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We don’t know exactly how Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School assistant football coach Aaron Feis (above) died. But we do know that he served as the school’s security guard and was unarmed at the time of his death. We offer our deepest condolences to Mr. Feis’ family, friends, students and players. And hope that his death inspires concerned educators to arm themselves against evil. And convinces those in favor of the Gun Free School Zones Act to drop their support so that the Act can be repealed for our children’s safety.

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  1. When I worked at the schools my only option in the case of a school shooter was to put myself between the shooter and the kids. My only option was to die. And my death would have had no meaning as the shooter would have just stepped over my body and created more.

    Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity.

        • Nope.

          If absolutely nothing else these situations create stories like the one above which are useful in numerous ways.

          Further, if you believe that giving your life in defense of others is “futile” or “useless” then it’s time to put the guns up because, quite frankly, they’re not of much use to you or anyone around you.

        • Sure, this situation could be useful in a number of ways — as an example of selflessly noble behavior, as an example of what happens when the government preemptively removes effective options from the equation — but there’s no way around the fact that in terms of saving lives (including his own, which I’m sure he would like to have done), Aaron Feis’ attempt was futile. He got mowed down, and the murderer kept on murdering.

          If all I can do is be a human speedbump between my family and some oncoming evil, then that’s what I’ll do. But that was Aaron Feis’ only option, as mandated by law.

      • Doing the right thing would have been shooting at center of mass until the threat stopped. He didn’t do that. He failed.

        • Yep. If he had been allowed to be armed that would have been the answer. But, since he wasn’t, he gave his life to shield three young ladies. Well done Sir and you are a hero.

    • I wanted to reply to the very first comment on this site. However, this convoluted system carries you down PAST ALL the previous comments.
      Without reiterating the entire comment which you intended to address, how could the reader readily determine to whom your remarks are intended?

    • (D)ems Against Humanity.

      They have a card game, all the cards are green and get you your own MS-13 gang chapter with each one.

      FU Schumer and Mike Rounds, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Lamar Alexander, Johnny Isakson, and Cory Gardner.

    • Almost. As you said, your sacrifice would be futile. What you could do instead is try to take out the murderer. Not talk him down or restrain him but injure him so badly that he could no longer continue. Many of these guys fold up when faced with determined resistance. But, even if you lose, the distraction of fighting you will give his intended victims a better chance to save themselves. Fighting may also have deterrent value in the future. These guys don’t care about the personal consequences of their actions. But they do care about failing to achieve their goal of a high body count while still suffering the same consequences.

    • So jwm not only a moral coward to weak to disobey when the government tells him to kill nearly defenseless people, AND a physical coward as well… not to mention of course fails to take personal moral responsibility for his moral cowardice preferring to blame everyone else

        • Marty if you have near-genius children as I do, even if you are a near-genius as I am it is not possible to teach them the arrary of AP classes their intellectual curiosity demands and their desire to attend a university that will test them requires.

          Understand dunce, I could spend an enormous amount of time and do an outstanding job teaching them AP American and AP European history and AP Literature but no matter how much time I spent pouring over AP Calc and the various AP science and language courses I could only manage a very substandard tuition that would only ensure they would learn little and certainly fail the national tests.

          The school system has qualified and in some cases talented and impressive teachers to deal with each of these extremely difficult courses

          And I have my own fascinating and time-consuming work, I have no interest in teaching high school.

          Now you are obviously an ignoramus and if you have half-Fetard kids then enjoy yourself spending most of your time providing a Little House on the Prairie quality education with your home schooling (though really you may as well just give them a GED guide and let them earn their lame high school equivalency like that). Why not? You dont do anything worthwhile anyway, and your doofus spawn dont need to know any more than your dumb azzz to work in the warehouse or join the military or whatever (and of course to run their ignorant mouths on am radio and sites this)

        • Homeschool. You’re a legend in your own mind. You have no kids and most likely live in a group home.

          You’re an autistic with a huge chip on your shoulder.

        • @Home Schooling Produces blah blah…
          Can you please explain this sentence: “(and of course to run their ignorant mouths on am radio and sites this)”

          I, admittedly not a “near genius”, believe that you think too highly of your dumb self.

    • One person DID say Feis purposely jumped in front of the kids to block the bullets, but another said after he crapped his pants it had run down into his shoe causing him to stumble and the inertia of his pregnant belly carried him inadvertently in front of the kids… either way coach made his block : D

      • Change your name as often as you want. You’re still a foolish coward with no moral courage.

        And you enable mass murder through your actions.

    • He’s a hero. He had the courage to win, but lacked the tools to be combat effective. If he had been armed, he could have saved even more lives.

    • EDIT –

      From the article link above :

      “While everything about yesterday’s disgusting mass shooting inside a Parkland, Fla., high school is horrifying, there was a ray of hope for humanity as stories from witnesses noted that a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School football coach Aaron Feis shielded students as the gunman opened fire.”

      “Feis was seen jumping “in front of bullets to save some students lives,” according to one person.”

    • His life and the lives of those children were not worth as much as the lives of Democrat politicians – that is why he was not allowed a gun and had only his own body with which to defend the innocents behind him.
      It’s is well beyond time for us to get angry, VERY angry, at any politician who so much as hints that recognizing the right of self defense of law-abiding citizens just isn’t something we could do.
      Get in their faces and MAKE them say it:
      Self defense is a fundamental civil right.
      Owning and keeping the means to defend one’s self is a fundamental civil right.
      If they trip over their tongues because of those two simple truths, you know they have no respect for you as a fellow human being.

      • Demand your senators pass H.R. 38. The House passed it. Trump would sign it.

        It would end federal GFSZ’s for people allowed to carry under the bill (license holders and people from Constitutional Carry states). The Senate Bill wouldn’t do that.

        • “Demand your senators pass H.R. 38.”

          Wouldn’t that only result in the removal of federal penalties? The states could still have gun free zones. And would free carry of guns on campus have altered the outcome? Seems if the states continue to have teachers and security staff disarmed, the outcome in Florida would remain the same.

          • “Wouldn’t that only result in the removal of federal penalties? The states could still have gun free zones.” – Yes and no. It preempts some state gun free zones and not others, but it is an important first step. I don’t think we can get a law that preempts state GFSZs, but we can at least have a vote in the Senate on something that has already passed the House.

            “And would free carry of guns on campus have altered the outcome?” – 98% of mass shootings are in GFZs. That level of correlation is rarely not causation. “Free” carry of guns on campus would likely have altered the outcome.

            “Seems if the states continue to have teachers and security staff disarmed, the outcome in Florida would remain the same.” – Then it will be those states and their voters fault.

            • ” “Free” carry of guns on campus would likely have altered the outcome.”

              That is the mantra. We lack any empirical evidence, likely because we don’t have any schools that allow “free carry” on high school campii. Colleges may be a different matter, but there are so many variables as to not be able to say carrying firearms made any difference. We need to be careful about drawing conclusions.

              My dad was a fighter pilot assigned to an interior base during WW2. Not one Japanese or German fighter made it past his base, and its air cover. They were deterred because that squadron was sitting there, waiting for action.

              Or maybe not.

              • “We lack any empirical evidence, likely because we don’t have any schools that allow “free carry” on high school campii … but there are so many variables as to not be able to say carrying firearms made any difference.”

                You are wrong on the first part. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/02/robert-farago/florida-carry-florida-legislature-end-gun-free-zones-let-teachers-carry-implement-faster-training/

                You are wrong on the second part as well, but since we have had this conversation, and you ignore that correlation can be causation except when it suits your argument (your argument that the NFA “worked”), I’m not going to have that argument with you again (that correlation is often provably causation to reasonable individuals who don’t want some sort of absolute proof that is beyond human capabilities in all fields of study).

                Suffice it to say, we disagree, and debate would not be productive.

              • OK, let’s begin:
                – “Letting” (allowing) teachers to arm themselves does not prove the teachers are armed, nor that the potential they are armed is proof of much of anything.

                – As to NFA and machine guns, there are no other significant factors that would qualify as “causation”. That may be because the data are incomplete, or it may be because the NFA actually was the major and driving factor in reducing deaths by machine gun fire. So, let me update the case: deaths by machine gun fire are almost non-existent since the NFA. Deaths by machine gun fire caused by criminals getting their hands on machine guns illegally are even more rare since the NFA. Since we do not have direct evidence provided by those who would possess and use a machine gun illegally, (but can’t because of first and second order effects of NFA), it does seem there is correlation between NFA and the low death toll related to illegal use of machine guns.

                For four square miles around me, we have not had a shooting incident (six schools) in 15yrs. The area does not have a reputation for armed citizens, and there is precious little evidence that we are a cluster of hunters. We also rarely see a police patrol car. We do have a “Crime Stoppers” group, with signs in a few places. At the Crime Stoppers meetings, we have yet to have “POTG” identify themselves prior, during or after the meetings. Actually, we don’t really have Crime Stoppers, because there are not enough home during the day, and night patrols are really sketchy. Our Crime Stoppers effort seems more coffee klatch, where we pass around information about the general health of the area. I don’t know how many of the people in my 4mi square frequent the LGS, or the range, because I don’t go often enough to see familiar faces. Point of all this is we cannot claim here that somehow the presence of guns is resulting in a very low crime rate in the square, and non-existent mass shootings in the schools.

                As an attorney, you should know that the lack of evidence is not evidence. So, if you want correlation to be causation, somehow almost every other factor must be removed. Which, happily, kinda becomes “causation is causation”.

                The only correlation I trust between the presence of legal firearms, and a reduction in crime is that directly attributed to the permanent reduction in the number of people committing crimes (i.e. dead as a result of armed self-defense).

                All this meaning I would never claim to the anti-gun crowd (nor encourage others to claim) that the overwhelming presence of firearms in the hands of legal owners is the cause of crime reduction of any kind. We can no more “prove” that, than the anti-gunners can prove otherwise. It’s a “push”, and useless in the campaign to make legal gun ownership a more natural thing in the culture.

                As noted before, right after Trump was elected, the days got shorter is not causation of a variation in the hours of daylight. Correlation is just too slippery to be reliable for decision making. Circumstantial evidence (correlation?) might work in the court room, but I refuse to vote to convict without direct evidence; the consequence of error is too great.

    • I would think a human body is at best concealment not cover. Give him some light body armor at least or one of those ballistic shields, maybe a taser would be better than nothing.

  2. We protect money with people with guns…
    We protect banks with people with guns…
    We protect politicians and celebrities with people with guns…
    We protect government facilities and other high importance facilities with people with guns…
    We protect schools and our children with “gun free zones” and signs…
    What’s wrong with this picture??

    • Up the road from me is a dicey neighborhood. Both the hardware store and grocery store have real security.

      Lettuce. And 2x4s. But not kids. Makes sense.

    • School shootings are just another possible reason to need protections from government.

      It should be wrongful, not just wrong, for them to claim that they could protect these kids, but to bunch them up like targets for one of their hand-made freak-shows and to blame the rest of us is just downright effing damnable.

  3. What’s the difference between a sandbag and an unarmed security guard? One bleads sand the other bleads blood.

  4. These incidents don;t happen everyday in the rest of the world.

    Maybe we can learn something from a country that actually stopped mass killings once and for all…

    In 1996 Austrailia had a mass shooting where 35 people were killed and 23 injured. As a result they banned all automatic and semi automatic weapons nationwide. Additionally they required all guns to be registered and all people who had guns to have extensive background checks. They also had a nationwide buyback program to get guns off the street.. The result is that since then there have been no mass shootings, They describe a mass shooting as any shooting where 5 or more people are shot. Think about it – maybe we should be looking at Australia if we really want gun violence to stop NOT THE NRA or TTAG.

    But nah, You just post the constant debunked stats about how Australia “doesn’t work” despite the fact it’s proven it has. They’ve suffered no massacres after the 1996 tragedy.

      • Yes it has, You, your klanmaster farrago and the rest of the crazed gun loons on here refuse to see it.

        They to this very day has no suffered a single mass shooting.

        Funny how a nation that was a former british penal colony has become one of the most advanced nations on earth.

        So, based on your argument, there’s no need for any laws at all. Criminals will always break the law, so, why even have them in the first place? Right?

        • Go away. You sub-human vermin disgust me. This man’s blood is on your hands and sooner or later there will be an accounting for all the people your anti-civil rights hysteria has murdered.

        • “So, based on your argument, there’s no need for any laws at all. Criminals will always break the law, so, why even have them in the first place? Right?”

          If murder is already illegal, why make it illegal to use something illegally?

        • Laws don’t prevent anything, they only punish after the fact. At best they create a risk/reward scenario that discourages behavior if the risk outweighs the reward. But that only applies to rational thinking sane people that have a lot to lose… the type of people who aren’t really the problem in the first place. So ask yourself, if someone is intent on committing the ultimate sin 17 times over, do you really think one more law is going to be a deterrent?

      • In jwm fact Australias murder rate has significantly DECREASED during the two decades since the passage of the 1996 National Firearms Agreement(NFA).

        And heres a couple graphs to help you visualize reality

        Anyone with integrity would thank me for this correction and apologize for disseminating bullsheet… you naturally are too small of a man to EVER do this, I bet youve NEVER acknowledged ANY wrongdoing… like your lack of moral courage in the military…
        Have a joyous Kwanzaa by the way, I wont be buckling under to the “War on Kwanzaa” this year, I will be #@!*ed if I say happy holidays : D

        Seriously though have a great one, I hope SantaChrist fills your stocking with some honesty and integrity : D

      • Youre too dumb/dishonest to understand/acknowledge this, but heres why your post is inane…

        1. Your post is typically evidence-free, because no evidence exists for your smear of Australias 1996 legislation

        2. And your smear is meaningless to educated folks who can only guess what you mean by “doesn’t work”.

        3. And your smear is downright dumb as it betrays your simpletons conception of a facile relationship between legislation and murder rates, when the reality of this complex issue is that of course it is VERY complicated to document how various factors intermingle to influence the murder rate>

        <Your post is a well-known smear you picked up from your similarly dumb/dishonest online pals, a smear famously debunked 16 years ago!

        Way back in 2001… and yet its nearly 2018 and youre still parroting this bullsheet, how is this possible?!

        Now a reasonable person would be shocked to find out that something theyve been claiming in a condescending smart alecky way for a decade and a half is actually a myth they gullibly imbibed… so I cant wait to see how you respond!! : D

        • There is a BIG difference between Australia and the United States in one respect. In the USA we are “free men” and citizens, unlike Australians (who I like and respect, having served with them in Vietnam) who are “subjects”. Our God-given rights are pre-ordained by our Creator, inherent in our being human, not “granted” to us by government, and do not rely on a piece of paper for legality. THAT is a major difference regarding our United States Constitution. You see, in every other country, their “Constitutions” grant rights (actually permissions by government) and can be modified or even abolished at the whim of government officials. Hence, we see the gun bans Australia and the UK.

    • I like how the examples of Other Advanced Countries cited by bigots always seem to be populated with white northern Europeans or their descendants. Clearly the don’t consider Mexico to be sufficiently advanced or white enough to be worth including in their statistics.

      • And I like how you bigots ignore the fact these advanced nations like Australia and Europe have very good multiculturalism.

        Yes, Somehow an advanced nation(s) with excellent healthcare, boosting economy, lack of homelessness, low crime and increased personal freedoms including freedom of speech and expression are somehow “tyrannical:” to you people.

        And last time I check; Mexican cartels and radical extremist groups are the NRA’s favorite customers.

        Well, it seems like it’s more objective to cite facts than to try to deflect the argument based upon one’s name and/or geographic location. But I guess in your case, you can’t be objective and take a different view point than your sick own.

        • “And I like how you bigots ignore the fact these advanced nations like Australia and Europe have very good multiculturalism.

          Yes, Somehow an advanced nation(s) with excellent healthcare, boosting economy, lack of homelessness, low crime and increased personal freedoms including freedom of speech and expression”

          If your think the UK has free speech or even most of Europe has free speech your crazy. And if country’s in Europe are taking in refuges from the Mideast and Africa how do those country’s have a lack of homelessness? Is it because the refuges aren’t people, is that why? Low crime? if you don’t count the crimes by refuges that don’t follow the law of the country that is hosting them.

        • (a) Europe is more than one nation (though the EU Commission may wish otherwise); and (b) Australia is no paragon of racial harmony, just look at how aboriginals have been treated, and how Aussies refuse to compensate them for all the harm they have received, unlike New Zealand, which has paid reparation for the land grab after the Maori Wars. I’m afraid your tiny mind is so devoid of information and facts that it is impossible to hold a rational discussion with you. FOAD.

        • Fun fact pwrserge silly posts are always evidence-free or she cites right-wing nut-job sites as if they are credible… in fact pwrserge posts are so bizarre I put it at 4:1 that he isnt even real, no one can be that cracked

        • Another fun fact – NRA does not sell guns. To anyone.
          NRA does not sell guns to Americans, NRA does not sell guns to Mexicans. You, claiming otherwise, lost any hope of credibility. But then again, we already knew you are pathological liar, didn’t we?

    • The more guns sold, the better. I’m doing my part, you’re doing yours (‘serious conversation’ lol).

        • I don’t need to explain anything to them. Not my camel, not my problem. They want to make it my problem, then I will use the 2nd amendment rights to defend my property.

        • Liar!

          You call Robert a “Klan master”, then you say “Mexican cartels and radical extremist groups are the NRA’s favorite customers when it is the US Government that gives guns to cartels, not the NRA.
          Then you say every murder that uses a gun a “crazed 2nd amendment supporter” when that is not true.

          Buzz off you damn liar!

        • What about Aaron Feis’ individual right to defend himself and his students?

          He was a school security officer, but anti-gun laws denied him the right to make his own individual choice regarding tools of self-defense. And also denied him the ability to do his job when it counted most.

          When evil walked up, all the good people could do was run away…or die. Everyone who died in that school yesterday was a human sacrifice on the altar of YOUR no-guns-anywhere obsession.

        • Easy, I’ll say that the Second Amendment has no bearing on this issue.

          You seem to overlook that in places where guns are banned, Australia, France, the UK, NewYork and Chicago, violence through other means has skyrocketed. If he didn’t have a gun, he’d use a truck. If he didn’t have a truck, he’d use chemicals. If he didn’t have chemicals, he’d use explosives.

          Killing a large amount of people is easy. Guns just make it easier for victims to fight back.
          How was the mad trucker in Nice stopped? With guns. How were the Charlie Hebdo shooters stopped? With guns. How was this motherfucker stopped? Certainly not with kind words or placating offers. If the school guard had been armed, he certainly would have stood a better chance against this monster. He may have even taken him out before anybody was shot. Who knows, we certainly won’t, thanks to people like you who claim that gun free zones and gun free countries work. They don’t.

    • And they didn’t happen in this country 30 years ago. You know, before there were gun control laws and background checks. And kids like me took their rifle to school for team practice and competition. So plueeze, tell us what is different. I can tell you what I think changed. LIBERALISM.

    • These shooters want infamy. If we would not report the names of these shooters(like we do not report rape victims’ names), they would not get the fame(?), and maybe these shootings would be a thing of the past.
      We all had bullies when we were children, we fought our way into the pecking order when we were still children. When we do not allow this child fighting(which all mammals do), children have no pecking order and one takes control. Since the others never learned how to take him/her down a notch, it just festers until someone decides a gun is the only way.
      I taught my kids to stand up for themselves and that I would back them up, no matter what if they had to use their fists – it worked for my family. If they came whining to me, I wouldn’t even listen to it, if they came home with a ripped shirt or a bloody nose and gave as much as they could(under 12 years old), they got sympathy and respect from peers. They soon learn that no one wins if both fight and that there are better ways, but that lesson needs to be learned.

      • Thanks to rt66paul for another typically inane pro-violence nonsense post, the usual facile fantasies from the immature boy-men on this pathetic site

    • Australia has had massacres after 1996, 39 people have been killed by arson since 2000. And then there is 13 deaths from being stabbed to throats being cut. (5 deaths in 1997 and 8 deaths in 2014)

      Australia doesn’t have a gun problem, Australia has arson problem.

        • Dismissed? On what grounds?

          And banning guns won’t stop people from being killed. So what do you have to offer?

        • It’s also harder to defend yourself and others with knives and cudgels.

          How big and strong are you? How big and strong is your wife? Your daughter? How do you think a 13-year-old girl would fare with a baseball bat against a full-grown male criminal?

          There are thousands upon thousands of defensive gun uses every year — and in most of them, no one actually gets shot and the innocent party is unharmed.

        • “Thoughts and prayers are not keeping innocent people from being shot!”

          Neither are gun control laws, dumbass. See: France, Germany, and Britain for just a few examples.

        • By all means let’s regress to a world without firearms, where Europe had a murder rate (outside of warfare) of 40 because those who were not accustomed to violence had no hard counter against those who were, and were at the mercy of those who were meaner and skilled in the art of killing.

    • In JAMA 2016, the authors concluded:
      Following enactment of gun law reforms in Australia in 1996, there were no mass firearm killings through May 2016. There was a more rapid decline in firearm deaths between 1997 and 2013 compared with before 1997 but also a decline in total nonfirearm suicide and homicide deaths of a greater magnitude. Because of this, it is not possible to determine whether the change in firearm deaths can be attributed to the gun law reforms.

      Understanding firearm deaths is already hard. Mass killings are a statistical anomaly which plays an emotional role in shaping policy. Please make sure when you talk about Australia, you make the proper conclusions.

      • You can’t quote a scientific journal in an argument about gun control. Only emotional arguments and made up statistics are allowed.

    • 35 killed and 23 wounded in a mass murder incident bothers you. Us, too. But 35 killed and 23 wounded, one by one in individual violent crimes, bothers us just as much whereas it seems beneath your radar.

  5. Aaron Feis was a brave man. Had he been armed and trained, I’m sure that he could have stopped the madman. Feis had time to interpose his body between the shooter and the students, so he could have had the time to fire on the bad guy and put that POS down for good.

    “For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, ‘It might have been’.”

    — John Greenleaf Whittier

  6. he is definitely a hero. just wish they would have let him be armed because this would have been a PERFECT example of how a good guy takes down a bad guy but they all balked at the idea of teachers being armed.

    • Yes.

      But then, as in Texas, we’d get to the whole “How can you say how many he saved? You can’t know. Ban em all!”

      A bottom line is that any reactionary approach to mass shooter defeat will likely have some casualties, so, as in Texas, that still wouldn’t stop the crowing for more gun control.

      If there’s a 100% effective solution that preserves civil liberties (and not just the 2nd) while stopping any potential mass shooter or other terrorist before they get going, I don’t know what it is. Wish I did.

      • I’m not sure what you’re talking about in Texas. I’m not saying you’re wrong; our gun laws here are sadly middle of the road for the a pro-gun state. I just don’t know what specific thing you are talking about.

    • I am curious where these guy(s) were. Maybe the school is huge?

      Because if I hear shooting in a school I’m running in that direction. Then again, some jurisdictions use retired cops as school resource officers and others stick cops there that are the last you would want in a gunfight so…

    • Exactly. ..and why havent we heard about what the School Resource Officers did it didn’t do during this attack????

      • We did hear. He was unarmed, so he did what he could — jumped in front of bullets to shield students with his own body. And he died for it.

        Those who disarmed him, his (and the dead students’) blood is on their hands.

  7. Took my comment…yes an oxymoronic statement. When I was in high school we had race riots(plural). No one got shot. RIP…

  8. I can’t believe how the obvious step of having armed security in schools is so often ignored and vilified by the antis. They bear a lot of responsibility when they seek to disarm or prevent the carrying of firearms for the very people who are “security” on premises. Brave people put at a deadly disadvantage. And the lawful masses who own firearms and are opposed to more violations of our rights become targets…. They use words like terrorists, baby killers, anti government or whatever term they can use to blame tragedies on everyone but themselves and their absolutely moronic weapons policies. I am thoroughly sick of innocents dying disarmed. Let the security officers arm themselves! Banks have armed security. And you bet the same antigun politicians keep armed security. I am sure everyone in the country would agree that money and politicians are much less of a precious resource than our children. But they don’t mind leaving them completely unprotected except for their whistles and radios while armed security keeps them protected. It’s an absolute disgraceful and criminal situation. My condolences to the victims and their families.

  9. The Democrats are complicit in this man’s death, and in all the deaths of all the students there.

    If he had been armed, I have no doubt he would have stopped that murderous bastard.

    Democrats disarmed him. Democrats killed him.


    Assuming you do not have a petition with 75% of registered voters calling for the repeal of the 2nd amendment with a teansie weanie temporary halting of the 4th……
    Who are going to arm in order to forcibly disarm roughly 20 million firearm owners of over 300 million firearms?
    How are you going to disarm the disarmers when they have accomplished that mission?
    Oh, and “because: emotions” is not an answer much less an argument.

  11. For those who insist that “other countries” have found solutions to violence problems, here’s one for you. Great Britain likes to lecture us Americans on our supposed “gun violence” problem. For one, a gun is an inanimate object which REQUIRES ACTION by a HUMAN BEING in order to operate as intended…Take away the murder rate involving firearms in Americas urban areas (cities), and we are at the bottom as far as firearms misuse is concerned.
    In Great Britain, there have been many cases of home invasions (which are common because of a disarmed populace) where the home dweller was prosecuted to a much greater degree than the actual intruder, as the “crown” ( state prosecutor) made the determination that the home dweller used “too much force” against the intruder. There are many cases where the home dweller received a much harsher sentence than the intruder. That, my friends is British “justice”…

    • In my city, a career criminal in his mid forties made the mistake of kicking in the door of a house after no one answered his knock during the middle of a weekday afternoon. He came face to face with the homeowner who hadn’t answered because he was taking a nap. The intruder then made his second mistake. Instead of turning to escape, he charged the homeowner who shot him to death. Police investigated the incident, questioning but not arresting the homeowner, and the prosecutor ruled his actions justified self defense.

      Compare that outcome to RAP4AFPG’s ideal societies of Australia and the United Kingdom. I grew up in Canada and immigrated to the United States in my mid twenties. Respect for self defense and the right to keep firearms for that purpose are two of the reasons I’m glad to be here.

  12. Next time you vote, just picture the Democrats who impose “gun free zone” signs on your schools as the ones behind the triggers of the next school shooting. That is the true picture. And Mr Feis’ family can be justifiably proud of his heroism. “Greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life for his friends”. Also “I don’t want to come out of there with only my dick in my hand”. Jesus and Michael Corleone quoted before. To have a “security officer” for a US school being unarmed is such a dereliction of duty that all politicians who voted that this be mandated, should be put up against a wall and shot as well.

  13. “Slain Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Assistant Football Coach Was Also Unarmed School Security Officer”

    That worked out well for everyone.

    The man is an authentic hero, but died an unnecessary death. And his family continues to suffer the death.

    Unarmed security is pretty much useless for more security than leading a miscreant to the principal’s office.

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