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Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
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When the eleven GOP senators who sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee issued a demand for another hearing into President Biden’s nomination of gun control lobbyist David Chipman to head the nation’s firearms regulatory agency last week, they couldn’t have expected that they’d get what they wanted. Not after lawsuits have been filed and former ATF agents have corroborated charges that Chipman made racist comments about fellow agency employees and was the target of two EEOC complaints.

It would be a shame if those EEOC complaints were to somehow be leaked to the press.

Yesterday, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, shut down the idea of another hearing with extreme prejudice. He responded with a letter (PDF) to the GOP members of the committee, calling the attempts to uncover the details of Chipman’s problematic ATF employment history part of “vitriolic, baseless attacks against a highly qualified nominee.”


Now comes the latest salvo – a claim published by an anti-gun safety website, allegedly based on the accounts of two anonymous individuals, that Mr. Chipman had made racially discriminatory remarks when he served at ATF.

Senator Dick was referring to Stephen Gutowski’s article corroborating the allegations at The Reload. Durbin couldn’t even bring himself to type the words, “gun control.” That term, after all, is no longer in the official civilian disarmament lexicon, hence the use of the laughably awkward “anti-gun safety” moniker.

Anyway, you can understand why the senior Senator from Illinois would be so outraged by all of this. After all, he’s an old hand at the confirmation sabotage game and was among the Senate Democrats who called on President Trump to pull the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court based on, well, whatever. He doesn’t like it when Republicans use the Democrats’ own playbook against his party’s nominees.

So there’s no way in hell he’s going to allow a second hearing into Chipman, someone who made millions lobbying for limits on Second Amendment rights. Another hearing would get far more media attention, might spin out of Democrats’ control, and could finally put an end to the laughable nomination of the worst nominee to head the ATF in the agency’s sordid history.

As Senator Dick concluded his letter . . .

The Committee will not hold a second hearing on Mr. Chipman’s nomination based on baseless allegations by anonymous sources published in venues with an obvious agenda. ATF needs a Senate-confirmed leader, and Mr. Chipman is well-qualified and has been extensively vetted for the role. He deserves to be confirmed. And it is my fervent hope that Committee Republicans will quit embracing anonymously-sourced efforts to smear Mr. Chipman.

We love the smell of desperation in the morning.


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    • Senator Durbin doesn’t suffer from cognitive dissonance. He thoroughly revels in it. Any bets orders came from cabinet, through the DNC, to him to stop further hearings because they are damaging to the cause?

  1. Well there ya go! They don’t just THINK there’s a dictatorship, they KNOW it. So what ya gonna do about it boys and girls? Better be good and better be quick!!

  2. I hope he is confirmed. We need to hasten the nullification or secession of large jurisdictions within the continental US. Let’s get it done instead of the slow boil.

    • there’s a lot to be said for that. on the other hand the “left” controls so much already that giving them more might lead to further constriction rather than generate reaction.

  3. So now “anonymous” sources are not worth listening to?
    Virtually everything the MSM and the greater Left pushes is backed by these “anonymous” strawmen and we’re told to not take their claims as absolute gospel is -ist and -phobic.

    • Yup his EEOC complaints are supposed to be from women he sexually harassed. I thought all women were to be believed? Chipman’s “Cinderella Story” is that after his divorce and getting help at AA, he’s all better now. Clean, sober, in a stable healthy relationship and ready to strip Americans of their God Given Rights. What a “Great Guy”.

    • “So now ‘anonymous’ sources are not worth listening to?”

      no, that’s not it. for the “left”, they themselves are the way, the truth, and the life. thus anything which supports them is “true”, and anything which opposes them is a “lie”, by definition. where you err is in assuming that they are playing by any sort of rules that are shared with you. they’re not. to them, anything that is not them is beneath them, an obstruction to be rolled over by any means convenient, and any protest is just the braying of cattle.

  4. They wanted a rabid, communist type m f that would ignore the law and persecute and murder law abiding citizens. He fits their ideal candidate for henchman.

    • “Mr. Chipman is well-qualified and has been extensively vetted for the role. He deserves to be confirmed.”

    • I’m afraid it’ll be a blood bath with a lot of good honest citizens getting killt.
      An honest president would re-evaluate his dissions

  5. I have written Duckworth and Durbin to no avail. Their replies have been he is going to be the ATF Director and Chipman is their only nomination for this. What a bunch of crap from these 2 commiecratic senators in Illinois. We we could vote them out, but Chicago always votes them back in.

    • The democrats keep saying white males and their racism is the biggest threat to the USA. And here the white chipman is accused of racism, and it’s a non issue. This should show everything about how sincere democrats are. What a joke.

  6. I will wager 100% that when the Senate leaves on Vacation for a month, Mr. Chipman will receive a recces appointment as Director of the BATFE. That’s how the Marxist roll, use the rules and ignore your political enemies, as they are Evil and need to be destroyed.

    If the DemoRats decide to go this route, Chipman could be at the helm of BATFE for 12 months or more, depending on when the Senate is next adjourned.

    I 100% doubt Mr. Chipman will ever be confirmed by the Senate, but he can still do a lot of damage in a short time as Director.

    • Toomey already said he would vote against confirmation (almost to my surprise!). Wish I could do more with Casey other than vote against him. Although a vote for Chipman might put a lot of the rural democrats against him next time…

  7. Bring it on. If I’m going to be a felon for refusing to register or give up my asulty things, I’m might as well make them be truly asulty. like we should be allowed to anyway.

  8. Chipman made unwelcomed advances on me at a party in high school. At least I think it was Chipman. Whatever.

  9. “He doesn’t like it when Republicans use the Democrats’ own playbook against his party’s nominees”

    no, this doesn’t even begin to describe the situation. rather, he thinks it’s immoral and wicked for the right to use the left’s methods. because he thinks that the right is immoral and wicked, period.

    in 1993 the republicans led the house for the first time in 40 years, and they simply took over all the house rules as they stood and didn’t change any of them. some committee was having a hearing and overruled the questions of some democrat. the democrat became enraged and stood up and insulted and berated the republicans for their rules. the committee chairman responded, “you wrote these rules.” the democrat didn’t care, he stormed out yelling “you’re all a bunch of naazi’s!” now understand – he didn’t call them naazi’s because they were enforcing his rules against him, he called them naazi’s because they’re not on his team and supporting him.

    (and he’s right ….)

    until you grasp that this is their morality and how they think, you’ll never deal with them adequately.

    • “…until you grasp that this is their morality and how they think, you’ll never deal with them adequately.”

      Which explains why the Republicans are always being steamrolled by them. Remember how the cowardly Republicans took the Kavanaugh and Russia BS seriously? They should have nipped that nonsense in the bud.

  10. “vitriolic, baseless attacks against a highly qualified nominee.”

    Lol….that’s just about the only way that Washington gets through each day. Especially Democrats.

  11. Let him get the position and see if it’s the tipping point America needs for the rest of the population to realize whats going on?
    Or, Shut it down hard and once the blow hits keep hammering until we push it back to pre 68 freedom?

    • “see if it’s the tipping point America needs for the rest of the population to realize”

      waiting for democratic consensus?

      • The Germans aint got nuthin to do with it!

        But perhaps, since the rule of law has been bent and twisted the resorting fallback is Democratic vote.


  12. It would be a shame if those EEOC complaints were to somehow be leaked to the press

    What Press? None of the “main stream” media would run it, it’s already available with a simple FOIA request, don’t see MSDNC or the Clinton News Network running it every fifteen minutes so it must not exist… Just another “Right Wing conspiracy” hit job on Chipmunks “illustrous” career… Seriously would the Giffords have a racist working for their gun grabbing, anti-2A group?

  13. A small nuke strategically placed on Martha’s Vineyard on Wed. evening could go a long way in curing what ails the Democrat party…

  14. No, the Judiciary Committee will instead use their valuable time hold hearings about the FBI not investigating Hunter Biden and his uncle acting as bag men for the corrupt and mentally declining Joe Biden, right?

    What, they have two different sets of laws? One for them and one for the rest of us? Say it ain’t so!

  15. It might be painful for Senator Durban, the president and some others to admit but the Chipman nomination was DOA, a fatality of Chipman’s past and current big mouth. That said, one wonders as to what the president might offer for Act 2.

    • The ATF has been without a confirmed leader recently, for quite some time. It’s another useless agency that really isn’t needed.

  16. To be fair, this is how the game is played in Washington. There’s a saying and it’s well deserved and rather accurate: If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.

    Not that I like the game, it stinks, not as bad as Democrats but just the same it stinks BAD.

  17. Well you’ve made it clear on what you think about gunms and the people who have them. Now what’s your thoughts on alcohol and tobacco. Theres more to the BATFE then just gunms Chip.

  18. That’s right let’s focus on something racist chipmonkey may or may not have said. Never mind his sicko nazi and racist based Gun Control agenda…That’s totally hush hush in the halls of congress….And that’s the f-n problem.

  19. I don’t trust Durbin any more than that filthy wretch Lightfoot. If the Chipman controversy bothers him that much he can always turn to suicide to put himself out of our misery. He sure as hell won’t be missed by many on the Patriot side.

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