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In case it still needs to be said, all Americans have a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation. Anyone who supports gun rights should support The Black Woman’s Defense League, right?

The rationale here — again, not that one’s needed — is that black women face the twin deadly threats of “racism and violent patriarchy.” The latter referring to domestic violence. “Not only do we have to fight The Man,” a member declares, “we have to fight our man.”

With machine guns? Probably not. (I’d bet $1 million that the range lent them automatic weapons for cinematic effect.) Anyway, Dallas’ Huey P. Newton Gun Club ejected the Black Women’s Defense League’s founder and called her new org a “male bashing feminist movement” fueled by a hateful stance towards men.

The problem being? The most important part of this story is the black community’s realization that they have gun rights, and that gun control was designed to remove them. Well, not the community. Yet.

Vice’s documentary eventually makes it clear that the Black Women’s Defense League consists of a handful of members. Still, it’s a start. And anyone who says, “You need to be consistently training on firearms; you’re never good enough” is most probably on the right track.

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    • Yeah, I saw this the other night too… Vice really exerted themselves to put a positive spin on these women.
      You really needed to listen closely to hear the less-than-pretty parts, like the part about not really liking guns and wishing none were available to anyone. And then the whole bit of being disassociated from the Black Panthers for being too extreme…
      Fine and dandy… if you’re buying guns andtooling up to fight The Man, or men, or aliens, or zombies or whatever lights your candle – suit yourself and just keep your mitts off mine and watch where you point yours – I may very well point back.

    • Claims to value the 2nd Amendment, votes for the anti gun party.

      The is your brain on leftism kids.

      Leftism, not even once.

  1. Great except that when they say they must fight “racism and violent patriarchy” they’re using Marxist code words for overthrowing our entire society and instituting some flavor of Communism.

    • “Anyway, Dallas’ Huey P. Newton Gun Club ejected the Black Women’s Defense League’s founder and called her new org a “male bashing feminist movement” fueled by a hateful stance towards men.”
      Or was it because Huey P. Newton the man casually murdered a woman, and tried to have another female witness assassinated, and had a habit of violence toward those around him in general (and a love affair with Jim Jones to boot)? What a piece of work; hard to imagine any sane female wanting anything to do with this clan in the first place, mission statement be damned.

      This group of gals are likely *at least* as much the racist basket-cases as the main HPNGC branch. No one deserves prejudicial mistreatment let alone violence, but that is not what that group is about. They are interested in self defense and personal empowerment only so far as they further bigoted Black Power and Marxist ideologies, and the promotion/enrichment of the leadership figures at the expense of ghettoed supporters’ continued distress. I gave them the benefit of the doubt once before I knew exactly who they were (and who Huey was) but they have proven unworthy of any respect.

      To be so hateful of men you get kicked out of a group dedicated to hating whites and police…yeesh.

    • Yup.
      I’d be happy to debate political philosophy, but unlike the Leftists I don’t want to use the government to strip the rights from those I disagree with.

      Even if I think their beliefs are dangerous… until they break the law and are convicted, they are innocent until proven guilty, and should enjoy full standing as a law-abiding citizen.

  2. The idea is great, the reasons why and execution of those ideals are terrible. And shame on Vice for telling lies. “It was racist ass Ronald Reagan in the 60’s and conservatives pushing gun control to keep blacks unarmed”. Are you F*%#ing kidding right now? I like the way Vice does their stories, and they cover different things, but the blatant bias and lying has got to stop.

    Good on those ladies for tooling up and taking care of themselves. I commend them for being responsible humans. If we could only get the rest of the country on board, we’ll be fine.

    • I love how when you prove it was almost explicitly a bunch of Democrats driving Jim Crow throughout its entire history up into the sixties, they say those were “conservative” southern Democrats. When you prove that historically “liberal” Republican California is and always has been racist as all get-out, they say it is representative of conservatives (yes, Reagan and Nixon especially were huge liberals compared to their party contemporaries; deal with it). When you prove East Coast urban politics has been tainted by the racism and abuse of Tamany Hall tactics since…well, Tamany Hall, the blame for the horrible conditions of minority communities therein is placed on adjacent Republican states for not adopting similar policies. They’ve got at least one excuse at the ready for every last one of their solutions.

  3. Well sure, rights is rights, ya know. But a Black Women’s Defense League is exactly as politically charged as a White Women’s Defense League, probably more. The idea being that all citizens have a right to defend themselves, but to build a race- and sex- specific group suggests race- and sex- specific concerns. It may be that our society is heading down the path of identity politics and can’t be turned back now. If so, then this is a symptom.

    • Yeah, the term “defense league” brings up associations with the Jewish Defense League, which has been responsible for terrorist actions in the U.S. If they’re not meaning to be that radical, they could have chosen a better term than “league”. And if they’re not enough aware of the world to realize the association they’re making, they have another serious issue!

  4. Why do I get the feeling that their idea of “defense” is based on ideological and not practical grounds?

    Ladies, listen up: Shooting someone who’s threatening to maim or kill you in that moment is self-defense; opening fire on people because you’re pretty sure they voted for Trump is murder, and it’s your responsibility to understand the difference.

  5. Tool up ladies. I care not one wit what your motive is. Think you can justify murder of whitey, go with that as well. Note whitey is armed and you want to play…bring it.

  6. I watched the Vice documentary piece last week. I realize the reporting is skewed, but mostly what I heard was talk about the why’s of black women’s need for self defense and not a whole lot of talk about the how’s and when’s. My impression was strong on identity politics and weak on instruction. I expect there to be some of that but that since they were meeting at a range, I expected to see more talk about gun safety and training from a legitimate group focused on self defense. I hope that was just the reporting bias.

  7. I was with them totally until I heard them teaching children to chant “Black Power”. I don’t care for anything “power”, whether black, white, gay, Christian, or anything else. Pride, yes; everyone has a right to be proud of who they are, but in my experience the term “power” invariably indicates an inclination toward superiority.

    If they wanted to chant “Black Dignity”, excellent — everyone, by virtue of the rights endowed by their Creator, has dignity, and everyone else ought to recognize it. That’s one aspect they have right; all too often black males have no respect for the dignity of their females, treating them like convenient receptacles for male sex organs in search of pleasure (an issue not confined to black males). But “power”? Of course it can be meant positively, in the sense that anyone denied any power at all by society is subjected to tyranny, but I have never listened to someone argue that and sound believable.

  8. Hey black women! What did I ever do to you to cause you to fear me?

    All I do is go to work, pay too much tax, put my kid through college, love my wife, find some form of recreation to relieve stress. I vote pro Constitutional candidates and I mind my own business. There are many white men like me. I see no evidence of institutionalised racism, and I live in the deep South. Your fear of me is an attempt to blame others for your own problems. Racism is the last thing you need to worry about. There is good and evil. Some racism exists in evil people, and very little may exist in good people. But evil is the enemy. Fight evil in all its colors and forms. Racism is a lie forwarded by evil to distract you. We are on the same side if it is evil that you call the true enemy.

    • Bro, stop. Just stop.

      …you’re making too much sense. It’s going to break some brains.

      Didn’t anyone tell you? The white man IS the evil in which they seek to extinguish.

    • I’m a black man and if I could paste your statement on a bill board for all to see I would. Very well said, and 100% true. You correctly named the true enemy; evil, and racism, no matter what quarter it comes from, black, white, or otherwise, is just another manifestation of evil.

      • I believe the hardest life is that of a black woman. The want of love of a good man, the blessing of good children, the fear of whatever built is taken away. I can’t fix it and of all things, breaks my heart the most.

      • The fact of the matter is that all humans contain good and evil. We have to make an effort to act upon what is good where it is often easy to act upon what is evil.
        Outside forces have divided us by causing us to take the lazy rout in pointing out each other’s sins. As long as we continue accusing each other of racism, and that could go on forever, evil does an end around run to oppress us all. When we recognize that we all are flawed and accept that premise, we can join forces against evil and tyranny.

  9. I don’t question their right to arm up.

    I do however question the wisdom of a group of folks arming up when they appear to be more interested in race-based identity politics than anything else.

    As I’ve said before I don’t particularly trust people who advertise the fact that they have a loose grip on reality. They’re more than welcome to embrace their 2A rights and I’ll continue to embrace my right to free association by not associating with people like this.

    A side note: If your man is bad enough that you need a gun to feel safe around him, why do you continue the relationship? You don’t have to be Dr. Phil to know that’s a toxic relationship.

    • Didn’t watch the video. Am I to assume she don’t like cops? She’d fit right in with some of the regulars here if that’s the case.

      Until she takes her uzi after a cop she has the right to own and carry it. At least in my view of 2a rights.

      • I just found that story. It’s from back in July so I have no idea where the investigation went, if anywhere. The cops were probing whether she had a connection to the shooter. She is a BLM activist and her attorney is former national chairman of the New Black Panther Party. Nothing illegal about the last two associations. Unsavory though.

      • I agree with you.
        You don’t have to play a video of armed black women who hate cops. There are plenty of white people armed who hate cops on this web site.

  10. Although this one here may be an ideologically bullshit organization, in general, as a white male,I like it when females, blacks, hispanics, gays, Jews, Catholics, Unitarians, Rastafarians, etc. join the pro-self defense bandwagon. Just more kryptonite against the ultra-left statist-Fascists. On a different note, there must be a better term for the other side. I just can’t think of it at the moment.

  11. They seam to take the responsibility of gun ownership seriously. I support their rights!

    Everyone who wants to own a gun should. NRA should have more minority outreach we need the #’s

  12. You don’t have to play a video of armed black women who hate cops. There are plenty of armed white people who hate cops on this web site.
    I don’t expect these black women to support the gun civil rights of the KKK like white Jewish people did. But then those same Jewish people have not supported the right to keep and bear arms for black people historically. If anyone has a problem with me saying this then you to ask yourself why so many white northern civil rights workers were against blacks having guns????

    If this is news to you, then I suggest you read “This non-violent stuff will get you killed.” By Charles Cobb. You can find it on Amazon.

    Yes, I know about the JPFO. I joined the group in 1994 when I heard the founder Aaron Zelman speak on one of those right-wing Christian radio stations. He talked about how gun control laws were first and only written to keeping guns from law abiding black folks.


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