Who doesn’t love good coffee? Wright apparently does and allows as how he drove 90 minutes for that cup o’ Tim Hortons. See what Hoosier caffeine addicts tote on their extended coffee runs at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. Speaking as a Canadian, this borders on sacrilege, but Tim Horton’s is not good coffee. It’s terrible coffee. It’s coffee for people who hate coffee and want an excuse to drink cream and sugar. It’s homeopathic coffee, hot water with the vague memory of once having met a guy who’s third cousin’s roommate’s sister’s neighbour’s dog’s veterinarian once had the faintest of notions as to what a coffee bean might actually be, then rolled over in bed and forgot all about it. It’s an insult to coffee, and that some people consider the double-double to be the national beverage of my country makes my blood boil.


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