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Cedric Milligan, 53, didn’t finish near the top of his high school class. In fact, he might not have finished high school at all given his lack of common sense in breaking into a woman’s home in Amarillo, Texas.

Only the lowest of the low-information types don’t know of the Lone Star State’s reputation for the widespread embrace of gun ownership. They love their guns in Texas just like they love baseball, apple pie and all things American – at least outside of Austin.

So unless someone is clinically stupid or has a death wish, most folks know it’s a very bad idea to violently force entry into occupied dwellings in most of the state.

We might never know what Cedric Milligan had in mind when he smashed in the rear door to a woman’s residence in Amarillo last week. She heard the break-in, grabbed her gun and shot Mr. Milligan dead right there. No, she didn’t need a Mulligan to take care of Milligan.

From the Amarillo Police Department . . .

DATE:   June 22, 2023
TIME:   5:26AM
CASE NUMBER:  23-510177
On Thursday June 22, at 5:26am, officers were sent to a residence in the 1700 block of N Adams on a person trying to break into a home and the homeowner was armed.
When officers arrived, they were told the male suspect had forced his way into the home and the homeowner had shot him.  The suspect is deceased, and is identified as Cedric Milligan, male, age 53. Next of kin has been notified.
The Amarillo Police Homicide Unit is investigating.

If you listen to gun control industry types like the folks at the Violence Policy Center, these things never actually happen.

In fact, the second highest “Google” search for “women defending their home” returns this “study” from the Violence Policy Center.  Spoiler alert: VPC claims only twelve women used a handgun to kill an attacker in all of 1998.

A Deadly Myth:  Women, Handguns, and Self-Defense

In the late 1980s, the gun industry began targeting women to counter slumping handgun sales among its primary market of white males. The false message delivered by gunmakers was clear: the greatest threat posed to a woman was an attack by a stranger and, the best form of protection a woman could rely upon was a handgun.1

Much to the disappointment and consternation of the gun industry, these efforts for the most part have failed. A 1995 study by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) conducted by Tom Smith and Robert J. Smith found that handgun ownership among women was, and remains, uncommon. This study found any fluctuations in the percentage of women who owned handguns to be statistically insignificant…


Currently, only a small minority of adult American women own a handgun. Before a woman purchases a handgun for protection, she must pause to consider whether the grave risk—in 1998, a woman was 101 times more likely to be murdered with a handgun than to use a handgun to justifiably kill an attacker—is one she is willing to accept.

The only thing missing from the VPC’s report is “Once upon a time” at the beginning and “happily ever after” at the end.

Much has changed in America since 1998. Most large urban centers are governed by “progressive” politicians who’ve experimented with re-thinking criminal justice. That’s been reinforced by “progressive” prosecutors who refuse to enforce large sections of the criminal code.

black women guns gun
(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

The outcomes have been entirely predictable. One result is skyrocketing crime rates. Another is women learning that relying on elected officials to effectively run the criminal justice system and on police to help when they call is increasingly iffy. That’s why a recent Gallup survey found that unlike 1998 when only “a small minority” of women were gun owners, the share of women who own guns today has risen to 22%.

As for the Amarillo woman who defended her home, we’re glad she survived a nightmarish attack and wish her the best in her recovery. My first thought as an Illinois resident is that I hope she has a friend or relative who can loan her a replacement gun. But then I realized she lives in Texas. She’s probably has more of her own.

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    • women…particularly black women…are embracing gun ownership big time!….the classes are full of them….

      • She spared herself a horrible ordeal, and probably saved her own life, all because she owned a gun. Honest people from all ethnicities are arming up, and it is a good thing to see.

  1. “Spoiler alert: VPC claims only twelve women used a handgun to kill an attacker in all of 1998.”

    That means there were 12 women (what is a “woman”?) who failed to die when they should have. Due to refusal to be the ultimate, honorable statistics, those women should be fined for disturbing the natural order of things. Can’t have women defying natural selection.

  2. VPC leaves out the data that the vast majority of attackers don’t stick around to get shot, they see a gun and vamoose!

    • I found that to be true, both times I drew my gun, those rapidly advancing towards me retreated as fast as they could have… 🙂

      • I didn’t even have to draw a non-existent gun. All I had to do was rapidly reach behind me as if I had a gun at the small of my back and bellow in my best parade ground sergeant major voice “Halt! Don’t approach.” The three miscreants looked like the road runner coming to a halt. I almost could see smoke coming from their shoes as they slid on the asphalt.

  3. Texas this and Texas that.
    Everytime the wind blows out of the south it’s always hot air.
    When did Texas become a constitutional carry state?

      • Pew Pew!
        I wonder if the bad guy had time to ask God for forgiveness as he was bleeding, peeing, and pooping all over her carpet.

        Well, she probably needed to replace that rug anyway. Maybe she can get a white one now! Blue is nice too. Probably anything but “arterial red” or “brain matter grey”.

  4. VPC: “ 1998, a woman was 101 times more likely to be murdered with a handgun than to use a handgun..”
    Note the use of ‘A’ handgun instead of ‘HER’ handgun. In other words, all this data nugget tells us is that assailants of women were 101 times more likely to be armed than their victims. However, if you say it fast it implies that the woman’s gun was used against her.

    • and in the 25 years since then, that tide has turned. Far more wiomen these days are armed and SKILLED. And dirtbags like this deceased criminal are learning, by their own experience and that of others, that women are not quite so defenseless as they were in the past. Soon enough the nmbers will be about even…. as many women armed and skilled as men. Perhaps all the armed coppers are OT that badly needed…..

      • Maybe he actually DID learn by his own experience. Knowledge kept for the 90 seconds it took for him to bleed out. But still, “life long” knowledge, since he died with it.

  5. She shot the bad guy? How is she a victim? You want to have equality of the sexes? Make sure all women are armed.

    • She IUS a victim of her attacer for inflicting upon her the emotional rauma of having her persnal space violently and forcibly invaded. Thankfully SHE was prepared in every way, and failed to allow her victimhood to progress to the point of her own death.
      I say WELL DONE.
      On the other hand her very INcinsiderate and violent assailant has simply become a victim of his own evil. And to him also say WELL DONE. May his dirt nap be long and VERY hot. He has earned it.

      • ^ he’s right! Not only emotional trauma, but she probably didn’t have time to put on her ear pro and eye pro. And she had to breathe that lead dust in her house after shooting him. And then having to step in little bits of his DNA afterward.

        She should probably sue that “next of kin” for recompense.

    • Really? She was still the victim of a crime dummy. She was forced to use deadly force to stop a crime, which I’m sure is going to be somewhat traumatic for her. No matter the outcome, she’s still 100% a victim of that POS’s actions.

    • Samuel Colt got it right way back when….now women are beginning to embrace the concept

    • Bad guys always seem to outstay their welcome and leave a wet and sticky mess after they leave; er, are carried away.

  6. “Next of kin has been notified.”
    “Please come claim the body. We charge storage after 3 days.”

  7. As noted by another commenter 25 YEARS have passed since that likely skewed ‘report’ came out. A LOT has changed in that time – last stats I saw upwards of 40% of the first time gun buyers in the past few years are women With around a million new owners every month, that adds up to quite a few women who WILL defend themselves and families. And they ain’t all down here in Texas.
    BTW – that hot air possum complained about probably originated in san fran sicko.

  8. The stats that matter begins with the number of victims who were defenseless. And victims who were defenseless due to Gun Control propaganda and laws blocking self defense like having a FOID, concealed carry permit, etc.

  9. Although the Far Right like to crow everytime someone guns a person down the facts remain that the majority of homicides are husbands killing wives and you are twice as likely to be a victim of gun violence if you have a gun in the home.

    And the T Tag article jumps to a lot of conclusions before the investigation of the killing has even begun. Many times the person killed was known by the shooter and many times there was no justification for killing someone.

    The question T Tag constantly hides from is “Why do European and even Asian countries where people do indeed own “legal” guns have way less homicides and mass murders than we do?????

    Exactly what are foreign countries doing right in the from of gun laws and what are we doing completely wrong that results in on average 43,000 people being gunned down every year??????

    • What you fail to realize because of your lack of education and IQ is that the gun laws may have nothing to do with people being murdered. First you throw out the false number of 43,000. The biggest part of that is suicide. Lots of countries with tough gun laws still have higher suicide rates than ours.

      And comparing the US to any other country is simply false. There has never been another nation like ours.

      But you do you. I’ve said it before and I’m serious. Without idiots like you and your fascist buddies we would never have gotten so far in freeing up our gun rights. The fact that you are so hilariously stupid as to not be able to see what damage you do to the cause of gun control is just icing on the cake.

      We’ve won this battle. And a large part of the credit goes to folks like you.

      • to Jethro the depraved stalker

        In reality more than one study proves that suicides go up when there is a gun in the home because it is too easy and convenient. The ignorant Far Right (yourself) does not realize that when you crow about the higher suicide rate in Japan that if the Japanese had easy access to handguns the Stats have already proven that their suicide rate would be much higher than it already is. Of course I realize this is way over your head so have your wife explain all this too you.

        And Jethro you ignore the fact that their homicides and mass murders are way higher than ours, this you cannot explain away no matter what twist you put on it.

        • Such BS drivel. Also jumping to massive conclusions. If guns were more prevalent, that would increase the number of Japanese people killing themselves? BS. Oh and good luck, protecting your family from what is coming, with your tactical throw pillows. You’re literally negligent and doing your family a disservice, if you don’t own firearms and know how to use them. Sure, with guns come great responsibility but it’s not that hard! Focus on education, safe handling and safe storage, not the anti-gun rhetoric that only communists, pansies and total pussies promote. Wake up to the true agenda and switch stances/focus on this issue, while we still have a chance.

        • Are you really that thick? Really? Studies paid for by gun control groups are not valid.

          And you said their homicides and mass murders are way higher than ours? Get your poor mother, if she’s not too afraid to come down to your basement, to explain just how stupid that was.

        • Trying to compare US society to Japanese society is idiotic and moronic.
          If you have spent any time there as I have, the mainland, you would know this.

      • jwm,
        If I may add, look at Sweden.
        It used to be one of the safest countries in the EU.
        Now, it has some of the highest gun related violence in all of the EU.
        Why? Immigrant gang related violence.
        They have even had bombings, with 34 more this year compared to this time last year.
        As you point out, the US is unique and cannot be compared to other countries. Other countries do not have soft on crime DAs, no cash bail, an open southern border with thousands of illegals pouring in. Even Canada’s immigration laws are stricter than the US. Other countries do not pass laws allowing theft, allowing for open air drug markets, allowing defecation on the streets, allowing the sexualization of children.
        No, the US cannot be compared to other countries.

    • Do you know the stats you mention is mostly just black on black handgun crime? Sure we have a “gun problem” but it’s not what the tyrannical administration or parroted talking points you bring up represent.

      If you are DUMB enough to push for gun control, without realizing the true agenda behind all of it, then you will wake up one day, regretting the outcome for you and your family.

      There is a communist-fascist take over of American happening RIGHT NOW and they have to disarm us. DO EVERYONE A FAVOR AND WAKE UP.

      If you foolishly parrot the mainstream news emotion-driving fake stories and false narratives, you are playing right into the hands of the marxist-globalists looking to take down the US and YOU TOO WILL LOSE EVERYTHING.


  10. That’s how the ‘Wild West’ was tamed….one dead bad guy at a time. We need to start doing more of it.

    • I would but the badges keep getting in the way.
      Defund the police and let us take care of buisness.
      Stealing a bicycle ain’t no different then stealing a horse.
      I reckon the criminals would be a lot less criminally if they new the law wasnt there to protect them.
      And the added benefit would be being able to keep your dead guys. Trophies hanging on the wall, whoooeii, I ain’t breaking into that house.


  12. Good for her. Liberals are liars. They will twist the facts to support their position no matter what it takes. Just look at our current POTUS.

    According to the 2021 National Firearms Survey, an estimated 3.5 million women became first time gun owners. Over the same period, approximately 4 million men did the same. The Libs are desperate because they see that Americans are sick and tired of a legal system that rewards criminals and police who say they have no obligation to protect.

  13. Beautiful and caring young woman who has the trauma of this incident to live with forever. She needs us to send her good thoughts and prayers. She is legal owner, trained and licensed to carry but never had any idea this would happen to her and family.

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