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If you live in Massachusetts, this video is more than mere esoterica. Thanks to Bay State legislature’s infinite wisdom, residents can own and carry standard capacity GLOCK magazines only if they were manufactured “pre-ban” (September 1994). Otherwise, it’s ten rounds for you, boyo. How do they know? They know. How do you know? You watch this video. On a personal note, I’d like to have a quarter of the firearms knowledge residing in the noggins of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia. I don’t. Thank you for sharing it with us in the comments section, helping keep this site true to its name.

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    • Nice! You win the Interweb’s Most Subtle Glock Bashing Award of all time!

      Seriously though, Nutnfancy isn’t that boring. Just soooooooooooo loooooooooooooooooooong.
      This vid was 12 minutes. Nutn’ aint even got to the point yet.

    • Gosh, what a douche. I read the title, saw the offered pic and knew pretty much what it was about. And. Watched. It. Because. Of. That.


  1. I love this stuff. Thanks for pointing it out. No, seriously. Normally I have old military training videos playing in the background. Reminds me of my mom’s heartbeat when I was in the womb.

  2. “How do they know? They know.”

    So, are LE carrying around a truth-table of Glock magazines, or do they just haul your ass in and figure it out later?

    • Actually, if you read the forums for Ma gun owners, the subject is well discussed – Glock doesn’t put date codes on their mags & all the info in the video is based on user info, not Glock info. Glock has told several prosecutors in ma that they can’t state with certainty when any mag was made & that they can feel free to pound sand.

  3. I stopped watching at the assault weapons ban part that started the creation of 10 round magazines. I couldn’t stomach the thought. I wasn’t a gun owner when all that went down. How in God’s name did we allow that to happen? That wasn’t that long ago! People that think I am crazy for speaking of tyranny have no idea how close we were to such a system.

    • I wasn’t a firearms owner back then either (being a 20 year old Canadian at the time), but I sure got to experience the same thing in CT less than 3 years ago. And since it’s only in a few states it makes it a giant pain to purchase handguns on the Internet, since you have to find the package with the 10 round mags, or have the seller pull the mags and then source and replace them myself at additional cost.

      • It’s not much better in a 15 round state, and there are some irritating things that happen because people round to the next higher level of tyranny.

        There are guns with mag capacities 11-15 that cannot be had here, even though legal, because some idiots think Colorado has a ten round limit.

        In many cases, if a gun has a 16+ standard capacity, you can’t do better than ten rounds, because a 15 rounder isn’t made.

        But the real fact of the matter is, our mag limit is almost universally ignored within the state. You just can’t do much on an interstate basis.

        • Thank you. I’ve had to deal with out of state dealers insisting that we have an AWB, 10 round limits, and even sometimes a bullet button requirement.

          Meanwhile, in state, nobody including the police, give a damn.

          I can get a 40 Rd Pmag any day of the week, but online dealers insist that Colorado is spelled with a California.

          So yes, “round up to the next level of tyranny” indeed.

          Trying to get my hands on an M9A3 before election nuttery takes hold… doesn’t look likely.

  4. Found out about this lunacy from a guy who came into the Florida gun store I work in looking for MA legal glock mags.

  5. Glock Perfection *

    * Requires at least 17 attempts, offer not valid in the Real World. The mag drop is aiming for as smooth as plastic on plastic, deal with it.

    In seriousness though and aimed at all manufacturers as a left-hander that shoots right handed. It’s not really ambidextrous if it throws out hot brass across your body/towards your face no matter how hard you push it. The lefties know the difference.

      • Search 336 or just “Glock brass ejection”, but you’ll notice I stated I am a right handed shooter and it applied to all manufacturers. Many reasons for it but its going to be a bigger issue if the firearm ejects “against” the shooter.

        My Shield likes to occasionally throw brass just past my face and over my right shoulder if I was a left handed shooter it would hit me in the face.

        If a firearm is designed to extract to the left and has controls on the right then its a left handed weapon and vice versa.

        If it ejects up and forward or down and has controls on both sides it’s ambidextrous.

        If a company markets a right handed weapon as ambidextrous because you can manually swap the mag release and the safety and/or decocker can be used from either side they are a bunch of liars, if they don’t count the slide stop/release as a control just so they can make that claim they are *****.

  6. The simple fact that any jurisdiction in future legislation may rely on a manufacture date, (whether that date can be determined accurately or not) creates a rational reason for purchase of such items before such a a law is even discussed.

    The gun control advocated have lost many battles, but Scalia will be replaced with a liberal, and my personal view, and I think it is informed and experienced, is that not only will Hillary win, but she will win by the largest ever margin, giving her a claim to a mandate, and likely control of the Senate and more of the house than today. Obama’s quote on clinging to guns and bibles, is how we think if him, but in fact the never made gun control part of his national campaign, while Hillary has made it a major platform and campaign item. I predict Trump will not just lose, but will drive both massive extra turnout for Democrats and dramatically lower turnout for Republicans, and this will not just affect the Congress, but state legislatures as well.

    Fundamentals on a lot of issues are going our way, but magazine limits are low hanging fruit for the gun control lobby. We can point out that Brieviks non “assault rifle” ruger mini is legal in Canada and still legal in Norway, and that Cho used pistols in at Va. Tech, both they both did use “high” capacity magazines, in fact Breivik documented in his manifesto how important he felt it was to have 30 rounder to enabling a body count.

    Given there are likely hundred of millions, I think grandfathering would be the plan of attack by Bloomberg. And at an increased state level. If they overturn the ban on suits against gun makers, the threat of such suits could increase chilling affect on the manufactures as well.

    don’t forget that the gun control lobby has many many targets we don’t think about. 1) any win on their side both helps them fund raise, and increases the perception they are strong, which gets politicians to work with them 2) wins that increase costs to gun owners are wins for them 3) wins that increase liabilities to gun owners or gun makers are chilling affect wins .

    I don’t think it is unwise to buy a few 15 round glock mags and 30 round AR mags even if you own neither at the moment. And if you live in a jurisdiction that currently bans them, it is legal to buy them and have them shipped to a family member for storage. They at worst will keep up with inflation in value and quite possibly more. and the more that are sold the harder it will be for the gun control nuts to argue for banning them

  7. I don’t know who this bozo is but Glock has gone on the record as saying that they do not keep records as to what magazine was used at what time. They have specifically done this to avoid getting drawn into litigation in MA. Further, the way our legal system works is simple.

    Its not up to the mag owner to prove it is legal. It is up to the guvernment to prove it is illegal. Video’s like this HURT rather than help our cause by purporting to remove ambiguity as to a magazine’s legality.

    Stupid Stupid Stupid. Delete it this article from TTAG!!


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