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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the proposed $1.91 billion sale of Minnesota-based Vista Outdoor’s ammunition business to Czech company Czechoslovak Group (CSG) has sparked national-security concerns among U.S. lawmakers. Vista is the owner of multiple ammunition companies such as Federal, Remington and CCI and highlights worries about allowing foreign control in a critical industry during global arms shortages.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Senator J.D. Vance (R., Ohio) have urged the Treasury Department to block the sale, citing alleged ties between CSG and China and Russia. They argue the deal would threaten U.S. access to domestic small-arms ammunition supplies, which would trickle down from the military to law enforcement and ultimately even to U.S. citizens, crippling every aspect of our country’s ability to defend itself. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (Cfius) is currently reviewing the purchase.

Vista Outdoor announced the sale to CSG in October, which is a major supplier of munitions to Ukraine. However, a rival bid from Texas-based MNC Capital Partners, led by Vista board member Mark Gottfredson, is also under consideration. Gottfredson emphasized the need for American ownership, stating, “It needs to be held in American hands.”

Senator John Kennedy (R., La.) expressed concerns about the impact on ammunition supplies, urging Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to scrutinize the deal. CSG CEO Michal Strnad defended the acquisition, asserting it would strengthen U.S.-Czech relations, both NATO allies.

The controversy reflects heightened sensitivity to foreign influence in the United States and coincides with a global gunpowder shortage. CSG, which has grown significantly under Strnad’s leadership, has been a key arms supplier to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in 2022.

Cfius, which has blocked foreign deals in the past, is expected to make a final decision soon. Vista’s leadership remains confident in receiving Cfius clearance. The Treasury Department has declined to comment on the ongoing review, emphasizing its commitment to safeguarding U.S. national security.

For the complete story, visit the Wall Street Journal or this link on Microsoft.

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  1. Considering that every decision made by the Biden administration is the wrong one, I’m sure we’ll see the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (Cfius) approve the sale to CSG..

  2. This echoes the banking business with acquisitions resulting in a mess if something should happen to the company. Too big and important to fail or be sold to a foreign entity.

  3. Previous sales of “rare earth” commidity corporations to foreign entities raised little or no interests from our political masters.

    • Guess which country owns the rare earth extraction and processing. The same country that has threatened to restrict supply. The same country that is already engaging in grey zone warfare as a prelude to more open conflict.

  4. The time to speak up was when Vista was gobbling up all those ammo companies. It didn’t take a crystal ball to see the potential for trouble. Once upon a time there were restrictions on anyone building a monopoly.

        • “Well played, possum, well played.”

          Indeed, the ‘ole Bell Tel – Bell.

          For a nine-inch tall critter with nasty teeth and a rat-like tail, the Possum is a lot smarter than he makes on… 😉

    • Or downunder where ADI was sold to the French company Thales. Thales decided to streamline the product range and import powders where they had an overseas equivalent.

      Then the Ukrainian war started and the Australian government tightened the rules on importing powders.

      The result, shortages of propellant powders and prices doubling or even tripling.

    • Apparently Vista didn’t grease enough palms as witnessed by the untouched definitely-not-a-monopoly Google.

  5. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen who intentionally lied so that Americans wouldn’t be up in arms about imminent inflation while the Puppet Administration was getting approval to blow trillions? The same Yellen who then suggested abortion as a way to save money, given the inflation circumstances that she helped to deliver? Americans have allowed that sick, evil liar to continue having a job?

  6. Bidumb & Dims will give away the farm. They hate us ordinary citizens. Does slow Joe owe $ Er influence to Czechs as he does to Ukraine/China???

    • Look up who owns Smithfield bacon.
      Why is the wells drying up in Arizona.
      Agriculture was Americas last stronghold, the farm wasn’t given away foreign countries bought it.

      • “Look up who owns Smithfield bacon.”

        We stopped buying Smithfield at the first mention of a possible sale to the Chineseski, hoping enough Americans would do the same, cratering the sales numbers, lowering the price the Red Chinese would pay….to the detriment of Smithfield.

        I don’t think our boycott worked.

    • How many people regularly buy Colts vs how many people regularly buy ammo from Federal, CCI, and Remington. There’s a pretty big discrepancy there. Also Colt isn’t a leader in handgun or rifle sales. Federal, CCI, and Remington are leaders in ammo sales.

  7. Capitolvania USA
    I like Smithfield bacon
    Saudi cows like Arizona alfalfa
    We bought your country. Checkmate

  8. Regardless of how badly we wish for “world peace”, the fact of the matter is that multiple entities (both foreign and domestic) are badly wishing for an opportunity to subjugate our populace. And the only thing stopping those entities from subjugating our populace is the populace’s ability to fight back with force. Needless to say, ample supplies of ammunition are a critical element of our ability to fight back with force. That being the case, we absolutely CANNOT allow a foreign nation (even a nation who is an ally right now) to own/control a large percentage of our domestic ammunition manufacturing capacity.

    • Like Bill Gates buying millions of acres of land? “You will eat bugs & like it peon!” 🙄

      • Exactly. Everyone focuses on a monetary profit motive when looking for evidence of malfeasance. Those investigators fail to realize that Mega ultra wealthy people seek something else in addition to more zeroes on their balance sheet. That “something else” is sick thrills from humilating the masses.

        One such sick thrill is forcing the masses to give up meat and eat insects instead.

        • “…sick thrills from humiliating the masses.”

          Power. The word you are looking for is “power” which is both a means and an end unto itself. Just like the oracle said in Matrix; “What do men with power want? More power.” The humiliation you mention is an exercise of that power.

          • Jimbo,

            Your statement is entirely accurate.

            For reference I personally never recognized “power” as a desire and then intentional action to humiliate people. From what I can gather, almost no one else understands that aspect of “power” either. That being the case, I believe it is helpful to educate the masses in this regard.

      • Well, we ate enough Asian water bugs to sink Red Lobster, so maybe there’s something to it? That being said, EAt mOr cHIkiN. Beef, it’s what’s for dinner. Pork, the other white meat. (Are there any ad blurbs for venison or brookies?👍

  9. Does it really matter?
    Pharmaceuticals, electronics, building materials, tools, machinery, their fingers all over our media, their eyes all over our information.

    Seems like getting worried about a too short candle burning in a house already engulfed.

    The right should want to shut down all this outsourcing stuff because of national sovereignty and jobs and the left should want to shut it all down because of wages, environmental damage and worker exploitation but I guess the top 1% of both sides would rather be the richest people on a united planet of serfdom than do what’s best for the people they claim are their constituents.

    • If the majority of people in government were halfway moral people, then no one would have to worry about politics.

  10. As far a guns go, the czechs can be trusted. Not only do they have a good local industry, but also massively expanded ccw since the soviet union broke apart and even established a constitutional right to own guns (after a background check, but whatever).
    My bigger concern is with giant investors that only care about quarterly numbers rather than long term growth. We’ve seen Boeing go from an engineering company to a failed wall street experiment in less than two decades. But is Vista or CSG worse in that regard? Honestly no idea…

  11. In 1991, the Colonel and I shook our heads and noted Russia (the defining power in the USSR) wasn’t finished, and would one day come roaring back to threaten chaos around the world. Indeed, we included all the “states” in the “Soviet Union”. We studiously refused to buy goods from any former “Soviet Union” nation (or Mohammedan country – including Turkey/Türkiye). Russian power runs strong in the “former” empire of Russia. No matter how attractive items from Russia affiliates, I don’t want to fund any of them if possible, or even engage in any form of commerce; let ’em eat cake.

    Not to mention that my active duty military career was to study targets in the USSR, and obliterate them when ordered.

    • Remember Putin is ex-KGB and former liaison to the East German Stasi. A “true believer” if there ever was one. His aim is restore the USSR and their former vassal states in eastern Europe.

      • Garbage we rolled nato right up their borders for no reason. The collective west is the aggressor. The left loved Russia when they were commies.

        • Their former vassal states APPLIED to join NATO. After 50 years of Sov-iet/Russian dominance and interference they didn’t want to have that again.

          • Why did nato even have to exist at that point? Sins of the father? For what it’s worth, I was in Frankfurt when the wall came down. It pains me to see we were wrong. Ukraine will be done by the end of this year.

        • “Garbage we rolled nato right up their borders for no reason.”

          So what? Russia is inferiority writ large. Which “NATO” nation has rolled into a neighboring country in the last 79 years? Ukraine was a Russian controlled nation, which non-NATO nation invaded Ukraine because it was allegedly controlled by Nazis who were about to invade all of Russia, and the federation?

          Like in 1938, Germany invaded the Czechs, and the world stood still, thinking that not irritating the Germans would lead to world peace. Where is the absolute guarantee Putin will stop with Ukraine? What if he doesn’t? (like, you know, totally, the recent move of Russia to revise its seawater boundary with Finland isn’t curiously timed?)

          The Ukraine dispute sits today like Czechoslovakia in 1938. The situation is just as complicated and potentially disastrous for Europe and the US; needs calm analysis, not sloganeering.

          • Wow. Like Dave Smith said, every new war is justified because of Hitler. Let’s say we negotiated with Russia from a position of strength (pre-proxy war) instead of the position of weakness the West currently occupies.

            Let’s say we made guarantees of no NATO in Ukraine. In exchange, we work with Russia instead of trying to financially ruin them every chance we get. Now they have more to lose. Now we aren’t trying to humiliate Putin and Russia every chance we get. Now we might have a new ally. Now we don’t have the disaster that is current day Ukraine that has obliterated their male population. Now we don’t have millions leaving the country that will never come back. Now we don’t have to fund a losing war, knowing we will be funding the rebuilding of Ukraine, while we have 35 trillion in debt WITH inflation! Nah, let’s cheer on more war because our leaders have such a great track record of success…because Hitler!!!

            • Nah, none of that. Why give Russia anything rather than take it away? Why ally? They are worthless bums when they’re not being psychotic worthless bums. There is no upside, notice that you failed to offer anything the Russians might do for us or give us, and they are not agreement capable in any case.

              I’d rather deal with the Chinese. Or, neither.

              • Peace isn’t an upside??? We wouldn’t have been giving up anything. Ukraine isn’t in NATO! We could have agreed to keep the status quo at a minimum. If we bring them into the fold as an ally, then they stand more to lose. The fools in charge cheered on by the fools like you made it so that Russia had nothing to lose and everything to gain. They were begging for this war. Every single person supporting this disaster hates Ukrainians and America. It’s done nothing but harm unless you’re a defense contractor. They’re making bank off the death and destruction. It was 100% avoidable.

            • Those propositions are part of what should be a most diligent analysis of cost/benefit. As to Hitler, lessons from the past should be part of the debate.

              Under the UN charter, nations are supposed to be defended against attack from another nation; doesn’t matter which of the combatants are the most corrupt, or most dangerous to other states.

              One cannot escape the fact that bullies are under no obligation to not be bullies, until the bullies lose the capacity to continue bullying. In short, the Russians are not to be trusted with power. But, how do we counter misused power?

              When faced with continuous bullying, the most effective policy/response is the Carthaginian Solution.

              • The modern day equivalent to unrelenting subjugation and burning it to the ground (against a nuclear power) would be nuclear war. It feels like people have forgotten that.

                I’m not defending Putin/Russian govt, who is obviously immoral and self-centered, so I hope no one takes my criticism of US foreign policy as such. With that being said, the US is the biggest bully on the block. Our “spy” agency specializes in overthrowing governments, including “sacred” democracies. That hasn’t been done to benefit the average American citizen. As a matter of fact, it has done much more harm than good (in my opinion).

          • They told us with Georgia during Bush. Ever hear of the Monroe doctrine? It matters to them. Stop watching msm.

    • Hey now Ukraine needed that ammo to seize churches arrest priests and force conscript 16 year olds off the street in the name of Democracy you disgusting FSB troll /s

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