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The forward-facing cabbie in this video had little choice but to comply with an armed, mask-wearing bandit (with terrible trigger discipline). The driver might have been able to draw a firearm pretending it was his wallet. You know; if he’d had one. But the angle of the attack made any ballistic counter-attack a decidedly dicey proposition. Anyway, as my father used to say, it’s better to be lucky than smart. Kudos for the cop for being calm and refraining from perforating the perp. Yes?

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  1. “We can do this the hard way or the easy way”. Guy learned everything watching B movies. There should always be three options. 1) The hard way: Perp shoots or beats the victim and steals all possessions. 2) The Easy way: Victim complies and hands over all possessions…and probably get killed anyway. 3) BANG! BANG! BANG!………..”911 what’s your emergency?” “I was just assaulted in a robbery attempt and defended myself with my firearm.” Send an officer and an amberlamps to this location”.

  2. I wish we could just execute all these criminals right on the spot. Fuck your due process bullshit.

  3. Actually his trigger discipline was pretty good. His sights WERE on target. He never actually violated any of the four rules.

    • That was the first thing I thought, he pointed his gun at something he was willing to destroy and put his finger on the trigger when he was ready to fire… that cabby is a lucky S O B.

  4. Finally, an encouraging answer to the evergreen question, “Where is a cop when you really need one?”

    Good job, officer.

    • Good point. Sounds like the badguy was lucky too. I dont think the cop saw the gun otherwise i would have expected a felony stop with gun out….

      The cop just looked like he was irritated that the cab wasnt moving at a green light. Lucky cop it was a fake gun.

      Lucky cab driver about ten different ways.

  5. As an open carrier I keep getting told how I will be the 1st to be dropped by the bad guy because being seen as a thereat.

    I don’t believe that criminals have much situational awareness.

    • Most bad guys are so fixated on the prize, they tend to be oblivious to anything else. A good thing to do is carry a money clip with a few bucks. Dropping or tossing it will often – not always – distract the bad guy enough to flee or draw. Also, increased reaction time usually has to be trained into someone. Bad guys don’t train.

    • The media and gun grabbers give criminals way too much credit. They act like the scum is paramilitary trained superheroes.

  6. “Kudos for the cop for being calm and refraining from perforating the perp. Yes?”

    I don’t know about that. Did Officer Friendly see the 2-11 in progress and therefore approached the vehicle to apprehend the armed robber? Or did Officer Friendly simply approach the taxi cab because it was just sitting there in traffic too long obstructing traffic?

    • The latter which quickly turned into the former. That’s how policework often works.

      Example: Your attention is brought to someone because they’re walking down the middle of the street. Then when they tell you to pound sand (I can walk where I want, F off!) you realize it’s the same person who just robbed a convenience store. But “news” outlets will still say it was over ‘jaywalking’ if the guy attacks you and you end up shooting him. Hypothetically.

    • Either way he noticed something was happening, the lights flashing guarantee a recording in the departments I know so I’d imagine he was paying enough attention to know its probably not just a cabbie on the cell phone.

      A horn would have been enough for most cops if they thought it was a dopey driver in front.

  7. I drove a taxi in college and let me tell you, if there’s one thing a cab driver really hates, it’s a lousy tipper.

    • Here’s a tip…. If you’re in an occupation that is more violent than being a cop, then you should at least arm youself as well as a cop.

  8. That victim should not have told the robber the officer was approaching before the robber noticed. He could have easily gotten the cop killed if the robber decided he didn’t want to go to prison.

  9. When I lived in AK, we had three Anchorage cab drivers shot dead in a three month period in 1998. I remember one of the other students in my concealed handgun permit class at the time was an Anchorage cab driver who decided to carry as a result. I think I would have quit the cab business or moved somewhere else. For a city that size, three murders in three months was starting to sound like a serial killer of cab drivers.

    A 19 year old kid named Aaron Andrus was convicted of one of the murders and sentenced to 99 years. He claimed it was just a robbery and he hadn’t planned to shoot but he thought the driver was too slow handing over the money. The kid shot him in the head with a .25 ACP.

  10. “Kudos for the cop for being calm and refraining from perforating the perp. Yes?”

    Kudos for not perforating the perp?


  11. Perpetual is lucky it wasn’t a scene out of pulp fiction in the back seat. Typical Reading PA scumbag. One less vote for hillary.

  12. Props to Berks County Sheriffs (the AO is a sheriff). I get to chat with one of those guys every five years when I renew my license to conceal.

    Always friendly. Always professional.

    That event happened at 10th and Buttonwood, a crappy street in a crappy neighborhood. I feel bad for the cab driver.

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