Shot Talk with TTAG, December 6, 2016

Ever wonder what it’s like when Robert, Dan, and I get around a table? Those of you who’ve had the…er…pleasure would probably strongly recommend against it. But for those still interested we present the first in a new series of videos we’re calling “Shot Talk” in which we discuss, well, whatever the hell comes to mind that day. In no particular order.

This week we come to you from newly (almost) completed VIP lounge of The Range at Austin, TTAG’s soon-to-be home range that’s under construction just south of the Live Music Capital of the World. We also welcome new TTAG contributor H.L. Harris to the table who holds her own remarkably well given the supporting cast she’s working with.


  1. avatar pwrserge says:

    Holy shit Nick, you look like you lost half a person. On one hand, good job. On the other, now you look all sickly.

    1. avatar Vhyrus says:

      Honestly, I was like “who’s the guy with Rob and Dan?” and then he said “I’m Nick Leghorn” and I’m like HOLY CRAP!

      1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

        Dan had to tell me it was Nick at Texas Gun Fest. Very impressed with his weight loss. I’m down 40 with another 50 to go, to make my doctor happy. It just takes some life changes to get there. I hate being yfwg.

    2. avatar kmeisner says:

      Nick is a cutie!!

  2. avatar Sam I Am says:

    OK. Went through three browsers to finally get youtube to cooperate.

    Guys, TTAG, staff, sound control needs a tad polishing.

    1. avatar Warren says:

      Yeah, I’m gonna second that. My hearing is already really lousy and that echo chamber pretty much ruined any potential for comprehending anything said.

  3. avatar EU says:

    No multicam, molle, NRA hats, or tattoos? You’ve let me down. /sarc

    1. Hey, I grew a beard. Doesn’t that get me at least a little tactical cred?

      1. avatar LKB says:

        Whiskers, yes. Beard, not yet. ?

      2. avatar LKB says:

        That’s not a beard! ? (Well, not yet.)

      3. avatar CueBaller says:

        No, because you were only about half-way on camera…

        1. avatar Joe R. says:

          Showed ~ 4 pistols only demo’d one? Porquoi?

      4. avatar Jiz says:

        Hey Dan could you tell Robert to STFU? All he did was interrupt with trying to be “funny” and peacock in front of the “girl”. I would have liked to hear you and her talk a little more w/o the self serving interruptions.

        Robert you scare all the chicks away from the community! What a creeper.

        Last thing. Someone else said it, fix the audio please

  4. avatar Hello World says:

    Hey Nick,

    Who’s the guy you link to who’s been dead for a while that was a captain (or other rank) that talks about life in general. I wanted to send somebody his writing.


  5. avatar L says:

    Why? Please. Never. Again.

  6. avatar Chief Master says:

    My mind was just blown. Robert, I always thought your last name was pronounced: FAIR-a-go. I was sitting here thinking, “Who’s this Ferahgo guy?”

    1. avatar Matt Richardson says:

      Hmmm, that’s upsetting… When I spoke to him recently he didn’t correct me on the mispronunciation.

      I LOATHE when my name is pronounced incorrectly, and most folks appreciate a pleasant correction.

      Shame on you Robert 😐

  7. avatar Garrison Hall says:

    Umm, guys . . . Reality TV has actual production staffs. Just sayin’ . . . 🙂

  8. avatar joe-in-nc says:

    Did you guys really lose money on the Texas Firearms Festival? I was hoping to attend in 2017.

    1. avatar Matt Richardson says:

      I hope not, I was in town for a debauch that weekend but thought TFF was the following weekend… By the time I had realized my mistake too much money had been spent and even more alcohol consumed for the festival to be a good idea.

  9. avatar Joe R. says:

    Funny, personal. But, walk through that (the user-sections) range with the camera>

    : )

  10. avatar FlamencoD says:

    Please don’t lump Oregon gun laws into the likes of NJ, CA, NY, Maryland, etc. Oregon gun laws are not bad, overall, thanks to the OFF. I say this because, while we do now have universal background checks (that most Sheriffs have said they will not enforce), the Oregon laws are preemptive, and one can carry your gun practically everywhere you go if you have a CHL, including schools, hospitals, public buildings (yes, even city hall or a police station), churches, bars, etc., and signs don’t carry the force of law. I’d gladly trade never having to disarm for an occasional extra background check that I’d have to do at the LGS anyway. Texas makes you disarm at a lot of places, doesn’t it?

    Currently there is no magazine limit, no AWB, no waiting times, etc., in Oregon.

    The newly elected Governor does have a few new gun laws up her sleeve (hoping none of those pass). Also, realize the democrat governor only won 51% of the vote and Hillary only got 52% of the votes.

  11. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    You almost had the camera aimed correctly. Make sure Dan’s head is completely obscured next time. That’ll be perfect.

    Sound. Acoustics. It’s a thing. And in a room with lots of glass and hard surfaces, it sucks. Try someone’s living room, where there are curtains, carpet and soft furniture. Hang a microphone from the ceiling over the center of the table, just out of view of the camera. Thank me later.

    I’ll watch the next episode, if Liberte Austin joins the group.

  12. avatar BDub says:

    The thumbnail looks like the 2 Bobs and their new intern. “Um, What would you say you DO here?”

  13. avatar CueBaller says:

    So H. L. Harris doesn’t know whether or not she should say her first name?

    Why, is it embarrassing?

    Harold? Habib? Hank?

  14. avatar former water walker says:

    Never wondered…?

  15. avatar scifiguy30 says:

    Hmmm…now I see why you guys are writers. I was amazed at how much Robert looks like a young(er) Stephen King with the hat on. Then he took it off…and he STILL looked a lot like a young(er) Stephen King. A little structure would go a long way, guys, but thanks for the first effort!

  16. avatar samuraichatter says:

    Nick you are already well on you way to hipsterville. If you put on any kind of head wear you will reach that destination.

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