowledge the respect on the left for the SC, in that they did not take out RGB in order to “save” her seat, once there were four “conservative SC Justices.

    • Respect? 🤣 You’re funny.
      The left SWORE Hellary had it in the bag.

      That ‘respect’ comment is right up there with Mike OB talking that BS about ‘going high’. 🙄

      Truth and facts matter.

      • “The left SWORE Hellary had it in the bag.”
        Not seeing this as germane to being grateful the Left didn’t try to bump RGB off in order to assure they would retain her seat on the SC.

        On the whole, you gotta respect the Left when they don’t do the crazy that is readily available to them. Respect their restraint, even if that restraint is only tactical.

        Not familiar with “Mike OB”. Am I denying myself something important?

        • I believe Mike OB is currently residing with Barak Hussein in a compound on Martha’s Vineyard. 🤔

      • Are you somehow unfamiliar with such phrases and concepts as “tongue in cheek”, etc?

  16. When Roske flew from California, did he check his Glock with his luggage or did the FBI/ATF loan him one when he landed? Just asking…

  17. Meanwhile the democratic controlled house is stalling a bill that sailed through the senate to increase security for Supreme Court justices and their families. Well surprise surprise, no threats to their Justices so why bother?


    CNN)A bipartisan Senate-passed bill that would expand security protection to the immediate family members of Supreme Court justices has stalled in the House, raising questions from senators on why it hasn’t passed in the wake of an arrest outside the home of a Supreme Court justice.

    The questions come hours after an armed man was arrested near Brett Kavanaugh’s Maryland home after making threats against the Supreme Court justice, according to a court spokesperson.

    The man was arrested at about 1:50 a.m. ET Wednesday, the spokesperson said. He was transported to Montgomery County Police 2nd District, who said the man arrested is from California.

    When asked about the legislation, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said he had a conversation with Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware about the legislation on Tuesday, adding: “I hope we’re close.”

    He added: “We think employees ought to be protected.”
    The House hasn’t taken up the bill, which passed the Senate by unanimous consent in May.

  18. “We’d guess the magazines Roske was packing for his G17 probably exceeded Maryland’s 10-round magazine capacity limit-”

    Not illegal to possess in MD, only to buy.

  19. Moron shoulda practiced killing himself before leaving his home. With live ammo.

  20. Now we get to see how the justice department handles this case.Since this criminal has left leanings and decided to take matters in his own hands let’s see if the punishment fits the crime.Seems he came from California that has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country.Only goes to prove more gun laws have no effect on criminal possession.

  21. Gun control advocates are attempted murders.

    In the same time frame there are no reports i know of where a legal gun owners attempted to murder anyone.

  22. To JohnnyL – The Left has always had control of the universities. That is why we had sit-ins in the 70s, and Viet Nam war protesters. It is also the reason those brave students launched protests in Tiananmen Square. They were the Left. The problem is, the left has changed.
    In the 70s at Cal Berkley, students peacefully protested for EVERYONE’S right to speak. Today at Cal Berkley, they will violently chase you off campus if they don’t think they are going to like what you say.
    This is why I call myself a “70s Liberal” (a Pro-Gun, 70s Liberal, I support ALL of the Amendments).

  23. @James Campbell
    “I believe Mike OB is currently residing with Barak Hussein in a compound on Martha’s Vineyard. 🤔”


    I guess.

  24. How did he get the gun from California to DC? Or did he buy it in Virginia, and if so, how? Did he lie on his background check? So on and so forth.

    • “How did he get the gun from California to DC?”

      If you don’t attract the attention of LE, you can drive coast-to-coast with any sort of contraband your vehicle will hold.

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