Daily News investigation into NY crime homicide stats (courtesy dailynews..com)
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“Despite New York’s reputation as the safest big city in America, some residents are far more at risk of meeting a violent end than others,” Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agit-propmeisters proclaim in their email blast (posted below). “An investigation by the Daily News underscores that young black and Latino men die most often by gun.” Yes, well . . .

that Daily News investigation simply points out that some neighborhoods have more violent crime — and thus more firearms-related homicides — than others. Despite the incendiary headline, it does not highlight the race of the victims.

The Trace’s editor, however, focused on the fact that all of the victims in the article were black or latino, and immediately jumped-up on one of the antis’ favorite hobby horses: the lack of gun control is racist!

Which is, it must be said, the exact opposite of the truth. American gun control laws were born from racism. And remain racist.

The Trace fails to trace that connection. Instead, they sugar-coat the fact that it’s gang banging that’s causing all but a fraction of the firearms-related homicides in these high-crime neighborhoods.

Among the dead were young men caught up in cycles of neighborhood violence, like Lewis Encarnacion of East Harlem. As disputes between residents of different housing projects in his neighborhood mounted this past September, Encarnacion told a friend he feared for his life, and that he urgently wanted to tell his mother he loved her. He was shot and killed later that day.

Disputes between residents of different housing projects? Disputes? Is that what you call turf wars between young men thugs fighting to control the drug trade and other illegal activities?

It is if you promote gun control.

The Trace email blast (courtesy thetrace.org)

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  1. soooo. Just gonna gloss over the gang violence aspect are they? Well not me. Seems every single time we see those demographics in crime reports it can be traced back to gang wars, generational poverty, or some poor black or latino shmuck getting caught in the cross fire from a gang war.

    Maybe if we could get them to change that, maybe if these communities would actually try to alter the culture that glorifies the thugs (not likely since every rapper, athlete, and star tries to project that persona), and most of all if they would perhaps start to try to foster actual fathers rather than baby daddies we could end the bloodshed.

    Wanna know why you’re still stuck in the projects? It’s because you can’t be bothered to get a legal job because you refused to get an education thinkin your “fire beats” and “mad ballin skills” would pay the bills. So now in your late 20’s you’re dumb as a rock, got a rap sheet that weighs more than a small child, and owe back child support equal to the national debt.

    No but it’s cool though that dude in that other colored shirt totally needed to be shot and you totally had to sell those kids that crack cause you makin mad stacks yo.

    Maybe pull your head out of your ass and start actin right while you’re at it. Oh and white folks are just as bad about all that crap too so don’t think it’s just the blacks and Hispanics I’m directing this little tirade at.

    • Those are the facts, deal with it. Whites and Asians commit the least amount of crime per capita. Mostly because they have parents and a culture that strives to pull your weight, be honorable, and actually contribute to society instead of being parasites.

      Maybe if they weren’t such pieces of human garbage they wouldn’t get so much “hate” or need the libtard PR machine to cover up their crimes, give them unwarranted handouts, and promote their terrible criminal-enabling culture.

    • Robert, did you remove my response to ATF *mumble*dipsh*it*, here, calling them a racist piece of filth? Why would you do such a thing?

    • Literally every sentence in your comment employs racist messaging. You might suggest that you’re not racist, but this comment is a master class of racist imagery, tropes, stereotypes, &c.

      You’re either extremely stupid or extremely racist.

      If the later, go die in a fire.

      • Read ATFAgenBob’s post, then saw jsled’s post. Went back and reread ATFAgentBob’s post, specifically looking for the “racist messaging”. ATFAgentBob used vernacular and colloquialisms used in the thug culture. To believe that he was specifically calling out individuals solely based on their ethnicity or skin color is indicative of your ignorance in the meaning of the word “racism”.

        Also, I noticed the following comment from ATFAgentBob; “Oh and white folks are just as bad about all that crap too so don’t think it’s just the blacks and Hispanics I’m directing this little tirade at.”

        Seems to be clear that race is not a factor.

      • Literally every single sentence in his comment are actually observations that can be readily made in the real world. You might not consider them accurate, but it’s actually your comment that is a master class of knowingly baseless assertions — and assertions without evidence can only be indicative of guilt on the part of the accuser.

        You are extremely stupid and in all likelihood extremely racist yourself.

        So, no, you get to go die in a fire. Preferably sooner rather than later, too, so chop-chop.

        • Stop whining and trying to smear him with “racist”. That lost it’s sting about 10yrs ago- when everything is racist, then nothing is racist. What the guy said is true and we all know it. Furthermore the world is much better off without about 90% of these “teens”. They are vermin and parasites on society and I’m thankful they kill each other off at a good clip.

      • Michael bloomberg is not racist for saying “95% of murder is committed by young minority males”??

        The gun control lobby is inherently racist. It stokes racist fears.

        95% of US murder is not committed by minority males. Minority males are 6.6% of the population and only commit 52% of US murder

        • Correction – 52% of solved murders. We don’t know how many of those unsolved. Chicago police solved only 12% of 2017 murders for example. Guess which kind of murders goes unsolved most often. I would say it’s likely gang drive-by or another drug deal gone bad.

      • As someone who’s experience with the hood is actually living there for years and not reruns of Good Times this “master class of racist imagery, tropes, stereotypes, &c.” is right on the money. In the summer it was common for me to pass multiple ghetto shrines to shitheads who’d got themselves hosed in the dope game or just a neighborhood dick waving contests. I always considered it an improvement to the neighborhood. Sometimes the trash just takes itself out.

  2. Like I’ve been saying for years: gun control is racist. (It is also classist and sexist.) This applies to ALL of its various forms, by the way. Even as a basic concept, never mind any written statutes. Now, if you apply the so-called “logic” of leftists equally to themselves (SURPRISE: they don’t so we have to), they themselves are racists as are their very perceptions and thought processes.

    Never let anyone tell you anything to the contrary, either, and not in any form or fashion whatsoever. Anything said in contradiction is a demonstrable LIE. Period.

  3. > The Trace’s editor, however, noticed that all of the victims were black or latino, and immediately jumped-up on one of the antis’ favorite hobby horses: the lack of gun control is racist!

    Robert, is The Trace’s “email blast” linked to or available anywhere? The text you block quote isn’t in the Daily Mail article you link to. Nothing in the Daily Mail article suggests “the last of gun control is racist”.

    > The Trace fails to trace that connection.

    Where? What are you talking about? How can we evaluate it ourselves?

      • Thanks.

        What in the world substantiates your claims, given this screenshot?

        Where, herein, is “the lack of gun control is racist” here?

        Do you get off on stoking the fires of racism before someone calls you on it?

        • You apparently get off on levying knowingly baseless accusations of racism before someone rightly deletes your comments.

        • jsled’s nuggets:

          “Literally every sentence in your comment employs racist messaging. You might suggest that you’re not racist, but this comment is a master class of racist imagery, tropes, stereotypes, &c.”

          “You’re either extremely stupid or extremely racist.
          “Do you get off on stoking the fires of racism before someone calls you on it?”

          “awesome racism, bro.”

          Speaking of racism, you like to bring it up just a bona fide SJW.

    • The Trace is owned by bloomberg. It is a gun control PR group that lobbies for gun control. It is another group that does political work for Bloomberg in a dark money scheme to bury political spending in non profit/charitable and deductible donations
      And are you going to apolgize to Farago for implying that Trace did not blast this?

  4. Comes down to IQ and culture.

    That is why African countries are still crapholes even after the end of the colonial era. There is even a documentary on YouTube from 2011 that documents China investing lots of money in Africa. The Chinese man doesn’t play the PC card like an effeminate, white liberal would. He tells the black interpreter straight up that you are behind because it is your fault. No responsibility for your actions. Don’t blame the Europeans, at this point you only have yourself to blame. The Chinese man is brutally honest and I agree with him.

    Same can apply to the Central and northern South American countries as well. Lower IQ, lazy people who instead of fixing their own countries they run to the U.S. and expect a handout from us as well as for us to bend over backwards to accommodate them at our expense to our economic security and freedoms. You want respect? Fix your own country, immigrate here legally like everyone else does, and assimilate. How would you like it if “Gringo’s” decided to do the same to you to your country if the roles were reversed?

    • This is the exact problem in the Middle East too. All these people want to be free but they don’t want to fight or work for it.

      • Most people in the world don’t really want to be “free” – as in individual liberty and self responsibility. Not even in America. Seems to me, reflected in all of the fighting on every hand, that most people want to control the lives and property of OTHER people. I see no indication at all that those in the middle east are any exception. Jihad, war, horrific murder and oppression don’t indicate any desire for freedom… except the “freedom” to kill and destroy.

        The desire/compulsion/lust to control the lives of other people is the ROOT of all evil. All this race stuff is merely some of the paint being sprayed on the rotting walls.

      • Instead of just calling people “racist”, you should try disproving their statements pointing out the flaws in their logic…. for instance: “Africa is a s#!t hole because….” or “Latin Americans immigrate to the racist U.S. because…” or “Chinese Americans commit crimes at lower rate because….” etc, etc, etc… nobody here will take you seriously unless you have a pointed argument.

      • Populations generics is not racism, it is science.

        Various populations DO have lower IQ than others, as well as differing distribution rates of genes tied to learning, and IQ.

        To say “every member” of a chohort has a lower IQ, or “Joe is a member of this population cohort that has a lower average IQ therefore he must have a lower IQ” is racist. To say a cohort has a lower IQ and therefor is more likeley to engage in violent crime is not racist any more than cohorts do see largee numbers of distribution rates and hundreds of genetic factors affecting health, fitness and other genetic expressions.

        Do you believe it is “sexist” to note that men commit more violent crime? Are you the kind of idiot who believes that because around 90% of people in prison are males that this is per se sexism in the criminal justice system? Or do commission rares by males matter?

        Minority males KILL way more often than they are killed. Was bloomberg a racist for saying so about five years ago?

  5. Just about every crime is committed in order of frequency by black, Hispanic, white and Asian people. This isn’t news to anyone who follows FBI stats.
    The real reasons are complex and there are no easy solutions or quick fixes.

    In cases where genuine racism is party its still only a small part. A finger in the dyke isn’t going to prevent the flood but all we get from politicians, SJW’s and “community organizers” is fingers.

    • Where racism apparently is a party is in drug prosecutions, and we can go ahead and attach to that all of the other nasty institutions and policies that came out of the “The War on (Some) Drugs” while we’re at it. As we all should know by now, the vast majority of violence is committed by gangs. Gangs that wouldn’t be nearly so prevalent nor as vicious if it weren’t for drug prohibition.

      • The illegal cigarette industry is a $50 billion market. The illegal pain killer market is the most lucrative street drug industry in the U.S. today. I can legally get both those things, but billions of dollars will still go to criminals trafficking in those commodoties. Uncle Sam will always want his pound of flesh in taxes, which means various levels of legality/illegality for anything (cars, guns, drugs, labor, realestate, prostitution, etc.) Gangs don’t kill eachother because “drugs”. Drugs are just the latest way to finance their urban tribal war.

        • It’s precisely because Uncle Sam is constantly after his “pound of flesh” that complex criminal enterprises become necessarily more violent to protect their territorial interests and settle their contractual disputes in the first place.

        • As soon as the ‘pound of flesh in taxes’ gets higher than people are willing to pay, they turn to black market. Where there’s demand, there’s always someone willing to get supply for the right price. If price of powdered sugar got artificially inflated by taxing it excessively, gangs would turn to suger smuggling, bootlegging and pushing overnight.
          Turf wars are logical result of black market – when you are in illegal business selling illegal comodity, you can’t go to cops or courts with your complaints. You shoot your trespassers.

  6. Murder inequality must end! C’mon, white people. Give up your white privilege, go out there and kill someone.

    And while you’re at it, deal some smack and have ten children by eleven different women. And then burn down your neighborhood.

    Equality depends on you.

    • That’s the funnest statement i ever heard thank you. You made my day. The truth is right in front of the American people but refuse to see it what a shame.

    • Okay, I will try to do my part. For equality. As soon as I figure out how to get ten babies from eleven mothers.

  7. Just a quick question for you, Mr. Farago. Do you ever get a response from the weasels that write this garbage? Do they ever respond to articles, such as this one?

  8. 21 teens were killed* in NYC in 2017? And only 19 of them with a firearm?

    According to the NYC government there are 2 million New Yorkers under 18. So we can probably assume the population in the range [13, 20) is 500k to 1M. So that’s a death rate between 0.000038 and 0.000019.

    The overall murder rate in NYC (based on numbers from the same site) is .0000390, which is very close to the estimate for teens. So teens are slightly less safe than New Yorkers in general…who are still pretty damn safe from murder (thank you capitalist prosperity).

    * I’m assuming by killed they mean murdered.

  9. More blacks and latinos die of gun violence because blacks and latinos, as groups, do more stupid shit than anybody else. Only an idiot wouldn’t be able to make that connection.

  10. Your all full of shit with the racist comments. I come from a neighborhood that’s predominantly Hispanic and we all get along fine. Most of the neighbors are homeowners and the crime rate is virtually none. Criminals come from every race and always have deal with it.

    • You are full of shit with the false accusation. Your personal experience is anecdotal and doesn’t equal an argument, nor can it even be verified with any degree of certainty for that matter. Oh, and nobody is even saying that only blacks or latinos have crime problems in their neighborhoods, either. Not even implying as much, either. You need to deal with that.

      • Not exactly full of shit. It certainly IS possible he lives in a neighborhood made up of educated, middle class hispanics (yes there is such a thing) that immigrated legally. He could be later generation latino. Most of the crime issues stem from low education low income segments of the population. I did forget to include that in my tirade above. It seems people that get an education and a good paying job are less likely to get into the gang game. The low education low income types are the ones that build meth labs in their single wides.

    • non-whites….esp. Blacks and “Hispanics”… commit the overwhelming majority of violent crimes in the US….tht’s why they ‘make up’ 80+% of the prison ppltn…
      just…deal with it

      • The racist conclusion from those facts is identical in nature to the conclusion many liberals draw that religion is the source of most evil: it looks at a selected set of data rather than the whole array. In the case of religion, the truth is that it’s ideology that leads to evil — it’s just that religions lend themselves to being made into ideologies. In the case of race, the truth is that economics and education are the real problem — it’s just that our society works to keep non-whites in the wrong economic and educational situations.

        And that feeds a cycle, because those who blame it on race use that to keep non-whites in those wrong situations.

        • get outta here!
          non-whites…. esp. blacks and Hspncs…..have been given HUGE amounts of money over the decades and ‘gifted’ with ALL sorts of generous social programmes…even getting “affirmative action” freebie-type scholar-ships to IVY LEAGUE colleges….and…still….we see these high, violent crime rates….
          its genetic….to the core
          the old-timers implicitly knew this and that’s why a form of ‘apartheid’ existed in the US for decades…..which actually benefitted blacks……
          trying to ‘integrate’ them into white societies has, overall, been an unmitigated disaster…..

    • What you described is your barrio, esse. You arent living in America, you are living in a transplanted Mexico.

      • Your right it is the Barrio homz and it’s home. Who are you to tell anyone what’s “America” and what’s not. We speak spanglish in the neighborhood and celebrate the 4th and have for generations. I LOL at the type of people who claim this is their country because it’s only yours if you can afford it. I started investing in rental properties in the Midwest after finding out they cost about 1 years salary so I sing Woody Guthrie lyrics all the way to the bank. God bless the USA.

        • who are YOU to go against what the Founding Fathers decreed that America should be and what they intended thereto?
          one thing they didn’t intend is that is should be a mish-mash/polyglot/multi-cultural/multi-racial dog’s dinner!
          yr “ideas” are nothing more than the detritus of the pseudo-Marxist gobble-de-gook of the 1960s/1970s …. totally worthless and intellectually bankrupt….

        • It always amuses me when someone prefaces a statement with “Who are you to…?”

          They are the person that is responding to your original statement. Did you expect to just drop a written turd and expect nobody to comment?

          IN GENERAL, the statistics bear out the contention that certain groups are more likely to commit violent crimes. If you happen to be in one of these groups, becoming insulted is pointless. But it is the tribal triggers that are exploited by those that want to shake the jar and see the insects fight.

          Perhaps it would be wise to move past getting bent out of shape, and see what can be done about it?

    • The “I Have never/do and I have never experienced blank” bullshit does not fly. I want to live in America, not Mexico.

  11. Anyone ever stop and consider who benefits by keeping the different races/ethnicities/religions at each other’s throats?

  12. Doesn’t it matter as much WHO killed WHO with a gun as it does WHO got killed? To simply focus on who got killed in gun-involved homicide and make broad stroke generalizations about “racism” based on half the equation is as deliberately deceptive as it is stupid.

  13. This just in, more white males are killed in rodeo accidents than any other ethnic group. Rodeos must therefore discriminate against white males!


  14. The biggest factor of criminality is whether there’s a father in the home. Don’t blame the gun, or gun laws, blame the absentee fathers.

  15. Unless and until politicians follow the example of the Emperor Augustus in Rome back in the day and recognize that gangs are enemies of the public, and then treat them as such, nothing on earth will change the violence in our inner cities. Not that we have to do it the way he did (picked one gang to support and used them to wipe out the others), but ignoring it will accomplish nothing but more blood.

  16. Just a guess by me, but it seems that a majority of crime in the US is committed by liberals against other liberals. It also seems to me that a lot of crimes by liberals against conservatives don’t end well for the liberals,
    Always gotta look for the silver lining…… (BIG SMILEY FACE)

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