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The image below might include the Smith & Wesson AR15 that spree killer Nikolas Cruz used to murder 17 children at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The police haven’t released an image of the weapon that they confiscated from the killer. One thing we know for sure: the homicidal maniac sure wasn’t shy about showing his firearms on his [now deleted] Instagram account. Here are three images circulating around the ‘net . . .

Nikolas Cruz Instagram image

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  1. That’s a lot of iron for a 19yo kid. I was 30 and pulling down six figures before I could afford to have a collection that large.

    You’re looking at $4k-$8k of guns and glass.

    • That’s $1500 max, pellet guns aren’t expensive, airsoft is not expensive, and plain M&P Sport II is about $500, Savage 22, $200, glass was all bargain ebay/amazon stuff. Maverick 88 he paid $209 for. He was mad that he couldn’t buy handguns, so he bought airsoft.

      • Yeah, I probably overestimated the glass and bolt guns. Most of the bolt guns I have were stupid expensive. Even my Remington 700 was $1500 by the time I was done with it.

      • Ok, the center right gun is a pistol, probably a pellet gun. The centered one is an AR-15, and the one below that is a bolt action. A pair of cheap shotguns above it, and another basic rifle. Just wasting space in the safe. No magic.

        Seriously? Is there a mystery here? Looks like a basic cabin closet around here. Nothing unusual except the typical crap posers showoff online. The AR is the most expensive gun there so probably a cheaper one like an M&P at $449 on sale.

        $1500 on a good day, downhill with the wind. I’d guess more like $900.

        • Extractor nailed it. A couple grand, tops. Cheap scope. Is that bolt action a Ruger American Rifle, perhaps with a bundled low-end optic? Likely in .223.

    • OK, it’s official pwrserge knows less than the anti’s about guns. First pistol is likely an air soft. The AR is likely a M&P Sport II(you can tell by the barrel profile), the pistol in the second image is a American Classic Pistol, the rifle is a Ruger American, can’t ID the glass, but what do you put on a $350 rifle? The other long guns look cheep and are probably second hand. I being generous to say there are $1500 worth of guns and it may be closer to $1000

      • I have a Ruger American. The rifle in the picture looks like a T/C rifle. Can’t remember model name or number.

        • Yeah, I missed that. In my defense my Ruger is covered in camo wrap. I haven’t seen my stock bare in a couple of years.

    • Did you not work when you were in high school, or something? Pulling in cash like that is easy if you work summers or have something part-time. I bought my first car when I was 16, and it cost a cool $2000. This kid looked like a good student that just had something seriously wrong with him. He was in JROTC, and a had good GPA consisting of As and Bs. Kid obviously worked hard before he decided to do this.

      • True…my first job was framing and hanging sheet rock when I was 16 over the summer and winter breaks. Of course, there were also the random days here and there where I didn’t care to hear mindless BS at school and would go to work to make some dough. With basically no overhead except the gas in my vehicle, pot, and ladies, I had plenty of money for guns. Once I was 18 *wink wink* I had plenty of bread for guns.

    • While it is obvious that he OWNED these firearms (and pellet guns and Airsoft), I have seen no report that he actually BOUGHT these guns.

      His adopted father died not long ago and it is possible these, or some of them, were his. His mother died last fall and there is no information about any estate she may have bequeathed.

      Could be Dad’s guns, could be he got a small windfall from Mom and went on a shopping spree. He was an obvious nutcase, not surprising if he took a small unexpected amount of cash and built himself an “arsenal”.

      BTW, it was reported that he was expelled from that school over a fight with the new boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend, yet no one has mentioned that this attack took place on Valentine’s Day?

        • The picture of him in an Antifa tee shirt is Photoshopped. He actually belongs to an extreme right-wing group called The Republic of Florida. He wore maga hats and that group has agreed that he is one of theirs.

        • WRONG, Pat H – The militia group said he hung around with them a few times, showing up at some of their impromptu protests, but he wasn’t a member. there are a couple of these nutcases that tried to join up with “right wing” groups, but those groups ran them off because of their attitudes and demeanor! It’s not difficult to recognize a fake, especially when you ask them a question about the Constitution!

    • With a comment like that now we know pwrserge doesn’t know jack about guns. Spend some time buying and shooting guns instead of spouting off on TTAG constantly.

      Lotsa comments, low content!

  2. Ruget american rifle bolt action
    Mossberg shotgun maverik 88 or 500 (judging by the forearm)
    Bengamin or daisy pellet pistol

  3. Robert…Your a disgusting individual for posting the picture of one of your precious “martyrs”. I thought you people were against this? Hypocrites.

    And you can happily thank the NRA and other gun “right” groups for allowing a mentally deranged lunatic to arm up.

    I thought you people opposed this. Yet you allowed trump to pass executive orders that would allowed dangerous mentally ill people to arm up.

    These types of incidents don’t happen on a daily basis in Europe, Canada, Japan, Let alone Australia which solved it’s problem and suffered no mass killings ever since.

    Spare me your crap about incidents that are extremely rare in these countries versus what has been going on EVERYDAY here in this country alone.

    30 mass shootings in over a month a half, That’s not something to be proud of.

    Won’t be surprised if another one happens in a few days, next week or month.

    Whatever your solution is; Thought’s and prayers don’t seem to be working.

    It’s impossible to kill 50+ people with a knife, baseball bat, rock or a length of pipe and it’s much easier to fight back & survive against these people.

    Your intolerant bigoted nuts can insult me all you want.

    But explain this to me Robert or anyone on here? What are you going to say to families of the recent victims?

    You people talk big about your outdated archaic freedom to kill; But you love to ignore your “right” has violated the freedoms of innocent people who are possibly dead or dying. I’m sure again you can explain to their families why your “right” trumps the lives of their children to live and go to school without fear.

    • copy paste same thought fed to you over and over will not make it fact

      comparing apples to sheep in other nations is the silliest thing I see trolls do

      • At least give the resident Canuck credit for posting some original paragraphs before the copy-and-paste diatribe.

        And how are his Arabic lessons going? The Canadians are having issues with Somali gangs, but it’s nothing that a few tonnes of cash on welfare programs will never sort out.

    • This stuff happens just as often in other first-world regions, too. The wack-jobs simply use other means (in addition to firearms) to kill people. Hey, I have an idea… Why don’t we ban murder? Oh, wait… While we’re at it, if you exclude the Democrat/liberal cess-pool and gun control haven of Chicago from your “mass shooting” stats, the numbers change considerably.

      • White liberal america only cares when the guns threaten them and theirs, they could give a shit about poor Black Americans living in squalor without hope of a medium income job and financial independence from the government programs that control them. Matter of fact bringing jobs back to those people would only threaten their own prosperity in their mind so they’ll continue to fight against bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US.

      • We need truck, bomb, and fire control! We need to get these evil assault trucks, evil assault bombs, and evil assault fires out of the hands of criminals! For the children! Gather up all trucks with more than four tires! Gather up all Tannerite, grenade-shaped water balloons, and large turds! Gather up all lighters, flint, butane, matches, spark plugs, batteries, steel wool, lightning, bow drills, and sticks! To the House floor we go!

    • 30 Mass shootings this year?! Oh wait, when you make up your own definition for “mass shooting,” I guess I’m more surprised it’s not 100 or 1000.

      As for me, I’ll stick with the FBI definition of a mass shooting. Under their definition, the 30 reported becomes 4.

    • The ACLU is to blame for maniacs on the loose…just sayin’…
      and abortions take WAY more lives each year…2,000+ per DAY in the USA alone

      • As mentioned above the daily shootings in big cities – especially Chicago, Baltimore, New Orleans, D.C. etc. Far out number our teen homicidal maniac killers. The two totals aren’t even close. Anyway, the FBI screwed up here big time as well as school officials, local police and so on. I’m thinking higher age limits for owning pistols and ARs is probably in order. Im not a pussy when it comes to the second amendment, i just think this isn’t working out. Of course the big city pistols are mostly stolen, but I’m sure black lives matter will put their genius brain collective to work on that.
        BTW, this kid’s gun collection was shit except for the AR. So kids probably don’t need them until they’re older.

    • Because when someone like Cruz can’t kill with a gun they’ll use a bomb. When they can’t use a bomb they’ll use a car. When they can’t use a car they’ll use a knife, or worse, homemade chemical or biological agent. Necessity is the mother of all invention. They’ll still kill, and it will still be a tragedy. Denying the people that accept the right, and subsequent obligation, to protect themselves under the 2nd Amendment with a gun, even a semi automatic 30 round modern sporting rifle, is just going to make more soft targets for these people. What you can’t accept without emotional detachment, is that there will always be evil in the world, and being vigilant against that evil begins with all of us. Not the police, or the FBI that was tipped off, or the community that recognized that this “kid” was troubled loner looking for acceptance. I could only hope that when my kids get to public school, if I determine that I don’t have the means to home school them, that armed security or self defense trained educators are in place to react. More than two school resource officers per thousands of kids. The Founders would have expected us to take personal responsibility for our defense and community as free men (and women!).

      What has changed in our society since, or prior to 1999, that more people have resorted to mass shootings? Dis-associative Internet behavior? Social media obsession? Polarized identity politics? Maybe some of these changes are making it hard for people to relate. Maybe zombie movies, shows, and games have been popular because everyone else is starting to look less like people and more like a faceless horde all moaning the same thing.

    • concernedamerican, You want to tell me why those arson cases I sighted before were dismissed? because Australia has had masskillings after passing gun control.

    • My cousin had the right to travel freely on our roads until some person took her life because he decided to get drunk and drive down the same road.

      I don’t blame the alcohol, I blame the irresponsible a-hole who was responsible for her death.

      In 2016, 10,497 were killed in the USA due drunk driving. The same logic could be said about banning alcohol, or any libation over 30% ABV. But I bet you like a good glass of wine from time to time. So you would just say we need more ways of preventing DUI by changing other laws, not banning certain types of alcohol.

      People are the problem here. Always have been. AR-15’s have been available to the general public since the late 1950’s. Mass shootings are a relatively new thing, it’s not the guns, stupid. Something within our culture changed, and we should identify and fix *THAT* instead of blanket removing the liberties of 99% of the nation’s law-abiding firearms ownership.

      Also, how badly do you want a civil war? Because coming for the guns will likely spark that.

      • Well said. Something I keep hearing in the news is the talk of Columbine as the “start” of this new era of mass shootings & specifically school attacks. What no one mentions- while arguing for a new AWB- is that Columbine happened in the middle of the original AWB & they used nothing remotely close to an AR15. A Hi-Point carbine, TEC9, sawed-off shotguns, pipe bombs, & knives.
        What about the University of Texas shooter in 1966 using a Remington 700? These are good points to make not only to the anti-gun left but also to gun owning fudds who’re ok with semi-autos being banned. WTF is so hard to understand? It’s not the weapon of choice that’s the problem. Obviously some tools might be more efficient people-killers than others. That doesn’t mean we should take away those tools from people who haven’t done, nor will do, anything bad with them. Especially when those tools are used for self-defense as well as defense of others.
        The problem is the emotional knee-jerk reactions to do “something”. Any semi-intelligent person knows that emotionally charged reactions are, more often than not, not logically sound or effective. Fighting to preserve & strengthen the 2A, especially after events such as this, is like arguing with a bratty child throwing a fit & screaming they hate you while plugging their ears & humming when you try to speak.

    • oh damn, ^^^this idiot^^^^^. not interested anymore to comment anything worth a shit, much love to the potg.

    • Oh great, you again.

      You want to know what I’d say to the grieving families?
      Stop screaming at the wrong target.
      Scream and attack the family that spawned this little demon.
      Scream and attack the kid himself, he’s still alive. (though he shouldn’t be.)
      Scream and attack the local legislature that refused to allow the one security guard to be armed and prepared for this sort of attack.
      These attacks don’t happen in Europe and Australia? Well, you might be half right there. Firearm attacks are greatly reduced. As a result, knife attacks, machete attacks, acid attacks, bombings, and Molotov attacks are much more common.
      When will you figure out, that guns are used defensively much more often than they are used for criminal purposes.

    • Troll much?

      Let me leave you with a serious comment:

      Folks like you regularly throw hissy fits that folks like us will *not budge one single inch* when it comes to arms and the Second Amendment. Yet it always whooshes right over your pretty little head that one heck of a way to motivate tens of millions of good Americans is to flippantly accuse them of being complicit in mass murder. Think about it.

      All you do all day is try to convince us how trained surgeons are no different from Jack the Ripper because they use the same tools… and then freak out and blame us when Jack ignores your “safe space” GFZ signs. Troll much? Stupid much.

      Be safe, guy.

    • Mr. AntiFree, AntiPatriot, who is also not a RealAmerican(TM),

      Even though you are a troll, and replying to you only triggers dopamine release into that puny, twisted little wad of fat you call a “brain,” I’ll point out that the millions of people’s lives that are saved each year due to the natural right of bearing arms more than makes up for the occasional (albeit horrific) event such as this. And of course do we ever hear about these millions of self-defense events?

      No. Because the weaponized propaganda arm of the Commucrat party squelches anything that does not pander to their agenda.

      And I will tell you what I told the Crisco Kid: your continual push to strip normal, hard-working people of their ability to self-determine will result in more and more people realizing they need to be armed.

      So by all means, please continue. Those that were undecided will compare your wild, illogical spittle-projecting diatribes with the reasoned, quiet, logical arguments of the POTG. You are ensuring the message of armed self-reliance will reach more people.

      And you and others of your pathetic, low-functioning ilk will be laughed at, ridiculed, and finally, utterly forgotten, which is as it should be.

      sic semper bubulus

    • “… that would allowed dangerous mentally ill people to arm up.”

      If they are so dangerous why are they not under direct, and constant, medical and/or professional supervision?

    • The only ones who are violating our freedom are those who pass and support creating gun free zones. All these laws do is ensure the success of evil intent.

    • Hey, maybe we don’t even respond to this kind of thing? You know, like, fvck this guy?

    • Really? Not one point you made is based on fact or reality. (actually 33 dead).

      So RealAmericanPatriotsAgainstAntiAmericanAntiFreedomProGunners, exactly what gun law would have prevented this or ANY mass shooting? Considering that you think that there isn’t any more gun crime in Europe, Canada, Japan, or Australia just proves how ignorant fools like you are. Not only is there gun crime but overall crime and murders have increased since the 1997 gun bans in UK and Australia, you just never hear about it from the media because it kills their lying narrative. What it did do is cause normally law-abiding individuals who kill a home-invader or attacker to end up in prison because self-defense is frowned upon.

      The more guns you remove from law-abiding citizens, the easier you make it for criminals to rape, rob, assault, or murder them. I look forward to the day that you are the victim of these leftist scumbags and the cops take their usual 10-20 minutes to respond!

    • To:RealAmericanPatriotsAgainstAntiAmericanAntiFreedomProGunners. Please get off your high horse and GFY. In private of course.

  4. Depends on what he purchased and what he have inhereted from his father. Also, I had a lot more disposable cash before I got married, bought a house and had 3 kids….

    BTW, the pistol on the bed looks like a Pump Air-gun I had back in the day.


  5. I see:
    Mossberg Maverick 88
    Mossberg 715T
    S&W MP15
    Ruger American
    Crosman Classic air pistol
    Unidentified spring piston air rifle
    Unidentified semiautomatic shotgun

  6. Top photo is an airsoft pistol. I also see a pellet pistol in the group photo on the mattress. A couple of shotguns, a couple of rifles, and an AR15. There’s another photo of him in a first-person perspective aiming an AR with a cheap red-dot out the window.

  7. Well, the first picture is obviously an airsoft or other toy gun, not that any of the media noticed. As for the rest of the hardware its a little hard to tell what they are caliber etc so putting a number on them is almost impossible. Nor do we know if they are all his at this point. What we do know is that the feds were given a heads up about this guy months ago and did nothing just like they did with Omar Mateen.

  8. Can buy a lot of stuff on a credit card these days. Don’t even need cash, just minimum payments every month.

    • Dude, you make too much sense. Careful, by being so logical, they may lock you up.

  9. I’d hazard that’s a Ruger American bolt action of indeterminate caliber and a S&W M&P 15, although it’s hard (for me) to say definitely that it’s .223 and not .22LR. Under the M&P’s sling is another hand guard, it was reported he had an AK variant, but note the rail where the front sight would be. It’s hard to say what the pistol in picture #2 is, but I would guess a Browning Buckmark or a Baretta Neo [I agree more with the person that replied Crosman air pistol]. It’s pretty difficult to ID the two shotguns and top most rifle (maybe a 10/22?) in picture #2. I’m not sure what we’re looking at in pic #1 because it’s so dark and it has a red/orange barrel tip. Definitely a couple of grand in guns, I don’t know how the optics add up.

  10. I can understand some might say don’t name the shooter, don’t name his tools, respect the victims, etc.

    On the other hand, a news article just saying 17 people were died under suspicious circumstances at a school doesn’t say much. Was there a CO leak?

    Plus when you have people like Florida senator Bill Nelson saying, according to Tampa Bay times, “Yes, and this is a mental health problem and we’ve got to face the fact that this is an automatic military assault weapon. I want you to know I grew up on a ranch. I have grown up with guns. I have hunted all my life. I hunt with my son still. An AR-15 is not for hunting, it’s for killing.”

    So if our leaders are going to go out and tell the world what they think there problem is and the fix, to ban these automatic military weapons, then we need to know whether that is accurate. Since automatic weapons are banned except for NFA purchase, and pre86, etc, that m&p15 doesn’t look like it really is an automatic. It doesn’t even have a bump stock! How are we going to ban something that is already banned, and how will that help when the tool used by the perpetrator wouldn’t be covered in an automatic ban?

    Unless the good Senator is trying to be sensational and mislead people by using a tragedy to push an agenda. Perish the thought!

  11. All these mass shooters except the Vegas guy always use cheap POS guns for their crimes. It’s always an M&P sport with a Chinese optic. You never see an HK with an Aimpoint. What a wannabe loser. Schools need more armed and better trained security to put losers like this with their $400 garbage rods in their place.

  12. PARDON MOI but didn’t I hear the deranged shooter boy went off his meds?!? That alone wound raise a red flag on a 4473. Oh and he had a guardian too. And was expelled. It wasn’t just the FBI that effed upped. Discuss-ting…

  13. Yea, gonna be honest here, guys… Articles like this are why they keep doing it.

    They’re looking for infamy, notoriety, and attention. They want people to sit here and dissect their motives and intents and methods. We’re teaching them that if they kill enough people, we’ll give them exactly what they want.

    We really need to stop that.

  14. Stop talking about gun control and have some personal responsibility to report odd behavior and comments so these individuals can get the help they need.

    Every anti-gun organizations and persons are speaking for more gun control after the Florida shooting. But, the 19 yr old that did the shootings was know to be unstable and no one did anything to stop him before it happened. His parents, classmates, and teachers knew he was unstable. Classmates have reported that he talked frequently about shooting fellow classmates. The FBI was sent a YouTube video of him making comments about shooting kids at school months before the the kid did this and the FBI did nothing. We do not need more gun control. We need people around these unstable and destructive individuals to step up and get these individuals some mental health care that they need.

  15. I dont know, I just dont think anything should be published about this guy, certainly not his name, his face, his guns, nothin! I’d rather this post just be deleted.

  16. I had way more real guns than that when I was 12. They didn’t have AR’s in the 60’s, if they had I would have had one. Did a lot of yard work for my Rem 700 BDL in 7mm Mag and my Seko 6 mm Rem. Several .22’s and 3 shotguns and a S&W Highway patrol in .357.

  17. Somebody had to buy these guns 4 him or give him money to do so….u don’t work @ the dollar store 4 a short time and make that kind of bank..and u don’t let a kid who has his troubled past with 39 police calls have a key to the gun safe with pinky swear not 2 EVER OPEN iT.

    Gun Control!

    How about arresting the ass-hats who let this trash roam the streets!!

    If u take the criminals off the street u won’t have a gun problem.

    Most gun owners and CCW permit carriers are good citizens willing to help a stranger if needed.

  18. Godless schools, violent games, horrible violence in movies have created a group of evil that is unparalleled in some of our youth. This freak was proud of his evilness and they just let him walk in that school and slaughter. Then we blame the tool he uses instead of this Godless country where gang banger rappers are glorified. Violent movies make hundreds of millions and violent video games make billions. But wait lets blame the armed rednecks who go to church and love thier neighbors. Its the liberal elite that make this country have no contience not me and my gun collection. As a parent I’m horrified, as a Christian I’m not surprised, as a gun owner I’m to blame. Where is the logic in that. WHERE IS IT

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