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TR works in private security. Which, we suppose, explains the knuckledusters. Check out what hired muscle totes at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Let’s say I was seen carrying brass knuckles. What would happen to me? If the answer was anything different that this rabbits experience, it only serves to further highlight the hypocrisy of the haves vs the have-nots.

    • “Let’s say I was seen carrying brass knuckles. What would happen to me?”

      If a compact Latino women with fire in her eyes shows *me* she has brass knuckles, I’d probably give up my valuables and hope I escape without a savage (and most likely well-deserved) beating… 🙂

  2. If he’d ditch the brass knuckles and the knife sharpener he could carry an LC9 instead of an LCP for the same weight. Also, it might be a little hard to explain to the police how you feared for your life yet had time to put those knuckles on before you beat a man half to death, especially when you had a firearm on your person.

    • I was going to make opposite argument, that shooting someone with brass knuckles in your person might be a problem. Hierarchy of defensive action and all….

      • Well, yes. Either way, brass knuckles don’t exactly have a reputation as a ‘defensive’ weapon, more of a F someone up weapon. Perhaps I’m underestimating the usefulness of them for defense, but so will the local law enforcement.

  3. BTW What can one do with a knife like that CRKT Eros that you can’t with the little knife in most multi-tools?

    • Fine, detailed work is easier with the lighter weight and slimmer handle of a small knife. In the boonies I always carry 2 knives. Large and small.

  4. Can we just rename this segment

    “Everyday most tactical-looking things I could dig out of my safe for a pretentious photo Op”?


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