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Oooh, our first Legion EDC pic. Is there a better out-of-the-box trigger on a semi-auto? Hard to believe there is. See what Craig’s carrying at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. A lot a folks seem to carry multiple knives. When I was living on a sailboat and sailing around I carried a couple different knives but back on land I have found infrequent use for even the knife in the multi-tool I carry. Am I unaware of something that makes multiple knives a good idea?

    • Are you a chef? Or a carpet layer? If not, then no. Hell, I only use 2 knives from my roll on any kind of regular basis, and cooking is part of my freaking job.

    • I carry a Benchmade Infidel for social work. It’s completely useless for anything else so the ZT 0300 comes along too. Occasionally there’s a Benchmade Mini Morpho for those times I’m bored and wanna flip it around to amuse myself.

      My knives usually cost more put together than the gun I’m carrying.

    • “Am I unaware of something that makes multiple knives a good idea?”

      I carry two, one in each front pocket. That came about from a job I had where I had to be ambidextrous while stretching and cutting about a dozen pieces of various diameter vinyl tubing for a peristaltic pump (Technicon)…

    • Most people that I know who two knives carry one as a utility knife and the other as a last ditch weapon.

      You keep the weapon one sharp by never using it unless you have to. The other one you beat the shit out of and don’t care because it’s a utility knife. I used to do this when my job required a lot of cutting strapping tape on steel. I wasn’t going to mess up the blade of my SOCP dagger by banging it against angle iron or whatever. So I had a cheepo Buck knife for work and the dagger for work.

  2. Yeah, gotta make sure you’ve got a tactical pen in case you need to stab someone and you can’t get to either of your knives…

  3. Okay, I’m finally going to ask: “Who in the world rolls as their multiple belt-held $hit through their belts/belt buckles/belt loops every single morning? Cops, yes, I get it. Anybody else? WTF?

    • People who buy a quality belt and understand it’s intended purpose?

      No, really. I’m not being sarcastic. It depends on what you wear and what you carry. I don’t think there’s anything odd about carrying a flashlight, knife, multitool, pistol and spare mag on your belt.

      At least, it’s no weirder than carrying your cellphone in one of those holster things, spare battery and another 3lbs of electronics on your belt. I see people do that all the time and no one seems to think it’s odd.

      • kind of a false equivalency. Folks belt mount electronics, but seldom to the extent you’re indicating, and the average oversized smart phone people wear as jewelery weigh less than a loaded double stack magazine or about as much as a stout knife.

        Everyone gets to live with their own choices, we the peanut gallery really don’t amount to much. Dude thinks he needs this stuff and has figured out how to carry it in a way that hopefully doesn’t ostracize him socially.

        • Most people don’t even know I have this stuff on me. If it isn’t on my person, it is in my bag.

        • Well, those in the know would probably think I am carrying just based on the shoot-me-first pants I wear when I am going onsite.

    • In my case, I wear the same pair of jeans for 3-4 days, so in my situation I only have to deal with that twice a week.

    • I wear cargos 90% of the time, so the only things actually on my belt would be the Legion (iwb) the mag pouch (iwb) and the fixed blade. Everything else is in a pocket. When I wear khakis, I then have a neck knife. Everything else still gets pocketed.

  4. the BM Adamas is a sweet knife….I have that same variant, super stout and bulky…love the knife, but a bit too much for EDC (for me)

    • Surprisingly, it isn’t too bad. I like the bigger, beefier knives, since they can take abuse. When I want to carry something “small” I carry either a full sized Griptilian or a ZT0350.

  5. I’m just too lazy for all this tactical stuff. One LCR .357 OWB on left, simple locking folder clipped in pocket on right, speed strip in left front pocket. Good to go.

  6. I dunno wtf junior here does that he needs three knives to do it. I shutter to think I needed that much shit on me to feel ok.

    • All the expensive kit is even funnier juxtaposed to the mag full of FMJ round nose in the picture. I guess when you carry $400 worth of knives and $1400 pistol there’s nothing leftover to spend on trivial things like premium self defense ammo for every day carry.

    • I work in IT. The fixed blade comes in handy when having to cut through sheetrock to pull wires. I have always carried multiple blades, since one is none and two is one.

  7. Does he have a belt mounted holster for the challenge coin that came with his legion?

    I have nothing useful to add that hasn’t been addressed. Legions are nice guns. That said if I was a SIG guy I’d pick up an AREX to beat the snot out of and keep the spendy ones reserved for HD/Pleasure.

    I’m not a sig guy and I may just get an AREX because I think they’re cool. Don’t tell my CZs.

  8. I love my legion and would love to carry it, but then I think of what would happen if I used it. You may lose that bad boy for a long time or forever. That’s not small change.


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