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Many Americans have been severely disappointed by the rhetoric unleashed by presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. While Mr. Trump’s low-brow personal attacks and gutter language are a throwback to this country’s earliest political history, it’s unwelcome in many quarters. But not all. Maybe not even most. As Mr. Trump himself pointed out in one of his celebratory press conferences . . .

his abrasive, insulting style has channeled indeed galvanized voters angry about the federal government’s betrayal of their political will. Specifically, its ineffectiveness and inaction on illegal immigration, job losses and military weakness.

Legitimate concerns all. But the tone of Trump’s campaign is closer to the WWE than the GOP, or at least the Republican Party as we’ve come to know it. Indeed, Mr. Trump’s unscripted harangues remind me of nothing more than championship wrestlers’ pre-fight bombast, where unadulterated machismo trumps any consideration of “sporting” competition.

I mention this because professional gun rights activists are in the same political arena and have not descended to Trump’s level. The pro-gun community’s arguments are still carefully couched within the boundaries of civility. They use reason and facts to counter the lies and distortions perpetuated by gun control advocates.

Note the word “professional.” There are plenty of pro-gun peeps who actively, persistently and viciously flame gun control advocates. But there are no gun rights leaders who resort to ad hominem attacks to make their case. They don’t channel gun owners’ anger and frustration into outright aggression.

NRA, GOA, SAF spokesmen and women can be strident, but they’re never personally insulting. Even when they’re attacking billionaire civilian disarmament advocate Michael Bloomberg they attack the gun control movement’s main financial backer on the basis of his behavior rather than, say, his diminutive stature (i.e., “Little Mikey”). Equally, the vast majority of pro-gun bloggers and journalists adopt a civil tone.

The rise of Trumpism raises an important questions for the pro-gun side: should we go there? The other side has . . .

The Coalition Against Gun Violence, for example, garners support from gun control advocates by fomenting unbridled anger and aggression towards anyone who dares defend their Second Amendment protected gun rights. Check the comments underneath the CSGC’s Facebook posts. It’s not pretty.

By the same token, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has dropped her pro-Second Amendment pretense. Clinton’s harangues against the “gun lobby” use increasingly inflammatory language. She has no qualms about demonizing the NRA and all who resist her desire to degrade and destroy American gun rights.

At the same time, The New York Daily News and other mainstream media gun control supporters have taken the gloves off, using despicable and incendiary language and images to vilify gun owners.

Professional gun rights activists could easily lower their tone to Trump-like levels to beat back the anti-ballistic bile. Only pussies hate guns! People who support gun-free zones are aiding and abetting terrorists! The NRA could once again call the ATF jack-booted thugs. TTAG could cease publishing these kinds of “think pieces” and reasoned fisking in favor of simple and vicious assaults on the antis and their media enablers.

As mentioned above, the antis are already there, wallowing in the mire. The pro-gun side is not. Perhaps we should be.

Perhaps we should take our cue from the Trump-like populist Joe the Plumber, the man who responded to the post-Sandy Hook anti-gun hysteria by brutally if honestly declaring “your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.” Would gun rights gain ground if supporters used confrontational imagery and rhetoric to make the point?

That’s not a given. Hypocritically enough, the antis could use more “direct” pro-gun rhetoric against the cause of firearms freedom. See? We told you gun nuts are trigger-happy, blood-thirsty, insurrectionist, racist rednecks. We have to take their guns away now!

Even if more strident pro-gun messaging was effective, the gun rights movement could lose something important by descending to the antis’ level: the moral high ground. With the rise of Donald Trump and Mrs. Clinton’s increasingly vitriolic screeching, I’m not sure that matters anymore. Though I continue to think it should.

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  1. Better to act out one’s convictions than to win the support of others. And that said, the people we’re trying to convince are on top of the fence, not on the other side.

      • Pro-abortion supporters are some of the most zealous some might say as I do “fanatical” proponents of their agenda ie. to continue the practice of ripping babies to shreds as they torn out of their mother’s wombs and they are celebrated by the Liberal Media and routinely portrayed as “freedom-loving activists”, why should we be any less passionate about OUR beliefs?

  2. His rhetoric can make a bad situations worst. The problems is the 3 card Molly game they play with our lives.

    Can’t we all just get alone and focus on the real problem? Government Manipulate of The People.

    • The more the establishment on the far right and far left say they hate him, the more I like him.

      It’s all BS at this point. It’s not a protest vote, it’s a f*ck you vote.

      I’m just waiting for Trump to say, “Hey, don’t be mad at me because you guys suck.”

      • “The more the establishment on the far right and far left say they hate him, the more I like him.”

        That’s pretty much my barometer on politics, if the Left hates someone, that interests me in them…

  3. Moral high ground and an empty sack is worth the sack. But hey, you can feel morally superior all the way to the “showers”… Sooner or later you have to punch the other guy in the nose when he keeps taking swings at you.

    • Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!! We have a winner.

      I like a somewhat middle of the road approach. I ask gun-grabbers why they are pro-rapists … why they are advocating to empower rapists to successfully and mercilessly rape our daughters, wives, and mothers. Their heads explode in short order and site admins will frequently delete my comments to that effect.

      It would not hurt us at all to have a lot more EDGE in our truth.

      • Keyboard commando was all about other people going off to fight & die for his beliefs up in Oregon, too; Serge there is what you would call a ‘insurgent by proxy,’ not too different than your recruiters of suicide bombers.

  4. Hey! Maybe someone will challenge Trump to a duel – a la, Burr vs Hamilton.

    Maybe even a dual wield kind of duel. Two G17’s, ten paces, turn, and fire. Pay-per-view event; I bet it will beat out the last Rousey fight.

      • No one is ordering PPV for revolvers…

        This isn’t an old lady mugging. It’s a mofo-n’ grudge match. People want to see some blood.

        • It does sound interesting…

          How about two non +p rated .38’s with one random round of a full load .357 mag in each cylinder, the remaining 5 rounds standard pressure .38?

          Which round is it? Will the gun blow-up in his hand? Who knows.

        • If the cylinder will rotate with a .357 magnum round in a standard .38 special revolver enough for the magnum round to be under the hammer the gun must have been made in the khyber pass.

          By a drunken hottentot.

        • Not glock, or revolver, double barreld 10 guage, sawed back to thirteen inches, stuffed full of #4 buck. At five paces. Blood and guts.

        • Instead of hitting anything these clowns will smack themselves in the head with a S&W 500 unless they down load the rounds.

          Hey maybe that would be worth watching!

      • I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

        She had one weight in where she wear shorts that were lightly colored. And she had a bulge from what seemed to be a 4 inch clit.

        Probably from roid use. I don’t think that would attract the ratings most would hope.

  5. Always trust the extremists. You may not like the message or the tactics, but you know exactly what side they are on.

    Moderates are the worst kind of allies, in that they are most likely to quit the battle or shoot at their own side. Which pretty much summarizes the entire GOPe

  6. The more the ‘establishment’, left and right, attacks Trump, the more credibility he gains. Initially I thought he was a pawn playing his role to guarantee a Hilary presidency, not so sure anymore, and the thought of any of these candidates actually taking office gives me the urge to puke in my mouth.

    • Wait, if he was a pawn, why wouldn’t the ‘establishment’ go after him & his credibility? Your position makes no sense, especially since Trump will end up having to work with all the RINOs who won’t lose their seats, regardless…except it may not even be enough to secure a majority since so many opposing Republican House & Senate seat holders are being impugned as ‘traitors’ by an upstart usurper in their own party. Trump with a Dem House or Senate is pants on head retarded.

  7. 10 paces was with smooth bore pistols and a light trigger. It was considered unsporting to use rifled barrel in a dual.

    With a glock and New York trigger maybe 5 paces – hides from fan boys

    • You’re probably pretty safe. I’m sure the average Glock fanboy despises the New York trigger.

  8. Trump has all the right enemies, and it is fun watching him drive them insane, but do you really want that in a President for 4 or 8 years? I mean, as alternative to Hillary, I’d vote for Trump. But I don’t want to.

    • You make an excellent point that most here will overlook.

      Trump has many of the most powerful domestic and foreign politicians, Oligarchs, and Globalists plotting to take him down in an effort to keep their government sanctioned, tax payer funded welfare checks rolling in.

      He has pissed off the right people by standing up for Americans.

    • The best way to know a man is by the quality of his enemies. The way I see it, Tump’s enemies show us exactly what kind of man he is.

      • You fought me tooth and nail on vaccines, you do realize Trump is the only candidate who questions vaccine safety and efficacy?

        • I don’t have to agree with a candidate 100% to vote for them. I don’t have “deal breaker” issues. That’s just silly.

          I think that anti-vaxers are retarded, but we can agree on other points.

          It actually boils down to much the same position I hold on vaccines. Even if everything that the anti-science crowd says about vaccines is 100% true, I know the alternative is worse. So even if everything that people say about Trump is right… the alternative, ANY Democrat, is worse.

        • “Retarded”? Thanks for the laugh. Unfortunaley the higher income and higher education level demographics of “anti -vaccers” doesn’t agree with you….

        • Tell me all about how anti-vaxers are higher educated and make more money than doctors and engineers. You know, the people who can do the math on vaccines. Celebrities don’t count.

        • The numbers don’t lie. The communities that have higher non vaccination rates are more affluent communities. Aside from that, it really doesn’t matter if we disagree on the science or the demographics, this is a matter of individual freedom, one of the tenets this country was founded on. You can’t reasonably say that you respect individual freedom if you favor government control over your medical decisions. That pig doesn’t fly.

        • No he just said he worries about giving all vaccines at once and instead he said he spaced them out with his own kids. There is nothing wrong with that.

        • If you’re referring to Trump, he has stated vaccines can cause autism. Spacing out vaccines is an illusion of safety, the multidoses they are administered in have never been tested for safety. And there are some 200+ vaccines in the pipeline. Good luck spacing those out.

    • A remarkable change occurs once the general election begins. A surviving candidate has only have one rival. After election, it is possible and effective to act “presidential.” He or she hold the cards.

      Robert, there is only one serious opponent for Trump in the remaining days of the republican primary contest, and that is Ted Cruz, your chosen candidate. I would point out that Cruz and Heidi were made, politically, by George W. Bush. #43 hired Ted in 2099, and hired Ted’s future wife i 2000. Bush gave Heidi super positions under Zoellick, and then under Rice, leading to her membership in the Council on Foreign Relations.

      Ted and Heidi are bright ambitions people. Their political careers are tied to the George W. Bush administration. Heidi’s Goldman Sachs work is heavily based upon those political connections. Ted’s success building a Texas-based political career is, likewise built on Bush connections. Goldman (and Citi) funded Ted in the Texas senate race, and today. I find that very unattractive. Ted is principled but, in political speak, bought and paid for.

      Trump is wise in this: He declared his five main policy positions, which you well know. Then he took to a no-holds-barred fight to struggle through a field of 17 candidates. He succeeded. Cruz is not willing to pursue the same policies, especially with regard to trade. You’ll see Trump pushing a sensible trade realignment much like that which Warren Buffett proposed, but stronger. Good. It’s about time. We don’t need eight years of Bush trade policy, policy which profits well-globalized corporations and investors, but no one else.

    • Brilliant; let your actions be driven by your enemies. I swear, most voters don’t even know why we have elections, and just use the opportunity to break shit & hurt people as best they can to make themselves feel better. A more dignified version of burning & looting your own neighborhood.

      • plus i get time off with pay to go vote. so basically i get paid to drink on election day.

  9. There are times Trump takes it too far, but I for one would be in favor of more nasty attacks on the nasty little anti-gunners like Bloomberg. Combine a reasoned response with a nasty jab over something that jerk said or did. For example when responding to the next Bloombergism add “but I wouldn’t expect Nanny Bloomberg to understand since he still views a Big Gulp as public enemy number one.”

    This kind of reasoned response combined with a nasty jab against whatever anti-gunner is more likely to get press coverage, and remind folks of another reason to distrust them.

  10. I always thought the anti crowd stooped to that tone because they could not compete in the arena of ideas. Applies to leftism in general. If you have nothing to offer, grab a double hand full of excrement and fling away. But is a low tone more effective? Perhaps. But if you contribute to a society that is ruled by idiocy, you better be prepared to live with the result.

  11. Forgive me if I get this wrong. “Politics, is, was and always will be a blood sport.”

    If you’re sensitive stay out of the conversation.

  12. I believe the current course of action has been proving over the last decade to be incredibly effective. We are gaining more and more new gun owners each year. As a CHCL instructor, I frequently see new shooters who are taking the concept of self preservation seriously. We have benefits in our favor the anti-Bill of Rights Americans do not, facts and logic. Keep the course fellas.

  13. click on my id….. I like Trump. I like the @sshole, not taking crap off people I wouldn’t spit on. We NEED an @sshole President.

  14. If Trump doesn’t get the nomination, he should pick Sanders as a running mate and start the “Burn it all to the ground” party, then watch the whole thing end up in the House for resolution.

    Good times, bring popcorn.

  15. This isn’t an “either/or” deal. Different people have different callings and gifts.

    The “zinger” technique mentioned by Rusty Chains above is appropriate at times; so is the more reasoned response typified by the NRA, GOA, SAF, etc. — and is the more “in-your-face” response of others.

    There is a time and a place for each of these, and it’s probably a good thing that most people choose to behave more-or-less consistently (avoids giving a confusing meta-message). Facebook poster-bites and twitterish zingers have their place, as do more reasoned articles and statements.

    For everything there is a season.

  16. “[S]hould we go there?” The fact that TTAG does not, as a rule, “go there” has a lot to do with why I keep hanging out here.

    CSGC has gotten ugly because they have no argument. If they ever had an argument, it’s gone because they’ve gotten so ugly. Trump strikes the same chord with me. I tune him out. I don’t care what he has to say, because he comes across as a self-important blowhard. Should TTAG go there? No.

    It’s interesting to me that Joe the Plumber seems to have gotten credit for the “your dead kids don’t trump my rights” line, when I thought it belonged to Aaron Weiss:

  17. I do not like Donald Trump, and I trust him about as far as I can throw him. I’m vociferously against him in the primary season. But he has one big thing going his way that will lead me to vote for him should he make it on the November ballot: to my knowledge he’s not responsible for murdering anyone, unlike his opponent in the general. I’d rather vote for a possible Manchurian candidate and against the known catastrophe that another Clinton administration would unleash.

  18. Jimmy Carter is a hell of a fine man. Would be proud to have him over for dinner.

    How did this fine fellow fare as President?

    Being president means you have to be willing to drop napalm on a mofo.

    • As a Christian I abhor Carter’s antisemitism.
      He doesn’t deserve a place at my dog’s food bowl.
      His good press is enabled by …. surprise an antisemitic Leftist MFM.

  19. Meh. When is the current reality season show over? Maybe I WILL write in Ted Cruz for president…

  20. There are plenty of gun-oriented web sites that already have the “low-brow personal attacks” space well-covered. Perhaps there is a reason that TTAG has risen to the top, in more than one sense of phrase.

    It was only three years ago that I first took a hard look at the world of guns. It was truth and reason that brought me on board. I skipped the rants and rabid rhetoric.

    Am I unique? I don’t think so. An immigrant friend of mine recently told me, “I am about to buy my first gun. If Trump wins, I will need it. If Hillary wins, then this will be my last chance!” Think Hillary’s rants are winning him over?

  21. It seems to be that both sides of the ‘gun control’ movement use the same weapon: FEAR
    Pro-gunners play off our fears of being defenseless without an equalizing weapon
    Anti-gunners play off whiny babies fears of seeing, hearing or thinking about guns.
    One of these lives has a future…

  22. I’m getting bored with anti’s. It the “can we have conversation”….er um..let me think uh…NOPE.

    The mere act of engaging in conversation gives anti’s legitimacy. When people want to deconstruct 2A, they deserve to be thrown in a hole.

    • I prefer the trusted Russian method of dealing with political opponents. Never be afraid to Trotsky a mofo.

      • Murder those who oppose your perfect vision & jail the supporters? You’re a Bolshevik alright, just like Trump.

        • You 2 both support government control over individual medical decision making. He grew up(allegedly) in Eastern Europe, what’s your excuse?

  23. I heard the other day more liberal celebs are going to beat feet to Canada if Trump takes it… I think there are almost a dozen, now.

    Miley Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg, and, maybe even, Al Sharpton.

    Radical left-wingers rollin’ out, heck, that is enough of a prospect for me right there.

    I noticed none of them are fleeing to Mexico… Must be racist.

    • Don’t let the door hit them on the rear on their way out. I just do not think we would get that lucky though.

  24. But the tone of Trump’s campaign is closer to the WWE than the GOP, or at least the Republican Party as we’ve come to know it.

    Do you mean the Republican Party that nominated John McCain and Mitt Romney and lost both times, badly? Do you mean the Republican Party of John Boehner? That Republican Party?

    If that’s the GOP you’re so nostalgic for, the GOP of losers, than maybe the GOP needed a bit of WWE in its soul. Maybe if it did, it wouldn’t have flamed out against the most untested, underprepared and incompetent boob ever to disgrace 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  25. Trump is successful because both the RNC and pals and the DNC and pals have been ignoring and actually attacking middle class America for many decades.
    The more Mittens, Bush, Hitlery, Obonzo, McCain, McConnell, Ryan, and the establishment and liberal media annunciate their stupid PC policies; the more people hate their guts and support Trump, Cruz, or even Sanders. Working people are just fed up with government and media leaders that screw them over all the time.

    • This guy gets it.

      They all make backdoor deals to the benefit of their corporate sponsors, the donor class, and themselves and the people fight over who’s POS isn’t the biggest POS by comparison.

      It’s a joke. And I hope people are getting tired of it. I know I’ve been for years.

  26. Cool the partisan political rants, will you? There are lots and lots of other sites on the Web for that!

  27. His success is due in large part to a backlash against mealy-mouthing namby-pamby rainbow-chasers who have become all too common and all too powerful in today’s society. There are a lot of people, myself included, who are just sick of hearing all of the liberal garbage.

    However… it’s one thing to do a lot of trash-talking and another to have the stones to back it up when the cards are down. We’ll see if he walks the walk. We need a John Wayne, not a City Slicker from Brooklyn.

  28. The Donald’s vulgar style works because he has a very good sense of what to say, what to imply, and what not to say. I think in part he goes for the ‘blue’ language because it distracts people, makes his opponents think that he can be dismissed because he talks like a dockworker. But there is a lot more going on when he talks than people think.

    Persons who think that Trump’s style can easily be imitated simply by shouting a bunch of vulgarities should take a look at what happened to Marco Rubio. He came across as pretty darned inauthentic, didn’t he?

    If you want to talk to people, find and use your own voice.

    • Not just Rubio; Trump himself comes across pretty darn inauthentic, but there’s always a lot of marks who have never been conned to glamor with fast talk & bombast.

  29. Trump is like guns. The more the government demonizes guns the more I want and like them. The more the establishment says “we” need to “stop Trump” the more I like him. Trump is in the game to make him money in the private sector, isn’t that good for those of us in the private sector too?

    • But it’s interesting to me that the Establishment wants to “stop Trump”….with anything OTHER than the one person who could possibly do it, which is Cruz. They can’t stand him either, and he knows a heck of a lot more about the job than Trumpolini does.

      I would bet that a Cruz in the Oval office would try to, and actually accomplish, more that we’d like than a Trumpolini would.

      • Agreed. It’s so ironic that it was Cruz the GOP was out to undermine in the campaign. They didn’t even take Trump seriously. Now that Trump is getting the votes, Cruz is starting to look like the GOP’s “white knight!” I think the electorate feels that way too. If the GOP chooses Cruz over Trump at the convention, I think both conservatives and undecideds will flock to him, almost out of relief, and he will have a real chance of beating the Hildebeast.

        Trump has provided a great service. He has created a “circus” that has a lot of attention focused on the GOP. Conservatives can’t afford another “ho-hum” campaign like McCain’s or Romney’s.

  30. As a product of NY/NJ Metro Area I’m NOT offended by Trump, his speech, or his demeanor, in fact it’s about time we had someone willing to say what he’s thinking, someone who puts OUR nation first and is willing to take the fight to our enemies here at home and across the globe.

    Best for RF and all those like him to pack their bags and go, obviously he and others of his ilk don’t have the stomach for the fight for our 2nd amendment Rights or to fight for the survival of OUR nation.

    Either it’s Trump or it’s “the Left” (Hillary), I’ll take Trump each and every time.

  31. “……..the tone of Trump’s campaign is closer to the WWE than the GOP….. as we’ve come to know it…….Trump’s unscripted harangues remind me of….championship wrestlers’ pre-fight bombast….

    I mention this because professional gun rights activists are in the same political arena and have not descended to Trump’s level. The pro-gun community’s arguments are still carefully couched within the boundaries of civility. They use reason and facts to counter the lies and distortions perpetuated by gun control advocates.”

    ^This is why we lose almost each and every time, many don’t have the stomach for the fight, they are weak, polite, and cerebral, they seek to “convert” OUR opposition when we should be “ruthless” (like using graphic pictures of crime victims).

    Many on our side haven’t failed to realize that there is NO reasoning with those that seek to subjugate us and deny us OUR Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

    There are NO “rules” in this crusade and it IS a “crusade”, “civility” gets us nowhere. Make no msitake this IS a “fight to the death, anyone who disputes what I have to say hasn’t read Sol Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”, “the Left’s” handbook (Hillary & Obama are BOTH students of Alinsky, Hillary knew him personally/Obama taught using the book) they follow these “rules” to the letter today. Always be mindful that when we engage with these entities we are entering into a dishonest “debate” where thay are at an advantage. “The Left”y always holds THEIR opponents (us) to the highest standard while they violate ALL the standards their opposition is being held to and the Liberal Media (our enemy) is complicit in this.

    Fact: Sol Alinsky recruited students at University of Illinois (Chicago) to dress in KKK robes then drove them down to Louisiana to attend “Richard Nixon For President” events in 1968, robed students some from the SDS (Students For a Democratic Society) yesterday’s BlackLivesMatter/Occupy Wall Street, held aloft signs saying “KKK For Nixon” which was broadcast worldwide on TV and in magazines/newspapers by their allies in the media, does that sound familiar? Today “the Left” is doing the same thing to us pro-2nd Amendment advocates and to Donald J. Trump. They did it outside polling places in Nevada last month but were exposed because the guy wearing the “hood” had “black/brown” hands (he should’ve worn “white” gloves). If Trump wasn’t the front-runner for the GOP nomination they would be doing it to the candidate who was.

    Our side MUST realize there are NO “rules”, buy a copy of “Rules For Radicals/ROR (get it “used” off Amazon from a place like Goodwill) and learn “the Left’s” tactics. We must also get “Rules For Conservatives” (it explains in detail how “ROR” works and how to combat it) and “Rules For Patriots”, they are informative and will help anyone who reads them.

    • Please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors, the “edit” feature isn’t showing on my screen and I’m having problems with an Adobe “plug in”.

      Correction: “Many on our side have failed to realize that there is NO reasoning with those that seek to subjugate us and deny us OUR Constitutionally guaranteed rights.”

  32. I thought politics was real, like professional wrestling, but it turns out it’s fixed, like professional boxing…

    Haven’t read all the comments, yet, are any tards claiming Farago is in bed with the ‘establishment?’

    • Kayfabe Presidential Debate.

      Trump grabs Carson, uses him as a battering ram against JEB, who flips over the ropes, lying flat on the floor.

      Cruz and Rubio team up against Kasich, but Cruz switches sides, piledrives Marco.

      “I’m the REAL Cuban! I’m the Cuban, pendejo!” Ted shouts.

  33. Well it seems like the yes crowd is mostly of two types:

    a. The ends justify the means
    b. I’m a self-admitted extremist, who needs the middle ground?

    I am unmoved. Civility is important. Winning a fight by throwing your soul away is no victory. I feel I am a guns rights “absolutist” without falling into the pit of extremism. If you become the thing you hate, or worse the monster they claim you are, you cannot claim to have won anything.

    Keep to the high road. You’ll be reviled and ridiculed either way. May as well do it with class. Part of the reason I feel like I am in the right ‘camp’ so to speak is that I can see the obvious garbage on the anti-gun side vs the maybe-wrong-but-at-least-civil side we got going over here.

    • Hm, “what about McCain/Mitt” kind of sways me a little. Maybe a little frankness and assertiveness can be used here and there. I just would be careful not to take it too far.

    • Yeah “civility” has gotten us REAL far in the past decade in fact I look back and fondly remember both President John “Songbird” McCain and his successor President Willard “King of the Rats” (Mitt) Romney’s two terms and how the states joined with the House, Senate and Supreme Court advanced our 2nd Amendment Rights, defeated Gay “marriage”, expelled the 20+ million illegal alien invaders, annihilated the Moslem terrorists here in the USA and across the globe and crushed the violent BlackLivesMatter/Occupy Wall Street bowel movements, yes it’s been wonderful (sarcasm).

  34. Yes, trying to play Trump’s game against him worked so well for Rubio who’s making apologies as he’s fading fast.

    I believe at some point people are going to realize they’ve been duped and get sick of his shtick. Probably when it’s too late to do anything about it.

    I don’t think gun rights advocates are going to win the hearts and minds of the uncommitted if every one of them starts to act like Ted Nugent.

    I don’t believe acting ignorant is a winning strategy in the long run. If I’m wrong, then I suppose it is already too late.

    • The biggest problem with Ted Nugent, purely from a political standpoint, is that he doesn’t connect to anyone who isn’t already a dyed-in-the-wool gun rights person. (See, also, my article about Dana Loesch from December.)

      You don’t HAVE to be polite, or refrain from vulgarity. You do have to get people to identify with you. (For most people, that probably means they should be polite and refrain from vulgarity.) And ol’ Nuge has had so many swings-and-misses lately that it’s time for him to hang it up.

  35. “Civility”? As I type this I’m watching “the Left’s” idea of “civility” live on TV at soon-to-be President Donald J. Trump’s now postponed rally in Chicago, “Home of the Communists”.

    Is there ANY doubt that we are in a fight for the future of OUR nation?

    This shall be a “fight to the death”, there are NO “sidelines”, either you stand with and support Donald J. Trump (and/or any other GOP nominee) and his/their “right” to run for Commander & Chief or you’re with “the Left”, an enemy of freedom, and you MUST be held to account.

  36. We need to choose your language so as to define issues favorable to yourself A little cleverness and wit help. We’re not going to change many minds here, so lets go for ridicule and derision. It should be snappy and easily remembered. Here are some suggestions:
    gun control = harassment & discrimination
    = civilian disarmament
    = feel good politics for the tragically uninformed.
    = unprincipled posturing
    = blunderbuss approach
    = superstition-based, not fact-based, agenda
    = oppressive restrictions

    gun control proponents = self-appointed elitists
    = closed-minded bigots
    = mentally lazy busybodies
    = callous & indifferent toward personal liberty
    = defile the Constitution and liberty
    = butt into other people’s lives
    = overreaching

    agreeing with gun control proponents = pandering to paranoia and hysteria

    gun control opponents = minding their own business
    = recognize that safety cannot be purchased with freedom
    = all they ask is to be left alone

    “assault weapon” bans = revival of an idea that failed at the national level 1994-2004.

    campaign for local “assault weapon” bans = a campaign strategy advanced by certain candidates for own purposes from stooges of certain candidates.
    gun violence victims = Those people have their grief. I have my liberties. These are separate matters. They need to keep their f___ing grief off of my liberty.

    Sandy Hook tragedy = an event in Conn. back a couple years when an individual with a history of mental problems murdered a gun owner, stole 2 of her guns, and went on a rampage.

    gun safety = guns are supposed to be dangerous

    background checks = legislation overbroad to accomplish its purported purpose of keeping firearms away from criminal use without discriminating against citizen gun owners.
    = the things it checks for are unreasonable.

    universal background checks = takes a bad law and spreads it around.

    ATF and law enforcement generally = bureaucrats

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