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Why would you find antlers in a shed? Is Shed antler hunting anything like good will hunting? But seriously folks, northeast Ohio resident Chad’s pocket dump may not be an everyday carry, but it does contain a Kimber and a Chip McCormick 10-round railed power mag so . . . awesome! Unless Chad comes across a black bear in his hunt for shed antlers. Still . . .

a .45 is better than a sharp stick against an aggressive ursine and that is a Buckeyes wrestling cap. So Chad wouldn’t be without grappling skills should his handgun fail to stop Yogi.

Do you take a gun in the woods when you’re NOT hunting? If so, what?

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  1. A friend of mine (lifetime outdoorsman and hunter) was almost ambushed by a mountain lion while hunting shed antlers (in Washington). He was carrying a .22 revolver (Ruger Single Six). He shot the cougar at a distance of less than ten feet. The cougar took off after being shot.

    He now always carries a .357 revolver, in the woods.

  2. I doubt there are many black bears in the lower 48 that would be ‘proofed’ against a .45acp. I honestly don’t believe I’ve seen any that topped 200 pounds.

      • Just my personal experience. I’m not a bear expert by any means. I’ve seen them in various states.

        None of the ones I’ve eyeballed looked more than 200 pounds, tops. But here in CA we have really small deer, too.

        Tall, skinny bobcats and tall, skinny yotes. In my experience.

      • Nor have I, here in Colorado, other then cubs and yearlings. I’ve seen several that went well over 400. One a lot closer than I would have liked.

  3. Yes, I always carry when out in the woods, mountains or desert. What I carry depends.

    I always carry a sidearm, generally OC a .45 USP when out in such environs (but sometimes something else), and a rifle. Most often a it’s .30-30 Marlin 336W but sometimes an AR in 5.56, a .308 bolt gun (varies), .308 semi auto or a .243Win bolt rifle. Depends on where I am and therefore what I might run across in terms of what try to eat me as well as terrain and vegetation of the area.

    Also, that’s a slick fixed blade. I like it. Micarta handles are kinda the shit.

    • I just came here to complement the knife too… now maybe if he splits some of those sheds he finds and replaces those micarta scales with antler…
      And of course I have a gun in the woods – just as I have one right now and at home and while driving, sleeping, pooping…

  4. Do I carry a gun when I’m hiking? Does a buck shed in the woods? Does Howdy Doody have a wooden a$$?

    Well, I think you get my drift.

  5. Woods-bumming is 357/44spl/45 LONG Colt single action time for me.

    Not all at once, mind you. I wouldnt have room for my 4 knives.

    Once in a while I drag out Model 57 in 41 mag.

  6. Sure, it’s just the same g19 I conceal carry in the city every day though. I live in WA so the worst thing I could run across would be yotes, cougar, or a black bear. However the small bears and cats are extremely rare in my area. I feel fine with a 9mm.

  7. Carry a small trauma kit with a touniquet if you’re on your own in the woods. Or if you’re anywhere else.

  8. It’s just about shed-hunting time in Tennessee. Checking trail cams today for one-antlered bucks. I am generally accompanied by my German Shepherd and Catahoula-Bulldog, and generally my S&W 686. Sometimes the Glock 19, sometimes the Ruger Alaskan, sometimes the Sig. .45, but mostly the Smith.
    If the Polaris is nearby, I have it rigged for a short rifle mount off my right hand, generally equipped with the .44 lever or the AK, both are excellent “patrol” rifles, short, fast on the target. But it’s mostly the time to be afoot, also have my Esee Junglas (Mikarta handle) and a good walking stick.
    Shed hunting is more than just hunting for sheds; it’s a great time to walk the property before greenup, when you can really see the lay of the land, which trees may have fallen, which trails need a touchup, which stands need attention, what areas should be cleared, which should grow up as cover, general scouting pre-turkey season. I love my woods in late Feb./early March, and the dogs do, as well. We’re a team, but I’m the only one packing. I last week found a big-ass cave covered by a blow-down, with spring water running over it. From first look, there’s a room as big as my living room and it clearly goes deeper into the hillside. Will investigate directly. FYI, there are over 8,600 known caves in Tennessee, more than any state in the union.

  9. Neon flashlight? I think they meant Nebo and I would not bet my life on a Nebo flashlight. Cheap point of sale torch for a woman’s pocketbook.

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