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Kyle Lobo courtesy San Marcos PD
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An ex cop named Kyle Lobo “voluntarily” resigned from the San Marcos, Texas Police Department in October after “head-butting” his wife and punching and kicking an 11-year-old child. Upon his arrest at the time of the incidents, he was fired resigned. He was free on bond after being charged for injuring a child and “continuous family violence against a family member.”

Late on Christmas Eve, Lobo celebrated the season by getting drunk while carrying and waving around a handgun. Police responded after Lobo allegedly assaulted another resident of the complex in which he lived. One thing led to another and Lobo pulled a gun on his former fellow officers. That didn’t go well for him.

The good news is he had handed an infant child off to another person before engaging in gunplay. He was shot repeatedly by police and later died at the local hospital.

Fortunately, none of the officers involved were physically wounded, although killing someone, particularly a former fellow cop, has to take a toll psychologically.

From the Austin American-Statesman . . .

A woman called 911 and told the operator that Kyle Lobo, 36, had been drinking and holding a gun at the Grand at Stonecreek apartments, according to authorities. The caller also claimed that Lobo had assaulted a resident, San Marcos police said in a statement.

Officers encountered Lobo outside of the apartment holding a child, police said, and Lobo eventually handed the child to the 911 caller.

Lobo then drew a handgun, and police shot him, police said. First responders took Lobo to Ascension Seton Hays hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

This sounds like a possible case of “suicide by cop.” Whatever was (or wasn’t) going through Lobo’s mind, he’s given the children in his household the memory of seeing their father shot to death on Christmas. That’s not something they’ll ever be able to forget.

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  1. Suicide by cop. former co-workers. Sad, but at least he won’t be hurting his family or arresting possibly innocent suspects. Doubt many will miss him. I wonder how he passed the physiological tests to be an officers.

  2. His name sounds like something from a bad men’s adventure novel. i gotta wonder, if he had been named Norman Dortmunder would he still be alive?

  3. Justified in this case however I don’t believe every hot head boozer needs lead, what many need and they don’t get is a good azz kicking come to Jesus moment in a jail cell. Nonetheless if you or someone you know is prone to have alcohol on a table with a firearm well that spells “Moron” in neon lights.

  4. Just Texas cops doing Texas cop things, surprised it wasn’t Austin though. San Marcos is close enough. I never wish to deal with Texas law enforcement ever again. They are the most corrupt, lying bastards I’ve ever dealt with in law enforcement.

    • I get you TheBSon! Specially Jason Stanizewski, who surprisingly made it Lieutenant, as I was told and Danny Johnson. Both corrupt pieces of Turd. They both pepper sprayed homeless persons sleeping bags and belongings so they would be itching. Johnson made a Hispanic male strip naked on a traffic stop just because! Winder how and why the F#¢£ they were still employed!

  5. Not unexpected.
    Using the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule, they found that police officers scored higher than normal males on need for exhibition, change, heterosexuality, and aggression.
    In other words, just like TL;DR!

  6. Politicians routinely pass laws that exclude former police officers from the infringements that we’re supposed to abide by. Ex-cops need to suffer with the rest of us.

  7. I dont think marrying someone with the name Lobo would ever work out anyway.
    I suppose it would if you just left him a loan.


  9. Not a single comment as to why this guy had to be SHOT REPEATEDLY when one well placed shot by a well trained Police Officer would have been sufficient. [ and certainly would have been with any well trained Police Officer.
    What is it in America ?
    Every Man and his dog just waiting for the chance too slot somebody.
    Just ONE shot from a LOW VELOCITY ‘Long Gun’ job over.
    Do they ALL get credited with a kill and do they now all have an extra bloody NOTCH like some bloody Third World Bandido. ??

    • Albert, you Sir are wrong.

      Not just about your idea of a single placed shot but of culture in general.

      Of course you know you are as wrong. My question is why a basement dwelling liar needs to submit themselves to such earned ridicule?

    • low velocity long gun ??
      if you actually knew anything about what you think your talking about you would have mentioned what kind of gun or caliber.
      but your stupidity is showing again.

  10. this shows that the liberal anti-gun democrats line about cops being the only ones to have guns is more of their own stupidity.


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