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Dana’s a Dallas Doctor. Her “just the essentials” everydaycarry.com pocket dump includes a Walther PPS with a Crimson Trace laser and a handy dandy pepper spray dispenser. I’d be interested to know if Dana carries her Walther right past the gun free zone signs. (Yes, even in Texas.) I suspect  . . .

she may ankle carry. I know a number of Docs who carry in an ankle holster — in case they need to get a leg up on someone posing an imminent, credible threat of grievous bodily harm or death.

While I appreciate the cardiologist’s sense of humor — she labels her comms “the grim beepers” — I thought cell phones eliminated all that old school misegos. Even stethoscopes have gone digital.

Still, gunpowder’s plenty old school and it’s still the best answer for personal self-defense in extremis. That’s Latin. Doctors know Latin. And this one knows guns, bless her heart.

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  1. A sensible load out. A compact flashlight so she can see in the dark and dazzle an assailant. Pepper spray for non-lethal force and a compact handgun if worst comes to worst. About the only thing I might add would be a very small folding knife for its utility rather than for defense.

  2. I was working in my store on Tuesday when in walked my optometrist to buy some ammo. I never knew that he was a gun guy, nor did he know that about me. The subject just never came up. The next day, a neighbor popped in to buy ammo. Neither of us knew about the other.

    Pleasant surprises are as uncommon as they are welcome.

    • Pagers still work in many places cell phones don’t, especially in a big building with a deep interior. As for Texas 30.06/07… no notice, no compliance necessary… If the signs are only at public entrances, there may be no policy given to employees per-se…

        • The hospitals and the courts are just about the only buildings in our city that have fully compliant posting. I absolutely respect the creators of the 30.06 law, it was a genius move to rigidly specify the criteria and make it a PITA to make gun free zones legally enforceable. I know some complain that TX is not as gun friendly as it could be, but I look at it as balanced. Well, maybe not Austin, but most of the rest of the state.

  3. I know several in the medical field who carry using ‘smart carry’ , ‘pistol wear’, or one of the other higher end belly band type holsters. Most exercise concealment type holsters work well with scrubs.

  4. If she works in a hospital, good on her for carrying right past that sign. I avoid places that post signs, but it’s hard to do that in the case of a hospital, of which just about every single one is posted. So, I ignore the signs, because no hand-wringing, bleeding-heart hospital administrator is going to deprive me of my right to self-defense.

  5. You would be surprised how many angry and or crazy people that doctors of any disipline regularly deal with on a regular basis. Good to see her refusing to be a potential victim!

  6. She’s not a cardiologist… that’s just a common type of Littman stethoscope. Based on google, her name, MD, and Dallas, she’s a family practice doc…. and operational security just went out the window.

    That’s why… if you ever meet me on the stair… I’ll be a man who wasn’t there.

  7. Funny, I deleted my comment about 30 seconds after writing it… yet it’s still there. A little more reasearch showed she isn’t family practice but a resident… hopefully when she applies for a job they don’t find her posts online since most hospital admins are left leaning anti gun weenies.


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