YRS partners with IGB Barrels of Austria
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Press release:

YRS Inc is proud to announce their recent partnership with IGB barrels of Austria

YRS inc, a premium tactical retailer, is now importing IGB barrels into the United States. They are currently accepting dealers to distribute IGB barrels.

What’s an IGB Barrel?

IGB barrels are Austrian made barrels that come in a variety of lengths and styles. The barrels are made for a variety of firearms including Glock, 1911s, HKs, and SIGs. The wide variety of barrels offers a number of features to allow you to customize your firearm to your needs. These barrels take less than a minute to install, and designed to drop in with no permanent modifications made to your firearm.

IGB barrels are premium made gun barrels and are cold hammer forged for excellent durability and stability. IGB designs, manufactures, and tests their barrels in house. The barrels are made from premium European steel that results in a dense and hard external surface. The barrels are finished with a plasma hardening procedure that is superior to tenifer. It’s long lasting, smoother, and gives the barrel an extremely high level of rust resistance. It won’t chip and flake like tenifer finishes. IGB is proud to use only the best materials in the construction of their barrels.

On The Inside
If you believe it’s what’s on the inside that that counts then you’ll be excited by IGB barrels. The bore is button rifled which offers numerous advantages over traditional cut rifling. Button rifling is applied by a ‘button’ that is pushed through the barrel. The button doesn’t carve the rifling but imprints it into the bore.

The ‘button’ hardens and smooths portions of the bore as it’s pushed through. It’s important to remember it only hardens the lands and grooves. The lands and grooves are the high-stress areas in a barrel. This gives the rifling and therefore the barrel a longer service life. The end result is a soft internal bore, with only the high stress areas hardened.

The soft inside allows the barrel to retain its natural barrel harmonics which enhances its overall accuracy. The ‘button’ leaves behind a super smooth finish inside the bore, which will also enhances accuracy.

Button rifling results in an overall superior bore, and it’s well known that button rifling is used in most world record holding guns. IGB barrels will function without issue with both jacketed and lead ammunition. There are no special requirements for maintaining or cleaning IGB Barrels.

IGB Barrels are backed with a 5 year craftsmanship guarantee.

YRS partners with IGB Barrels of Austria

Bringing Something Different
Outside of being outstanding barrels, IGB offers a multitude of customization options. This includes threaded barrels in common thread pitches to accept muzzle devices including suppressors. IGB and YRS Inc also offer barrels with porting for reduced muzzle rise without having the need for slide cuts.

IGB barrels can also act as a caliber conversion kits with certain compatible handgun platforms. For example, with the proper IGB barrel you can convert a 10mm Glock 20 to 40 S&W or 357 SIG. IGB even offers 16 inch barrels for some specific platforms that allow you to convert your handgun into a rifle compatible with most carbine conversion kits.
YRS Inc is proud to be working with IGB and are currently accepting dealers interested in carrying IGB barrels. Dealers can contact YRS Inc here.

If you’re a shooter looking to upgrade we have an exclusive coupon code for you. Type in IGBBARRELS20 for 20% off all IGB barrel for registered users of YRS Inc. Guests can use the code for 11% off their IGB barrel order.

YRS Inc specializes in tactical gear including optics, firearm accessories, body armor and much more. We work with a variety of American and overseas companies to bring you only the highest quality tactical gear.


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  1. Gotta say, that pic makes me not want to buy a barrel from them, as it’s now heavily associated with assholisticity in my mind.

    Otherwise I’d be looking for a .40-to-.357SIG conversion. Such is life.

    • Hear, hear. Just need a Punisher logo in there somewhere and the Labe couldn’t be Molon’d any harder.
      As if a bunch of 15 year old boys are sitting on expendable with which to buy gun stuff they legally can’t.
      Maybe I’m just old? Nah. This goofy shit always seemed corny AF to me.

    • That picture throws me off too. FYI those of us Steyr cultists are eagerly waiting for the release of a third party drop in .357 sig barrel to fit their 40 S&W line of pistols. Rumored to be priced at under 2 bill$. M40 and L40 versions in testing right now.

  2. Hmmm… looks like a bunch of marketing nonsense without substantiation. Barrel harmonics for service pistols? Yeah, no… I may have a gander at their products, but their marketing has always lost them some points with me.

  3. Most cold hammer forged barrels get rifled by the process used to make them, so rather than doing what seems to be great for all other manufacturers these folks skip it and add button rifling? Doesnt sound right to me. Good excuse to charge more money.

  4. I’m going to check them out, I’ve been looking for a drop in for the 1911, If they aren’t overpriced. Most every replacement barrel is stainless steel and besides the hype, stainless won’t take the pressure that a carbon barrel will. Argue away on that one, then do some overloading. What ever became of the polygonal rifling. Can’t member what pistol that was in?

  5. What I thought was neat when I found out about them a couple years ago is that they make Glock conversion barrels in 9×18 Makarov, so if you’re a reloader of 9mm Makarov like me, or you want a lighter load for your G43, they’re the only game in town.

    However, their marketing could be a bit more…mature?

  6. I recently received a recommendation to follow GB Barrels on Facebook but know nothing about the company, its reputation or the people behind it. I am pretty sure that somebody here will be able to shed some light into this company.

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