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“AR-Gun: Augmented Reality makes the whole world become your aircraft-defense battlefield,” proclaims. “AR-Gun is a combination of AR Technology and Electronic Technology, a DIY extensible toy Gun, cooperate with the AR – gun APP, a perfect fusion of the real world and virtual game world augmented reality experience, let the players through the visual, auditory, sports enjoy with virtual reality.” Thank you Google translate! Translation . . .

Gamers build this kit ($24.48), attach their smartphone and shoot computer-generated images out in the real world. The games thus far: aircraft shooting and fish catching.

Yes I know; a whale isn’t a fish. And, despite the gun’s boxy look, this may not be something you want to use in the public square. Not only do you look like a total Wally and run the risk of getting run over, but the po-po might think you’re shooting an actual gun.

Surely no one’s that stupid! Don’t call me Shirley, and an aspiring New York cop was turned down for being too smart. Just sayin’….

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  1. Re being mistaken for a real gun … It does bear a certain resemblence to a 3d printed Liberator at first glance.

  2. The ABC or NBC story really does bring it all into focus. They just want people with average intelligence who just follow orders and don’t question them.

  3. Dude, this is Japan; a guy waving a highly-realistic firearm replica around in public & engaging imaginary targets is already a daily occurrence. That whole country is like a giant daycare (soon to be elder-care) with such a tiny exposure to actual firearms among the public that such a display of otherwise reckless child’s play –from adults, no less– carries no significant risk for anyone, apart from skinned knees.

  4. It must be so much fun shooting tiny little animated creatures on a 4″ screen. Those things are probably 1/2″ across, real time. The mobile/tablet craze has got to stop. And I’m not old.

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