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I’m something of a knife guy. I own more than a few — and carry one. I get the reason for carrying two . . .

The one you use for everyday tasks — opening boxes, cutting food, etc. — gets dull quickly. If you’re going to use a knife for self-defense, it ought to be razor sharp So one for utility, one for emergency.

Only my clothing only provides so much real estate; a second knife is a bridge too far, EDC-wise. And while I’m a big fan of Andrew’s knife choices [click here to ID], I can’t think of one good reason to carry three knives. Can you?

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  1. One for strictly fighting, one for strictly jobs that require a sharp knife, and one everything else?

    Doesn’t make much sense.

  2. Looks like he carries the C.R.K.T. neck knife horizontally on his belt. I’d guess, having done the same sort of thing at times, that he plans that as some sort of last ditch weapon.

    It’s possible he puts it near his wallet or something else that he has good “reason” to reach for in a mugging or similar situation when his other weapons aren’t an option or have failed for some other reason.

    Knives are the kind of thing that people sometimes stash all over themselves because they’re light, inflict massive damage and, if properly positioned, can be accessed easily and in ways that are difficult to detect until it’s too late.

    Or maybe he just likes to carry a lot of knives.

    • I’m a little confused. How can someone FOR the right to keep and bear arms be considered AGAINST freedom?

    • Another day, another non sequitur post from our resident troll. This one even politicizes the whole thing moments after it happened.

      Dance in that blood, monkey. Dance in that blood.

      Has your constant use of the word “bigot” ever struck you as ironic?

    • “Another day, Another Mass shooting.”

      Same thing that happens *every* day, in *every* country in Europe.

      The difference between here and Europe is, in Europe they suppress the freedom of speech. The Europeans have a vested interest in not reporting the daily firearm violence they experience.

      They understand *why* a boot must be kept firmly on the neck of the Leftist press so the truth doesn’t disrupt their *Utopia* they have worked so hard to put forward as a mask to hide from the rest of the world…

    • I hope you stay with us, real boy. You made Trumps first 4 years possible and will give him a second 4.

      I love when the other side is clueless.

  3. One to use. One because it was my father’s. One on my multitool. I don’t see the issue – other than that I need one that would be useful as a weapon…

  4. As many as my clothing choice allows. On days (most) when I’m in tac pants I may have 6 not including a Gerber multitool. Dress slacks are good for at least 4. I joking answer when someone asks why so many, reloads. Most people I know are really frightened of knives as just being wary of guns. A knife attack is twice as likely to be fatal as a gunshot. I do prefer blades for anything under 5 feet distance. They are faster and deadlier.

    • Do not confuse killing people with stopping people. Knives are the former, and guns are the latter.

      Usually they overlap, but they’re very different with you need someone to stop attacking you within the time it takes them to lunge four feet.

      • i have no confusion between killing and stopping. I have trained in self defense and live by force on force +1. Most defensive shooters are taught to shoot center mass. You do not shoot to wound. You shoot to kill. Guns are considered lethal force as are knives. If all you want to do is stop someone then use a taser. They are considered non-lethal. If you have to use either a gun or a blade or a stick to defend yourself then your survival should be foremost in your mind. If you are scared for your life then if they survive they should be grateful. They won’t be, but they should. If you are not willing to kill to survive then you should not carry a gun or a knife. IMHO

        • I should’ve made it clear that you weren’t necessarily making any confusions. My apologies.

          I shoot to stop, not to wound or kill. As you said, we aim at lethal areas, but that doesn’t mean I’m technically trying to kill them. The result is usually unaffected by this, but my intentions are merely to stop.

          I won’t use a taser because taser’s are too prone to failure. Also, tasers don’t stop multiple perps.

          I agree that if you’re not willing to kill you shouldn’t carry lethal weapons. This, however, doesn’t apply to me. I was more making a philosophical distinction about the intention (delay, wound, stop, kill), and a practical observation that a knife doesn’t stop someone as quickly as a gun (knives force you to be within arm’s reach of the perp, and their effectiveness can be mitigated by clothing, skill, and the perp’s adrenaline/drugs).

          If that makes no sense, just know that my brain is fried and people normally disagree with me. =D

  5. Well, I carry at least two every day, assisted opening or flipper. Which hand is going to be in use when I need a knife? One in each front pocket means I don’t have to unhand whatever it is I’m handling when, not if, I need a knife.

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