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What’s the most dangerous shotgun load you can imagine? How about 980 grains of buckshot and 7.62 rifle bullets?

OK, so maybe it isn’t actually the most effective load you can launch from a shotgun, but TAOFLEDERMAUS had to give it a go, just to see what it would do. Enjoy.


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  1. Now, what would be interesting is three .30 caliber bullets loaded backward with an appropriate wadding that keeps them parallel and heavy end forward as they leave the barrel. (They would then fly “true” without any spin because their shape alone would be inherently stable.)

    Assuming a non-standard .30 caliber bullet weight of 146 grains, that would be a total payload of 438 grains which is 1 ounce. And if the bullets were constructed such that they would expand modestly on impact at typical impact velocities (say, between 1,000 and 1,500 fps), that would be a devastating self-defense load.

    I think the trick here would be to reduce the powder charge for lower velocity and recoil, say 1,100 fps at the muzzle. If each bullet would expand to a modest .40 caliber upon impact at close ranges, every squeeze of the trigger would be similar to placing three substantial handgun rounds on target. While that isn’t quite as good as putting a 12 gauge slug into an attacker at close range, it would be a darned close second without the horrendous recoil and muzzle blast (report) of full-charge 12 gauge slug loads.


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