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The Walther PPX has one of the best triggers on any production striker fired gun. The Benchmade Mini Grip is one of the best EDC blades on the planet. Check out all of Noah’s gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • Yep. I’ve never handled the PPX, so it just may have a dandy trigger but the PPQ – now there’s a mighty fine striker fired trigger for sure.

      • The PPX does have a good trigger. It’s not a traditional double action, it’s single action, kind of. The slide partially cocks the hammer then there’s additional hammer travel with the trigger. It’s smooth and relatively light.

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      ATTN – TTAG Management – The damn video in the far upper right corner auto-starts.

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  2. Walther PPX is hammer fired not striker. The hammer is pre-cocked similar to some striker fired guns. That’s what gives it such a smooth and light feeling trigger.

  3. PPX has been discontinued, good luck finding one at least in 9mm. It was replaced with the “Creed” which is pretty much the same gun just less “Hi-point” looking which most likely it’s biggest downfall. The PPX trigger is almost as nice as my PPQ IMHO.


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