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This is what Nikko packs when he wants to keep things light. And he says carrying the Opinel makes him “feel a bit more classy.” Who’d argue with that? See everything he’s carrying at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. I often don’t carry a light when I think there is very little chance I’ll be out after dark. I ain’t never gonna clear dark rooms. Not sure a notebook with no pen is a good combination though. Maybe it is a read-only device away from home.

      • I run out with whirling arms if the lights go out. The whirling arms might confuse the virals just long enough…. Maybe the Streamlight should come along more often.

  2. I carry a mini-mag in it’s case on my belt at all times. Have had people ask why I carried a flashlight during the day? Tell them, there are dark corners even in the daylight.

  3. A flashlight is the most useful thing I carry. Even when I can’t CCW, having a four sevens mini 123 in my pocket is guaranteed. Bright as hell, tough, they are the best 30 bucks you can spend.

    The lithium batteries are reasonable and last a long time too.


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