Esquire: Gun-Owning “Violent Fckwads” Hide In the Heartland

Charlie Pearce (courtesy

“Meanwhile,” Esquire scribe Charles P. Pearce writes, apropo of nothing, “out in the Heartland of Real America, violent fckwads are at play. Allegedly. The Lincoln Journal-Star tells us that some folks on a passenger train got very lucky that they weren’t involved in someone’s unfortunately ill-timed exercise of his Second Amendment rights.” A couple of points . . .

First, snob much? It’s bad enough that Esquire writers consider anything between the East and West coasts “flyover country.” Do they have to share this geography-based condescension?

Taylor Wilson (courtesy

Second, the case of Mr. Taylor Michael Wilson — a gun-owning white supremacist who kinda sorta tried to hijack an Amtrak train — has nothing to do with Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. A right that most decidedly does not cover the whole train hijacking thing.

Third, doesn’t the case of Mr. Taylor Michael Wilson — a gun-owning white supremacist who kinda sorta tried to hijack an Amtrak train — reflect the need for Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves against armed neo-Nazi scum?

Oh wait. You can’t carry on an Amtrak train. Hang on. Doesn’t that mean that Mr. Wilson was breaking a federal law by sticking a .38 in his waistband? So gun control laws don’t work? I’m so confused!

But not the eminently sarcastic Mr. Pearce. The Esquire blogger knows that “easy access” to guns is the problem . . .

These are the real lone wolves in this country. People living on the far fringes of The Grid, nursing private grudges, and finding meaning in lunatic causes they read about on the Intertoobz and discovering in themselves the whiskey courage it takes to bring your private self into the public space . . .

And guns, of course. We make sure they have plenty of guns because that’s how we all remain free.

Why I do believe that Mr. Pearce is a believer in collective guilt, rather than personal responsibility. Why am I not surprised?


  1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    Good. As long as people like him think we’re all a bunch of ‘violent fckwads’ out here in flyover country the more they’ll be inclined to stay in Connecticut or wherever the hell he lives and not come around here to bother the rest of us.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      Can someone buy these “fckwad” wannabe eurowussies one way tickets to France/UK/Germany/Sweden where the neutered pansy is appreciated?

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        Start a go-fund-me page. I’ll chip in. I bet he’d just love living in France.

        1. avatar Samuel Stephens says:

          Let him go to France where the Muslims Homo’s would ride him bareback and do all kinds of wonderful stuff to him.

    2. avatar MyName says:

      I have had conversations with people who spout this same claptrap that, essentially, all gun owners are violent and delusional morons just waiting to shoot someone. One acquaintance in particular told me that the idea of people carrying guns makes her nervous because, in her view, owning and carrying a gun indicates that you are mentally imbalanced and could, at any moment, snap and kill people.

      I told her that she was either a liar or insane. She was, naturally, offended and pressed me for an explanation. I told her that, since she knew I was a gun owner and had to reasonably expect me to be carrying a gun, (earlier in the convo I had mentioned that I have a CC permit) then, if she really thought I was mentally imbalanced and presumably armed, insulting me is an insane act because I could snap and kill her. In reality, however, she felt completely safe insulting me and, therefore, could not be telling the truth about her fear of gun owners – unless she is nuts.

      It is my opinion that most of these types, who claim all gun owners are unstable idiots are, by my above logic, either liars or lunatics.

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        Or both. They’re not mutually exclusive.

      2. avatar doesky2 says:

        “It is my opinion that most of these types, who claim all gun owners are unstable idiots are, by my above logic, either liars or lunatics.”

        They are lunatics because….. they are PROJECTING their own mental disorder onto someone else. They realize that they themslves are the one with the mental disorder and they mistakenly believe that everyone else has similar disorders that might make them snap.

        They don’t trust themselves with a gun and ergo they don’t trust anybody else with a gun.

        It’s just like how a typical leftist Antifa type yells FASCIST at conservatives. They are the facsist and they are projecting onto the conservative.

        1. avatar TL Pigg says:

          Spot on

      3. avatar TL Pigg says:

        You need to add she is also STUPID as most libtards can’t think for themselves.

    3. avatar HP says:

      You’re wrong about them staying in blue states. It isn’t blue vs. red, it’s urban vs. rural. As every state has cities, the virus will spread.

    4. avatar Charles says:

      Hey, leave Connecticut out of this…there are many ‘violent fckwads’ residing here in this decidedly socialist enclave, who are 2A strong and despise what these leftards are attempting.

  2. avatar Tom says:

    Mr. Pearce should be required to post a LARGE” GunFree Zone” sign on the front of his home. I see it as discriminatory to require criminals to unnecessarily risk their lives deciding whose home to break into and rob as well as a violation of their right to work.

    1. avatar MikeJH121 says:

      In other news… Maddog Mattis replied about his concers to a Voice reporter at the pentagon with these 7 words.

      “I don’t have concerns. I create them”


  3. avatar BLoving says:

    Hmm. Living in a major metropolitan area hasn’t led me to believe that my way of living is superior to how people outside the city live. Indeed, I envy the more rustic lifestyle.
    I wonder what went wrong with this slob to turn him into such a shallow, bigoted twit.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      A marxist college indoctrination and a heavy dose of self righteousness.

    2. avatar DaveL says:

      I wonder what went wrong with this slob to turn him into such a shallow, bigoted twit.

      I believe he already explained that:

      finding meaning in lunatic causes they read about on the Intertoobz and discovering in themselves the whiskey courage it takes to bring your private self into the public space . . .

  4. avatar nyglockowner says:

    Bespectacled, bearded, liberal douch-bags, who wear Hawiian shirts……ffs.

    1. avatar Rusty Chains says:

      Don’t knock the shirt! The loose fit Hawaiian shirt is a great way to cover a concealed carry pistol in the Summer.

      1. avatar Rick says:

        Hey, I’m bespeckled, I’m bearded, I like Hawaiian shirts, especially in Hawaii, I’m not liberal, but pretty classically libertarian, I live in Kentucky, drive a truck, F250 Diesel (and a Mini), and have lots of guns, I “found” a couple that I forgot I had, so that must mean a lot. And I’ve not murdered a single person, lynched no one, am flat out anti racist.

        So lay off the shirts, glasses, and beards, its a requirement that if you want to own an AR, you have to have a beard, its tactically necessary, and some Wiley X’s.

        Nutters do nutty things, guy in Vegas lived most of his life in California and Florida, so…yeah, he was a nutbag, they come in all shapes, sizes, religions, political persuasions, though mostly just dudes. Pretty sure that when you join up with the KKK or KKK lite, you’re signing on to being a douche.

  5. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    I always wondered what kind of guy would read Esquire.

    Now, I know.

    1. avatar Harry Flashman says:

      Now you know why MEN refer to that rag as “EsQueer.”

  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    I thought it was hilarious reading about Charles P. Pearce complaining about socialists owning guns while he himself, an obvious democrat, doesn’t seem to recognize that socialism is a democrat party ideal, that the racist black hating person committing the crime is the flipside of race baiting democrat organizations like BLM, and his party and this criminal on the train really have a lot more in common than he thinks.

    Note to Charles P. Pearce. Firearms in the public hands empower the people. This is good and bad. it’s bad when the populace is a majority of whine-bag helpless socialists incapable of surviving in a capitalist system, then they feel the need to go against their capitalistic government relic who doesn’t want to embrace the new rad and hip topic of socialism (which isn’t new at all). It’s good when a government has to think twice about feeling entitled to the people’s freedom.

    It’s no wonder that in socialist regimes the government relentlessly seeks to disarm the populace.

  7. avatar GS650G says:

    Maybe leftists should leave other people alone?

  8. avatar ATFAgentBob says:

    and I can already FEEL my IQ dropping from reading the quotes from his article… Dude you owe me like 30 IQ points.

  9. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

    That’s a whole lot of pent rage and hatred in one “I played Dorothy in an all-male revue of ‘The Golden Girls’ down at the community center” package.

    Conflating criminal activity with lawfull exercise of rights? Would he do the same with the right to free speech and someone committing crimes with their expression? Doubtful. He’d probably endorse them. In fact, he did.

    He described Edward Snowden’s national security leaks as “courageous” and inspiring “unalloyed admiration.” Regardless your opinion in the Patriot Act, the FISA court, et. al., Snowden did commit some serious crimes against which the First Amendment will be no defense.

    Mr. Pearce, here, doesn’t see that because he doesn’t stand on orinciple. Constitutional rights to him are either after the fact justifications for his preferences, or antiquated vestiges of a bygone era. Always expedient, never consistent, these are vapid views from a hollow man empty where his core principles should be.

    1. avatar Rick says:

      That guy looks like Martin Mull in basically everything he ever did, though Martin was constantly stoned.

      Maybe that’s it?

  10. avatar D Y says:

    700 some murders in Chicago are less important to focus on than some “lone wolf” retard with a .38 on a train? There is a reason people say liberalism is a disease. “We have to do something! Therefore, lets go after the most uncommonly used firearms for crime, and lets go after the least problematic criminal element!”

  11. avatar Vanished, Like a Fart In the Wind says:

  12. avatar Joe R. says:

    Who’s hiding b1t<h?

  13. avatar W says:

    Olbermann at GQ, Pearce at Esquire. It seems as though O’Sullivan’s (or Conquest’s) Law is borne out.
    “Any institution that is not explicitly right wing will become left wing over time.”

  14. avatar DrewR says:

    They don’t get that stories like this are exactly why people don’t trust them when they say “we don’t want to take your guns.” If a . 38 revolver is representative of it being too easy to get a gun, then no gun is safe. It’s never enough for them.
    It’s crucial to remember that after the AWB passed the Clinton administration was looking into banning all scoped rifles as “sniper rifles” until it was pointed out that doing so would be political suicide.

  15. avatar B says:

    Notice how Pearce mentions “whiskey courage” but only blames guns for violence. Talk about cherry picking causes of violent crime.

  16. avatar Ralph says:

    Pearce has some pair of balls calling anybody a fckwad while he’s wearing that shirt.

  17. avatar Jross says:

    You can’t carry on Amtrak? I always assumed you could. I’ve ridden lots of times and never noticed anything posted or anyone telling riders they can’t.

    Granted I never did and never went looking for this information.

    There’s no metal detectors or baggage search/xrays. It’s part of the reason I like riding trains so much, it’s like the glory days when you can just hop on with no BS. They say once in awhile you can’t bring alcohol but I always see women sneaking their own wine that they drink from paper cups. The train doesn’t go through huge lengths to enforce it as long as it’s not an issue. I imagine they take a similar approach to carrying onboard.

  18. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    Weird that they’re always saying that the threat is from white, rural second amendment supporters, but the vast majority of the murders keep being committed by urban blacks.

  19. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    Liberal Left wingers rape, murder and steal all the time. It’s just not reported that way.

  20. avatar piper says:

    He looks like a commie pos.

  21. avatar Bob Watson says:

    Oh TTAG readers, you do not understand.
    When Little Charlie preaches his dark gospel of hatred and intolerance, he is demonstrating his moral superiority. When he insults us, curses us and lies, he is unleashing the full power of his intellectual superiority. He has devoted his entire professional life to bringing Idiocracy to the world. It is our duty to heed the vaguely word-like noises he makes with his mouth and the gibberish he produces with his word processor. We must all work to reward him with the utter contempt he deserves.

  22. avatar the phantom says:

    armed neo-Nazi scum

    “Godwin’s Law” !

    or….maybe its just Farago’s “ethnicity” coming-to-the-fore, eh?!?

  23. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Is a Remington core-loct as good as Trophy bonded. I’ve had good luck with cor-locts and they’re cheaper

  24. avatar Jeff says:

    It’s pointless to argue with gun haters. Tell them to f$&@ off. Teach your children and friends, and their children, to shoot. They’ll have fun and you’ll make converts.

  25. avatar BigDaveinVT says:

    “…nursing private grudges, and finding meaning in lunatic causes they read about on the Intertoobz and discovering in themselves the whiskey courage it takes to bring your private self into the public space…”

    Sounds like MR Pierce gave an apt description of himself. Perhaps he should try a little less whiskey (or other intoxicant of which he may have been partaking).

    About the shirt: just goes to show you can put flowers on an dung heap but it’s still a dung heap.

  26. avatar Ogre says:

    “Why I do believe that Mr. Pearce is a believer in collective guilt…” Perhaps he’s Catholic. When I was a kid (being raised Lutheran), I was taught that the Catholics had the guilt market cornered. Since I grew up and became an agnostic, I found that wasn’t true. As William Munny once said, “We all have it coming, kid”.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Catholics can confess their sins and start afresh. We Jews are guilty forever, from the time we almost killed our mother (birth) until death. (Note: not guilty for killing Christ.)

  27. avatar kap says:

    let him visit here (north fly over country) and we’ll play dueling banjo’s fore em and round up some Rainbow people for entertainment then let him run for it after squealing like a pig and then we’ll see how yo get an easy piece!

  28. avatar Poor_Ugly_stupid_and_armed says:

    The guy probably owns a Condo in a gated community, and his only relation to “Rural” America are the Pansies he planted that matched his Prius!

  29. avatar Jim says:

    Best comments I have ever read on any post!!!

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