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I’ve got something of a man crush on Dom Raso. The same may be true for Colion Noir, who’s incorporated the gun guru into his Noir program. In the how-high-can-your-production-values-go episode of Dom Showcase (in Noir Season Six), the former SEAL takes on a spree killer in a darkened theater. In the video below he demonstrates . . .

unorthodox firing positions, blending in and finding concealment.

I reckon a lot of what the Dom’s demonstrating and recommending is instinctive. Do you really have to train yourself to be able to pivot in a small space while drawing your gun and ducking down for cover?

There’s nothing wrong with that kind of training, which you can do dry firing in the comfort of your own living room. But I reckon someone who knows how to draw quickly and efficiently can make ready in a variety of situations without too much training.

Another question: should a theater goer under ballistic attack stay put and shoot the bad guy — or guys — or beat feet? What if you’re with a family member or friend? Shooting at someone tends to draw return fire, you know. And what of shoot and move, shoot and move?

Anyway, if I had an ounce of Dom’s sangfroid I wouldn’t be worried about any of it. Just saying.

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  1. And be careful that *another* concealed-carrier may mistake *you* for the lethal threat, and negates *your* ass…

    • I watched a lot of the body cams from the terrorist attack at the Pulse nightclub. It seemed like one of the cops fired his AR-15 at an innocent person thinking he was a threat. Not sure if that is actually what happened…

      It would be a very problematic situation to find yourself trapped in as an armed citizen.

      Do you run to a safer area, barricade yourself and others inside a room and have your gun out? Do you just think about yourself, keep your gun holstered and hide until your forced to draw? Do you hunt down the killer to save lives? Do you try to fight your way out of the building using your gun? How do you keep your gun unholstered in order to engage the killer without getting shot by the cops who are also inside the building?

      It’s seems like almost a guarantee if you are hiding in a room, with your gun out, the cops will enter the room and shoot you until they run out of ammo before you could say you’re a friendly. It’s not like you can yell continuously that there is a friendly inside the room when the terrorist is looking for you.

    • “And be careful that *another* concealed-carrier may mistake *you* for the lethal threat, and negates *your* ass…”

      Nah. Only cops do that. In fact, it seems that cops are trained to end hostage situations by killing the hostages.

      • It certain scenarios I am actually OK with that and Keanu agrees with me 🙂 God is great.

  2. These are pretty tough scenarios…if nothing else, it makes you think. I think Dom’s takes are pretty valuable. If you do find yourself in a situation something like this, I reckon it’s good to have at least seen how it might be done and have given it a little thought. I love Noir’s stuff pretty much across the board.

    • See, now that’s what I’ve gleaned from Dom’s vids: he stages a scenario and puts the question in the mind of the viewer, “what would I do? How would I handle that?”
      It’s a good exercise anyone might benefit from and just thinking of the various “what if” scenarios is better preparation than too many carriers who treat their gun like a talisman that will ward off evil all on its own.
      My favorite part of that vid was the slow-motion toss of Dom’s iced drink as he cleared his holster and spun 180° around onto his knees.

    • Watching both Dom and Noir is a good time. I do really enjoy Dom’s scenarios. If nothing else they are fun for practice ideas.

  3. Not everyone is physically able to drop to their knees like that, then get back up quickly to move. Some people are old, some are over weight, some have knee/leg injuries that require surgery.

    A lot of people would love to be able to run up a wall, do a back flip, fire one round into the terrorist’s head while still in the air. That would make for a very interesting cell phone video. In reality, we have limitations that dictate: what, when and how. Know your limitations and find solutions.

    • Good point. I’d like to see a scenario that covers how people with limitations like you described should react in a similar situation. They definitely won’t be able to move as effortlessly as Mr. Raso did, and we probably shouldn’t expect a threat to always attack the way as shown in this video.

      • He does one scenario where his arm goes down. As a guy with a bad shoulder I sure appreciated that one. Now to practice my support hand/ single handed mag changes.

        • I’ve got bad knees, shoulders, back, neck, eyes, ears, etc. etc. etc.

          The bad guys better recognize my lack of any physical abilities, because I’ll shoot first and shoot often.

        • I’ve got bad knees, shoulders, back, neck, eyes, ears, etc. etc. etc.

          The bad guys better recognize my lack of any physical abilities, because I’ll shoot first and shoot often.

  4. Beat feet? What? Where you gonna go? Stampeding out the door with the rest of the horde where you’ll get shot, blown up (kill zone) or trampled? Some situations you have to stand and fight to survive. This is one of them.

  5. Those who can, do. Those who cant do, teach. Those who cant teach, consult.

    Dom Raso falls somewhere between teacher and consultant.

    • Not to put too fine a point on it, but as an ex-navy seal he has gone and done. Do you have those sort of credentials? I don’t.

  6. I stopped going to the cinema years ago, and staying out of mass public areas with problematic exits. Not because of shooters, but because people in general irritate me, and the more I see the more irritated I get. Old people are not grumpy, they’ve just seen too many sh!theads. In fact, my cynicism is so honed and exteme at this point, I’d say if you’re in these places and get your ass handed to you mankind is better off. Try stay at home and read a book, and keep yer god damn music down…and stay off my lawn…Korea…running errands with my Garand…stacking bodies high…Eastwood rules…

  7. Now do it in a Stadium-style theater where the shooter is looking up at the crowd, all the theater goers are illuminated by the screen, and there is little to no cover to duck behind.

  8. What a crock of gator. How is a cop supposed to tell the bad guys, from the good guys? Pop smoke then call the color? Everyone s got a gun . Support your Local Law Enforcement

    • Grunt pops smoke, support, as in gunship, ARA, identifies smoke color, grunt confirms color, turn the dogs loose.

    • Ever heard this one? “There’s never a cop around when you need one.”
      That is why we carry. By the time the cops do show up, the shooting is (hopefully) long over and the guns have returned to their holsters.
      That is how the cops will know the difference when they get there: the good guys are still standing and not shooting people.

    • Please…the cops will outside waiting for SWAT to come. Then they catalogue the dead bodies after the fact.

      Support your 2nd Amendment rights. You may not make it but you will at least have had the opportunity.

      Otherwise, youre placing your hope in somone else thinking your life is more important than theirs. Right.

  9. Rule number one: Never compromise yourself by sitting in a seat at the theater that has other seats behind it. Sit in the last row, on the far side nearest the entrance (assuming the entrance is on one side or the other). If the entrance is in the middle, then sit in the last row on either side as far from the entrance as possible.

    Same goes for restaurants, never sit with your back toward the door or toward the area with the most people. Sit where you have a commanding view of the majority of your realm. Anywhere could be the next terrorist attack or crazy-asshole attack; don’t worry or wring your hands or winge about it. Live your life normally and just don’t give a potential bad guy a juicy opportunity. Let them give you the opportunity to stop them.

    • News Flash. Just about everything you just said doesn’t qualify as living your life normally. In fact, most people would perceive someone insisting on doing all that on a regular basis, as disturbed. If things reach that point wouldn’t it be advisable to avoid restaurants and theatres altogether?

  10. It’s a true, but poorly understood, fact of ballistic science that when fired in a movie theater, bullets can be stopped by DVDs…

  11. There is great value in seeing Dom present what Dom would do. He accommplishes several things in these demonstrations by A) providing a good example to follow, B) highlighting the crevasse between his abilities and mine (carrying doesn’t turn you into a commando), and C) motivating me to become better in terms of fitness, training, and judgment.

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