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Slide Fire stock (courtesy

Supply and demand baby. The supply of bump stocks is limited and about to get a LOT more limited. The demand is through the roof, as gun owners look to get one while they can. If only because they can. For now. Prices of used examples are skyrocketing from the product’s original circa $200 msrp. But, as I warned earlier . . .

The Feinstein bill bans possession of a bump fire stock. So if the bill goes through and you buy one now, you’ll have to surrender it later. Or face the consequences.

Slide Fire billboard "pure American"

How will the feds know you’ve got one? If you bought a bump fire stock from a store with cash (sold out now) and they didn’t video the transaction, you’re in the clear. If you bought one from any of the online retailers (since dropped) or Gun Broker, uh-oh.

Bill ban or retroactive ATF ruling, what are the odds the feds will literally swoop down on bump fire stock owners? Imagine if someone else uses one for a spree killing. Yeah. It could be that bad.

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    • This BS (bump stock) is wildly overbuilt for what it does. A simple change to a couple smaller components would accomplish the same thing with just a touch more mess and fuss. So 3D printing will be a fast solution and muddy the AFT waters further.

      By the way, anyone try a bump stock on a binary trigger?

      • I’d almost guarantee you’d outrun the gun. The bump stocks can go VERY fast once you get some practice.

        It might be fun to see someone try it though 🙂

      • It wouldn’t work. A fast enough trigger finger alone will cause a binary trigger to skip. If you added a bumpfire stock to the equation, you’d just have an extremely inaccurate and inconsistent weapon. I remember a lot of discussion regarding this when the Fostech Echo trigger first came out.

    • Well first off 3-D will obviate all the legislation, and there are “other” ways……more to the point is that twisted witch Fienstien and the whole process of trying to crack the 2nd Amendment.
      As to full auto, “spay and pray” just relieve you of viable ammo. If in an over run situations 130mg of pyro tect flash powder in cardboard wrapped in BB’s with a light wax covering will do just fine as a grenade. And I guess that’s the point, you close one door anther opens. And of course the mental health issue or underlying motive of this creep remains unaddressed, while lefties and crushed democrats focus on nothing that matters..
      I have said now for the last 4 years we are heading towards a “Civil War” in this country, most laughed back then and said I was nuts….they aren’t laughing now, and the name calling has stopped. Before 2020, I see it coming like a freight train, and no one will stop it now. The tree of FREEDOM requires feeding.

  1. I was considering buying one (despite my apathy towards the devices) for the sake of demonstrating how it worked for my anti-gun friends and family.

    Decided against it for a couple reasons- for one, I didn’t really need to spend $200, much less $1200, on the thing, but beyond that I was a little bit concerned about the aftermath and what side of the “Let’s just grandfather these people” line the sales would fall on.

    • The last customer to ask me about one of these a week ago was told “It’s a thrill, but not a cheap one”. Nothing has happened in the past week to change that opinion – I still won’t be taking one home with me.
      But this entire matter still ticks me off…
      I see thus as proof that this tragedy has impacted every single one of us – whether we were there or not: every American is either grieving, scared, angry, confused, all the way down the scale to just mildly annoyed.
      May Stephen Paddock roast on a deep dark hole for what he did to us all.

  2. Most expensive stupid range toy, ever?

    I had no idea those things were priced at $200 to begin with. I could see maybe $50 for something like that, but, golly! I suppose if you have enough disposable income to turn piles of ammo into noise for no other reason than giggles, then I guess you can afford a $1,250 stock to enable that.

    Capitalism. Isn’t it wonderful?

    • “Most expensive stupid range toy, ever?”

      No, not by a longshot.

      That (beautiful) $50,000 Colt replica Gatling gun wins that prize…

      • Love it!!! I may have to make me one of those!!! Others just drool and have another cold beer.
        I know how it feels to have a ‘Real Toy’ while others just sit and dream or get ticked-off ’cause they don’t get to have such.
        My toy now is an 1881 wood carriage (original) with a 2″ muzzle loader (1950’s) barrel on 24″ wheels…black powder!
        Wish I could afford an authentic-period barrel…a repro is $9,000.00****that’s correct! Guess, I’llsell this one and go for the Gatlin Gun!
        Thanks, Pete

  3. Sure RF…like all those Californians and Connecticut gun owners who didn’t “register” all their guns and magazines. I AM a dealer in antiques but I also buy things like this at an opportune time to sell for a PROFIT. Wish I’d thought of getting this…

    • . . . said 22K (unarmed because they followed the law, and they didn’t think they’d need to sling an adequate rifle to return fire as they stood in a crowd in a concert) people in Vegas last weekend.

        • I didn’t say anything more than I thought they were a waste of ammo. Didn’t say anything about restricting anything. Personally I think Sub machine guns should be legal. I believe they are required in Sweden for veterans to own. Clarification appreciated if I’m wrong.

  4. Is keeping a bump-fire / slide-fire system worth killing someone over?

    Let me bottom line it for ya: Your Life Isn’t Worth Half a Wet Tick-Turd. If you happen to have a bump-fire / slide-fire stock for sale, somewhere south of MSRP, you might have just dried your half of tick-turd somewhat.

  5. Wouldn’t a blanket prohibition of possession be considered ex post facto? And wouldn’t it constitute taking of property without compensation in violation of the 5th Amendment. Sounds more like the high-cap magazine situation during the Clinton gun ban where mags in possession prior to the ban were still legal. Seems like a blanket prohibition wouldn’t pass constitutional muster. But I’m not a lawyer. Just askin’.

    • I’m no mouthpiece either, but how can the G-men okay the design and then try and ban possession after hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people legally bought them?

    • “Wouldn’t a blanket prohibition of possession be considered ex post facto? ”

      No. The 1934 National Firearm Act required all existing MGs (and all other devices covered by it) to be taxed and entered into the registry…

      • registered, not turned in or confiscated.

        if they get a ban bill through, I imagine these toys will just become anNFA item and be like an AOW accessory or some shit. probably give gun owners an amnesty period to serialize and register them pay the tax ect

        but the fact u can 3d print them makes it pointless

    • First, you’d have to have it challenged, and then pray that the Courts would actually uphold the Constitution as it was meant. Not as they do now, or with “closer scrutiny” = absolute ability to infringe.

  6. Ordered one a couple of days ago when the retailer was still accepting new orders. Don’t know if it will ship or not but I’m crossing my fingers.

    • PS. I think these B.S slides are driving a death nail in semi autos, I wouldn’t be to keen on , how I can use a rubber band to make my semi auto go brrrrapp.

    • Well…. Obama made drone strikes on Americans a thing; probably in a few years they won’t even need Predators with Hellfires, and could just release swarms of microdrones carrying curare-darts. *rollseyes*
      Hell…. we have fat bumblebees around here that sound like those things, guess I’m gonna have to start practicing more with .22 rat-shot and CBs.

      • O’Bama has done some real ‘Chingadera” things, this ability to ‘Drone’ ‘Hit’ Americans as He decided who and when… did NOT include Muslim Americans…he just …wait for it…’MisSpoke’
        don’t even get me started

  7. I used mine a total of once. Though I might again so kept it. I was wrong. Will sell it for $500.

  8. A ban might be necessary, only to save stupid gun owners’ wallets from themselves. Sheesh.

  9. That guy should’ve just handed $1200 to me so I could buy myself a decent shotgun. That way, at least one of us would get something worthwhile out of the transaction.

    • I don’t have one…and just think, I just wanted $2,500.00 for my 1881+ black powder cannon…oh well, guess I’ll always go my own way!!! It is a lot more fun when you’re in control! +++ and, you don’t need a coloring book and a ‘safe’ place and hot cocoa to recover when you’re a student at the University you are attending at someone else’s expense. What is up with all that?

  10. Rumor has it that antis are running up the prices on these auctions–and then will be defaulting on the purchase, which will take the item off the market for a considerable period. Lest that’s the rumor over on TFB.

  11. For that price he could have bought a 3d printer and had unlimited bumpfire devices or a Ghost Gunner.

  12. I have a slide fire stock for sale here in nacogdoches texas if you want one make me an offer I can’t refuse and it is yours my phone number is 936)6459860

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