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Conner carries more than just what he can stuff in his pockets, hence his backpack dump. You can sift through it all at Everyday Carry . . .

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      • I carry less than Connor’s EDC when I go camping.

        But I know his kind. The chapstick and inhaler are a dead giveaway. The sticker-covered MacBook is just icing on the mallninja cake.

  1. Seriously… all this “stuff” for EDC and one can’t afford a decent camera (smartphone or otherwise) to take a picture.

    Who carries [all] this stuff anyway? I already feel heavy if I’m carrying more than my wallet (1 gov ID, 1 DL, 1 CC, 1 debit), Sebenza 21, Glock 43, chapstick, and car keys (with 1 house key attached).

    Some of these pocket dumps are laughable…

    • Why is it laughable? Ever been to school? Colleges don’t have lockers. My textbooks plus my laptop weigh almost 20lbs by themselves. If you’re gonna carry a gun, spare mag and 20lbs worth of stuff you need for your daily routine why not add in a bit of medical some batteries and a flashlight?

      Lot’s of business professionals carry a bag with their paperwork, laptop, chargers etc. I see nothing odd about this dump at all.

      If you feel heavy carrying a few pounds of stuff maybe you need to hit the gym?

      • Yes, I’ve been to school, 14 years of it… A whole wall of fancy paper. If you need a diagnosis or prescription, that’s the type of school I went to.

        Maybe I do need to hit the gym [more]. 16 years in the military (currently deployed overseas), recently scaling Mont Blanc last year and summiting the Atlas Mountains (in Morocco) several weeks ago, proves I’m not in shape… /s

        • Well doc, if you’re in such fantastic shape what’s your beef with a few extra pounds to carry around? It’s good for you and burns calories faster while doing what you’d normally do anyway.

          Sorry, I don’t buy it. Your claims simply don’t match up.

        • Because anyone who has done any decent expeditions or ascents up mountains for days or weeks at a time knows that the lighter is better. This is simple truth.

          For me, this translates to EDC. It is far easier to escape from trouble the lighter you are than if you’re carrying a bunch of “stuff.”

          You don’t need to buy my claim. Here’s my proof:

          What next, you want my organization UIC or *.mil address? lol

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