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On 2 January, 2018, the City of Bowling Green, Kentucky finalized an action that repealed the city ban on the carrying of concealed weapons in city buildings.  The video of the Commissioners meeting can be seen here. Commissioner Nash (sunglasses on top of head, tie, second from left) was the lone dissenting vote. From

Bowling Green city commissioners approved in a 4-1 vote Tuesday lifting a ban on carrying concealed weapons in city buildings.

Commissioners previously voted 3-2 on Dec. 19 to eliminate the portion of a city ordinance that prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons into city buildings. With little discussion, the motion was finalized Tuesday.

When the motion was presented, Commissioner Rick Williams clarified that Kentucky law still prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons into meetings of governing bodies, such as city commission meetings.

The change was precipitated, in part, by city employees who wished to be able to protect themselves during work hours. The vote continues a trend to restore the right to bear arms in government buildings and for government employees.

Kentucky is not alone in restoring the right to be armed to public employees at work. Virginia and Georgia counties restored the right in 2016.  Local government employees have regained their rights in Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan, and Texas.

Local bans are being lifted by local government officials, and are not statewide. Most of the bans were imposed during the Progressive era, on the general principle of “guns are bad”.

With the success of shall issue concealed carry permit laws across the nation, that trend has been discredited and reversed.   Several states have passed laws to insure that employee Second Amendment rights will be respected during travel to and from the job, by insuring that employees can have legally owned firearms in their vehicles on company parking lots.

Many private companies now allow or even encourage their employees to be armed.  Some of the last bastions to prohibit their employees from exercising their Second Amendment rights on the job have been federal, state, and local governments.

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  1. Thats great. I don’t remember the last time I heard of an assassination in Bowling Green, KY, so I think they’ll be fine.

  2. “Within minutes of the change, numerous concealed carriers began gun fighting in the city hall and spilling out into the streets…”

    Oh wait that didn’t happen, because concealed carry people actually don’t want to shoot anyone….

  3. Kentucky is home to the finest culinary tradition in America, specifically Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s also on the way to legalizing marijuana on the state level, which will help with late night sales of KFC. Kentucky is a great place, so long as all you want to experience is Kentucky Fried Chicken.

      • Upvote systems are cancer and reinforce echo chambers. I hate how commenting systems across the Internet that use upvotes only allow you to see how many upvotes a comment gets while hiding the number of downvotes: Youtube & Disqus are two major culprits of this.

    • Given that for ages it was our number one cash crop I’m surprised it’s taken as long as it has lol.

      Either way, proud of my state. May drive down to BG just to pack lol

  4. I’m so glad I left California for Kentucky. Home of the Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot. Number five out of fifty states for best gun liberty.

    • Good for you. You moved from the 46th to the 1st state most dependent on federal tax dollars. 1 in 5 of your citizens have no health insurance. 1,404 fatal opioid overdoses in 2016. But you get to play with range toys.


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