Zero Bail Advocacy Org Shuts Down After Being Sued for Springing a Felon Who Then Shot a Man 11 Times

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Chengyan Wang (courtesy Shanghai Taste Restaurant)

Zero bail advocacy and laws eliminating bail requirements have sprung up in cities and states around the country since the killing of George Floyd and the 2020 summer of riots, burning, looting, and killings. Bail, you see, is considered racist and classist, criminalizing poverty and a violation of the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

During the worst of the mostly peaceful events in Minneapolis, then-future Vice President Kamala Harris urged her supporters to contribute to a fund to spring those unlucky enough to have been caught and charged with violent felonies like arson, looting, assault, and more . . .

In the last three years, a number of cities and states have enacted zero bail laws, resulting in even those who are charged with violent felonies walking free again in 24 hours or less after being arrested. New York has enacted one such law that’s been so successful and popular that many of the politicians who advocated for, enacted, and defended it were run out of office in November.

Illinoisans are about to get a taste of that kind of success as a turbocharged version of “progressive” criminal justice reform has been signed into law. As of January 1, a new Illinois law — which, in a hysterical bit of irony is actually called the SAFE-T Act — will eliminate bail for all but the most heinous crimes. As the New York Post’s Gianno Caldwell reported . . .

We’re not talking about nonviolent crimes like, say, jumping a railway turnstile or even stealing food from the grocery store. This will be no bail or automatic detainment for second-degree murder. Kidnapping. Armed robbery. Drug-induced homicide. Aggravated DUI.

Hardened criminals, charged with everything from threatening a public official to armed burglary to arson, will be emboldened and empowered.

Hence the law’s newly popular nickname, The Purge Law, and the furious efforts by those in the media to downplay the effects it will have on civil society. Even those who’ve been shackled with ankle monitors will be be able to roam free (for a while) . . .

To make matters worse, offenders released on electronic monitoring devices must be in violation of their parole for 48 hours before it will be considered a crime. In the state’s largest county — Cook County, which encompasses Chicago — at any given time, there are more than 3,000 people wearing ankle monitors. This includes about 100 who have been charged with murder.

And the media marvel, month after month, at gun sales statistics as law-abiding Americans continue to ensure they have the means to defend themselves. It’s become all too clear that elected officials are far more concerned with “social justice” and “equity” than they are with ensuring a healthy, ordered, peaceful society under the rule of law.

Meanwhile, our friends in the gun control industry predictably blame the rising violent crime rate on — you guessed it — too many guns.

But law-abiding citizens aren’t the only rational actors at play here. Criminals act (relatively) rationally, too. They look at what’s happening, realize they can do just about anything they want and, if they’re arrested, they can get right back on the streets and do it all over again. And again.

The Las Vegas office of something called The Bail Project, a “bail reform” organization, laid out $3000 to get Rashawn Gaston-Anderson out of the klink last year. He had previous arrests for infractions like burglary of a business, pandering, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, two counts of grand larceny and attempted grand larceny.

The Bail Project says it . . .

…combats mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system—one person at a time. We restore the presumption of innocence, reunite families, and challenge a system that criminalizes race and poverty. We’re on a mission to end cash bail and create a more just, equitable, and humane pretrial system.

Nothing in there seems to say anything about keeping violent repeat offenders behind bars in order to ensure the safety of law-abiding citizens, but maybe we missed that part.

Anyway, a few months after Gaston-Anderson got out, he walked into a Las Vegas restaurant and shot a waiter, Chengyan Wang, eleven times. Wang miraculously survived.

“He’s got scars all over his body,” Wang’s lawyer Kory Kaplan said. “He can’t move his shoulder over a certain height. I don’t know how (the bullets) missed a vital artery.”

What didn’t survive the incident, however, is the Las Vegas office of The Bail Project. They seem to have ceased all operations, probably as a result of a lawsuit Wang has filed against The Bail Project, Gaston-Anderson, and the owner of the restaurant.

The Bail Project is supported by a raft fashionably high profile individuals such as Danny Glover, John Legend, and Richard Branson. The org lists offices in 26 cities around the country (no longer including Las Vegas) on their list.

Springing a perp who then goes on to commit an even more serious crime isn’t anything new. The Minnesota Freedom Fund — that’s the one Vice President Harris promoted in the tweet above — paid to free someone named George Howard. Howard, who was prohibited from possessing a firearm, then shot and killed a man on I-94 in Minneapolis.

Courtesy New York Post

That was, well, awkward for both the Minnesota Freedom Fund and for the Veep.

Meanwhile, back in Las Vegas, Gaston-Anderson pleaded guilty to charges in the shooting of Mr. Wang and was sentenced to 18 years behind bars. That puts him safely beyond the reach of The Bail Project and their now nonexistent Las Vegas office.

In the mean time, The Bail Project (and other similar organizations) is still out there operating in 26 other cities facilitating recidivism by paying the bail of known repeat offenders. At the same time, Americans are adding to their stock of firearms at the rate of a million or more a month, as they have been for the last 40 months.

And so it goes.

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  1. Someone – some recidivist maybe – should visit some violence on the people who administer these get-out-of-jail-free projects. Justice would be seeing them reap the rewards of their efforts, after all.

    I wonder if the cops on the streets could drop some not-so-obscure hints to the felons that Ms What’s Her Name has a FAHBULOUS home, with all sorts of expensive toys? An epidemic of sudden death at the hands of their clients would discourage others from taking up the mantle of social reform.

    • I believe this is eventually going to happen someone’s going to kill the child of some father out there and he’s going to go full punisher on these fools.

      • Let’s not forget that this shit started because a coked up, forgery passing, arrest resisting multi time felon wouldn’t follow police orders while being arrested, and as a result died due to contributory causes instead of next to a dumpster in some fucking alley nearby…maybe he should have stayed in Texas instead of the long trek north to stroke Minnesota’s welfare giveaway program.

        • If things were as simple as you portray them, we wouldn’t be in the mess we see today. George Floyd wasn’t an isolated incident, he was one of many.

          I’m not taking BLM’s side in this, but the least you can do, is look at it from their perspective. The whole classroom to prison pipeline, generations of youth growing up, never knowing their fathers, routine arrests for driving while black, the only jobs available are the crappiest, lowest paying jobs unless you excel at basketball.

          If cops were blameless, BLM wouldn’t have gained the traction it got.

        • If the juvies don’t want to get on the classroom-to-prison pipeline, then they should not do the crime. They have made conscious decisions to participate in that life so they should accept the consequences. Abandon the thug life because it tends to be very short. Stop being disruptive in class and get an actual education. Teach the children success probabilities so they know the chances of success in sport, music, or crime are seriously stacked against them. A few do make it but lots more don’t or have short careers.

        • “The whole classroom to prison pipeline…arrests for driving while black, the only jobs available are the crappiest, lowest paying jobs unless you excel at basketball.”

          The reason they fail is because they listen to and believe screeds like this. If you want them to fail, then keep saying this. This is the land of opportunity. The only reason you can’t make it here is because you aren’t trying or you think there’s no point in trying. Why would you bother trying if you think you’re going to be dead or in prison in a few years? You would just live for today and get it while the gettin’s good.

          “If cops were blameless, BLM wouldn’t have gained the traction it got.”

          So we’re supposed to pretend there wasn’t a massive propaganda campaign pushing BLM in 2020? Why did it take months to get the full George Floyd video? Why didn’t they show us from the beginning that he was safely in the police car and got out of it? If the cop woke up that morning wanting to kill a black man, then why did he try to put him in the car first? Why didn’t they show us that George said he couldn’t breathe before anyone’s knee was on him? Why didn’t they show us that he said he ate too many drugs? He knew he had overdosed. It’s almost like the powers that be seized that opportunity to push their cultural revolution. Just like China, they used naive, emotional, easily manipulated kids to do their dirty work.

      • still,…when a group of bystanders..[and potential witnesses]… say “you’re killing him”….it would be wise to listen…

  2. …and the funds the Vegas office collected get laundered through the other 26 offices. Just guessing that a proportion is diverted to support political candidates who further embolden the criminal elements. As other people have commented, it is a feature not a bug that these programs work in the ways they do.

    • Shhhh that doesn’t happen here we don’t have guns to regulate or people willing to do violence against criminals. In all seriousness it could be a wild winter for various reasons.

    • From your link, “Heavy gunfire heard as looters flee a business in Buffalo,”

      As a former sailor, I know what “heavy gunfire” is. I carried enough 72 pound projectiles, and then the 72 pound powder charges, I know exactly how heavy they are. If it has come to 5″ cannon fire, things are serious in Buffalo!

    • If that is accurate, I’m far from surprised. If The cops are not going to keep the citizens safe from crime, it will always fall to the citizens.

      further, if the police start to become an impediment to the citizens keeping themselves safe, then the next step will be the Police themselves will find themselves the target. This is not some kinda of alien, never happened before, thing. Been that way since before Rome.

      • Would assume/hope it’s mostly from exposure but the way the news up here has been a few could well have been exposure to lead

  3. “Bail, you see, is considered racist and classist, criminalizing poverty and a violation of the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty”.

    Well, yeah. It does. And the “criminal justice reform” types do have some valid points. The way they’re going about it is a disaster, of course, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have some valid points.

    And before anyone says anything stupid, recognize that I’m a gun-toting, motorcycle-riding, twice-Trump-voting Texan. So save the kneejerk sanctimonious bullshit and actually THINK about what I’m saying here, okay?

    Here in Texas, the cops locked up a bunch of people at a restaurant for A YEAR, without charging them, because they were at the same restaurant where the Waco biker shootout happened. Seriously, what would happen to your life if you were locked up for a year, couldn’t work, couldn’t do anything? Like, what the hell? This is America, isn’t it?

    The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution says “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial”. What the hell is “speedy” about being locked up for months and months, before you even get a trial to determine if you were guilty or innocent?

    So, yeah, there’s bail. But if you can’t “make bail”, you rot in jail for weeks, months, a year, however long “the system” takes, even though our system claims “you’re innocent until proven guilty”.

    We claim to be a “free society”, but we incarcerate a higher percentage of our citizens than any other nation on earth.

    I don’t care how you slice it, it doesn’t add up. The whole thing stinks.

    The “purge laws” sure as hell aren’t the answer, that’s just absolute insanity and the all-out legalization of crime, and the end of society.

    But something has to change. A free society should be free. Innocent people should be innocent until proven guilty. And a “speedy trial” should damn well be speedy. And “bail” should apply to everyone equally, whether you can afford it or not. That’s what “equal justice under the law” means, doesn’t it?

    Trump took the first steps towards more rational criminal justice reform. This doesn’t have to be a “left vs right” thing, it should be a “constitutionalists vs tyrants” thing.

    • Absolutely. Bail should be set based on severity of the crime, criminal history, flight risk, and odds of recidivism before trial. It really shouldn’t have anything to do with money. It’s the same as restoring rights to felons. Either you’re still a threat to society and should still be incarcerated, or you aren’t and you get to be a real citizen again. However, just blanket awarding bail to anyone not on 1st Degree murder charges is insanity and will lead to more deaths. There’s a perfectly rational way to ensure we don’t penalize people before they’re convicted of a crime without letting the predatory monsters loose to continue their rampages.

      • “Bail should be set based on severity of the crime, criminal history, flight risk, and odds of recidivism before trial.”

        That’s more or less what the system currently is, the issue is that a jury trial takes an absolutely minimum of a year to occur after formal charges are filed.

        Meaning if, say, you lawfully defend yourself with a firearm and get an anti gun judge who sets bail at 7 figures, even if you get acquitted you’ll still spend a year or more rotting in jail. You might beat the rap but you won’t beat the ride! The whole system is completely fvcked from top to bottom, and bail has become nothing more than a way to punish anyone who dares to have the wrong opinions

  4. “Cryptocurrency entrepreneur Sam Bankman-Fried walked out of a Manhattan courthouse Thursday with his parents after they agreed to sign a $250 million bond and keep him at their California home while he awaits trial on charges that he swindled investors and looted customer deposits on his FTX trading platform. 4 days ago”

    So his parents have 10% or 20% of 250 million dollars, in cash, to pay his bail. Really???

    I will say it because nobody else will. These self-hating white Liberals and Leftists who have the soft bigotry of low expectations would prefer to make sure that known criminals, with a history of violent criminal activity, are over and over again, released back into the community. Instead of being held until trial.

    Bail was almost always based on the fact, that the accused not only was innocent until proven guilty, but also had no history of serious criminal activity.

    No person with a history of repeated stealing and attacking people, should never ever receive bail. Unfortunately there are a lot of racist liberal white people who think otherwise.

    A poor person of any skin color, is not helped when known predators are released back into the community. But these bigots almost always say, “We are doing this to help black people”.

    Unless that is the actual goal of these Liberals and Leftists, and I think some Libertarians, want to ensure that active predators, are released back into these poor areas of the country.

    I’m not the one who was complaining about too many people being locked up. I’m the one complaining that I can’t kill these criminals out right when I catch them red-handed.

    • “So his parents have 10% or 20% of 250 million dollars, in cash, to pay his bail. Really???”

      No. That was a little slight of hand trick played by the media to make the DA look tough. It wasn’t bail. It was bond. They didn’t pay a dime. It was their word, backed up by the equity of their home. I read it was a $4 mil home, but who knows how much equity they have. It could be less than $1 mil, and who do you think paid for that expensive house?

      This wasn’t some Ponzi scheme or accounting scandal. It was the largest outright theft (by a private citizen) in the history of our country. The propagandist media is going easy on him because he was an ally to the regime. Why hasn’t the Puppet demanded the donations from that thief be returned? They’re in on it. They benefited. They’ll never let this case go to trial. Too much could come out.

      • Remember the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme?

        Not widely known is that the ‘investors’ got most of their money back, percentage-wise. Something tells me a similar outcome will come from the latest one, one since crypto is a lot more traceable than most people think, and his girlfriend turned state’s evidence on his Hobbit-looking ass.

        Just ask ‘The Dread Pirate Roberts’, operator of the dark website ‘Silk Road’ :

        • It’s going to be painful giving up those millions in donations. I hope they recover every penny and give that thief life.

        • They may be able to get some of their crypto tokens back, but they’re practically worthless at this point. It was $85 15 months ago, and it’s $1 now, if the price doesn’t get cratered by a ton of sellers

    • “I’m not the one who was complaining about too many people being locked up.”

      If crime is escalating, it literally means we don’t have enough prisons. If those people were behind bars, they wouldn’t be out committing crimes. We know that works because we’ve done it before. That means the powers that be have decided it’s in their best interest for criminals to be committing more crimes. Ponder that one.

      • “If crime is escalating, it literally means we don’t have enough prisons.”

        Kinda close, but so far away from the target. Allow me to rephrase that:

        If crime is escalating, it means that punishment is uncertain, slow, and seldom fits the crime. For instance – summary capital punishment by the nearest citizen for crimes like murder, armed robbery, rape, kidnapping, should be the norm. Instead, it is a pretty rare thing.

        Worse, police departments solve less than half of serious crimes in most cities. Never make an arrest, much less prosecute the perp.

        We need punishment to be as swift and as certain as the fate of people running in front of tractor trailers on the freeway. Prisons aren’t the solution, cooling bodies are the solution.

        • Use of reasonable force in self-defense and/or defense of others is not “summary punishment”. Conflating the two is leftist citizen-disarmist illogic.

      • “If crime is escalating, it literally means we don’t have enough prisons.”

        It means we don’t have enough vigilantes taking up the slack.

    • @christ
      Bail is a 2 way for the system to grab another piece of the spoils.
      My cousin a ganger laid it all out for me one time .
      He said a cop has a license to kill, the system has a license to steal and a judge sits up there playing the orders. Best racket ever invented.

  5. Some of these states will make you wait for 10 days to get a firearm in order to protect yourself and your family. The lowlife motherfucker that committed a crime against you may be out in under 24 hours. Keep voting Democrat you stupid fucks. Speaking to a nonexistent audience here I know. God forgive me but I hate these people that are enabling this outcome. The best thing that could happen is a liberal DA’s family is affected. Die in a fucking fire Bragg and all those that think like you.

  6. Next week. The Purge Law in ILL annoy. And The Dims want to disarm all lawful gun owners. And drive gunshops out of business. I will not disarm…

    • Amen fww.
      You, yours and everyone put in harms way by incompetent leadership are in my thoughts and prayers. 👍

  7. no doubt they shut down with about zero assets on hand and a new one, totally independently, sprouts up a few weeks later and gets immediately funded by the same donors. Might even have the same people in charge of it, in a weird coincidence.

  8. You’d think holding known gang members would
    be popular with the wokesters as it would be beneficial for their well-being since revenge and score settling are very popular among that crowd.

    Perhaps no-bail for them is a cynical ploy to get more of them permanently removed from society. Bystanders deemed acceptable collateral damage.

    • You’ve just revealed the secret. Us proles are acceptable collateral damage in the creation of the new society (look at China as the role model).

  9. Bail or a bond is to guarantee appearance in court only. Unfortunately it has been utilized as a punitive tool when most states have laws specifically prohibiting it from being used as a punitive device. What requiring an excessive bond is good for is simply warehousing the kind of people that are apt to commit crimes if they’re walking around free. Keeping people that are troublemakers locked away even when they haven’t been convicted of a crime yet is beneficial because it limits their ability to commit new crimes the same way blocking them in prison as punishment limits their ability to commit new crimes.

  10. Maybe the government can give them money(kind of a reverse bail) If they pinkie swear they won’t do it again.
    Bail is there to make sure that the person will show up in court. Allowing someone out without bail just pushes the arraignment process further away and the state doesn’t have to charge the perp in the 72 hours promised by law.
    Most would be better served if they forced to government to charge them or let them go, since they are so far behind that there is a good chance of no arraignment in that time frame.

  11. Bail, like jail, only stops a lawbreaker until they are released. There are a few exceptions that incarceration has been a turning point. Not many but a few.
    The problem stems from the courts not obeying the letter of the law. “Judged by a group of your peers.”
    Pervert rapes a daughter, so he is judged by his peers.
    Daddy finds the pervert and tortures pervert to death and daddy is judged by a group of his peers.
    See how it works.

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